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Sudan’s Uprising: Dealings with remnants of al-Bashir


By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

From the outset, the people of Sudan who have been demonstrating in their glorious popular rebellion for over four months categorically reject the Reproduction or procreation of the decrepit National Congress Party (NCP) regime. Moreover, the Flip-flop Drama of changing positions of the elements of the ( CP) regime would not succeed in bamboozling the sharp acumen of the disenfranchised Sudanese people who have been languishing under poverty, deprivation, murder and displacement during the three lean decades of oppressive arbitrary rule led by the most corrupt, abjectly failed bunch of gangsters who messed up and destroyed the wealth and the productive schemes of the nation through their alien political ideology attributed its affiliation to the global terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) the Khartoum branch.

With the acceleration of the events this week, it became difficult to get to know all the small bits and the big details about what has been happening and kept changing by the hour about the populist movement in Sudan, especially with regard to the changes in the positions of the remnants of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) led by the notorious oppressor and genocidal criminal, the fugitive from the International Justice, Marshall Omer Hassan Ahmad Bashir, whose current location is not clearly known though described as safe place, according to his military entourage.

In reference to the accelerating events in Sudan, Tibor Peter Nagy Jr. the United States (US) Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs and a former American foreign service officer who served as the American ambassador to Guinea and to Ethiopia has been quoted as twitting saying: “I commend the Sudanese people for their peaceful & resilient expression of their legitimate demands for change, especially given the violent repression of some security institutions by the Government of Sudan (GoS). We support their desire for a #Sudan that is more peaceful & prosperous”. https://twitter.com/AsstSecStateAF/status/1115378154942676992

He added saying: “We call on the Government of #Sudan to halt all use of force against protesters, including the current sit in. A decision to use violence against civilians in the coming days would impact all aspects of our bilateral relationship with the Government of Sudan”.

Moreover, and Replying to @AsstSecStateAF, Tibor Peter Nagy Jr, Sabby Retweeted Mohannad TJ 🇸🇩 tweeted saying “Violence is still being used against peaceful protesters and in random streets around the Capital Khartoum”.
There is a saying attributed to Shaykh Muhammad Metwally al-Shaarawy (may Allaah have mercy on him) that the Accountability and punishment are deferred in everything until the Day of Resurrection except for the injustice of the people.

First of all, it is worse referring to the fact that indicating how blockheaded and utterly disdain of the Senior Army Officers of Omer al-Bashir to recognize the former leader of the Janjaweed militias Mohammed Hamdan Dogolo – aka - Hemetti who have been promoted to the rank of Genera of in the Sudan Armed Force (SAF)! This nothing but what the popular the proverb says, its protector is its crook! Thus, the Deep State of the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) consists mainly of the General Hemetti and the First General Abdel Fattah El Burhan and the General Salah Abdullah Mohammed Saleh famous for Salah Gosh. General Abdel Fattah El Burhan, the new president of the Transitional Military Council has a bad record characterized of atrocities of killing and displacement in the Darfur region plagued by atrocities, especially in the Zalingei area where he was said to have told the Fur tribal faction that he represented to them as their Godfather. Therefore, solidarity with the demands of the Sudanese people and their stand against dictatorship and oppression and for freedom, peace, justice and change the duty of the uprising, as well as the restructuring and rebuilding of the Sudanese state and accountability of all those who committed crimes against the citizens remain the main objectives of the revolution of the nineteenth of December 2018, which continued unabatedly for the past four months.

The news media outlets reported that the Transitional Military Council has announced its formation under the Chairmanship of the General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan - In a televised speech; he declared the composition as follows:
General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan as the President, under the Constitutional Decree No. 3 of 2019
Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dogolo Moussa, Vice-President under Constitutional Decree No. 6 of 2019.
Lieutenant-General Shams El-Din Kabbashi Ibrahim Shinto, as a member and official spokesperson on behalf of the Council.
The General Omar Zine El Abidine Mohamed El Sheikh, member
Police General el-Tayeb Babiker Ali Fadil, a member
Airforce General Salah Abdul Khalig Saeed Ali, a member of the team
Major General Jalal El-Din El-Sheikh El-Tayeb, member
Major General Yasser Abdul Rahman Al Atta, a member
Major General Mustafa Mohamed Mustafa Ahmed, a member
Rear Admiral Engineer Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim, Member

The question that puzzled everyone and which is waiting for the answer is how did "Abd al-Fattah al-Burhan" reach the Presidency of the military council?

It is certain that the criminal General Ibn Aouf resigned from the presidency of the military council, as announced by the events, because of the overwhelming public pressure of not accepting him and furthermore that Because of his lack of bias to the demands of the Sudanese masses. More importantly, it was due to the extreme pressure put forward by the US Administration message that reported to the "sponsors" whom Salah Gosh coordinate within the UAE and Saudi Arabia and that the US government will never accept General Ibn Aouf who is one of those who has been put on the list of sanctions to become the head of state. What has codified the idea of impunity officially? This will not accept America.

Gosh was informed of this as the contact ring with the UAE. After that, Ibn Aouf was informed and Gosh met with Hamiditi for an hour. The council then met and chose al-Burhan as its Chairperson based on specific specifications. Firstly, al-Burhan is thought he is not a member of the Islamic organization and acceptable by the (NCP) authoritarian insiders and along his acceptability by the foreign players such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which he has visited several times by virtue of his previous responsibility for the Sudanese forces in Yemen and obviously this made Burhan’s solid and close relationship with Hemetti, the leader of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Based on the foregoing, General Ibn Aouf agreed to announce his resignation and the appointment of Abdel Fattah Burhan after the blessing of Hemetti! According to a reliable source, Hemetti has been promised two seats in the Transitional Military Council. Both Hemetti and his brother Abdel Rahim Dogolo will occupy those seats. According to the same source, the council is likely to approve the formation of a civilian government that includes The Forces Declaration of Freedom and Change (FDFC) and other Sudanese political parties with military figures but with the survival of the military junta in power as a supervisory body.

On the other hand, a reliable source close to the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (FDFC) assured the Sudanese people that no offer would be accepted that did not include the contents of the Declaration. The same source demanded that the masses would not to leave the sit-ins because they are the only guarantor of the demands and not to listen to the rumours. The source said further demanded the Sudanese masses not to leave the sit-ins because they are the only guarantor of the demands and not to listen to rumours. that the (FDFC) of the announcement of the spear and change, including the gathering of Sudanese professionals, will announce to the public any developments.

The source stressed the appeal of the masses to abide by the peacefulness of the revolution, saying that it was peacefulness that defeated the machine of violence of the genocidal regime, which made the world respect the revolution and set it as an example in the world from Algeria to Venezuela.

# Downiest Fall and That is All ##
We the people of Sudan try to learn Four important Lessons in life: * 1 - Never lose hope 2 - Do not celebrate Victory Early. 3 - Do not leave your place until you finish your task completely. 4 - Give the last moments of interest as much as the first moments. We cannot lie down during the battle. This alert is directed to the Sudanese rebels.

The Sudanese people find the statement was disappointing as it ignored the arrest and accountability of the symbols of the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) and the dismantling of armed entities of the regime such as the People’s Defense Forces (PDF), Student Security Battalions (SSB) and the shadow battalions belonging to Ali Osman Taha. It is noteworthy that the sudden resignation of Salah Gosh, director of security and intelligence has confirmed this. The failure of suspending the work of the foreign diplomatic missions of the corrupt former regime is parts and parcels of the misdemeanours of the statement. To build up upon the aforementioned there is a strong need to continue the popular sit-ins. In the course of the discussion, we also hear the previous statements of the political groups represented in the Forces of Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC) and the gathering of Sudanese professionals, there is complete silence about the Prisoners of war (POW) of the Sudanese armed movements who have been languishing in prison cells of the regime for many years and their whereabouts nobody has told, the fact which stands out as utterly disgraceful. No one knows as to why this information is blacked out for so long despite its humanitarian aspect that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHR) puts it as an essential part of its function.

What is surprisingly strange is that, so far, there is a peculiar blackout about the fate and location of Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, as well as the rest of the components of his close criminal entourage members such as Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, Awad Ahmed al-Jaz, Nafie Ali Nafie, Bakri Hassan Saleh and the Génocidaire Ahmed Mohammed Harun and other participants in the heinous crimes perpetrated against the Sudanese civilian citizens over the past three decades.

At this juncture, it is quite worthwhile to refer to the article of the Darfur Union in the UK addressing the role played by the “Trio of Evil”, namely Awad Ibn Auf, Gosh and Hemetti. https://sudanjem.com/2019/04/darfur-union-in-the-uk-awad-ibn-auf-gosh-and-himiditi-the-trio-of-evil-are-playing-musical-chairs-with-bashir-and-now-al-borhan-is-at-the-forefront-the-revolt-and-the-sit-in-protest-shall-conti/

According to the Sudan Tribunehttp://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article67368, the Sudanese opposition leaders and the head of the military council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan have begun meetings after the removal of the former President Omer al-Bashir on Saturday. However, the armed groups of the Sudanese Revolutionary Forces (SRF) said they are not concerned by the hasty meeting, pointing that it was too early hold talks with the military before to define a joint programme of the opposition groups and how to deal with the Military Council. The Sudan Tribune report went on indicating that on Saturday, the head of the military council held a meeting with a 10-member delegation from the opposition groups led by Omer al-Digair of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) and including among others Mariam al-Mahdi, Siddiq Youssef and Mohamed Nagi al-Asam. The leader of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) has been reported to have said He pointed out that they are awaiting the implementation of the promises he made to release all the detainees of Darfur armed groups and the activists who were deported from foreign countries, including Mohamed Hassan al-Buhari and all the others. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article67368
The reputation of the General Abdel Fattah al-Buhari is marred by series of reported authentic war crimes in Darfur witnessed by people who were in Charge of defending the civilian populations in the War zones that have been plagued by wars of attrition and extortion.

After the pressure exerted by the rebels in the General Command and all the Sudanese cities inside Sudan and those in the Diaspora in foreign countries the honourable officers of the armed forces of junior officers and the officer of the ranks and soldiers responded to the legitimate demands of the peaceful popular revolution and the protection of the protesters, and after the mass public and political rejection of the Gordon Palace Military Coup de état and the so-called Supreme Security Committee (SSC) and the Transitional Military Council (TMC) which are in fact nothing but the other grim side of the National Congress Party (NCP) or the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM). It turned out that the leader of the coup d’état being General Awad Ibn Aouf who was forced to step down and hand over the coup authority to the racist and génocidaire and the engineer of atrocities in the Darfur region , General Abdel-Fattah al- Burhan, who was once a war prisoner of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM / A) forces, led Abdel Wahid Mohamed Ahmed El Nour in the Shau Fauk area in Jebel Marra in 2003 after entering the liberated territory without prior permission when he signed a cease-fire with the Sudanese government in the Chadian city of Abéché in 2003 and ordered the leadership of the armed movement to release Abdel-Fattah El-Burhan committed to its agreement at the time, despite the protest of some of the military leaders in the movement. And unfortunately that after his release by one week only Abdel Fattah al- Burhan recruited thousands of Janjaweed militias who committed the worst crimes against unarmed civilians and burned more than 85 villages and killed and displaced thousands of civilians within one month and hundreds of women were raped, humiliated and broke their will. The so-called al-Burhan also ordered his troops to use Chemical Weapons in the face of the brave forces of Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed al-Nur and civilians in Jebel Marra, leaving thousands of civilians dead. Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan was famous for his saying that he (the Lord of the Fur tribe) will work to erase them from existence).

The Commander Abdel Wahid Mohamed Ahmed El Nour said about the foregoing:” "But Sudan, which we dream of, cannot come through these racists like Abdel Fattah Burhan, Awad Ibn Aouf, Omer al-Bashir and their ilk.” Furthermore, the SLA/A Leader went on saying: “"We in the SLM / A absolutely reject attempts to reproduce the regime in any way and we will continue to adhere to our goals and the demands of the Sudanese street expressed by the youth of the Intifada and the gathering of Sudanese professionals to bring down and change the regime, liquidate its institutions and try its symbols. In the aftermath of that, the attention should go first to the Sudanese Civil Society, the youth and women who formed the majority in the uprising and played the most prominent role in its formation and leadership and chanted loudly for the isolation of all criminals and those wanted for international justice and that they should not have any role to play in shaping the future of Sudan. But their natural place according to the law is life imprisonment in accordance with international law and the fair justice of the judiciary. It is categorically said with the emphasis that there is no place for the phrasal words of God forgive what they have done in terms of crimes committed and have been proven in the Court of Law; Which resonates with the slogan of the popular revolution, which is said: "Freedom, peace and justice”.
# Down Fall and That is All ## and Tasgot Bas!

Adolf Hitler, the German politician and leader of the Nazi Party who rose to power as Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and later Führer in 1934 and during his dictatorship from 1933 to 1945, he initiated World War II in Europe by invading Poland in September 1939 and committed the heinous crimes including the Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was a genocide during World War II in which Nazi Germany, aided by local collaborators, systematically murdered some six million European Jews—around two-thirds of the Jewish population of Europe—between 1941 and 1945, has been quoted as saying: "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it"

Brad Meltzer the American political thriller novelist, non-fiction writer, TV show creator and comic book author, has been quoted as saying: “When you believe in something, fight for it. And when you see Injustice, Fight harder than you have ever fought before”. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/104145810117900596/

Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is http://thussudan.wordpress.com/

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