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Sudanese president denounces US hostility to Arab, Islamic countries

Dec 17, 2005 (KHARTOUM) — In an interview led by the Iqra channel — an Islamic satellite TV -, the Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir denounced American hostility to Arab and Islamic countries. He also said the international Zionist movement is using all means to eradicate Arabs and Islam and target all Muslim countries, including Sudan.

Omar al-Beshir

During the Iqra interview, al-Bashir pointed out that the confrontation will continue.

According to the Sudanese Alwan newspaper this interview had provoked widespread reactions in the country. Al-Bashir’s statements on Iqra have been the subject of a number of Friday sermons in mosques of different Islamic trends. Preachers have reiterated that the general Islamic movement was serious in its support for the defence against America and any international intervention in Islamic issues through the UN.

Speaking at the al-Sheikh Abdelkarim Mosque in Jirayf City near Khartoum, Jaafar Sheikh Idris, one of the leading leaders in the Islamic movement in the Sudan and a pro National Congress, called for the formation of an alliance of Sudanese political parties against the fierce campaign being waged against Islam and Muslims.

Amidst anti-American slogans by worshippers, Jaaffar told all Sudanese groups that this is a life and death battle.

American authorities have refused Jaaffar residence in the USA describing him as a worldwide imam of Islamic fundamentalism