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Sudanese rights group urges release of arbitrarily detained Zagawa


Urgent Press Release

Zagawa civilian detainees must be immediately released

May 13, 2008 — The Sudan Human Rights Organization Cairo asks Head of State Marshal Omer Ahmed al-Bashir, Security and Intelligence Director General Salah Abd-Allah, Minister of Defense Abd al-Rahim Hussain, Minister of Interior Ibrahim Hamid, Minister of Justice Attorney General Abd al-Basit Salih Sabdarat, and Commissioner of Police Lieutenant-General Mohamed Nageeb to issue clear statements to the People of Sudan and the International Community in reply to these direct claims by the families of citizens arbitrarily arrested and racially ill-treated by forces directly commanded by head of state, security and intelligence, minister of defense, minister of interior, and commissioner of police, as well as arrests made possible by the minister of justice attorney general:

Why the Sudanese Darfuri citizens mentioned in this list have been arbitrarily arrested, tortured and harassed with lawless racist atitude before their family members, and moved in government vehicles to unknown places on May 11-13, 2008?
What provisions in Sudan Laws allowed the senior government officials addressed in this statement to violate Sudan Laws/international law against the human rights of these citizens?
Why these victims have not been charged according to law or immediately released by bail until this time?
Why their families and legal consultants have not been allowed to visit them, according to law, up to this moment?

The citizens in question include housewives, lawyers, students, businessperson, and other professionals of whom a great many belong to the Zagawa people, in particular:

1. Fatmah Hari

2. Fatma Sabir bint Gasda

3. Ibrahim Idris Osman

4. Abdul-Magid Mohamed Yagoub

5. Adam Yagoub Haroon

6. ‘Adil Eissa Ibrahim

7. Bush Mohamed Shareef

8. Eissa Abdulah Mohamed (King)

9. Mohamed Ahmed Haroon

10. Omer Mohamed Abdulah

11. Abdul-Rahman Imam Gaid

12. Osman Mohamed Musa

13. Osman Ishag Khamis

14. Abdulah Adam Khatir

15. Haroun ‘Ali Mukhtar

16. ‘Azzain Ishag Suliman

17. ‘Adil Eissa Ibrahim

18. ‘Abdul-Magid Mohamed Ishaga

19. ‘Abbas ‘Ali Musa

20. Deraig Ibrahim

21. Mohamed Shareef

22. Omer Mohamed ‘Abdulah

23. Mubarak Ahmed Gameel-Allah

24. Suliman Dubo

25. Baharaddin Daoud (lawyer)

26. Bahaaddin Adam ‘Ali

27. Baroud Adam Giddo

28. Ahmed Daoud Girda

29. Adam Ibrahim Abdul-Mageed

30. A-Nour Yagoub Rahama

31. Khamis Mohamed Bakheit

32. Ismai’l Mohamedain Bakheit

33. Ibrahim Mohamed Idris

34. Anour Yagoub Rahama

35. Khamis Mohamed Bakheit

36. ‘Ismail Mohamedain Bakheit

37. Ibrahim Mohamed Idris

38. Alkween Yusif Gumaa’ Kween

39. Adam Yusif Hussain

40. Abdul-Halim Abdulah

41. Saifaddin Mohamed Mahmoud

42. Nuraddin Mohamed Mahmoud

43. Gamal Ahmed Haroun

44. Mohamed Musa Ibrahim

45. Mansur Ibrahim Mohamedain

46. Abdulah Salih Adam Ganni

47. Abdulah Guma’Adam Ganni

48. Aboud Mohamed Adam Ganni

49. Guma’Mongo Adam Ganni

50. Adam Salih Adam Ganni

51. Mubarak Hassan Arkori Ganni

52. Abakar Forrah Nurain Korsho

53. Mohamed Musa Ibrahim

54. Umbaddah Sabeel

55. Idris Hussain Idris

56. Fadul Ahmed Bagal

57. Bahar Adam Hadi

58. Adul-Aziz Osman Sam

59. Khatir Gali Forawi

60. Adam Bakheit Mohamed

61. Mubarak Mandy Bakheit

62. Salih Gabgab

63. Idris Musa al-Tag

64. Abbakar Bakheit

65. Mohamed Abakar Hagar

66. Mohamed Yagoub Musa

67. Hilal Suliman Osman

68. Ahmed Ali

69. Azhari Mohamed Idris

70. Suliman Abd-Allah Mustafa

71. Ibrahim Tahir Guma’

72. Mohamed Hasab-Allah Osman

73. Faisal Hassan Wadi

74. Suliman Abdullah

75. Al-Sadiq Yusif Mursal

76. Yagoub Bashir Hagar

77. Adam Abd-Allah Abakar

78. Yusif Adam Nahar

79. Abd-Allah Adam Nahar

80. Abdul-Nasir Mohamedain Garnnabi

81. Izzadin Abullah Garnnabi

82. Ibrahim Mohamedain Garnnabi

83. Mohamed Sabir

84. Hamid Hassan

85. Yusif Mohamed Hamid

86. Adam Guma’ Sinain

87. Habib Mursal Ahmed

88. Musa Mohamed

89. Omer Yassin Ibrahim

90. Neel Tagaddin

91. Moaweya Mustafa Shareef

92. Mustafa Musa Ali

93. Mohamed Adam

94. Mohamed Abdul-Latif

95. ‘Azzain Yusif Suliman

96. Ibrahim Idris Osman

97. Kamal Daoud Yusif

98. Husssain

99. Haroun

100. Aboudi

The Organization asks the government officials in question to abide-by the duties conferred upon them by the Interim Constitution and other Sudan Laws to:

Release immediately the Darfuri detained citizens from ghost houses, where their families and legal consultants believe they might still be detained;

Apply all legal and human rights guaranteed by Sudanese and international laws to preserve the well-being of the detainees, if placed under legal charges, including the right to bail, visitation, and legal consultation;

Investigate by law all cases of tortures and harassment, including unlawful racist handling of arrest and detention;

Keep the order and peace in full compliance with citizens’ freedoms and internationally guaranteed human rights.