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Russian company optimistic over prospective oil and gas reserves in Sudan


January 1, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – A Russian petroleum firm announced that their studies confirm the existence of large reserves of oil and gas in central Sudan and other parts of the country.

The revelation was made during a meeting between the Sudanese oil minister Makkawi Mohamed Awad and a delegation from Siberia Petroleum Corporation led by its CEO Vladimir Dukov.

Dukov affirmed his company’s desire to invest in the exploration of oil and gas starting with several blocs and using a new Russian technology which reduces the time and cost for extracting the crude.

He mentioned that a group of Russian scientists conducted a comprehensive study on Sudan which showed significant oil and gas reserves.

The Russian CEO presented a proposal for building a factory in Sudan that would manufacture exploration equipment and would be the only one of its kind in Africa.

Awad on his end expressed readiness to provide any help or assistance to achieve a useful partnership between Sudan and Russia.

Last October, former oil minister Awad Ahmed al-Jazz flew to Moscow to lure Russia into investing in Sudan’s energy sector which is currently dominated by China, India and Malaysia.

Sudan is seeking to boost its oil production which was severely curtailed after the secession of the oil-rich south in July 2011.

The partition threw Sudan into a financial crisis which forced it to adopt unpopular austerity measures that sparked protests across the country in mid-2012 and September 2013.


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  • 2 January 2014 09:56, by Jalaby

    What a great news!
    Russian will really make it real if these words translated into an action!

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  • 2 January 2014 10:26, by Konan

    During this American era, Sudan needs a real investor, ally and Godfather to protect itself from the Zionist thugs, who controlled US Administration and Congress. The Chinese are so selfish and repeatedly failed to defend Sudan against US when their protection was badly needed. They backed Syria in the Security Council with Veto when it was actually not required. Russian are welcomed in Sudan.

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  • 2 January 2014 10:59, by Northern Sudanese

    should I give you my personal opinion? we should ally ourselves with USA. its a fact that all the good and developed countries in the world including the middle east are allies of the US. if the US just removes the sanctions and our name from state sponsoring terrorism you will see how the national economy opens up and booms with foreign investments.

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    • 2 January 2014 11:20, by Mohammed Ali 2

      We should ally ourselves with"ourself" In other words we should depend upon ourselves.There is still too much mismanagement, too much corruption, lack of creative ideas and lack of vision.We have very huge potential which were not explored.Ok we have to invest in agriculture, but industry is much more important and more profitable. We have to invest further in education,trining & bulding up skills

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      • 2 January 2014 11:28, by Mohammed Ali 2

        Sound economy will bring both security & investors.Once you are economicaly stable nobody will join the rebels or die for obscure causes which benefit only the so called leaders and the enemies of the country.We have to revise our economic programes and excute them on scientific basis not on populist basis.For example lifting the oil subsides should have happened 10 years ago....con

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        • 2 January 2014 11:37, by Mohammed Ali 2

          We should not until the economy is at the edge of crises and implement it.At that time pple were reasonably comfortable and could have tolerated the price hike.Moreover we could have saved and invested $ 10! Blaming sanctions only is escaping from facing the realities.There are so many things which we could have done without any need for help from others.

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          • 2 January 2014 12:22, by Northern Sudanese

            where and when did someone say sanctions are the only problem? sanctions are a huge problem but not the only. they decreased foreign investments, many banks refuse to often even deal with the country specially western banks. lets face it, Sudan is not yet in a position where we can depend on ourselves. we are still a 3rd world country and are in dire need of support. lets get rid of those walls

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            • 2 January 2014 12:26, by Northern Sudanese

              the walls namely sanctions , economic pressure , instability etc. Sudan is still a country known as a war torn country. we may focus on industry in the future, in my opinion we should develop agriculture which is more profitable 10’s of times than even the oil in 2010. the main example is our northern neighbour egypt. with nothing but just the nile and 9 million fedans look how much it generated

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      • 2 January 2014 12:14, by Northern Sudanese

        look mohammed
        your quotes are very inspirational but how can they be achieved when we are economically cut from the rest of the world? Sudan has very little revenue so we are in need of foreign finance which means investments. how can we get investments when US sanctions are killing the external policies? Sudan is supposed to be a world food basket so in sudan agriculture is more profitable

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        • 2 January 2014 12:18, by Northern Sudanese

          ’’There is still too much mismanagement, too much corruption, lack of creative ideas and lack of vision’’ you are speaking as if sudanese are idiots and don’t understand anything. first of all chill and think about it, everything is available. the ideas, creative thinking the only thing we lack is the finance and stability whether politically or economically.

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          • 2 January 2014 18:25, by Mohammed Ali 2

            N.Sudan, that is too much! I have never said or hinted that Sudanese are idiots or don’t understand.That is unfair!I see the mismangement with my eyes everyday and feel it!The lack of ideas is at the policy makers level who don’t want to change themselves for a quarter of a century!The example of the oil subsides and now governer of Khartoum wants to impose a toll for crossing bridges are typical.

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            • 2 January 2014 18:36, by Mohammed Ali 2

              Con: In principle the idea was right, but why not 10 years ago, why now ?Everything is skyrocketing.You can’t put all this pressure at the same time, particulary when pple are in real hardship! Agriculture is very important and essential, at least to feed ourselves.But, by no means is more profitable than industry! Give simple example: Arabic gum, we exported it mainly un processed for peanuts,..

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              • 2 January 2014 18:46, by Mohammed Ali 2

                CON:While processed Arabic gum is sold at 40 times higher.Same thing sessame we export it raw, simply go and try to buy it in any supermarket in UK. They sell it in parfume-like bottles with the price of 4 litre gallon of Sunflower oil.Japan, Germany,UK, scandenavians and most of the Europeans are not agriculture=exporting dependant countries.Neither is China !

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                • 2 January 2014 19:36, by Northern Sudanese

                  but you also have a point that industry is also important for agriculture. if the products aren’t processed internally then the export of it would be very cheap therefor we are in need of many factories.

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              • 2 January 2014 19:25, by Northern Sudanese

                you do have a point. fuel subsidies should have been removed years ago however, what was the situation of Sudan at that time? it was a full blown war. when I speak about agriculture I am not speaking about just self sufficiency but export to generate income. if Sudan managed to make full use of the landscape and develop it to at least Egypt’s level that could generate about $200 billion

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                • 2 January 2014 19:29, by Northern Sudanese

                  $200 billion a year as the country has 200 million acres of arable land read this report of sudan’s agricultural potential http://www.sudanforum.net/showthread.php?p=2548210
                  I don’t look a lot at Gum Arabic, I don’t see it generate a lot of money on the first place even if it was fully well managed. I understand that industry could be more profitable but this is in ’’developed’’ countries

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                  • 2 January 2014 19:34, by Northern Sudanese

                    Sudan’s current infrastructure is too bad to be able to cope with industry at the moment in fact I don’t see us focusing on industry only after 20 years... but agriculture need to be developed because its our main potential at the moment. if we for e.g. produced cotton at the same rate as of 1970, that would generate more than oil of both sudans combined in 2010.

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            • 2 January 2014 19:20, by Northern Sudanese

              I never said that you called sudanese idiots, you are just speaking as if they are idiots. when you say lack of creative ideas or thinkings what do you mean? yes there are some mismanagement but they occur due to a reason and lack of finance plays a big role in that with the biggest e.g. the gezira scheme

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  • 2 January 2014 11:06, by Northern Sudanese

    In terms of foreign investments , according to the minister of Investments the foreign investments in Sudan were as follows:-
    $3.4 billion in 2010 (highest in 13 years)
    $1.6 billion in 2012
    $2 + billion in 2013
    $3 billion targeted for year 2014 specifically in agriculture
    if sanctions weren’t in place and there was stability nationwide then these figures would have tripled

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    • 2 January 2014 12:56, by Jalaby

      Northern Sudan,
      You mentioned a good point here "We should ally ourselves with US"
      We all know that America is superpower and can never be skipped and is sole dominant worldwide and in order for Sudan to have a good relationship with international financial organizations and attract western companies and investors then US is the key for that

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      • 2 January 2014 13:25, by Jalaby

        "but" as you know, Sudan provided huge concession to US starting from cooperating with CIA in disclosing all the information that related to Islamic extremist groups that unfortunately Sudan was harboring them, agreed to sign Nivasha agreement which gave the south Self-Determination and that practically means dividing the country, they did all that just based on

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        • 2 January 2014 13:30, by Jalaby

          "promising",yes just promising from US that if you did all that we will remove you from our list of countries that supports the terror and we will have normal relationship with you,former president Bush called Bashir and promised him if he signs Abuja agreement with Darfourian rebels then US will have normal relationship with Sudan, Sudan signed Abuja agreement but

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          • 2 January 2014 13:38, by Jalaby

            US didn’t meat what they promised,again America promised Sudan if Sudan allows the south referendum to take place and acknowledges its result then America will remove Sudan from the terror list and Mr. John Kerry,the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in US congress at that time,he confirmed it in Khartoum when he last time visited Khartoum just

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            • 2 January 2014 13:43, by Northern Sudanese

              The United states of America definitely hasn’t met its promises specially when it comes to terrorism which just doesn’t exist at all. I may understand the sanctions which technically depend on the stability of Sudan as you know every time a new conflict occurs. after separation nuba mountains conflict and blue nile. however states that sponsor terrorism is too exaggerated.

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              • 2 January 2014 13:48, by Northern Sudanese

                but what I personally believe is that USA just wants NCP gone. I don’t see any other reason other than that. USA has nothing to benefit from sanctioning Sudan and its definitely not in its economic interests either. historically before NCP came in 1989 US was a key ally to Sudan and specially nimeiry and at some point we were the biggest receivers of US military aid in sub saharan Africa.

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                • 2 January 2014 13:55, by Northern Sudanese

                  overall The US either wants Sudan to be fully stable in all corners at the same time or it wants NCP to be gone. its 1 of the two otherwise I don’t see another reason.

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                  • 2 January 2014 13:59, by Northern Sudanese

                    but there are still some positive things happening over this issue as US has started easing sanctions on certain fields such as for e.g. early 2013 US had eased sanctions on education to allow educational exchange and also some reports that it has also eased some sanctions on agriculture. but the overall sanctions are still not lifted

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            • 2 January 2014 13:47, by Jalaby

              before the referendum starts, president Obama even sent former Egyptian president accompanied with Libyan president Qaddafi to Khartoum to promise/warn Bashir at the same time about the consequences if that damn referendum doesn’t take place!
              Well,Sudan complied to all US demands and cut part of its body by separating the south,what really Sudan got from US in return?

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              • 2 January 2014 13:58, by Jalaby

                US wants NCP to go? I don’t think that what really US wants because the concessions that NCP offered to US never happened in Sudan history before even not during the elected democratically government in free and true election, NCP complied to US request and divided the country, what else really left bigger than that?!
                Yes, US had strong ties with Sudan during Nimery

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                • 2 January 2014 14:03, by Northern Sudanese

                  well if its not wanting NCP to be gone then it wants stability in all corners of Sudan. the biggest rebel groups in the continent are in our country.... its either 1 of the two but it is true that NCP has given US A LOT!
                  so if we had something like nimeiry under a democratic system then that would be great...

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                • 2 January 2014 14:09, by Jalaby

                  era specially when he turned his back to eastern group and communist countries and moved to the western alliance but that good relationship was trembled again when Nimery moved to some kind of Islamic aspect face!
                  Blue Nile/S Kordofan or Darfour conflict are just an excuse from US to continue the sanction because many countries have the same conflict but US closes its

                  repondre message

                  • 2 January 2014 14:16, by Jalaby

                    eyes on that because they are allying with US and under their influences!
                    Actually, Obama and his administration are very convinced that Sudan doesn’t support terrorism and should be removed from the list but the fact that Obama and his administration are weak enough to confront the US pressure lobby and Congress who are mainly controlled by Jewish lobby and they put

                    repondre message

                    • 2 January 2014 14:21, by Northern Sudanese

                      so, when it comes to Jews then that means we have to recognize Israel as well lol I always thought the jews had something to do with it... location is also a role...
                      but from US policies towards sudan is that it doesn’t want sharia or any of that type of stuff. when nimery was democratic they were his allies when he turned more islamic they moved away...

                      repondre message

                      • 2 January 2014 14:26, by Jalaby

                        Well, if they don’t want sharia in Sudan why then they keep their mouth shut while Saudi Arabia is implementing Sharia law? or it’s double standard measurement?
                        They don’t care about Sharia or democracy they only do care about their interest in reality!!

                        repondre message

                    • 2 January 2014 14:21, by Jalaby

                      Israel interest on top of US interest!
                      For Tel Aviv, it doesn’t matter who will win the US white house election, who ever will come will knee to Tel Aviv demands and will have very few space to maneuver and will say "Yes sir" at the end of the day my friend!!

                      repondre message

                      • 2 January 2014 14:26, by Northern Sudanese

                        may I ask you a question, what would the problem be If Sudan one day recognized the state of Israel like Abdulwahed once proposed, an Israeli embassy next to the Palestinian embassy because we want peace. overall a number of arab countries including Egypt recognize Israel and Sudan historically supported Egypt’s recognition of Israel

                        repondre message

                        • 2 January 2014 14:29, by Jalaby

                          Well, recognizing Israel, that’s really a good question my friend but I get to go now and hopefully I can answer this question next time. Have a good one. Thanks!

                          repondre message

                          • 2 January 2014 14:29, by Northern Sudanese

                            ok, bye. ma3a alsalama :D

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  • 2 January 2014 12:58, by Konan

    Our current administration system is devastating and strangling our economy, we have too much Governments, our federal Govt. alone consists of more than 60 ministers, we have 18 states and uncountable number of ministers, advisers, experts, legislators and huge number of public servants. President Bashir should take bold decision and reform the entire system.

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  • 2 January 2014 14:08, by Konan

    It’s not true, USA never change its policies towards Sudan,I agree it donated some money and helped during famine time. But SAF doesn’t have any American weapons within its arsenal. Bashir was so naive to believe USA promises. Ghadafi & Mubarak came with specific message; abolish Sharia and distance yourself from Islamists and USA shall make Southerner to vote for unity,

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    • 2 January 2014 14:19, by Konan

      left Sudan from US list for State sponsors terrorism and stop ICC from pursuing him, which Bashir categorically rejected. Bashir should know that US presidents do not make laws only the congress does, and should have asked Obama to make the Congress pass a law to left Sudan from such damn list before signing or implementing any agreement.

      repondre message

      • 2 January 2014 14:23, by Northern Sudanese

        you do have a big point here just like Jalaby mentioned above. its the congress and that congress is controlled by Jews and Jews are linked to Israel and Sudan doesn’t recognize Israel and Israel hates NCP and the line continues

        repondre message

    • 2 January 2014 14:31, by Northern Sudanese

      SAF doesn’t have any american weapons at all and this is thanks to the sanctions as well.

      repondre message

      • 2 January 2014 15:11, by Konan

        Even during Numiri regime USA refused to supply SAF with American weapons. leave it aside USA never built or constructed any major development project in Sudan maybe except Khartoum Madani road during General/Ibrahim Abood Govt. A prominent political figure who worked in USA said" They keep telling us Sudan is a threat to USA, and when we requested them to explain why they refused.

        repondre message

        • 2 January 2014 16:03, by Northern Sudanese

          yea some politicians such as the congress which is controlled by the jews think Sudan is a threat. but overall during the time of Nimery Sudan was the largest receiver of US military aid in sub saharan africa. totaling nearly $200 million , The US also discovered the oil but all those projects weren’t that effective. anyhow what needs to be done are the sanctions to be removed

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  • 2 January 2014 20:31, by Pif Paf

    We sudanese hv been vary naive in dealing with the US gov in the past as Jalaby pointed out. Sudan cant wait for the US to realise its potiential. We gave the US priority in our oil, gas, minning and agriculture but the US responded with sanctions. Let us turn to Russia and China, once we develop and become a country to recon with, the US will come runing by itself. Just look at Iran.

    repondre message

    • 2 January 2014 20:42, by Pif Paf

      I take the US reluctance to deal with Sudan as a positie thing. I think Sudan is sitting on some searios gas, oil, gold and uranium reserves among others which the US is aware of. Wheat production alone has the potiential to challenge the US. Whoever says we need the US is not mistaken but to wait for them to lift the sanctions is ridiculous. Russia is more than welcome in Sudan.

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  • 2 January 2014 22:10, by Pif Paf

    Let the US keep its Sanctions and Sudan will become a model of what nations can achieve without the US. No one will force us to recognize Israel nor will we forget their attacks on our soil. This Russia-Sudan-China partnership will take Sudan to the next level.

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  • 3 January 2014 05:29, by Darkangel

    Hi guys - Salaam
    Nice debate, its good to see a sensible and reasonable conversation for a change on this website. I wont be prejudice and mention that all of us are from Sudan. And they call us the intolerable hateful people !

    repondre message

    • 3 January 2014 05:33, by Darkangel

      In my opinion - The US cant & shouldnt be trusted. I agree they only have their interests in mind, but i believe in many of these conspiracy theories. So even though the american admin thinks that way, the ppl that really run the show have a crazy, apocalyptic, satanic, zionistic intentions and plans. We are in the middle of it. Sudan should not & MUST not develop.

      repondre message

      • 3 January 2014 05:36, by Darkangel

        From Indonesia to Iraq, the Gulf, Egypt to Morocco. All these muslim nations have been either bought or destroyed to submission - we are half way there. We have a choice the easy way or the hard way. China & russia are no angels themselves and are influenced also by the same forces that rule the western white world. But they arent completely run by them. So there is a chance to gain from them -

        repondre message

        • 3 January 2014 05:40, by Darkangel

          But dont rely on them. Sudan should spread its eggs and not all in one basket. All countries around us have been influenced by US plans and simply saying africa will protect or support us is naive. Israel will never let sudan reach a certain point of strength/power or influence. Our internal problems must be solved - but im not a believer in the democracy the west is pushing to nations. Its fake

          repondre message

          • 3 January 2014 05:44, by Darkangel

            Its just as fake as their ’human right - womans rights - animal rights’ propaganda. Their democracies are a facade where ppl think they actually have a choice. But it wouldnt matter who they vote for - policies are the same. The overall objective is to ferment a society that that us void of any morals - man made rules and religious values are backward - eventually to erase god (so they believe).

            repondre message

            • 3 January 2014 05:49, by Darkangel

              The Rule of Law - i.e mans (their) laws are above everything. If they fight you they are morally right - e.g Iraq Afghanistan Libya where millions have died is justified by their laws. But a rebellion funded & fueled by them - Sudan is a genocidal evil regime even though they have no evidence of the actual casualties. If what happened in South Sudan happened in Sudan - You wouldve heard ICC UNSC -

              repondre message

              • 3 January 2014 05:53, by Darkangel

                intervention - no fly zones etc. But Hilda Johnston, Human rights watch all are conveniently saying its political not tribal intentionally as not to play the race and hence the genocide card. Rebellion in countries like Libya, Syria & Sudan are ok and governments must submit - but in Egypt, Yemen, S Sudan - the rebels are the enemy - hmmm i wonder why ! Its hypocrisy and double standards are out -

                repondre message

                • 3 January 2014 05:58, by Darkangel

                  in the open with no shame. The world isnt black & white. Many dark forces are at play. Oil, resources, finance, military, faith & sovereignty are the battle fields. Many of our own brothers are sadly involved in this evil, in government & opposition. To understand this world we live in ive been watching this inspiring imam. I hope it interests u too - http://www.youtube.com/user/SheikhImranHosein

                  repondre message

                  • 3 January 2014 06:00, by Darkangel

                    He speaks about everything happening today from financial, monetary, religious sense. He talks about the wars that have been and the wars that are to come. ive been watching him for a 2 years now - so there are many videos and topics - enjoy!

                    repondre message

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