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President Kiir denies relocating ethnic Dinka in Yei state


October 28, 2016 (JUBA) - South Sudanese president, Salva Kiir, has dismissed reports that he has sent a military convoy to his controversially created Yei state to help in the relocation of members of his ethnic Dinka purportedly living in a constant fear that they could become a target.

President Salva Kiir addresses the nation at the South Sudan National Parliament in Juba, November 18, 2015. (Photo Reuters/Jok Solomon)

Presidential advisor on military affairs, Daniel Awet Akot, has denied the reports, describing them as untrue.

“I just spoke to the president of the republic to ask him about these reports and he told me that he is not aware of such reports. He said he did not send any of the institutions concerning security like the ministry of interior, national security and defence to send a military convoy to Yei. What for? There is nothing like that. The President did not send,” Akot told Sudan Tribune on Friday.

Akot was responding to reports claiming that 10 military trucks loaded with government soldiers have been dispatched to the area to help in the relocation of the members of the ethnic Dinka fearing they could be targeted by other non-Dinka tribes in the area.

The top presidential aide argued that Yei, located southwest of the capital, Juba, is part of the country and was therefore odd for the government to facilitate relocation of the citizens living there without general security threat.

Earlier reports suggested that 10 military trucks were dispatched on directive of President Kiir asking his chief of general staff, Paul Malong Awan, to relocate members of his ethnic Dinka living in Yei.

While Akot denied the reports, several government officials and private citizens have told Sudan Tribune that many of the people from the Dinka ethnic group who were living in Yei have been leaving the area in a military organized escort.

It is not clear whether this mass exodus out the town is sanctioned by the government or individual basis. Observers say the move could be both voluntary relocation and informal approval by individual officials and officers in the government and army.

“What I know is that there is no formal directive from either the office of the president or chief of general staff but I know some senior government officials and military officers who [have] relocated their family members to towns at the border from neigbouring Uganda due to the current economic crisis were forced by the developing security situation to relocate their family members once again. Because of their positions in the government and in the army, some people interpreted their involvement to mean decision of the government,” a presidential aide told Sudan Tribune Friday.

Crtics have argued that the move to relocate ethnic Dinka from Yei was to allow the army predominately members of ethplnic Dinka to target civilians in the name of hunting armed dissident groups.



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  • 29 October 2016 01:31, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    What are you talking about? Right now the women on Yei -Kay’s and Yei - Lasu are being raped by SPLA/IG and the old and sick murdered by Dinka militia with resources of the country. There is no legitimate government in South Sudan. What is in the country is anarchy. A total break down of law and order! If there’s humanity in this globe then mankind should come to rescue the sick, mad and the old.

    repondre message

    • 29 October 2016 02:36, by Joyuma John

      Confused south sudan, Dinkas are not your angels, they are South Sudanese like you guys, look here you chased them out in Yei by targeted killing , when they decided to move away for their safety, you also accused kiir mayardit for relocating them out of Yei. Please stop your Dinka phobia for the benefit of peace in south sudan ya Junubin.

      repondre message

      • 29 October 2016 04:48, by Hardlinner

        joyuma, the dinka civilians have every right to move from where they have become target of local militias. if the local people of Yei aren’t helping stop their militias from attacking innocent dinka civilians, then dinka have nothing to do curve the situation but to move. Jurs in dinka states are under protection of the locals. something i do not see in Yei river state.

        repondre message

        • 29 October 2016 09:23, by jubaone

          Get all that rubbish out of Yei not to Juba but to Gogrial or whichever jiengeland. They are useless and give no added value neither to Yei nor Equatoria at large except destruction, lawlessness, and anarchy. Equatoria does NOT need jienges not even live with them and so they must quit and Equatoria in peace.

          repondre message

        • 30 October 2016 11:16, by NyanDengdit

          Equatoria, you need to stop killings civilian of Dinka please. Dinkas are innocent people and they also have vision of the country as the fought with Arab for 21 years and most of you were hiding in Uganda.
          Stop killing children of Dinka otherwise, you will regret if answer your escalation. Dinka alone can fight America leave other country you better stop killing now.

          repondre message

    • 29 October 2016 04:12, by Freedom Fighter

      There are only two options for you to choose from:

      1. continue in your current path by promoting hatred and killings of one another in South Sudan, or

      2. Embrace message of peace, unity, and work as one people to turn around things in your country

      Freedom Fighter

      repondre message

      • 29 October 2016 07:44, by Naath

        Freedom Fighter,

        Kiir and his JCE do not have vocabularies of peace in their mouth and on their brain. Kiir is the world most foolish Dinka’s chief, war criminals, goofy, vision-less and tribalist.

        repondre message

        • 29 October 2016 08:59, by Freedom Fighter

          Naath, please answer theses questions:

          1. Do you know what created JCE

          2. Don’t you see any connection between the rise of the White Army in the Naath land and creation of the JCE in Juba

          3. Did we really have the JCE prior to 12/15/2013

          4. Have you learnt any thing at all from the success of Dr. Garang in his fight against Jallabas from 19983 -2005

          Freedom Fighter

          repondre message

    • 29 October 2016 04:54, by Hardlinner

      Jur-likany you are just Riek slave. just shut the f*cker up pls. if you are not stupid how many Nuer Refugees are living in dinka states without being harmed?. those of Yei are just doing their usual Kokoro just like in juba back in 80s. if locals don’t help minorities in the areas, how would minorities feel?.

      repondre message

    • 30 October 2016 17:58, by Midit Mitot

      Dinka government had never accept their wrong doing since the war erupted in 2013, they are always denying the fact,look at them, they were dispatched 10 trucks to rescue their ethnic and leave alone the rest of the communities in a dire situation, MTN are respecting only bullet not dialogue.

      repondre message

  • 29 October 2016 04:59, by Nyesi Ta

    This is the real scenario in the politics of the republic of south sudan in that every jenge is an individual president of the people reigning from the other 63 tribes and above everyone irrespective of tribe, sits a man by the name of Kiir al Awiir as the president of the republic. This is the real problem of south sudan.

    repondre message

  • 29 October 2016 10:28, by Equatoria1

    Sorry Jenge, your evil plan has once again been blown up before you do it. In Wau u plan to murder the Equatorians & it was revealed straight away. In Yei you removed your MTNs there so that you could wipe out the women & children of Yei & now the world is singing it as a song. You ran to Uganda to bring Ug soldiers to silent Magwi community, once again it made World Headlines straight away

    repondre message

    • 29 October 2016 10:41, by Equatoria1

      Anyway, the boys in the bushes of Equatoria are ready to hit you hard should you dare! We Equatorians are watching each of your move & will never let any killing of Equatorians without being answer anymore. Any mass murder of innocent Equatorians in any part of South Sudan will mark the end of Jenge in our land. I mean it wili lead to retribution which equal to Kokora in Equatorians term

      repondre message

      • 29 October 2016 13:37, by Nyesi Ta

        The Jenge started the killing of Equatorian police officers in Yambio in 2005 unjustifiably & the killing of Equatorans continued unabated sine then to date. Each time they kill one of us the killers are not brought to book & this has pushed us to the edge, now we are fighting back & we promise the mtns that each one of us will fight to the last breath & until you finish us the war will not end.

        repondre message

    • 29 October 2016 23:22, by Dinka-Defender-General

      Equatoria1, Jubaone, and many Equatorians who hate Dinkas people in your areas. We have many Equatorians who live, work, do business in Dinkas peacefully as we speak and you abuse Dinkas people in your areas. We, the Dinkas people will react some days and it will not be far from now. You got a message now that many Equatorians live in Dinkas states. Equatorians will suffer more if Dinkas response

      repondre message

      • 29 October 2016 23:26, by Dinka-Defender-General

        Continue...please don’t cry yet before Dinkas response to your abuse. You better ask many Equatorians who live in Dinkas place what kinds of treatment they get before you keep your bullying in your areas. We, the Dinkas people are tired and we will response soon if you don’t stop killing innocents people.

        repondre message

        • 30 October 2016 06:08, by Equatoria1

          Listen to me carefully. U MTN created the monster & the same monster you have created is about to swallow u and you are now running your mouth to play the victim Card??? Your JCE come up with the so called ’Unknown Gunman’ to eliminate all our intellectual, businessmen, wise politicians, our generals such as the late Gen.Gismala.....

          repondre message

          • 30 October 2016 06:16, by Equatoria1

            Now that same ’Unknown Gunmen’ are killing your MTNs & here u are crying!! Paul malong created the Anyoor to eliminate Nuers, kill our youths, rape our women, loot our property, displace us & feed on our food, burn down villages while u grab our land. So now tell me who is the victim yah Food General? U go tell your uncles in Juba to start thinking differently otherwise...!

            repondre message

            • 30 October 2016 06:22, by Equatoria1

              ...continue. As for those Equatorians in your land, its upto u what u want to do with them. But all I can guarantee you is that whatever u do to them we are going to copy & past on your MTN in Equatoria. It’s getting easier for us now b’se we just wait of what u come up with then we copy & make you taste it. Take care brother!

              repondre message

        • 31 October 2016 01:06, by Dinka-Defender-General

          Equatoriazero, I think you are playing with fire. Please don’t push me to the edge. You don’t know what I have and I am capable to do with my 2,800 soldiers. Remember, we are sitting and watch you guys. Thus, stop your bullshit..Are we clear?

          repondre message

  • 29 October 2016 13:20, by Peace and reconciliation

    Remember fellow brothers sister, taking political issues personally can never take us anywhere but will only drive our nation into turbulent and strife for centuries.
    so please embrace peace, a just peace, Stop creating hateful wound in hearts. The current government will go but our nation will still exist. So please we need to reconcile and build our nation in peace.
    Peace!! Peace!! please.

    repondre message

    • 29 October 2016 15:00, by Naath

      Reconciliation and Peace

      I appreciate your encouragement for peace and reconciliation, but reconcile with who? While the Dinka’s rapists, murders, looters and tribalist in Juba do not want reconciliation. Dr. Machar came to Juba with his body guard only for peace and reconciliation but his partner belief in war. Is there a self reconciliation? What one can do when rival party does not wants peace

      repondre message

    • 30 October 2016 06:37, by Equatoria1

      Mr. Peace & Reconciliation
      As for you, I think you need to take your Slogans & place it under your pillow until it become relevant. Innocent Youths in Yei are jailed & picked out every night for mockery killings by MTNs, civilians got sprayed by bullets in broad light while u useless one is walking around make slogans?? If u have nothing to contribute then go & sleep so that your brain will grow!!

      repondre message

      • 30 October 2016 10:10, by Peace Lover

        We need to continue carrying the slogan Peace, without peace we will go no where. This government belong to all of us, let us not give it to Dinka,
        Not all Dinka have problem with Equotorians, it is few individual in the government who are benefiting, so let us unite together with the innocent Dinka to remove this government of that loves war, and we bring government which lover peace.

        repondre message

  • 30 October 2016 06:14, by mullah sabah

    This the problem with this government, anything happening they are unaware, they don’t know.all there talks are of ignorance, and not responsible. Which put someone to wonder whether this government is saving who in this country.

    repondre message

  • 31 October 2016 07:52, by Bazinguaboy

    Everyday innocent Equatorians die in fives and tens; everyday we hear of looting, raping by the same people who were supposed to protect the vulnerable; everyday the Jienge is always right especially if the wronged party is a non-Jienge. Then one day a truck is ambushed and passengers are unfortunately killed including a number of Jienge but also others ....

    repondre message

    • 31 October 2016 07:58, by Bazinguaboy

      cont) ... then our wise leadership declares war and the President himself says he is going to command the war from Yei. That is a brave and welcome decision but then why prioritise fighting mere criminals in Yei than fighting rebels in Bentiu or Malakal where he should relocate instead? And yet we ask what is the problem and why people do not give credit to the Jienge?! Double-standards

      repondre message

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