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S. Sudan army says armed rebellion uncovered within Equatoria region


November 23, 2014 (JUBA) – The South Sudanese army (SPLA) claimed it uncovered a plan by some politicians and former militia members allegedly to form a rebellion parallel to that of the armed opposition led by the country’s former vice president, Riek Machar.

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Troops from the South Sudanese army (SPLA) have been engaged in an armed struggle with rebel forces loyal to former vice-president Riek Machar since mid-December last year (Photo: Reuters)

“Through coordination and the work of true and patriotic south Sudanese people from Equatoria region, who are peace loving members, we have discovered some disgruntled politicians and former members of militiamen in the person of Martin Kenyi,” a senior military intelligence officer told Sudan Tribune on Sunday.

The army, he claimed, has closely been following activities of Kenyi and his group over the past months until it allegedly landed on a group that agreed to reactivate Equatoria Defense forces to fight an independent state from the rest of the republic of South Sudan.

“The group conducted their meeting in Kampala, Uganda on Tuesday last week and they agreed to appoint Martin Kenyi as the overall commander of the group,” said the senior army officer.

The group, as part of its resolutions, reportedly agreed to operate as a separate entity from the armed opposition led by Machar.

“Their objective is to fight for separation of Equatoria region from the rest of South Sudan,” claimed the military source.

Sylvester Akar and Michael Okuni were allegedly named the movement’s chief of general staff and head of mobilisation respectively.

Sudan Tribune was unable to independently verify the authenticity of the allegations from the military, although several opposition sources and government critics from Equatoria region do not rule out the existence of armed opposition groups intending to defend people.

Kenyi was commander of the Equatoria Defense Force, a military wing of political group associated with Theophilus Ochan Loti, who broke away from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) at the height of the past civil war between 1983 and 2005.

Kenyi later became a member of the South Sudan Defense Force (SSDF), a group of armed forces operating in southern Sudan, aligned with the government of Sudan against the SPLM/A. The SSDF was a composition of tribal militiamen based in their areas, which were used by Khartoum to resist SPLM/A incursions during the 1980s, alongside fighters who remained loyal to Machar after 1991 split.

The group signed the Khartoum Agreement in 1997, which committed the government of Sudan to self-determination for southern Sudan, but for which the referendum promised was never conducted, prompting Machar to return to the SPLM/A in January 2002. Most of his forces, together with a group of government allied militias which joined the SSDF in mid-2001 continued to maintain their commitment to the Khartoum agreement until peace signed in 2005.

Kenyi as the military leader of the Equatorial Defence Force, one of the components of the SSDF, became the 11-man military high command of the SSDF. During the last round of the Inter-govermental Authority on Development (IGAD) negotiations held in Kenya in May 2003 on the security arrangements, Kenyi was a member of the government of Sudan negotiating team.


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  • 24 November 2014 06:40, by George Bol

    The former militia that were employed by Khartoum must know that SPLA is very strong and can defeat all the militia in the South Sudan.

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    • 24 November 2014 07:05, by Gangura

      Congr, to Mr Kenyi and I am haapy becoz we equatorians we are behind you and Machar, believe if we do not also rebell against these idiot dinkas we will not have our freedom, the only language the understand is rebellion and bulets.
      Equatorian Weyoooooooooo, Machar Woyeeeeeeeeeee

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      • 25 November 2014 01:12, by Force 1

        Those who think of separation of Equatoria need to know that separation is not like going to the shop and asked for a loaf of bread but it’s something that cost millions of lives and decades to achieved. Good luck to those Equatorians who think they can afford millions of their sons and daughters for the cost of Equatoria separation. I can’t wait to see their guerrilla war against SPLA.

        repondre message

      • 25 November 2014 02:46, by Hardlinner

        Equatoria is not homogeneous society. It is collection of unrelated tribes, some of which are more closer to dinka, nuer and shilluk than they are to rest of equatorians. So if south sudan fail to live as unify nation, than expect the least for equatoria as independent state.

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  • 24 November 2014 07:07, by Kur William

    Yeah that was another traitor who collaborated with Khartoum against his own people,he didn’t learn the lesson from his prevoius failure to divided South Sudanese how naive is that to recruits Equotorians to fight for separation of Equotoria region from the rest of South Sudan.I believe Equotorian of today are not like Equotorian of yesterday no one ganna follow him he will be back soon to Juba.

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  • 24 November 2014 08:51, by hamil

    I am an Equatorian and really feel down everytime different stories emerg about South Sudan. What are we doing to this Country? Do we just think God is not watching the pain, the spilt blood of innocent and defenseless civilians who lost their lives? Other Countries had the same ethnic differences but they have since then ironed them out. Can’t we South Sudanese rise up and do the same?

    repondre message

    • 24 November 2014 09:26, by Mi diit

      Of course, but how do we do it? Or are you a type of person who waits for manna to fall from the skies. Dr. Riek tried it peacefully but that primitive Kiir and his cohorts, maybe you are one of them, started the war? How do you solve such a problem when you are dealing with a dictator who is warmonger? Fight for your freedom. Surrendering your freedom is cowardice not peacefulness!

      repondre message

      • 24 November 2014 09:32, by Mi diit


        Hamil, even God sometimes is a God of war. He directs wars. Remember in the Bible when he directed Joshua to attack the city of Jericho and many other wars in the Bible which he approved. God loves people who fight for their rights against those who intend to take such God given rights. Stand up for your right, coward, or die naturally a slave!!!

        repondre message

        • 24 November 2014 15:56, by Rommel

          Mi diit:

          Your understanding of the Bible is virtually non-existent and so you really shouldn’t even try citing it. If you are going to moralise by way of a Biblical example, please do so with an elementary understanding of the Bible and of the matters therein. You do realise that Joshua and his people were the aggressors?

          repondre message

          • 24 November 2014 16:03, by Rommel

            ..The people of Jericho didn’t do anything to the Jews, and yet they were attacked and mercilessly slaughtered in a genocide in which women and children were regarded and treated as legitimate targets of war. How exactly does that comport with your your clueless pronouncement that "God loves people who fight for their rights"? Why did you think that the story of Joshua was a good example?

            repondre message

            • 24 November 2014 16:14, by Rommel

              You seem to always begin with an hypothesis — usually one which is emotionally appealing to you and spectacularly implausible — which you then attempt to support with unsubstantiated, ahistorical hogwash. This is what your little Biblical story details:

              repondre message

              • 24 November 2014 16:15, by Rommel

                When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city. They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.

                repondre message

                • 24 November 2014 16:28, by Rommel

                  Numbers 31: "Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourself every girl who has never slept with a man."

                  Is this where you get your moral lessons from? You seem to think that you can freely mix your religion [Ngundengism] with Christianity. Did you know that the god of the Old Testament forbids this practice? It’s called Syncretism.

                  repondre message

                  • 25 November 2014 04:40, by Mi diit


                    The ’spin doctor’ as usual you have failed to understand me. Re-read my comment again. I said God loves freedom fighters who fight for their "God given right."

                    Jericho was given to Jews by God and told Joshua to seize it. So it belonged to the Jews as their right given to them by God. For Jericho dwellers to try to resist it was wrong. Do you now understand, or are you questioning God?

                    repondre message

                    • 25 November 2014 13:28, by Rommel

                      Mi Diit:

                      Oh I see, my mistake... I totally understand what you meant now. The personal deity of the Jews [Yahweh] told them that he had promised them lands that other people quite unfortunately lived in, and that they had every right to kill every man, women, child and the elderly to get this land and fulfill their covenant with Yahweh...

                      repondre message

                      • 25 November 2014 13:32, by Rommel

                        ..And you must believe that all of this is true because it’s documented in a collection of books written by the Jews themselves... They couldn’t possibly just be providing ex post facto justification for land theft, genocide, slavery and rape...

                        repondre message

                        • 25 November 2014 13:33, by Rommel

                          Why o why did the people of Jericho feel that they had a right to their land and a right to live? Why didn’t they just accept slaughter and dispossession? Why didn’t they just believe that the newly arrived foreigners were in fact the rightful owners of the land? How could they so arrogantly impede the designs and covenants of a foreign deity heralding their destruction?

                          repondre message

                          • 25 November 2014 13:36, by Rommel

                            How could I’ve been so blind to the morality of all of this? Because of your feeble intellect, I feel compelled to tell you that I’m being entirely sardonic. All your replies are failures. The premise is just plain stupid. Only stupidity keeps your posts going. It’s not much fun ’debating’ you because in addition to your brain being incredibly small, it’s also defective and broken.

                            repondre message

                            • 25 November 2014 14:35, by Rommel

                              You’re not playing dodgy. It’s clear, you’re simply stupid. Your arguments fail miserably. You do not even have a good basis for inductively maintaining a conclusion. You are also delusional.

                              repondre message

                              • 25 November 2014 17:31, by Rommel

                                It’s funny that you think you can mix your Nuer religion with Christianity even after the god of the Old Testament explicitly forbids it. Syncretism is not permitted. Ngundeng was a ’prophet’ of DENG, a Dinka divinity that the Nuer adopted. You can’t mix DENG with Yahweh. Choose one. Ps: The exodus never happened. http://thechurchoftruth.wordpress.com/95-2/

                                repondre message

        • 25 November 2014 01:20, by Force 1

          Mi diit;
          Well then God order president Kiir to attack Juba to clear out rebels who were about to stage a coup against him in December 15 2013 according to your logic and I hope you agree with me.

          repondre message

          • 25 November 2014 04:42, by Mi diit

            Force 1,

            The difference is that president Kiir lied to God because there was no coup attempt. In this war he is not a freedom fighter, but an oppressor. God hates oppressors!

            repondre message

      • 24 November 2014 11:14, by michael coma

        Mi diit

        Just wait for conference which takes place today at Pagak how it will end.Gready learders of Nuer will fight in that meeting for positions.Taban Deng is against Lado Gore to be Machar’s deputy as he have no people in frontline and has been given big position for no good reason.

        repondre message

      • 24 November 2014 19:23, by Tibs

        It seem #South #Sudanese are trouble makers, because now our number enemy fake #Arab of #North #South are laughing at us! Peoples are talking of democracy, poor government, marginalization in two years! The question is are we having a leaders or idoit leaders need position to grave $$$$? Our old enemy still with us and paying heavy prices by any means to fails & divided us.

        repondre message

  • 24 November 2014 10:24, by mzalendo mwema

    Mi Diit,

    What rights are you talking about Dr Fool Riek worshipper?
    Is it right to kill innocent people?
    You and your Dr Lazy aka Useless Riek Machar will never get the top job except being a rebel leader.God Almighty knows who you are and will judge with FIRE.Let your food fighters know South Sudanese are for peace not meaningless war which your Dr hyena created.

    repondre message

  • 24 November 2014 10:35, by Gangura

    Dr. Machar will rule this country with support of International commumity and Equatorians, we are tired of idiots Dinkas kingdom and we nee democracy.

    repondre message

  • 24 November 2014 11:29, by mzalendo mwema


    Forget about international and Equatorian supports.They know you are a group of hyena led by Dr fool Riek Machar who has no objectives other than killing innocent people.South Sudanese people have the rights to choose their leaders.The only role that International community can play here is bringing supports to displaced people and not leadership to Dr hopeless aka Lazy Riek Machari

    repondre message

    • 24 November 2014 12:47, by Malakal county Simon

      It’s time after time after humiliation for Equatorias to rise up, and says enough is enough against the
      foolish Kiir regime......

      repondre message

      • 24 November 2014 16:35, by Rommel

        Malakal county Simon:

        Would these little exhortations extend to the Anywaa... a people that you continue to harass and persecute? You killed Chol Odio, their paramount chief last year. What about the Burun, you stole their land in the 1980s, should they rise up and reclaim Longechuk county?

        repondre message

        • 25 November 2014 04:09, by Malakal county Simon


          You need to evacuate from Nimole which is currently occupied by your Dinka tribe (idps), before asking such a question.......

          repondre message

  • 24 November 2014 17:56, by Kim Deng

    If Nuer says the sky is blue, Dinka would say it’s red. I’m worry about other Jurs (Nyam-Nyam, Teet, Chai, Bar...), who have been in the middle of nowhere.

    repondre message

  • 24 November 2014 18:01, by Kim Deng

    North of the Sobat River, the British faced even more formidable and intransigent opposition from the Eastern Jikany Nuer who lived along the Ethiopian frontier. They were well armed with rifles and ammunitions from Ethiopia and raid neighbors, the Burun and Koma to the North, the Dinka and Anyuak to the South – as well as Ethiopian tribes in the Western foothills.

    repondre message

  • 24 November 2014 18:04, by Kim Deng

    Under the command of Lt. Col. Bacon a powerful patrol was finally launched against the Eastern Jikany Nuer from Nasir in January 1920, complete with machine guns and airplanes. The three sections of Eastern Jikany Nuer Warriors attacked the advanced troops; sustaining heavy losses conflicted on both sides including the life of Lt. Col. Bacon. The Warriors were led by Captain of war, Mr. Mut Dung.

    repondre message

    • 24 November 2014 18:32, by Rommel

      Kim Deng:

      Kim Deng:

      Oh this is just so very precious... a Nuer is trying to lay claim to reason and logic. Don’t you people believe that a man [that lived a 100 years ago] prophesied the future? That your ’prophet’ [long dead] can curse entire tribes in the here and now? That upon dying on the battlefields, one can be resurrected - coming out from underneath the earth like a plant?

      repondre message

      • 24 November 2014 18:38, by Rommel

        The British relied more on bluff than anything else. Their military presence in their colonies was very limited, especially when they were preoccupied with world wars. You fought small British contingents > not really impressive. The Dinka had similar battles with the British under Kon Anok, but the war with Khartoum was a real war... a war that consumed the lives of well over a million Dinka.

        repondre message

  • 24 November 2014 18:57, by Kim Deng


    That is what I meant when I said "if Nuer says the sky is blue, Dinka would say it’s red."

    repondre message

    • 24 November 2014 19:29, by Rommel

      Kim Deng:

      And that’s why I responded by saying that you people are not known for reason and logic. Your culture does not place any value on logic. You are the only tribe in South Sudan that believes that you can be resurrected upon dying on the battlefields, because your ’prophets’ told you so. The sky is blue, but you would argue that it’s red if your ’prophets’ told you it was red.

      repondre message

      • 25 November 2014 04:52, by Mi diit


        Oh, so the Dinkas have logic and the Nuers have no logic? Interesting. The Dinka claimed to have fought the liberation war alone, is that the logic? You lie that over one million Dinka died, is that the logic. Where is the evidence, the counting of dead Dinkas? You distorted that Nuer prophets (Ngundeng) said the Nuer shall resurrect, is that the logic? You are simply a disgraced liar!!!

        repondre message

        • 25 November 2014 05:01, by Mi diit

          If there are members of a single community known for bad mouthing and lack of logic is the Dinka community. You are known for being shameless liars, pretenders, greedy, corrupt, non-nationalists, unpatriotic, selfish and cowards who always seek outside alliances in order to face the Nuer. Your physical appearance tells it all when you walk with stinky mouths wide open.

          repondre message

          • 25 November 2014 05:04, by Mi diit

            Even here in the US you can simply recognize the physical appearance of a Dinka man when he walks in the street with his mouth open and his tongue sticking out. You always like to provoke wars, but then run to others to help fight it for you. You never fought any war in the past and presence, but lie loud that you fought while you were in refugee camps. It was other tribes that were fighting...

            repondre message

            • 25 November 2014 13:53, by Rommel

              Mi diit:

              We didn’t fight the war on our own, but we were the clear majority and we bore the brunt of the war. We contributed the most battalions, divisions and martyrs. Our brothers in arms were the people of the Nuba mountains and Blue Nile, while your ’brothers’ [masters] in arms were the SAF, PDF and the Misseriya and Rizeigat Arab tribes of the Murahaleen.

              repondre message

              • 25 November 2014 13:55, by Rommel

                The initial problems between Garang and Kawac arose because of fears of the large numbers of Malwal who joined the SPLA campaigns in Ethiopia. In modern times it is claimed that 80 percent of the ethnic composition of the SPLA is Dinka. Of this percentage, however, 45 percent comprises of Malwal recruits alone. (Sudan’s Blood Memory: The Legacy Of War Ethnicity And Slavery In Early South Sudan)

                repondre message

                • 25 November 2014 13:57, by Rommel

                  By 1991 almost one-half of the SPLA forces were non-Dinka, although most of the higher-ranking officers remained Dinka. (Global security) Source: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/para/spla-1.htm

                  repondre message

                  • 25 November 2014 13:58, by Rommel

                    Over the eighteen years of the war, half of the two million estimated deaths are thought to be Dinka, bringing their current population to approximately three million out of Sudan’s total estimated population of twenty-six million. (Encylopedia) Source: http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Dinka.aspx

                    repondre message

                    • 25 November 2014 14:01, by Rommel

                      We lost a 100, 000 people in an artificial famine created by Khartoum in 1998 alone. Do you want evidence? I’ll gladly provide you with evidence. I hope the provision of a source will dispel any mean-spirited notion that I’m just making it all up — and so here’s the source: http://www.globalpolitics.net/essays/Tom_Rhodes.pdf

                      repondre message

                      • 25 November 2014 14:03, by Rommel

                        You see this is what happens when you speak the truth — there will always be evidence upon evidence to back you up. Isn’t it grand? Your post appeals to emotion, bias, ethnocentrism and the distrust of established facts. Your ’arguments’ are already dead, you just don’t know it, yet.

                        repondre message

                        • 25 November 2014 14:05, by Rommel

                          I wasn’t referring to Ngundeng. I was referring to Wutnyang Gatkek. Have you already forgotten all the lies that Wutnyang Gatkek told the impressionable Nuer youth? He told them that they would rise from the dead in their luaks after being killed fighting in Dinka land.

                          repondre message

                          • 25 November 2014 14:10, by Rommel

                            Do you really want to speak of greed, treachery, cowardice and deceit? Have you forgotten that the Nuer vociferously denied that they had in fact received military support from Khartoum? Do you recall the decades in which you defended oilfields on behalf of the Arab oligarchy... like the unpatriotic dogs that you are!?

                            repondre message

                            • 25 November 2014 14:11, by Rommel

                              Do you recall how you were so desperately reliant upon their weapons, ammunition, supplies, logistical support and food relief? Do you recall the military engagements that you executed in tandem with Khartoum against us like craven cowards!?

                              repondre message

                              • 25 November 2014 14:13, by Rommel

                                Do you recall how your generals became part of the SAF and acquired great wealth as a consequence? Do you recall the fact that Nuer areas were being provided with food relief by Khartoum while over 100, 000 Dinkas died in an artificial famine caused by your Arab masters in 1999? Was that not selfish!?

                                repondre message

                                • 25 November 2014 14:14, by Rommel

                                  Do you recall the fact that you encroached upon the lands of the Burun in 1983 [when the war began] and took an entire county out of greed? Are you really ignorant of the fact that the Mor Lou continue to encroach upon the lands of the Anuak?

                                  repondre message

                                  • 25 November 2014 14:17, by Rommel

                                    The people who have stolen the lands of the Anuak and Burun are the same people that pretend to be rightious by condemning a small group of Dinkas for stealing pots of land in Equatoria, when entire Nuer sub-sections take entire payams and counties from smaller tribes! You are the most greedy, ignorant, superstitious, treacherous and hypocritical people in all of Africa.

                                    repondre message

                                    • 25 November 2014 14:19, by Rommel

                                      There’s not a single tribe in all of Sudan [North & South] that doesn’t know that you formed desperate and shameful military alliances with the various regimes in Khartoum, with a clear emphasis on forming alliances with the SAF, PDF and the Misseriya and the Rizeigat Arab tribes. You’re the cowards. You ran to them for help, but you still failed.

                                      repondre message

                                      • 25 November 2014 14:21, by Rommel

                                        You incessantly complain about three [3] to four [4] Ugandan soldiers when we had to fight a 100, 000 SAF troops and tens of thousands of PDF militiamen and Murahaleen. You defended oilfields at the behest of your Arab masters because it was better than dying like the Dinka that opposed them.

                                        repondre message

                                        • 25 November 2014 14:22, by Rommel

                                          Throughout the fighting, not one war casualty was admitted to the Nasir hospital. Riek’s troops sat idle as Khartoum pushed back the Dinka. The results of Riek’’s sell-out to Khartoum could not have been more glaring. The Dinka suffered mightily. (Me Against My Brother: At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda, Scott Peterson)

                                          repondre message

                                          • 25 November 2014 14:24, by Rommel

                                            I find your little attempt at portraying the Dinka as uncivilized people that walk with their mouths open to be truly hilarious in light of what every tribe knows about you. You are the most primitive people in South Sudan. Reasoning and logic is entirely alien to you as a people.

                                            repondre message

                                            • 25 November 2014 14:26, by Rommel

                                              This is what Peter Adwok said in an interview in 2003: For a Shilluk, a Nuer is anybody who is chaotic and an outlaw. There is a Shilluk saying: Yi ba onwar, which means ’Are you a Nuer?’, when someone is not behaving well. An unruly child is also referred to as ’Nuer’, cie nwar to bie tuokto. ’...

                                              repondre message

                                              • 25 November 2014 14:48, by Rommel

                                                There is a famous decree by a Shilluk king: ’There are two living animals that should not go to Puchudho [the royal centre] - a live chicken and a Nuer girl.’

                                                repondre message

                                                • 25 November 2014 16:54, by Rommel

                                                  ’Governments like Nuer chaos because they can be easily manipulated. The Nuer are like bubbles. You can blow them easily. They are changing sides like nobody’s business.’

                                                  repondre message

      • 25 November 2014 04:54, by Peacocktail

        Well argument Romel and Kim Deng,, if Nuer could allow free discussion out of violence, they shall secure right brain and acknowledge importance of human being. currently Nuer community had development non sympathy to count and value their death community members= ’’ram me cie duoth’’ not comforting their relatives and this stick the violence on revenge because of misinformation. Go a head Romel

        repondre message

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