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Mundari – Bor clashes kill scores, enter third day

October 4, 2009 (MAGALA, Central Equatoria) — Initial casualties of Mundari and Dinka Bor fierce clashes left scores of people dead on both sides and continue the third consecutive day of fighting, eyewitnesses told the Sudan Tribune today.

South Sudanese organized forces of 200 men composed of police, prison, wildlife soldiers and the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) are deployed early Sunday to quell the tension but with little success. Another force of military from Jonglei capital Bor also heads there to reinforce the overwhelm army from Juba.

Villages along Bor – Juba road affected by the clashes include Gemeza, Diar and Wuor-bar which cover a distance of about 30 miles. Tension remains high in Diar controlled by Mundari fighters and unidentified location near Wuor-bar under the control of Dinka Bor.

At least 30 people from both sides are now said to have died since Friday. Of the dead, Bor youths claim 8 people and 18 could, probably, be Mundari men, a source preferring anonymity said. A village known as Diar between Wuor-bar and Gemeza is substantially devastated, the source added.

Dominic Lado, the civil administrator of Gemeza Payam, Terekeke County, where Mundari hails in Central Equatoria State (CES), could not gather loses on Mundari side either.

When asked by a reporter moving with army on Sunday, Mr. Lado said he was still gathering more information from youth leaders.

The reporter saw two men dying after hearing bullet shots by the roadside when civilians exchanged fire without any mercy before disappearing into nearby bushes.

The tribal pastoralists feuding intensified on Friday after repetitive cattle theft on Dinka Bor camp in Wuor-bar led to death of 4 men; 2 on both sides.

The verge of cattle contest was exceeded when armed Mundari tribesmen ambushed a passengers’ bus from Bor to Juba killing 3 people and injured 9 others. Public transport between Bor – Juba is now shut.

On Saturday, Bor and Terekeke Counties leaders met in Juba to forge cessation of hostilities. The meeting yielded to sending of South Sudan armed forces only to be outnumbered by rustlers.

Many lives have been lost since January this year across Southern Sudan ahead of elections scheduled for April 2010 and a referendum for self determination a year after. Southern authorities have concurrently accused Khartoum of fuelling tribal contests to portray what the world could see as Juba inability to govern her people.