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South Sudan’s former detainees call for interim leadership


April 10, 2014 (JUBA) – Seven former detainees from South Sudan’s governing Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) are advocating for the formation of an interim administration to be headed by an independent leader to review the constitution and organise future elections.

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Former South Sudanese detainees hold a press conference in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on 13 February 2014 (Photo: IGAD)

“Our people need peace and development. They do not need war because they know the consequences of it. They have gone though this fighting for a very long time. We don’t think we should take them back to the same misery and the same suffering. There must be a new political dispensation that will be able to reconcile our people and chart the future,” former cabinet affairs, Deng Alor Kuol, who leads group of the seven members said on Thursday.

Kuol says the interim government should review the constitution and investigate human rights violation since December 2013, pointing out that he is saddened by the split within the leadership of the former rebel movement turned ruling party under President Salva Kiir.

“This crisis we are facing originated within the SPLM leadership. It came out from the political bureau over issues of reforms, transparency and democracy. We wanted reforms. We wanted democratic changes within the SPLM leadership but Salva Kiir and a group of other members did not like that and they instigated the violence. They created this unfortunate situation,” he added.

The former South Sudanese foreign minister said none of the parties involved in the conflict would win the war and impose their solutions. It is very difficult for any party to win this war and impose a solution I don’t think the parties that are fighting can sustain this war.

John Luk Jok, South Sudan’s former justice minister, who speaks for the group said the interim administration should be headed by an independent leader who would contest for public office in any future elections.

“The interim arrangements should be carried out by an independent leader, someone who would not have any interest in these arrangements,” Jok told Sudan Tribune in a separate interview.


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  • 11 April 2014 06:25, by Jubawe

    sample and easy, everyone agree on interim government accept Dinka Government don’t agree, the Government is not about tribalism or spent 21 years in war only Dinka or nuer, people need good leadership, fair and right of voice, not only one person taking decision by himself, sacking school teachers, governors and Church leaders, South Sudan need new constitution allow all parties right not only SP

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    • 11 April 2014 06:52, by Chol A.

      Fool Jubawe, cry for interim but it will not work, can you asked yourself what let your Nuer tribe form militia? We tied of your behaviours and you have face it hot now.

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      • 11 April 2014 07:06, by Mi diit

        Deng Alor and John Luk are wasting their time thinking the dictator will voluntarily step down. Bashir did not do it. Kiir will not do it. The only way is to kick him out by August this year. Otherwise dream of the g-7 to steal the leadership on a golden plate and impose another dictatorship will not be acceptable. Join the rebellion and kick out Kiir and his mentor Museveni during the rainy seaso

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        • 11 April 2014 07:31, by Mi diit

          The problem is that those so-called third bloc, g-7 or former detainees or whatever their name is are individuals who got used to living in luxury capitals and hotels even during the 21 years of war against Khartoum. They are cowards who will not take up arms against the rogue regime in Juba. They want to stay safe and hope to pick the falling fruits from a tree shaken by others. Shame!

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          • 11 April 2014 12:13, by Rommel

            Mi diit:
            Why don’t you be *honest* for once? Tell us why you’re really miffed? Actually, more than just miffed, you’re quite incensed that the decision of the SPLM 7 to form their own block so saliently reaffirmed that Riek didn’t have their support, and this was true even before political tensions exploded into armed conflict.

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            • 11 April 2014 12:29, by Rommel

              The decision of the SPLM 7 reinforces the fact that there were perhaps as many as four [4] different factions in the SPLM politburo — with Salva, Pagan, Nydandeng and Riek having their own factions. I suspect that Pagan had the largest faction in the politburo, and he really did seem confident that he could become the Chairman of the SPLM, which would have guaranteed him the Presidency.

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              • 11 April 2014 12:40, by Rommel

                Riek wanted the SPLM 7 to join his delegation in Addis Ababa so that he could engage in political grandstanding; so that he could create the impression that the SPLM’s most senior leaders had designated and recognised him as their legitimate leader — that he was the legitimate leader of the SPLM, when this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is really why you’re angry, isn’t it?

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                • 11 April 2014 12:41, by Rommel

                  Riek’s use of words like democracy, human rights and equality is insincere and altogether meaningless, when his past statements -and more importantly- his actions, are put under the microscope.

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                  • 11 April 2014 12:45, by Rommel

                    Riek failed completely as a man that so strenuously promulgated his *pretended* belief in democratic ideals and institutional reforms. He merely gave lip service to these terms for *gasp* political gain. Riek did not introduce greater transparency and accountability in his own movement — he didn’t create any democratic institutions.

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                    • 11 April 2014 12:46, by Rommel

                      Riek’s colleagues in what was the Nasir faction condemned him for concentrating power in his own hands — authoritarianism. Among these detractors was Joseph Oduho, a widely respected political mental giant. Arok Thon Arok also voiced the same opinions. In fact, prior to Joseph Oduho‘s death, the respected elder lambasted Nasir faction for being authoritarian.

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                      • 11 April 2014 12:53, by Rommel

                        Whatever the cosmetic or purely theoretical aspects of SPLM/A administration, it can be contrasted with SPLA-United/SSIM, where there were no similar civil administrative structures and where much of what was announced in the form of internal organisation existed on paper only. (The Root Causes of Sudan’s Civil Wars: Peace Or Truce, Douglas H. Johnson

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                        • 11 April 2014 12:55, by Rommel

                          Human rights:
                          Riek has committed egregious human rights abuses on a wide scale. The man is a mass murderer, responsible for the deaths of close to 30, 000 civilians. The fact that Riek can speak of human rights after having murdered so many people must mean that he is a sociopath, or mentally disturbed at the very least.

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                          • 11 April 2014 12:58, by Rommel

                            Equality [no tribalism]:
                            This is what Riek said to a journalist-historian in the wake of the 1991 split:
                            He discounted tribalism as “from a different age”, though boasted that he has “not seen a Nuer who doesn’t support me.” In the same breath, he added, “if there is a tribal element, the Nuer would destroy all the Dinka.” (Me Against My Brother: At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda, Scott Pete

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                            • 11 April 2014 13:01, by Rommel

                              "The atrocities committed are things [the Dinka] asked for”, he said. He claimed he had dictated what happened: “Fighting at Bor did not get out of control. I was in total control of how far the troops went. “(Me Against My Brother: At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda, Scott Peterson)

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                              • 11 April 2014 13:11, by Rommel

                                Is this the man that claims that he can unite the people of South Sudan!? How!? He is a deceptive, mass murdering chauvinist. He has no genuine regard for democracy or equality. He has killed tens of thousands of civilians. He is tainted. His ’leadership’ would necessarily mean that the lives of the tens of thousands of people that he has murdered are without value.

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                                • 11 April 2014 13:55, by Rommel

                                  You oppose the formation of an interim government because you believe that this would get in the way of Riek’s apparently prophesied ascension to the Presidency. You seem to want to hold the country hostage to Riek’s narcissistic, megalomaniacal ideations. Ngundeng’s ’prophesies’ seem to have precedence over National interests. An interim government excluding both Salva and Riek would be best

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        • 11 April 2014 13:06, by mathem jech amer

          Mi diit
          You said Kiir will be out in May 16, now you extent it to August may a year later or so.

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    • 11 April 2014 12:02, by Die (Truth) or Live (Lie)

      All of the seven corrupt fools must remain in exile until the die and Stupid Deng Alor with his selfish interest ignored the Abyei Issue which is still unsolved. they are in the list of 75 corrupt officials and face the court. This Country doesn’t belong them alone, there are other Liberators denied chances by them. Go to hell with your traitor Riek amokchar. The Nuer Stupidity is finally unleashe

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  • 11 April 2014 06:38, by dinkdong

    That is a dream that is not going to happen unless Kiir and his supporters are defeated, and they should, for the peace to prevail.

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  • 11 April 2014 07:00, by Emporio

    No one can be trusted for south sudan leadership the former detainee are looters reik machar his hand painted with blood of innocent the only clean guy is the cowboy and is the only choice for south to lead interim gov

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    • 11 April 2014 09:57, by dinkdong

      You are wrong. They are both corrupted and killers. No "cowboy," no Riek.

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  • 11 April 2014 07:40, by tootke’bai-ngo


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  • 11 April 2014 07:45, by Snipper

    Where is the looted money before you talk about the interim government? People like Deng Alor should keep their mouths shut because they have disabled South Sudan

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  • 11 April 2014 07:58, by Jubawe

    Chol Ahmed
    Soon Kirr will be kick out or resign what are going to do then run out from Juba to Uganda camp or Live in Khartoum under unfinished building, You Kirr has lost vision and Direction, he is a failed leader, no one wants him anymore, don’t bother yourself because Kirr is Dinka and I will stand with him, I u said no one feel the hot accept Dinka worry to immigrate to Uganda and beg Moseven

    repondre message

  • 11 April 2014 08:05, by Jubawe

    Chol Ahmed
    Why would Equatorian feel the hot, did we start this war? You are the one feeling the hot, worrying if Kirr kick out there will be no room for you in Juba, we will organize camp for you in Eastern Equatoria which you get use to depends on UN shelter. We you talk think about the consequence, you start the war and you Juba to stand behind you so that u hide in Juba, useless Kirr supporter

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  • 11 April 2014 08:18, by Marial Marial

    Precisely that is what the people of South Sudan need.It is good that you listened to what we want, but you will not be part either.USA, UK, France,Norway and any friend of the people of South Sudan please take it from here and do the needful.Both Kiir, Riak and the g-7 are greedy wolves.

    repondre message

  • 11 April 2014 08:50, by Marial Marial

    Jubawe or whatever you call yourself,
    Do not pretend to be an Equitorian. Equitorians do not write in a very poor grammar like that.Be yourself brother.Why do you want to involve Equatorians in your senseless war? Your language is ever divisive, go to hell with your rebellion!

    repondre message

  • 11 April 2014 09:47, by Jubawe

    Marial Marial
    I know is been pain when people talk about your failed leader, Equatorian always Be Equatorian, the problem with you Kirr tribalism supporter, if Been kick out, there’s no room for you in Juba which is going to happen and Kirr will not be there for long because no one with him accept Dinka blend supporters, we not against Dinka but fail leader, we are preparing camp for you in torit

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  • 11 April 2014 10:24, by Marial Marial

    Let’s talk about a credible government led by people with good reputation but not Dinka Vs Nuer. Are these the only tribes in South Sudan? A BIG NO is the answer.It is said that "a known devil" is better than an unknown one! How on earth can traitor turn into an angel! By all standards all the two do not qualify to even contest any elections,period.

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  • 11 April 2014 11:30, by Majongdulthii Anyang-majongduldit

    If people are not mad and crazy there is no where in the world where the elected government is ask to step down by force, let the seven detainees forget what they call ’’ INTERIM" government that power greedy is what made God to sent Lucifer down

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    • 11 April 2014 12:43, by Jubawe

      Majongdulthii Anyang-majongduldit
      No wonder South Sudan still behind And tribalism zone of war with people like you. Ukraine former president was not elected president, the problem with you are blend surporter, cattle raider got no idea how to lead the nation, president is not same with chief or tribe leader, your Kirr though president is like tribe leader but he forget that it’s more than he thou

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  • 11 April 2014 16:41, by Kim Deng

    The so caclled "7-Group" has only two options, either to join the Dinka Kingdom, or Dr. Riek’s group. The neutrality is not needed in this dirty war.

    repondre message

  • 13 April 2014 04:37, by Uncle J

    Since when did Nuer tribe ever become a hero over a Dinka tribe? that is just impossible, Riek knows the reality and whatever he is doing now mobilizing the most illiterate tribe in S. Sudan to take up arms and fight for his presidency dream hoping for short-cut is a waste of life. There’s no country in this world where civilians go to war with national army of the
    country. Anyway good luck!!!

    repondre message

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