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Sudan’s SSDF says not concerned by De Chand defection to SPLA

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South Sudan United Democratic Alliance (SSUDA/SSDF) Executive Politico-Bureau (Epb) Strongly Denounce Professor David De Chand Self-Alleginace to SPLA General

Feb 6, 2007 — To dismay of many Sudanese democrats and organized community leaders aspiring for justice, democracy, equality, and human right, it was not only a surprised, but was refreshing to read the statement of Dr. David De Chand self-declared allegiance to one SPLA general called Matip. The question many people asking now, is that, is this move was a decision of SSUDA/SSDF leadership or David De Chand acted alone?

After reading Professor De Chand article on the web, the Executive Politico- Bureau with consultation with the leadership of the SSDF in Khartoum had a teleconference to investigate the defection of De Chand. After some hours of briefing, it was learned that David De Chand acted alone with pressure from the SPLM leadership. The SSUDA/SSDF leadership would like to alert the Sudanese people and SSUDA/SSDF supporters to pay attention to our findings and investigation of what cause and led to Professor De Chand defection to one SPLA general.

1. As it can be recalled Professor David De Chand was prevented and denounced from coming up with any statements in regard to SSUDA/SSDF by the leadership of SSDF under Gen.Gordon Kaong. Therefore, any statement coming from David De Chand not only unauthorized, but also illegal;

2. Since taking over the leadership of SSUDA from former leader, De Chand has never been effective in carryout the duty required by the SSUDA leadership and as stipulated in the Bylaws. In addition, he has failed to go to Khartoum to engage in political activities as demanded by Executive Bureau;

3. Finally, after tactically delaying the organization activities, Professor De Chand requested a meeting with Sudan Ambassador to Washington. There, Professor De Chand asked to be given his previous job, Ambassador without portfolio.

4. Following that conversation, De Chand dislodged his communication with the SSUDA leadership including those of SSDF commanders. At the same time, the SPLM begin to lobby harder, which include using family connection to financial attraction. Thus, we in the leadership of SSUDA have no surprise to hear that De Chand has defected or will do everything to get his job back, so it was a matter of time for De Chand to joint the SPLM as awaited;

5. As political organization which is legally registered in Sudan and operating according to guidelines, the press relapsed by Professor De Chand has violated the rules and bylaw of SSUDA as well as the work of collective leadership. Thus, technically, such statement does not represent SSUDA/SSDF official statement, but should be regarded as that of defected individual.

Here we can go on and on to talk about Dr. De Chand, but these are the facts which motivated De Chand to make self-declaration to one general, rather than the SPLM leadership.

Here again, the Leadership of SSUDA/SSDF would like to make it clear to all Sudanese, in particularly Southerners, that Professor De Chand acted alone without consultation with the SSUDA/SSDF Executive Politico-Bureau (EPB); and that the leadership of SSUDA have no knowledge about this act of betrayal. And, that Professor David De Chand statement and allegiance to Gen. Matip is personal and has no legal viding with SSUDA.

We in the SSUDA/SSDF leadership believed that there is only one SSDF in the Southern Sudan under the leadership of General Gordon Kaong. From now on, it must be known to all Sudanese, that General Paulino Matip is a commander of SPLA army under Vice President Kiir, effective as January 2006 as the result of the so called “Juba Declaration” when he alone with few fellow clan men submitted to the SPLA.

To this, the SSUDA/SSDF leadership once again would like to inform all Sudanese in particularly Sudanese in Diaspora, Southern Sudanese communities, civic and professional organizations that with defection of Professor De Chand, your beloved organization SSUDA will be much stronger than ever. We can assure you that the leadership of SSUDA will be restructure to include all marginalized people in South Sudan to carryout effective struggle.

And, that until justice, democracy, human right, people based, accountable, and inclusive government is form in South Sudan our struggle will continue. Our mission for peaceful dialogue, tolerance, and establishing a democratic government based on free well of the people is continue to be the core value of our organization. And, that the door to peaceful and meaningful negotiation with the SPLA still open; and we can assure you that when the time came, the current leadership can not settle for cake. Our motives and objectives are clear: democracy, justice, equality, and lasting peace in Sudan, particularly in the South so that we can move on to developing our country.

SSUDA, Executive Politico-Bureau (EPB)

Signed: Peter S. Gatluak, SSUDA Information Secretary, pgatluak2002@yahoo.com