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SSOA is no longer viable alternative political force in South Sudan: Akol

South Sudan Opposition Alliance members pose for a photo after electing new leaders, September 14, 2019 (Courtesy photo)
March 31, 2020 (JUBA) - Lam Akol, the National Democratic Movement (NDM) leader said the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) is no longer a viable alternative to lead the country as they back the government’s stand systematically.

Akol made his statement in a recent interview with the Juba based AlMaugif Newspaper he extended to Sudan Tribune in its English version.

The alliance which was formed in March 2018 gathers nine political groups to ensure a "radical political, economic and security transformation" in the country and to restore its integrity.

However, when the peace agreement was signed in September 2018 some groups such as NAS, PDM among other, split after their refusal to endorse the deal.

Also, the alliance has been characterized by the power struggle between the remaining members and as a result, the SSOA split again into 2 groups, one led by Josephine Lago and other by Denay.

During the interview, Akol developed the idea that the SSOA after the relocation of its factions in Juba in November 2018 slowly espoused the government language and positions.

"We became no longer that alliance that was well known during the peace negotiations. The differences in positions between us and the Government narrowed since that time and in the end, those differences disappeared," he asserted.

He added that these divisions did not obstruct the agreement an agreement over the need to have one position for the nomination for government positions.

He was referring to the deal struck between the two factions for the nomination of the alliance three ministers and deputy minister and the vice-president without holding a meeting on these matters before.

Akol, also, said that the SSOA positions on any issue were identical to the government one pointing to the past differences over the 32 states, the formation of the transitional government in May and November 2019 before to recall their stances on the number of states and the security arrangements which were similar to the government.

"The only logical conclusion is that SSOA is now hands-in-glove with the Government and they don’t have any differences with it anymore," he stressed without indicating his decision on the future of the alliance.

The alliance still has to nominate its candidates for a governor and local government officials.