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Kalma death tool raised to 37 displaced - SOAT

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Update on Kalma Camp attack

Darfur 2nd September — SOAT can confirm that 37 people have died as a result of the government sponsored attack on Kalma IDP camp on Monday the 25th August, 33 were directly killed by government troops. Those killed include 8 women and 8 children.

The names of those killed are as follows:

1-Nour Eldaiem Mohmed Abdullsadig

2-Ahmed Ibraheim Ahmed

3-Jamal Eltahir Abdulkareim

4-Adam Zakaria Ali

5- Musa Fadul Mursal

6-Abdulkariem Ibraheim Jebreil

7-Sideig Mohamed Yahya.

8-Abaker Ali Ahmed

9- Nafeisa Ali Ahmed

10- Mohamed Ibraheim Mohamed

11-Elsadig Salih Mustafa’

12-Munier Abdallah Adam

13-Haliema Mahmoud Idreis

14-Giesmaadam Adam Omer

15- Adam Yahya Abdulrahiem

16-Abdullah Abaker Yahya

17- Haliema Yousif Musa

18-Abdullah Abaker Adam

19-Musa Ahmed Abdullah

20-Mubarak Adam Abdullah

21-Hawa Abdulrahman Abdullah

22-Yasein Osman Yousif

23-Mohamed Musa Mohamed

24- Kaltouma Yahya Abdullah

25-Elamein Abdulgadirelamein

26-Mohamed Ateim Suleiman

27-Abaker Mohamed Yahya

28-Fatima Adam Mohamed

29-Mohamed Ahmed Salih

30-Mohamed Ali Abdullah

31-Mohamed Adam Abdullraheim

32-Hassan Hamidadam Khamis

33-Hawa Abdulgabaryahya

34-Marium Norein Mohamed

35-Fatima Mohamed Ismail

36-Adam Ishag Abdulmalik

37-Mohamed Yagoub

Scores of IDPs have also been wounded and severely injured. Amel centre alone has treated 47 victims. Amel Centre’s facilities within the Camp have been shelled and burnt during the attack.

SOAT strongly condemns the government’s perpetration of vulnerable and isolated civilians; such atrocities violate fundamental human rights, international standards, peace agreements and exacerbate insecurity.