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Military council must head Sudan’s collegial presidency: general

Al-Burhan chairing a meeting of the ruling TMC in Sudan (Al-Jazeera photo)
June 13, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - A member of the military junta, Salah Abdel Khaliq, stated that the security situation in Sudan requires that the Sovereign Council be headed by an army general.

Abdel Khaliq made this statement during an interview with the BBC Radio Arabic Service on Tuesday, days after a decision by the African Union’s Peace and Security Council suspending Sudan’s membership and tasking the Ethiopian prime minister with a mediation to form a civilian-led transitional authority.

The military council is determined that the chairmanship of the Sovereign Council be to the army and not civilians, he said before to add that the security situation in the country requires it.

He pointed to they are ready to accept equal representation in the Sovereign Council for two parties.

Also, he stressed their commitment to the agreement that was already concluded with the opposition Forces for Freedom and Change.

The army generals are not keen to remain in power and preparing to hand it over to a civilian government within nine months if needed, he further said.

The military council had warned in the past that they would hold general elections if they fail to strike a deal with the opposition alliance.

Speaking about the raid of 3 June to disperse the main protest site in the vicinity of the army headquarters, Abdel Khaliq revealed that some military commanders decided to break up the sit-in by force without the knowledge of the Military Council.

He said that the Council arrested hundreds of officers and soldiers who participated in the raid, stressing that the junta does not mind the participation of international experts to investigate the circumstances of the bloody attack.

He said that the military council is ready to resume talks with the forces of freedom and change at any time and without conditions.

In addition, he said the internet blackout will be lifted after the resumption of negotiations.