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SLA command denounces Bassey’s move to hold conference

Dec 11, 2006 (PARIS) — A statement by the SLM field command denounced the move of Commander Ahmed Abedelshafi Bassey to hold a conference for the SLM commanders while the Sudanese government troops and militia are waging a fierce daily war against the field commanders.

A statement signed by the The General Commander of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A) Abdulgadir Abderrahman Ibrahim (Gadora) said that the field commanders are united “under the leadership of the undisputed, veteran and the perfect choice of his people Abdulwahid Mohamed Ahmed Elnour”.

Bassy said in a press release on 18 August that 32 leaders of the SLM/A Military Council and the Field Command, in a meeting held on 25 July, sacked the SLM historical leader Abdelwahid al-Nur from the leadership of the movement. A leading rebel commander, Suleiman Marjan denied Abdelwahid removal in an interview with him last week.

The statement insinuated without elaborating that Bassey move to hold a conference for the SLA field commanders is motivated by government agents.


Below the full text of the General Commander of the SLM/A on the issue

Momentous Statement from the Field Command of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army

Dec 11, 2006 — It came to our knowledge that our brother Ahmed Abdelshafi Bassey, nick- name (Toba) splitter from the Sudan Liberation Movement had shamefully started trading with the name of the movement and the name of the Field Command (El Qeiyada El meidaniya) of the Sudan Liberation Movement /Army. Therefore and according to the powers bestowed on me and in my capacity as a general commander of the Sudan Liberation Movement, I would like to explain the following:-

1. All the Fields (Mayadein) of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army are thoroughly united under the leadership of the undisputed, veteran and the perfect choice of his people Abdulwahid Mohamed Ahmed Elnour the chairman and the commander-in-Chief of the Movement.

2. We in the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, know better than any body else how to set our priorities and the ideal circumstances under which any programme can be fulfilled; thus its beyond our thinking to make a conference in a time the Government is waging a daily- base attacks on our areas and people, because we can not guarantee conducting over-all, a just and subjective conference, that can bring all Darfurians of different shapes to articulate their free will under such circumstances.

3. We want to clarify to our brother Ahmed “Toba” that pertaining to the issues of the Fields of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army we have our military spokesman in the field who has a lone the sole responsibility to speak on behalf of the Movement and it’s never wise to tackle military issues in the media.

4. We want also to tell our brother “Toba” the soft-minded leader who had been distracted from the path and betrayed his war comrades by resigning himself and fate to the agents of the Government for self pleasure that he has no any formal authority to speak on behalf of the movement internally or externally.

5. Regarding to the propagated conference we are fully aware of those who are behind it and their motives and we will flash them out to the public in the appropriate time.

6. We want to seize this opportunity to sternly warn those who became tired or reached their mind –set destination in our long and unendurable journey to kindly a light from our train and pave the way to others for the sake of our glorious freedom fighters, the clean souls and the sacred blood that spilled by the true revolutionaries who made the revolution and died for it in many cases aspiring nothing except liberation, in stead of creating troubles and thinking of conducting their untimely conferences that can bring nothing other than destruction and prolonging the suffering of our people.

It’s the people’s revolution and liberation until victory.

- Thus we will continue the fight.
- Long live our veteran leaders.
- Long live the revolution of the masses.
- Long live the Sudan Liberation Movement.

Abdulgadir Abderrahman Ibrahim(Gadora),
The General Commander of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army.

The liberated Areas -11/12/2006.