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Sudan resumes demarcation of north-South border

April 28, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – Sudanese authorities have started the penultimate stage of North- South boundary demarcation, ahead of the expected referendum on southern Sudan self-determination.

The technical committee on the demarcation of 1956 boundaries between the Northern and Southern Sudan started Tuesday started the penultimate stage of its work: draw of border line on the ground, said the head of north south border demarcation committee Abdallah Al-Sadiq yesterday

In a press conference held yesterday at the premises of the committee in Khartoum, Al-Sadiq said they completed two phases: the collection and compilation of information, and the second was the description and drawing of boundary line on paper.

He further said the demarcation process which would terminate before the referendum of January 2011 involves aerial and ground surveys, followed by land-marking to match the map on paper onto the ground.

The Sudanese official called for support and cooperation from the people living near and along the border lines to enable the border delimitation teams to conclude the demarcating process efficiently and timely.

"We need assistances from all parties including local authorities and ordinary people at the border areas so the work goes on for successful completion at earliest before referendum," Abdallah, said.

The demarcation of North-South border is one of the pending issues that the CPA partners are grappling with. Observers fear a future war between the two signatories of 2005 agreement if they disagree on the boundary delimitation.

The SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum welcomed resumption of the north-South border demarcation process based on the January 1st, 1956 mapping. He further expressed wishes that the process would end at time.

However, he blamed the National Congress Party for delaying the process saying the later should have been completed five years ago.

Pagan Amum, Secretary General of the SPLM, told the press in Juba on Wednesday 28 that border demarcation should have been completed within the first six months of the CPA in 2005 but has been delayed unnecessarily for this long.