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Newly elected Bishop of Bor dioceses to be inaugurated

By John Actually

May 16, 2011 (BOR) - Following elections held in Juba on Saturday, Ruben Akur Ngong emerged as the elected Bishop of Bor dioceses with 88 votes, beating Nathanial Bol Nyok.

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Former Bishop, Nathaniel Garang Anyieth at Leudiet Cadral in Bor, June 12, 2010 (photo by John Actually)

The new bishop, who returned to Bor on Monday, is said to be inaugurated next month before taking his office where he will serve for ten years.

The elections of Bor Dioceses Bishop were held jointly with Lui Dioceses, which Stephen Dokolo won.

A source said an opposition pastors in Bor were said to have been in the series of meeting with agendas not disclosed.

The Great Bor dioceses, which is made up of three sub-dioceses of Bor, Twice East and Duk faced a serious challenge in 2004-2005 when some church leaders defected from the Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) under the leaderships of then Bishops, Philip Angony Chol, Daniel Dau Deng and John Machar Thon who criticized the SCS doctrines, proposing reformation.

Akur was nominated for the position in April 2011 in Bor in the presence of the chancellor of ECS who is also the legal expert in the office of the South Sudan president, Salva Kiir after the post was declared vacant, following the retirement of the former bishop, Nathanial Garang Anyieth in March.

The retirement of Bishop Nathaniel Garang Anynieth was announced in 2009 by the leadership of ESC. His diocese presented a request to keep him in office for a year to allow them to prepare for his departure.

Addressing the congregation in Bor, Canon John Kelei Chengkou said the Bor diocese is “involved in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement struggle, religiously to achieve freedom”.

Bishop Nathaniel was born in 1940, Werkok village, Makuach district, Bor County . He began school at Akol Ajak bush primary in 1954 before he went to Malek primary school in 1957. He was awarded a diploma in theology at Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College in 1974 before he was ordained as a full pastor in 1975.

Bishop Garang was consecrated the first Bishop of the Diocese of Bor in Dinka history in 1984 and became the Dean of the province in 2006, after which he became the acting Archbishop of the province of Sudan after the death of Joseph Marona.