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S. Sudan army on streets amid heavy gunfire

December 16, 2013 (JUBA) - South Sudan’s armed forces have heavily deployed in the capital Juba, in a bid to control the tense situation.

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SPLA spokesperson Phillip Aguer (AP)

On Sunday evening, forces from the former Joint Integrated Units (JIU) exchanged heavy gunfire after unexpected changes were made within the presidential guards, a military source said.

“The fighting was sparked off after forces - predominantly from one ethnic group - were deployed under the directive of Maj Gen Marial Cinduong Yol, the commander of the presidential guard force”, the source said.

The military source, however, claimed the firing started when the ammunition store manager refused to hand over store keys as demanded by the presidential guard commander.

“You know our situation. We are living in a tribal country. This firing had been extended to [army headquarters] Bilpam because each group has comrades there. Gunshots remain heard at the moment”, the senior official told Sudan Tribune in an exclusive interview on Monday.

It remains unclear how many died. Eyewitnesses, however, claimed about 21 people, including a former commander of the JIUs, were among those killed.

A Sudan Tribune reporter in Juba said heavy gunfire continued in the capital, despite the deployment of tanks around the city.

The firing was initially confined to the military barracks, but later extended to areas occupied by civilians, including, Malakia, Hai Nimra Talata, Hai Nyakuron, Neem, Hai Nyakuron, Juba University and Bilpam.

Unconfirmed reports say the fight broke out after president Salva Kiir allegedly ordered the army’s chief-of-staff, James Hoth Mai, to arrest dissident politicians, including Rebecca Nyandeng, the widow of the founder of South Sudan’s ruling party, the late John Garang.

“This situation could have been contained since yesterday, but the differences within the security and the army could not allow the taking of immediate action”, a senior government official said Monday.

The official, who asked not to be named, could not comment on whether Kiir had ordered Maj Gen Yol to introduce the changes.

Phillip Aguer, the spokesperson of the South Sudanese army (SPLA) regretted the event, but stressed that government was in full control of the situation.

“This situation is under control. People should not panic. The general command is acting and this situation will fully be brought under control any moment from now”, Aguer told Sudan Tribune on Monday, without providing further details.