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268 people killed during Sudan’s peaceful revolution: report

A tear gas canister fired to disperse Sudanese demonstrators (unseen) in Kallakla outskirts, Khartoum on 15 Jan 2019 (Photo Reuters)
June 19, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - 268 Sudanese were killed during the peaceful protests that led to regime change in Sudan, according to a report released by an independent group of doctors.

The report is a first attempt to estimate the number of protesters killed by the former regime and the ruling military junta that has taken over power on 11 April.

"Two hundred and sixty-eight martyrs have paid their lives for the revolution since its outbreak on December 19, 2018," reads a report released by the Legitimate Sudan Doctors Syndicate (LSDS) on Friday.

"Shooting was the main cause of death," said the report before to add that many were killed by gunshot in the head or the chest, stabbing by knives, beating with rifle butts, smashing skulls, burning the wounded in tents.

The Sudanese physicians noted that 28 children under the 16 years" paid their lives for the price of freedom".

It further pointed out that "the youngest martyr of the revolution" was a three-year child and the oldest was a woman killed by a tear gas inside thrown to her house by the security forces.


The report also sought to give some indications for future geographic profiling of the victims of repression during these important events that changed the history of Sudan.

The LSDS gave a portrait of the victims killed in 20 towns or areas outside the capital saying that 13 people were killed in the city of Gedaref, (Gadaref State) 9 in Zalingei and 8 in Dalej (Central Darfur State), 6 victims in the following towns: Atbara (Nile River State) Rabak (White Nile State) Karima, (Northern State), 4 people were killed in Kassala (Kassala State) and same number on Nyala (South Darfur), while 3 people were killed in Alobeidiya town (River Nile State). Two people were killed in the following cities: Aljazeera Abba (White Nile State), South Kordofan State (no name of an area is given), Al-Obeid (North Kordofan State), Al-Hasahisa and Madani (both in Al Gezira State), Suki (Sennar State). and finally one martyr in Berber (River Nile State) Khashm Al-Qirba (Kassala State), El Fasher (North Darfur State) El Geneina (West Darfur State) and El Baqair Khartoum State.


The report said 50 people were killed when the security forces attacked the main protest site in Khartoum on 3 June describing it as the "bloodiest day in the Sudanese revolution in terms of the number of martyrs".

It further added that 128 people were killed in the week of 3 to 10 June 2019.

"The number of martyrs can increase and be larger than the number observed so far, as the atrocity of killing the protesters and the number of missing persons lead to believe that more can be found and we are still in a constant investigation about the missing," stressed the report which claimed to be accurate and objective in its investigation.

The Sudanese health ministry put the death toll of 3 June attack at 61.

The head of the ruling military council repeated on Friday that some military commanders were involved in the mass killing of 3 June during a raid on the pro-democracy sit-in in Khartoum.