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Recent arrangements for peace in South Sudan are "not realistic": Troika


SPLM-IO leader Machar and President Kiir ink the goevrance agreement in Khartoum on 5 August 2018 (Photo Ugandan Presidency)
August 10, 2018 (JUBA) - The Troika countries Friday warned the IGAD mediators against the unsustainability of the arrangements recently agreed by the South Sudanese parties to resolve the outstanding governance and security issues.

"We are concerned that the arrangements agreed to date are not realistic or sustainable. Given their past leadership failures, South Sudanese leaders will need to behave differently and demonstrate commitment to peace and good governance," said a joint statement issued by the United States, United Kingdom and Norway.

On 5 August, the South Sudanese government and opposition groups signed an agreement on the outstanding issues on governance and power-sharing providing to establish a government with five vice-presidents, 45 ministers and a parliament composed of 550 members.

The government negotiating team refused the opposition calls for lean government and insisted to keep intact its ministerial team of 30 ministers and the 400 parliamentarians.

President Salva Kiir himself complained from the agreed bloated government saying he has no means to provide the needed accommodations and vehicles for all these people.

However, the Troika praised the engagement of the region in the Khartoum-based negotiations. Also, it acknowledged "the role of Sudan in hosting these negotiations".

The three countries underlined the need for an inclusive process encompassing civil society, religious leaders, ethnic minorities saying it is the best hope for a sustainable peace.

"We urge mediators to ensure the open and free participation of these groups and other participants in the negotiations, to ensure their interests are fully protected".

The facilitators further stressed that during the next stage of the talks, the parties must develop clear plans for the transition period.

This includes how resources will be "used in a transparent and accountable way" and how "security will be provided in Juba during the transition period and how meaningful checks will be placed on executive power"

In a meeting held in Khartoum on Thursday, the IGAd Council of Ministers endorsed an implementation matrix and decided that the Khartoum round of talks will continue until the 19 August.


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  • 10 August 2018 22:47, by Eastern

    This is a clarion call to to the IGAD morons! Let IGAD countries use Birr, the Kenyan shillings, Ugandan shillings and the Sudanese pounds to support Kiir implement his agreement with Machar....Kiir was already whining over the bloated regime he insisted on...!

    repondre message

    • 10 August 2018 23:51, by South South

      So funny to see Eastern crying about money. Where those big talks of yours " Kiir must go, SPLA must be dismantled. It is over for Kiir and Riak, there are other stakeholders who will take over South Sudan". All these talks are over now and we want US stop money flowing to South Sudan. Wicked, we told you, you are nothing, shut up and enjoy your food stamp.

      repondre message

      • 11 August 2018 10:00, by jubaone

        South South
        Juronit, try selling your cows as well as return the billion $ stolen by your benydits and bandits. M7 and your bantu friends have lots of the stolen moneys in their countries which you badly need to uplift your wretched jienge communities. Foolish idiots only think of cars, good food while their own starve. Jienge

        repondre message

        • 11 August 2018 10:21, by South South


          We said this before, but you refused to listen. You, Eastern or other weak Equatoria called The Rhino are nothing, but stupid and weak. Anyone who lives in South Sudan can see very clearly that South Sudan needs only a little loan to start over its economy. This loan can come from Kenya or China, just very a little loan will put South Sudan up again.

          repondre message

          • 11 August 2018 11:23, by jubaone

            South South
            Jienge juronit. Where is your strength? Big muscles small brains? Just shut up and go look after cows or sell them to finance your peace. You could "import" Habbesha, Ugandans and Kenyans to develop jiengelands cuz you’re just nuts. Equatorians can’t babysit you all your miserable jienge lives. Grow up boy!

            repondre message

          • 11 August 2018 15:21, by The Rhino

            South South,

            Why beg Kenya or China for little loan to put South Sudan up again?Lazy idiot,donors have now realized how greedy and corrupt jienge people are,so they are cautious and very skeptical to lend you dollars.Anybody with brain doesn’t beg,but works hard to finance himself.Sell your cow dung if profitable to lift your f**king jienge republic up again.

            repondre message

    • 11 August 2018 01:12, by The Rhino

      TROIKA is stating facts! Khartoum deal is not inclusive,sustainable neither realistic.It does not encompass minority groups(ethnic minorities,civil society or religious leaders).The deal does not focus on lean or effective government.It is a shaky wobbly deal condemned to fail.This wicked drought organization called IGAD better get professional and solve East African crises more effectively...

      repondre message

      • 11 August 2018 01:23, by The Rhino

        ...If IGAD’s leaders view South Sudan as Dinka or Nuer republic only,they are dead wrong,they’ll never solve anything.IGAD needs to invest more in Equatorians to lead the country,although I rather prefer Equatexit.Bottom line is,jienges and nyagats have been around since 2005 with best chances of lifting South Sudan out of extreme poverty,but perversely didn’t,instead they dragged the country ....

        repondre message

        • 11 August 2018 01:26, by The Rhino

          ...down the shithole.Either Equatoria is in or Equatoria is out/KOKORA,thats it!

          repondre message

          • 11 August 2018 03:00, by Games

            Without doubt, IGAD are rewarding Salva Kiir and his bad boys for the all Torturing and mismanagement of public funds they committed against the people of S. Sudan

            repondre message

          • 11 August 2018 03:54, by Marco A. Wek

            Who give the fuck about what Trokia wants. Whose people were dying, theirs or South Sudanese? Who gave them authority to decide over African or family matters? Sudan and other neighboring countries are highly appreciated for bringing their feuding brothers and sisters together and case closed. Those who are not happy whither Khartoum agreement can hung themselves. Thank you Omar Hassan El Bashir f

            repondre message

            • 11 August 2018 10:06, by jubaone

              Marko Wek
              And who gives a fuck about your peace? Sell your cows and finance it. Oh go to your jellaba master Bashir for help. Ugandan or Kenyan shillings would also do, jienge. Dont expect Troika or the US to come and babysit and wipe your jienge asses clean. No. Do it yourselves. Get back the looted billion dollars.

              repondre message

              • 11 August 2018 10:26, by South South


                US is not a reliable country this day to ask for help unless Trump is not there. Just take this simple example, Kuwait, after Iraq invasion, Kuwait becomes 100% US ally, but with Trump in power and what he said about Kuwait, Kuwait signed a deal with China for 99 years to develop two islands with a deal worth 1 trillion USD. Why did Kuwait did that?

                repondre message

                • 11 August 2018 10:31, by South South



                  Kuwait did that because they realize that Trump will never help anyone in the world unless US get a big earning from any deal. Trump said US should sign a deal with Kuwait before US helped to liberate Kuwait from Iraq to get half of Kuwait resources. Whether there is peace or no peace Trump will never pour USD to SS.

                  repondre message

                • 11 August 2018 11:30, by jubaone

                  South South
                  Jienge! Were it not for the US, Troika and it’s partners that babysat, wiped and spoonfed the SPLA/M there would be no country called SS. But amnesic idiots and callous bigots have shit into the bowl they scooped out their walwal. How unteachable and unthankful these creatures. Now the want communist yen.

                  repondre message

              • 11 August 2018 16:32, by Marco A. Wek

                Jubaone , you are online barking coward who has no balls to reveal your real name because you could be a woman even if you think you are a man by accident and afraid for being dragged out from your house by a Dinka boys to train on you.

                Low live, there is nothing you could do to Dinkas insult while you are in hiding.

                repondre message

                • 11 August 2018 18:24, by The Rhino

                  Marco A.Wek,

                  Jubaone will crucify you upside down,you ’Wicked A*s Maggot’ which is by the way your alias name in reverse!You jienges will never escape the vengeance The Rhino,Jubaone and the Eastern rock are staging.This is just a prelude to what will practically follow to squash and squeeze you evil impostors to where you belong,online or on the ground....

                  repondre message

                  • 11 August 2018 18:27, by The Rhino

                    Maggot A*s,
                    ...The clocks have been set and we’ll never relent to pursue you evil jienges till the gates of hell,get prepared!

                    repondre message

                • 11 August 2018 18:27, by jubaone

                  I’m not surprised at all at your stinking attitude towards women. Pediatric psychology tells us that kids separated from their mums at tender age later turn to be rapists, molesters and abusers. Jienge kids weaned at about 2 yrs breastfed on cow milk where cows assume the maternal roles. Kids therefore adore the cows than their own mums

                  repondre message

                  • 11 August 2018 18:34, by jubaone

                    Jienge kids taken to luaks with their peers then feed on cow mik. They loose maternal love, become aggressive and are foolishly told to be manly. Results are traumatized young men who are hell bent on despising and treating women as thrash. The jienge male dominated society is sick and women as objects or goods. Poor Nyanjienges are just properties

                    repondre message

                    • 11 August 2018 19:05, by jubaone

                      Nyanjienges are married or sold off at early age. The men set the price and the poor jienge woman is transformed into a " production tool". She’s to beget little jienges almost every year and all male in laws dare sleep with her. OMG. This explains the large numbers of jienges with confused blood relationships. Jienge men have no mums, but cows. We can’t help. Now shut up

                      repondre message

                • 11 August 2018 19:12, by jubaone

                  Marko Wek
                  ..dragged out of my house by jienge boye to train on me..? This supports my earlier thesis that jienges are homosexuals and perverts. Sexually active youth in luaks on their own indeed drives wild fantasies of uncontrolled sex orgies. Do you know now why nyors are the most notorious rapists? They learnt this sodomy in their luaks. Kawalin

                  repondre message

                  • 11 August 2018 20:06, by The Rhino

                    Marco A.Wek,

                    I warned you,the Equatorian Jubaone will rip you off.Now get out and defend yourself,Marco the maggot cow raping faggot,shit!

                    repondre message

          • 11 August 2018 10:19, by jubaone

            Well stated. Troika has realized that without Equatoria in the centre, jienges and nyagats can’t do anything other than fighting and creating anarchy. Equatoria is development and progress, jiengelands are empty grazing lands for cows and really don’t need development. Afterall all jienges have fled away to Equatoria, Uganda and Kenya as refugees or squatters.

            repondre message

        • 11 August 2018 05:50, by Sunday Junup

          The Rhino,
          Please don’t forget Wani Igga was also there in the presidency since 2005 and he is Equatoria. It was equatoria who invited M7 thinking to protect them and Dinka invited M23,GEM, Egypt, SPLA-N and Torobora to fight Nuer but you Equatoria was just watching and singing(Maal de kueyis Maiyi)in Juba. Why complaining now. It is clear that there will be no peace if Kiirimnal still a president

          repondre message

          • 11 August 2018 10:11, by jubaone

            Sunday Junup
            This short-legged Bari lapdog has no place in our community. He is useless and best as a palace clown. We have written him off. Jienges can put him into a "dog bag" like some puddle dog and carry him everywhere. He’s one of those sellouts that gleefully smiled as his sisters were gangraped by uncircumcised jienge savages. Take him for free. We don’t need him.

            repondre message

            • 11 August 2018 14:23, by The Rhino


              Excellent!.."palace clown" suits that midget Wani at best.Not only did he spend his early life in Tonj and got jiengenized,the man in truth is ’jienge analog’,a wimp and disgrace,a total degradation and waste of brain to Equatoria.He did nothing to protect his own town Lo’bonok nor retrieve confiscated Bari lands from scavenging jienges,he is worthless.

              repondre message

      • 11 August 2018 04:27, by chotnyang deng

        IGAD can ever do something good in life in africa, their work is to buy time and earn money instead to do what they suppose to do.

        repondre message

    • 11 August 2018 09:19, by Pakuai

      Is the South Sudanese people peace going to be implemented with foreign money? Eastern, let give you this example, right after the CPA was signed in 2005. A donor conference was held in Oslo, Norway, in which over 4 billion dollars was pledged by the US, the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia and other countries. But when the then government of Southern Sudan came & asked the that was pledged>>

      repondre message

      • 11 August 2018 09:29, by Pakuai

        the government of South Sudan was told by your international community that the "money was used to help the people of Darfur" the government of South Sudan shut it damn mouth. So what do you want tell us Mr. Eastern piece of trash. By the way, your US, the UK, their UN, their NGOS, their evil juus & their cloned gulf Arab states paymasters want to use our country and our people as their>>>

        repondre message

  • 11 August 2018 07:54, by Mike Mike

    What has been said by the international observers is true, because Khartoum has no capacity to brokered a good peace to the people of South Sudan since it has hand in this senseless war.Khartoum was the one harbouring rebel elements with weapons/food to fight the gov’t since 2013 up to date it has never stop its support to the rebels.So such a person can’t mediated peace to the two warring parties

    repondre message

  • 12 August 2018 21:45, by HAIM

    The Rhino
    "Either Equatorial is in or Equatorial is out/No more.Well said bro.

    repondre message

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