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Protesters burn NCP office in Warrap

December 7, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — A crowd of protesters in support of arrested senior members of the SPLM in the Sudanese Capital Khartoum, entered NCP office in Tur-Alei County, Warrap State, burnt it down to ashes and beat officials to the street.

In Interview with Manut Riing, an NCP official who escaped narrowly to Abyei, said protesters came this afternoon with determination to kill and destroy properties of any individuals or group of people with political affiliation to the ruling national congress party in the area.

"Because we are known members of NCP, they came straight to our office chanting ÔÇťOcampo, Ocampo, where are you, take Bashir to Charles Taylor", he said

In Abyei, Zacharia Atem, Deputy Abyei local legislative council said his house is full with NCP colleagues escaping target from protesters in Twic.

It likes there was a fight in the area, because colleagues with me such as Manut Riing and Yol Kuol Abdullah, arrived exhausted, he said commenting that such acts shows lack of leadership ability within leadership spear heading nationwide demonstrations .

While declining to name specific party he accused of lack of leadership, he said SPLM being partner to NCP should have not accepted joining opposition political parties in the protest because it is part of the same government.

"There are better ways to settle such disputes not through violent demonstration," he adds. Marial Maker, a student at Rumbek Secondary School, also said NCP office has been partially burned.

They had wanted burn it down to ashes but state government was quick to deploy security forces to protect it from being destroyed urging protesters to vote out NCP from the leadership in the upcoming elections.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal says deployed police forces to guard NCP facilities from being targeted and provide security of the officials.

However, most of their officials are said to have gone hiding. I did not see any member of the NCP today at the football field and other common meeting places such as in playing clubs, said Akuei Deng in Aweil town.

In Fuloj, Melut County, Upper Nile State, SPLA forces are reported to have closed the airstrip for emergency.

However, county commissioner Thon Juac confirmed situation as normal and expressed his regret for arrest of the SPLM Secretary General with his Deputy Yasir Saeed Arman.