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Sudan’s SPA media official declines to meet Norwegian diplomats next week

Mohamed Alasbat (Photo BBC)
March 13, 2019 (PARIS) - The former Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) Spokesperson who is now a member of its information committee has declined to meet Norwegian diplomats to discuss political developments in Sudan after his group turned down an invitation to take part in a meeting of the Sudanese opposition next week.

Mohamed Alasbat who is residing in Paris told Sudan Tribune that he received messages from the Norwegian foreign ministry requesting to encounter two diplomats who will be in Paris to meet the Sudanese opposition delegations next week.

"I told them that as a member of the SPA media committee, I have no mandate to meet them or to represent the Association," Alabsat said.

After what, they called him again asking to meet him as a Sudanese journalist and observer but when he agreed to meet hem under this condition they sent him a message telling him that he would be accommodated and they will send his room number in a hotel in Paris.

"So, after this message, I immediately declined the meeting because I felt there is an attempt the circumvent the SPA’s decision to not take part in the meeting of the opposition Sudan Call," he said.

Norway is one of the Troika countries that facilitate peace and democratic reforms in Sudan and South Sudan. The other two countries are the United Kingdom and the United States.

The SPA which gathers different professional groups in Sudan and oversees anti-government protests received an invitation to participate in a meeting with the Sudan Call and other groups from 21 to 22 in Paris but the group considered they are not concerned by the meeting.

The statement further pointed that they communicate on daily basis with their allies in the Freedom and Change Declaration including the National Consensus Forces, Sudan Call, Gathering of Unionists in Opposition and civil society groups, so they did not feel the need to meet them outside Sudan.

The Paris meeting aimed at enhancing coordination among the opposition forces and to develop joint strategies for coordinated engagement.

The Sudan Call forces which include armed opposition groups used to meet in France to discuss joint programmes and activities.