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Arrest of South Sudan’s chief public security officer confirmed

August 1, 2011 (JUBA) - The Government of South Sudan on Monday confirmed the arrest of the Director of Public Security and Criminal Investigation, following reports alleging his involvement in torture, bribery and creation of illegal detention centres.

The government confirmed the arrest following the announcement by President Kiir, while delivering a speech on 30 July 2011
, in which he told the audience he had ordered the arrest of some senior officers, reported to have been involved in the tutoring and mistreatment of citizens.

“There are serious and humiliating incidents which occurred. There are now some of the senior officers under arrest. I have ordered them to be arrested and they will remain under arrest until they are investigated thoroughly,” said Kiir.

General Acuil Tito Madut, Inspector of General of South Sudan Police Service on Monday named Major General Marial Nuor Jok as the senior officer arrested on orders of the president following charges which include:

The disappearance of John Luis in April 2011, following reports that he was summoned to the office of the Chief Public Security and Criminal Investigation Department over a disputed plot of land.

Accepting bribes for assets such as houses, shops, plots in return for bribes in form of cash, shops in Konyokonyo.

Permitting the arbitrary arrest of civilians in illegally created public security detention facilities, extortion of money from families of citizens.

Arming his tribesmen with guns to perpetuate tribal and sectional disputes in Yirol West and East counties in Lakes State and elsewhere

The illegal incorporation of active Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) officers and other ranks who are not police personnel and who have not obtained official release from their parent units to join any institutions including public security and criminal investigation departments.

“The transitional constitution of South Sudan is very clear. It has defined powers of all government institutions including security personnel,” said Tito, referring to allegations that General Marial Nuor was involved in illegal transfer of SPLA officers and other ranks into Public Security and Criminal Investigation Department, without seeking approval of the president.

Kiir Chol, Nuor’s lawyer described his arrest on Sunday as illegal and unconstitutional. He claimed that Nuor was imprisoned in a military barracks and has not been seen by his family.

He said he would present his observations to the high court of law requesting transfer of the general to public detention centre where his family would have access to him. He claimed the arrest was in “violation of the 2011 Transitional Constitution of south Sudan”.