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Chad says Sudan backed new rebel alliance

January 26, 2009 (NDJAMENA) — Relations between Sudan and Chad appears to be heading toward a deterioration after it accused its western neighbor of supporting a newly formed alliance aiming to oust president Idriss Deby.

Rebel sources said that the Union of the resistance forces (UFR) chose Timan Erdimi, a relative of the Chadian president as its leader.

A press statement issued by the Chadian government said that “It is after a long and difficult meeting in Khartoum was announced the new (rebel) umbrella to destabilize Chad”.

“This new alliance, created under pressure, confirms in broad daylight that the Khartoum regime is continuing its undertaking against peace in Chad, in violation of the commitments made before at Dakar, in Asmara, Tripoli and N’Djamena, in the presence of brotherly and neighboring countries and before the African Union (AU)”.

Chad and Sudan have long accused each other of supporting opposing rebel groups. Despite several regional attempts to reconcile both countries sour relations remained prevalent.

The most recent mediation effort by Libya allowed for exchange of ambassadors months after Sudan severed its relations with Chad in the wake of an attack by Darfur Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) on the capital.

Over 240,000 Sudanese refugees in eastern Chad receive food aid through monthly distributions. Until security improves, few will risk returning home. The latest major refugee inflow occurred during February, when over 13,000 individuals fled conflict in West Darfur.