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Misseriya kill 4 Ngok Dinka, says South Sudan’s Abyei chief

 People gather around a house burnt by Misseriya gunmen in Komol of Abyei area on 22 January 2020 (ST photo)April 14, 2020 (JUBA) - Four people were killed by Misseriya gunmen on Monday in the village of Mabok, located 17 miles south-east of Abyel town, according to a statement released by Kuol Alor Jok, the head of South Sudan’s Abyei Special Administrative Area.

The "attack claimed the lives of four innocent citizens; two children are abducted; many houses were burned, and more than one hundred (100) Goats and citizens’ properties were also looted by the Misseriya."

Jok condemned the " barbaric attack" in strongest terms possible and called on the UNISFA to take the needed measures to prevent such attacks in the disputed area of Abyei and to arrest the perpetrator of the attack.

UNISFA, recently organized two meetings of Ngok Dinka and Misseriya traditional leaders to discuss peace and security matters to ensure the Misseria’s movement towards the grazing areas south to Bahr al-Arab or Kiir River basin during the dry season.

However, the parties failed to reach an agreement on the southward transhumance of the Misseriya cattle.

Also, the Misseriya herders clashed three times this month with Ngok Dinka, according to UNISFA.

"In one incident, on 2 April in Leu, 4 Misseriya owned cows died in a rocket-propelled grenade attack and in another, at Hadid near Marial Achak on 9 April, reportedly 2 Misseriya herders were killed and 5 kidnapped, and over 100 cows were rustled," said the UN force.

On 20 January, three Misseriya were killed in Kolom, near Noong, about nine kilometres North-West of Abyei town.

Following what the Misseriya carried out a revenge attack on 22 January, on Kolom on Wednesday 22 January killing 32 people and wounded 24 others according to Dina Ngok leaders. Also, they said that the assailants abducted 15 children, and burned 22 houses.

Sudan and South Sudan have failed to organize a referendum on the fate of the contested border area as they did not agree on who can take part in the vote.

Also, the Ngok Dinka refuse to form a joint administration including a police force, saying the priority should be given to the referenda.