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Thai army engineers on peace mission in South Sudan

July 4, 2019 (BANGKOK) - Thai army engineers, dispatched to South Sudan under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) have contributed impressively to the humanitarian effort over the past six months.

UNAMID peacekeepers from Thailand posted in Muhkjar (West Darfur) - Demotix Images

The Royal Thai Army (RTA), Pattaya Mail reported, is preparing to send a new batch of engineers to replace the first group should the UN make requests.

The UN operation, which started in December 2018, has continued till now.

However, throughout the mission, the Thai engineers have built strong relationships with local people, established a sufficiency economy learning centre, planted agricultural crops, disseminated knowledge among the South Sudanese people and other countries and introduced aspects of Thai culture on various occasions.

According to Pattaya Mail, the army’s work performance and living conditions are continually reported to Thailand via a remote video system.

The first group of the engineering company will reportedly remain stationed in Africa for a year, while the RTP is preparing a second group which will leave for South Sudan if the UN asks Thailand to continue the mission.

Last year, the Thai Defence Council approved a plan to dispatch almost 270 military engineers to take part in the UN peacekeeping mission in Africa’s youngest nation.