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Things to do during Southern Sudan Independence Day

By Isaiah Abraham

June 20, 2011 — As the people of the Southern Sudan warm up for the Big Day on July 9, 2011, there is need to remind ourselves about few things we should do or not do on that Great Day. Mind you, small things sometime overlooked spoil somewhat decent arrangement. This is a big occasion everyone has been looking for, the dream for people of the Southern Sudan. Here we go:

One: the flag for the new nation should be raised by Gen. Joseph Lagu Yanga, not Gen. Salvatore Kiir. President Lagu has lived to see this day, he should be honored. This is not to undermine His Excellency the President (Kiir), but a sign of respect for someone who had led the struggle for the people of Southern Sudan, uniting all under one aspiration for separation.

Second: a gift to be prepared and presented to President of the National Congress Party (NCP), Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir for allowing our people to go. With the events of last month and this month, he’s unlikely to attend but Ustaz Ali Osman Mohamed Al Taha will attend the celebration. President Al Bashir is courageous politically. He’s lesser evil compare to other Northerners.

Third: the Big Day must be kept short, brief and entertained. Long speeches aren’t welcome; five minutes for president Kiir enough not that monologue of saying everything through reading. Sometime in such big event, the leader needs no paper but heart to share feelings from the heart. Other heads of states and dignitaries as well as the Southern public want just to celebrate, nothing more. We also want to flock to bars and homes to finish up the duty.

Forth: prayers must be conducted by a Christian; no Islamic prayers are allowed!!! This is because our nation is 99.9% Christian; the very Great God of the Bible has been with us through thin and thick, and no need to prostitute ourselves to unknown gods of this world. We have tasted how mighty is this God under Christianity, and he should be praised, glorified and given due place in our new land.

Fifth: empty all Southern prisoners; Gen. Tanginya has to be set free to celebrate together with us. The Juba Main Prison is a disgrace to our people. Its very packed with human beings and Gen. Anthony who is in charge doesn’t care about the human rights of these people. For every to be join the celebration, prisons are to be go as a good sign attributed to the Big Day

Sixth: reduce the number of security personnel that always jam the stage. A few will help, not an entire battalion of the army wielding machine guns before the audiences. Southerners don’t assassinate themselves or aliens, where did these people get the notion that depicts the opposite

Seven: three days be declared for celebrations by our people everywhere. Seven days would have been ok, but given pressure at the border, we want to celebrate and quickly return to the business of protecting the Southern territory under threats from Arabs.

Eight: each celebrant needs at least a bottle of water if not a bottle of tustker on that Day. A time like these if its villages people go for everything even paying heavily costs, for it comes once a time.

Nine: renewed amnesty to all Southern armed groups, for they need such assurance once more. At that time, when it was made waters have passed under bridge and no one knows whether the clemecy still stand

Ten: the Southern leader must smile this time about; mean or weird faces aren’t needed!

Isaiah Abraham is reachable at isaiah_abraham@yahoo.co.uk