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Bashir’s deputy: Sudan’s participation in Yemen war is sign of mature policy

January 18, 2016 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s First Vice President Bakri Hassan Salih commended the participation of the Sudanese army in the war against the Houthi militants in Yemen, saying it a sign of good policy towards its neighbours.

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Sudan’s FVP speaks at the opening session of the 6th Sudan Ambassadors’ conference held in Khartoum on January 18, 2016 (Photo ST)

"The Sudan’s participation in the (Saudi-led) Decisive Storm (military campaign) demonstrates the steady, straightforward and mature stance of our country towards its neighbours," Salih told the opening session of the sixth conference of Sudanese ambassadors in Khartoum on Monday .

"Sudan is keen about playing constructive roles at all levels,’’ he added, and called to establish guidelines that best serve the country’s foreign policy and to open a dialogue with Western capitals.

The first vice president stressed that Sudan’s respect for its neighbours “is of paramount importance and assumes a strategic value".

Saleh stressed Sudan relations with the neighbouring countries top its foreign policy and has a strategic value.

"Sudan is proud of its Arab and African affiliations and the country’s participation in the Decisive Storm is a true indication of our approach of fraternity and support towards our neighbours," said Salih.

He said the relation with the Republic of South Sudan is of utmost concern for his country, adding: "We strive to assist South Sudan without interfering in its internal affairs".

Khartoum and Juba’s relations are on the threshold of a new turn after the former had refused to cut transit fees for Juba’s exports of oil, despite an open request from the country’s Southern neighbour to that effect.

The opening session of the conference was attended by a wide range of foreign diplomats accredited to Sudan in addition to former foreign ministers including Ali Karti, Mansour Khalid, Ghazi Salah al-Din al-Attabani and Mustafa Osman Ismail.

Over eighty Sudanese ambassadors take part in the conference.

Salih said his country was seeking to improve its relations with the Western states "with an open heart and mind".

However, he urged the Sudanese diplomats to be cautious of what he termed “international conspiracies and policies that could ignite wars and cause displacement and poverty.’’

He further called for a wise approach towards the international challenges and designs , keeping in mind Sudan’s national interests.

"We are living in a world where there is no place for the weak or reluctant," he further said.

Salih has pledged, on behalf of the Presidency, to support the conference and "turn it into an annual event to improve the working environment, bridging the gaps and correct the mistakes of foreign policy"