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The 488 million pounds evidence of corruption in the presidency


By Nyol Gaar Nguen

July 19, 2013 - To fight and slightly curb any rampant corruption anywhere in the world required due diligent, political shrewdness and meticulous aggressive policies. As such, an enforcing agent must as well be corruption free in order to ensure that thieves of all breeds face full force of the law accordingly. As oppose to, half-baked political perfectionism is in itself an advancement and endorsement of corruption.

South Sudan is no exception in this voyage but part of the whole. However, the reverse is true in my home country, South Sudan. Outright thieves and looting of public funds in a broad day light by the enforcer or man in charge always reigns.

For instance, H. E. President Kiir tells the people of South Sudan and the world in the day that his government do not condones and will not tolerates abject corruption while in the cove of the dark, he and his cronies perfected the reverse and therefore blame weak institutions in the country as a pretext to advance false consciousness. The truth is, strong institutions are made by a strong leader in charge, while the weak ones are feeble because the man in charge is weak and corrupted. This is naturally how it works and why South Sudan is corrupted and failing.

As usual, I am here to help provide my readers with fresh insight information regarding abject corruption and event of misappropriation of public funds eating South Sudan under the stewardship of President Kiir Mayardit. The commentary will provide evidence of corruption in the presidency and it will also share grounded perspectives on the unconstitutional removal of Unity State governor, Taban Deng on July 7th, 2013 through a presidential decree.

First and foremost, I would like to remind my new readers that this is not the first time I have written a commentary about rampant corruption in South Sudan. Indeed, I have done so and pertinent points below are evidences of corruption I have written an article about in the recent past:

1. The $ 3.million dollars (allegedly) caught red-handed from Mr. Stephen Madut Baak at the Heathrow International Airport in London in 2008, where Mr. Baak was unhesitant to mention that he was working for president as an adviser;

2. The $ 4 billion reported missing by none other than President Kiir himself in 2012 and the $ 600 million reported allegedly stolen by the former RSS minister of finance, Arthur Akuien Chol in 2008;

3. The $ 20 million stolen (allegedly) by Stephen Baak Wuol and $ 293 millions reported by Aaron Young stolen (allegedly) by none other than Salva Mathok Gengdit, the current deputy minister of interior in RSS;

4. And the $ 6 million dollars and South Sudan pounds reported stolen from the president’s office 2013;

The lamp sum of money unaccounted for in South Sudan and mentioned in my previous commentary is $ 4 billion and $ 922 million dollars. In the recent past however, you might recall, President Kiir has suspended two prominent South Sudanese federal government’s ministers on corruption charges, namely Deng Alor Kuol, minister of cabinet affairs and Kosti Manibe, minister of finance and economic planning. Both men were accused of signing off $ 8 million dollars contract to a private business associate without Mr. President’s knowledge and approval, which recent evidence of paper trials about the contract suggested something cynical and untrue. For example, prominent figure in the ruling party SPLM and paper trials seen by this writer and published by the South Sudan News Agency presented a gruesome departure and hopeless twist of reality.

On July 7th, 2013 for instance, Mr. Pagan Amum accused the president of leaving the “real culprits” untouched. Mr. Amum blamed and criticised Mr. President for the suspension of the two ministers and he also asserted that such act was politically motivated.

Mr. Amum further explained that the accused Federal ministers were not in any way signatories of the alleged contract which the evidence seen by this author partially contradicts. As such, there is no rebuttal from the president’s circle, and therefore such deafening silence speaks to something more cynical which people of South Sudan ought to know.

Besides, the newest corruption scheme in the presidency I would like to bring into my readers’ attention is the $ 488 million pounds demanded by President Kiir himself on September 5th, 2011. President Kiir ordered $488 pounds to be awarded to ABMC Company without the Council of Ministers’ approval. In a nutshell, ABMC Company is a private construction enterprise owned by Benjamin Bol Mel and Mr. President is allegedly a close business associate of the company.

Well-placed sources in the presidency and ministry of Road and Bridges revealed that President Kiir personally ordered Minister of Roads and Bridges, Gier Chuang Aluong to release $ 488 million South Sudanese Pounds (244 million dollars) to ABMC Company with immediate effect in 2011.

The ABMC Company in this scam was supposed to construct 69 kilometres road under such dubious contract but there is so far little evident proving work done. Because of this suspicious act from the high office of the land, people of South Sudan would like to know why Mr. President ordered the payment of $ 488 million South Sudanese pounds to his business partner without following a proper channel and why he got away with it?

Indeed, this is one of many and one of the slightest chucks of rampant corruptions crippling South Sudan under Kiir’s leadership. Conversely, this is the second times where the presidency has been implicated into a corruption scheme in Kiir’s tenure. The first evident of such sheer corruption was when $ 6 million was reported stolen in the president’s office.

To give my readers a slightest glimpse of how much money South Sudan has spent on none existing roads construction from 2006 to 2012, the new country has spent $1.7 billion dollars on roads and yet only 75 kilometres road has been constructed and paved.

In comparison, the USAID funded 192 kilometers road construction in South Sudan and it was built and paved for $ 229 million dollars only. As evidence suggested, the disparity gap in this regard is real and undeniable, but the gruff manner ensued by the person in charge in our country is categorically appalling. For instance, on April 12th, 2013, President Kiir fired South Sudan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation, Dr. Elias Wako Nyamellel for acknowledging that South Sudan is corrupted and “rotten to the core.” This is not acceptable move because such act by the president endorsees mode of corruption.

Hence, because no one in the government has talked about the alleged $ 488 million pounds awarded to ABMC Company by the president, it showcased that our country is being held hostage by the person in charge and so therefore our country will not move forward. Thus, I questioned our collective allegiance to the nation of which our people have collectively bled and died for. As we helplessly standby, watch and allowed few crooks to milk our country to its death bed is not going to do us good but detrimental and it is our collective inability.

Similarly, it portrayed that we are too afraid, too ill informed and too irrational to the core. So much so, our parliament in Juba is also a rubber stamp. The Members of parliament (MP) are too incompetence in discharging their rightful duties to further our nation meaningful progress but in reverse, they became Mr. President’s punching bags and puppets.

Out of their inabilities and fears, they allowed President Kiir to be the supreme law of the land. No more, no less. As a result, he unlawfully fire public servants, elected governors and allegedly awarded contracts to his business associates as he pleases and at ease. Unfortunately, these are the gruesome realities of a one man rule.

This brings me to the unconstitutional removal of Unity State governor, Taban Deng Gai. On July 7th, 2013, H. E. President Kiir Mayardit issued a presidential decree relieving an elected governor of Unity State. Because President Kiir is above the law and does what he pleases, he did not consult with anyone in Unity State, including his Vice President, Dr. Riek. Subsequently, this has generated a lot of political rhetoric at the SPLM’s top leadership.

Similarly, people of Unity State including its parliament questioned Mr. Taban Deng removal from the governorship. They therefore classified such act as unjustified and also a clear violation of South Sudan Transitional Constitution of which Mr. President has quoted wrongly in this process. Under no circumstance, it is clear that Mr. Deng’s removal from governorship is politically motivated. As usual, President Kiir was ill-advice, ill-informed and as a result he acted emotionally.

For one, Unity State is one of the peaceful States in South Sudan. Since 2011, there has never been major internal unrest in the State which might have led to Mr. Deng’s removal. Among the South Sudan States for example, Jonglei is one of the worse provinces regarding internal unrest. Thousands of people died in Jonglei almost daily due to cattle rustling and ethnic conflicts. Unfortunately, Mr. President did not remove its governor, Kuol Manyang Juuk because Mr. Kuol is considered by the president as a staunch ally and supporter tribally.

Second, the people of Unity State time and time again have in the past calls on President Kiir to remove Governor Taban Deng from Governorship before Sudan’s 2010 elections, but all complains fall into the deaf ear. To be precise, one President Kiir’s close associate is on records telling the world that Governor Deng will not be removed from governorship so long Kiir is still in power. This is ugly it has got to in the president’s circle, when the people of Unity State complained bitterly about Mr. Deng’s misrule in the past.

Following 2010 elections however, the people of Unity State swallowed this bitter pill when Governor Taban Deng was declared a winner. In unison, the people of Unity State threw their unwavering supports to their governor without any reservation because justice has prevailed and democracy has spoken, even though there were reported of riggings across South Sudan.

Now, it is irrational that President Kiir has violated this covenant at ease and still believes that the people of South Sudan and those of Unity State can still observe and respect his corrupted and distorted leadership. Unfortunately, I would say this is not how it works Mr. President.

In conclusion, I must assert that President Kiir has committed a serious political blunder which might cause him his presidency in the coming years, if and only if he continued to resists good intended counsels.

The truth is however, it’s still not too late for the president to reconsider his actions. First and foremost, he should immediately allow democratic process to take its course by reversing his decision on Mr. Deng’s removal from the governorship. Second, he must allow an open investigation on $ 488 million South Sudanese Pounds alleged he authorized to his business associate, ABMC Company.

Nguen is a South Sudanese living in Canada. He can be reached at nyolgaar@yahoo.com.

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  • 20 July 2013 00:14, by Sundayw

    What a load of rubbish spewing from the rear end of a skunk. There is nothing in this author’s article that is substantiated or even supported by an iota of evidence. For us to have a great country, we must first learn to control falsehood. If the author bothered to present some facts, it would have moved South Sudan forward. But that is not the case.

    repondre message

    • 20 July 2013 07:33, by Mi diit

      Nyol Gaar Nguen,
      You are very right brother. Many people say ABMC is the most corrupt company in South Sudan. And it is owned by Salva Kiir himself where he uses his nephew Bol Mel to run it. They corrupted the road project to Bilpam. They built only 6kms and got paid for 100kms. What a corrupt president!!!

      repondre message

      • 20 July 2013 08:32, by Sundayw

        6 Km is better than 0. But that is not the point. We are all for development in South Sudan. Unfortunately, your RIEK the weasel is not the candidate to accomplish it. RIEK will change his mind even when planning to buy his wife a present. That is not the leader we want. We are better off with JIM.

        repondre message

      • 20 July 2013 23:02, by LL Reuben

        James Nguen Nyol (Gaar),
        Nice dice-rolling strategy here. For everyone’s discretion please get used to these preposterous articles as the projected election date of 2015 approaches. Don’t ask for substantiated facts you won’t have luck finding any; take them as what they’re, - demonizing politics. The author (Nguen) is a self-appointed Riek Machar’s 2015 presidential bid campaign dispatcher...

        repondre message

        • 20 July 2013 23:19, by LL Reuben

          who’s in desperation mode as he scrambles looking for scandals he deem might jeopardize Kiir chances and illuminate Riek indirectly to be the viable option for Southerners in 2015. There are true aspects to the scandal he’s bluffing about here but to single out Salva and apportion blames on him is ridiculous; and that’s why it’s obvious that "Gaar"’s motive is to grotesque the President...

          repondre message

          • 20 July 2013 23:39, by LL Reuben

            What Nguen and his cohorts are ignoring or aren’t willing to discuss is the record of their man, Riek Machar. You see election are not won because the opponent just only has terrible record thus anyone can easily swim to victory against them without hurdles. I think Riek supporters are afraid to showcase their man. How will they react when the can of worms (Riek) is opened for the world to see?...

            repondre message

            • 20 July 2013 23:53, by LL Reuben

              I’ll be back to add more should anything tempers with what I alleged here; regarding the author and the information in his article. God bless the Republic of South Sudan, the Republic of the Patriots, the Republic of fearless men and women across our ten states.

              repondre message

              • 21 July 2013 13:23, by Aweil the Role Model State 4peace

                Cont. For God sake, how could you support such a childish and premature article from that desparate and uncivilize opportunist, in fact i will not blame you coz it is aready stated in the proverbs that birds of the same feathers flocks together.
                Suppose i would have not get surprised by your blindly support on this clear abomination or defamation from your uncle or whoever he might be to you.

                repondre message

      • 21 July 2013 12:56, by Aweil the Role Model State 4peace

        Mi diit,
        Dr. Traitor Riek was right to confess that he is unlucky to be born among the people who ’re lacking psychoanalysis bt a Society of (WAN ATHIN) forward ever w/out reversing or analyzing the outcome of where you going to, and that is definitely why Dr. Riek got trapped @your hands with no cure 4it up to date. Anyway I thought that you ’re an intellectual all time bt i was totally wrong!

        repondre message

    • 20 July 2013 12:45, by 2nd Republic

      Interesting piece but definitely let down by unsubstantiated statements and a lack of citation. The author must take care to stick to provable facts (unless a direct source will be compromised) and clearly point out where a statement is his own belief and opinion. To do otherwise will open you up to quick dismissal and undermine the effectiveness of your scrutiny.

      repondre message

    • 23 July 2013 11:05, by Big Boy

      you are big liar’ as u said Unity State is one of the peaceful States in South Sudan. Since 2011, there has never been major internal unrest in the State which might have led Deng’s Removal, Jonglei is one of the worse provinces regarding internal unrest. Thousands of people died in Jonglei almost daily due to cattle rustling and ethnic conflicts.

      repondre message

      • 23 July 2013 11:12, by Big Boy

        Cont.. and i repeated again you are big big liar in this article, how many times Unity state people’s fought over cattles raiding with Lakes and Warrap state..that’s why i said you are a big big liar’s to your articl mentioned Nuer and Lakes they most criminal people raiding.

        repondre message

  • 20 July 2013 01:29, by Gat Gan Kiir

    What fact else do you want? The author has outline the evidence here almost 110%, do you want author to praise your corrupt president by saying that he has been ordained by God?

    repondre message

    • 20 July 2013 02:12, by Sundayw

      YES. At least, he would not be far from the truth. His article is nothing but a rant and noise under water. It will not travel far.

      repondre message

    • 20 July 2013 02:17, by Sundayw

      ".....second, he must allow an open investigation on $ 488 million South Sudanese Pounds." Carefully read his article and you find a lot of nonsense information. Don’t bother reading the whole thing because you might fall a sleep. Skim the last paragraph for some obvious nonsense.

      repondre message

      • 20 July 2013 13:39, by Manyok

        Your account of the money paid to ABMC is partly true. However, the money was released during Anthony Makana’s time in the Ministry of Transport and Roads. The money was meant to build a 45-kilometer road within Juba. The roads were built. The problem was the cost per a km, which was higher than normal. That was what Gier found & tried to halt.

        repondre message

        • 20 July 2013 19:42, by panom lualbil

          Please distance yourself from the drama run by these parasites on this FORUM. If they’re to be honest, then they should also talked about 38m usd that RIAK MACHAR embezzled from public fund too. RIAK himself shouldn’t talk of corruption while he’s amongst 75 corrupted officials. Regarding presidency, he was seemed to repeat his mistake at least he known failure is the only plausible ever.

          repondre message

          • 21 July 2013 22:47, by panom lualbil

            This "NYOL GAAR NGUEN" here is just another poison in Nath Community like RIAK. Non of them wont ever learn from the mistake till death. NYOL should be ashamed and give credits 4 all being revived through Amnesty instead of nonsenses. They would always be cry women cry for leadership not knowing if reputations would matter. Fools, dont know if somebody lacking PRIDE cant lead the country.

            repondre message

        • 23 July 2013 21:28, by Mohammed

          Manyok, thank you, let this Nyol man rant. The truth here is that Gier only questioned the cost per KM which is very normal in any market without proper competition and for Nyol’s info, ABMC is doing a great JOB compared to no other.

          repondre message

  • 21 July 2013 11:30, by Mun B

    The South Sudan hero said we must to take town to village but its reversal at the movement.SSP488 million is not a big deals,but the question is,does the government provide thieves to cough the thieves or? the well brilliant boys will understand my question well

    repondre message

  • 22 July 2013 09:03, by Mapuor

    Gaar Nguen
    Hahahahah those who stole money are those who are working for the down fall of the current SPLM led government.Don’t cry later when they are caught and dealt with seriously.

    repondre message

  • 22 July 2013 19:25, by Ambago

    A well thought piece. It may benefit from a few citations, which are of course all availble in Sudan Tribune archives. Sometimes it is necessary to mention the links to those old pieces of news to silence the tribally skewed commentators.

    repondre message

    • 23 July 2013 09:51, by LL Reuben

      You and Nguen are the best examples of "tribally skewed commentators" around here. I am fascinated by the amount of ignorance the likes of you displace constantly. Why do you expect change to somehow magically emerge while your like are preaching hatred? What have you contributed to this very country you want to rip apart because of pure envious and jealousy?

      repondre message

      • 23 July 2013 23:25, by Mohammed

        LL Reuben, thank you very much. I am constantly dismayed by these envious commentators on this site who actually really have nothing to offer other than demonize the gov’t. These are the people who sit under trees and not do anything for themselves. 4 his info, Benjamin Bol is one very hardworking young man who’s exemplified the real astuteness of a globally oriented business man whom I admire.

        repondre message

  • 23 July 2013 11:58, by Mack

    The proof that this article is a falsehood is the "$488 Million Pounds". The self-proclaimed commentator is not sure and is confusing the readers about the sign "$ and Pounds". Your source was misleading or you are posting falsehood.

    repondre message

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