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Sudanese organise sporadic protests on Friday before Sunday’s demonstrations

A tear gas volley fired by the riot police to the minaret of Wad Nubawi mosque on 11 January 2019 (ST photo)
January 12, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - After Friday prayers, Sudanese demonstrators marched in the streets of their neighbourhoods and towns on Friday chanting slogans calling on President Omer al-Bashir to leave.

The opposition forces called to take to the streets on Sunday 13 and Tuesday 17 January but Friday "protests have become a ritual" that Sudanese have to perform, said a protester in Omdurman when asked if an opposition group behind the demonstration.

Reports from different towns across Sudan speak about spontaneous demonstrations after the weekly prayer before to disperse and return home.

In Khartoum State, this was the case in Wad Nubawi Mosque of Al-Ansar sect of Sadiq al-Mahdi. The National Umma Party Secretary-General Sara Nugdalla was seen among the protesters after the Friday prayer.

Protests were also registered in Jabra, Halfaya, Aljaili, Jabra and other towns in Khartoum State. Also, demonstrations took place after Friday prayers in North Kordofan, Atbara and the Kassala and other towns.

Videos from several mosques showed preachers criticising the government.

Also, at Jabra mosque of the famous preacher Abdel Hay Youssef who known for his support to the government, a worshiper stood and asked him why he didn’t denounce the killing of peaceful protesters while he organized different demonstrations to condemn the killing of civilians in Gaza by the bullets of the Israeli army.

The opposition groups and the Sudanese Professionals Association called for protests in the evenings in the next week, besides its call for protests on Sunday and Tuesday.

Analysts agree that the growing unrest gradually will get out of hand, pointing that the increasing use of live ammunition by the security forces would draw more support to the protesters who even do not throw stones against the riot police.

Also, the upcoming week will be decisive for the protests of attrition because the continuation of demonstrations throughout the country will reinforce the insurrectional climate and the government will be forced to hold another language with the street.

President al-Bashir until now called on the opposition to prepare for the general elections in April 2020, without even pledging to implement democratic reforms or release freedoms.