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SPLM-N calls to expand protest movement in Sudan

Yasir Arman at his arrival to Khartoum airport on 26 May 2019 (ST photo)
June 21, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North led by Malik Agar (SPLM-N Agar) called to expand the protest movement against the military council and to launch an international campaign denouncing the rampant human rights abuses

The rebel group held a three-day meeting (from 17to 19 June ) to discuss the mission of its goodwill delegation to Khartoum and the strained political situation in the country after the killing of over a hundred peace protesters on 3 June.

In a statement released after the meeting on Friday, the SPLM-N Agar pointed to the probable collapse of the Sudanese state and its security system, the possibility of a conflict between Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militiamen and the regular armed forces or a coup d’├ętat by pro-former regime military elements.

"To avoid all these situations, we must establish a solid national front and build on the experiences of our people," said the statement.

"Retake the lead and develop the methods of popular resistance is possible, necessary and a duty. Our country is too big to surrender to a regime that is not just a distorted version of the al-Bashir regime but worse than it."

The SPLM-N, also, said they mulled over the organisation of an international campaign to condemn the human rights violations, especially at the session of the Human Rights Council, which will begin at the end of this month in Geneva.

While the military council and the opposition Forces for Freedom and Changes described themselves as partners in the regime change in Sudan last April and vowed to work together to re-establish democratic regime in Sudan.

However, after the murderous attack of 3 June, the junta arrested several opposition figures including the three leading members of the SPLM-N delegation who were deported to Juba three days later.

Comment on the deportation of its leader including the group deputy leader Yasir Arman, secretary general Ismail Jalab and spokesperson Mubarak Ardol, the statement said the junta realized that their presence in Khartoum cements the unity of the opposition.

"They clearly demonstrated that they did not want peace and the participation of armed struggle forces in the political process," further said the statement.

"Our participation reaffirmed our unwavering belonging to our people, and the capabilities and the political standing of the SPLM (in the country)".

The group said they will continue to work with other political forces to build the new Sudan, pointing that the "masses reaffirmed that the vision of the new Sudan is alive and will not die".