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Sudanese authorities kill 13 Islamist extremists in the east after heavy gun battle: sources


December 1, 2012 (KHARTOUM) – More than a dozen Islamist extremists were killed on Friday following a fierce gun battle with Sudanese security forces at a camp that was discovered in the east of the country, multiple sources told Sudan Tribune.

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FILE - Four Sudanese convicts lift their handcuffs as they are escorted out of the courtroom in the capital Khartoum, June 24, 2009. The four men were condemned to hang for killing a U.S. aid official and his driver in Khartoum, and a fifth was sentenced to two years in prison (REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah)

The incident goes back to more than a month ago when unknown gunmen attacked a camp known as Galgu belonging to Wildlife Guards in Al-Dandar region in Southeast Sudan.

The attackers evicted the guards and seized a cannon that was used to destroy a telecommunication tower in the area.

Initially the authorities suspected that this was the work of hunters who are active in the region but further investigations revealed the existence of a training camp used by Islamist extremists who are believed to be bound for Mali and Somalia.

Another source described the camp as being "fully equipped" housing a "large number" of trainees as well as communication devices and computers.

This discovery of the camp was linked to a radical cell Sudanese authorities were monitoring in Khartoum few weeks prior to that but abruptly dropped off the radar and its members were never found.

At this point it as decided to storm the camp and enforcements were sent to the area to dismantle it and arrest its members.

An eyewitness described a convoy of at least a 20 government vehicles involved in the gun battle that ensued and lasted from 12 in the afternoon till 8 at night indicating heavy resistance.

The force killed 13 of the extremists, arrested one but others managed to flee. On the government side one of the wildlife guards was seriously injured and later passed away while two others sustained injuries.

There has been a significant increase in activities of Islamic extremist cells in Sudan over the years. In 2007, Sudanese authorities said that they have foiled a plot to blow up several Western embassies as well as UN building.

The year after that a an American USAID employee and his driver were killed in Khartoum by four men who belong to the Islamic militant group known as Ansar al-Tawhid which claimed responsibility for the killing.

In 2009 a Sudanese court ordered all of them hanged to death after finding them guilty of murdering the two men. But the convicts managed to escape later from the maximum security facility they were held in raising many questions about whether they received insider help.

Last year the family of one of the escapees said he was killed in Somalia without giving details.

Last month security sources in Mali said that foreign jihadists from countries such as Algeria and Sudan have arrived in north of the country to support armed Islamist groups who are imposing an increasingly brutal version of Shar’ia law in the vast northern areas under their control.

Sudan has welcomed Bin Laden in the 1990’s but expelled him in 1996 under intense US pressure. Since 2001 the Sudanese intelligence cooperated with the US law enforcement agencies to track down suspected terrorists in East Africa.

The US added Sudan to its state terror list in 1993, accusing Khartoum of harboring local and international militants but as a result of counter terrorism cooperation promised to de-list it pending political settlement to civil conflicts in the country.


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  • 2 December 2012 05:39, by Ayuiu Makuac Lam

    President Bashir government should value every citizen in country rather than to bring out the imagination of coup attempt to make treatment condolense to the people of lost 13 life.

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  • 2 December 2012 06:29, by Akol Liai Mager

    Jesus commands his disciples and belivers; "love your enemies as you love yourselves".
    Jesus said; "pick up your walking stick & Bible, go and teach people of the world about the love of God"
    Muhammad commands his followers; "fight your enemies until victory over them".
    Muhammad said; pick up your Swords and Qua`an tell people of the world to suurender or chop their heads off if they refuse.

    repondre message

    • 2 December 2012 07:04, by Ruach

      Akol a good descriptions you have made.Death to them any more

      repondre message

    • 2 December 2012 07:30, by Young Lotuko

      Akol. Where in #uran did you get your quotes from?. Wake up my friend I think you are in lala land. God religion is definitly preaches peace, but we as humen twist it and change what? ever fit us, and that been happening over thousends of years. Go learn Islam, or even go learn christianity then come and talk.

      repondre message

      • 2 December 2012 07:44, by Young Lotuko

        Cont.. Reading through your comment explains that you don’t know even the current events in the world..I have no hatred for other races or religions. But I just cant? stand how dumb and stupid people’s comments can be towards Islam without? proper research..I’m catholic anyways

        repondre message

        • 2 December 2012 09:11, by australian

          Young Lotuko: It is you who has to do some research. I can’t believe you make excuses for Islam after what Muslims have done to your people. Muslims are decendents of conquered people who could not resist the bloody onslaught of Islam. They are brainwashed. You don’t need to be. Young you might be, but naive you don’t need to be.

          repondre message

          • 2 December 2012 09:59, by Young Lotuko

            Islam did not do anything to me. We had killed our own people more thn Khartuom did.those Muslims we were fighting against are not true believer of Islam, they are radical Believers..If we apply ur concept of judging religion by some of its followers, we will certainly end? up condemning all Religions. not only that but we will even include Atheism and Agnosticism too

            repondre message

            • 2 December 2012 10:15, by australian

              YL: you are not listening. So you were not killed? Lucky you. And how disrespectful of you to your dead brothers to say because "you" are unhurt that Islam is okay. (The Nazis didn’t kill my parents, so hey, don’t judge Nazism!) Islam is brilliant at dividing its enemies.
              But I am wasting my time. You are a Muslim, or stupid, or both. "Young" is not enough of an excuse. Go say the shahada.

              repondre message

              • 2 December 2012 10:21, by australian

                Go say the shahada and then hey! What a surprise! You will be told you have to "fight the unbelievers ...until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." And that if you leave Islam you must be killed. But that’s all cool, isn’t it? To a young dude like you?

                repondre message

                • 2 December 2012 10:35, by Young Lotuko

                  I’m Catholic and I went to a Catholic school..You must understand i do not believe any religion is better then the other, i think they all have the same intentions trough different ways. They are travel guides for life and how to respect fellow humans and how to be a good person. Just some people take? things out of context whether it is a Radical Christian Buddhist Jew or Muslim and that’s w

                  repondre message

        • 2 December 2012 09:21, by Akol Liai Mager

          First of all, Muhammad is not God, but he is a power-hungry violent human. 2ndly, I have read the Qur`ran, grew up among Muslims and colleagued them at workplaces and had been following Muslim behaviours not only in Sudan, but in East & North Africa, central Europe, Middle East, Pakistan/Afghanistan and New York. Muslim acts & voices are the same worldwide like Hyna voices.

          repondre message

          • 2 December 2012 10:32, by Young Patriot

            Akol that is an absolute description of Islam! Islam is a dirty religion which is founded by terrorist himself aka Prophet Muhammad. He is a prophet of doom. No wonder that is why the guys are blowing up themselves everyday in the name of a terrorist founder!

            repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 08:41, by LOJUBA

    Young Lotuko,
    What you mentioned in the Bible during the Old Testament, even Most of Old Testament is mention in Koran, But we are talking of the CHRISTIANITY, which comes the Blood of the son of God on CROSS, and he introduced a NEW Commandment of LOVE to even your Enemy. Bro are you a muslim or Christ Believe.

    repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 08:47, by LOJUBA

    Young Lotuko,
    WE study the very well about the religion which is called ISLAM, Mohammed is known well by using force to introduce islam, using his KANJAR to cut any ones head if he os she refuse to turn to ISLAM, until now this is what Islam extremist are doing, do you think they are having any ISLAM, they are the God Example of MOhammed.
    Christian come with short commandment of peace and love.

    repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 08:48, by LOJUBA

    I mean to say they are the Good example of Mohammed

    repondre message

    • 2 December 2012 10:27, by Young Lotuko

      Lojuba..I disgree with your comments, I have no time to make a big respond and I’m christian..I went to a Catholic school and I have learned about all the religions and all of them have some peace in them..Christians have killed way more people in the world than Islam did, does that mean all the Christains are bad?

      repondre message

      • 2 December 2012 10:34, by australian

        Who told you Christians killed more people than Islam did? Catholics? Then they are dhimmis who are happy to tell lies to innocent children.
        Islam’s "peace" means ONLY when Islam has conquered non-Muslims. A different meaning from Christian peace. I am furious with your teachers.
        And you MUST look at the texts. Texts are different from "human nature".

        repondre message

        • 2 December 2012 10:37, by australian

          But of course I am wasting my time. You are already a Muslim, and good at lying, saying you are a "Catholic".

          repondre message

          • 2 December 2012 11:02, by Young Lotuko

            Cont..sure its the muslims who kill 10 to 15 palastinians daily... and your are talking about muslim violence...Common bro, don’t let thses white people brianwash you..Tell me when was the last time an Islamic Country invated any country?

            repondre message

          • 2 December 2012 13:13, by 4Justice

            Taqiyya — Religious Deception for Dummies

            "Taqiyya" is the religiously-sanctioned doctrine, with its origins in Shi’a Islam but now practiced by non-Shi’a as well, of deliberate dissimulation about religious matters that may be undertaken to protect Islam, and the Believers.

            It has full Quranic authority (3:28 and 16:106) and allows the Muslim to conform outwardly to the requirements of unislamic or non-Islamic government, while inwardly "remaining faithful" to whatever he conceives to be proper Islam, while waiting for the tide to turn.

            "Kitman" is close to "taqiyya," but rather than outright dissimulation, it consists in telling only a part of the truth, with "mental reservation" justifying the omission of the rest. One example may suffice. When a Muslim maintains that "jihad" really means "a spiritual struggle," and fails to add that this definition is a recent one in Islam (little more than a century old), he misleads by holding back, and is practicing "kitman." (Hiskett, Some to Mecca Turn to Pray, 101.)

            repondre message

        • 2 December 2012 10:56, by solider

          christians killed 20 million jews alone in europ as the jews are blamed for crossing jesus . go and read history.

          repondre message

        • 2 December 2012 10:59, by Young Lotuko

          The world successfully brainwashed you, islam=demon, right? good boy! of course it were the muslims who started WW I+II and killed 70 millions of ppl, sure? the muslims killed 6 millions of jews, sure the muslims threw nukes over japan and killed 5 millions, sure its the muslims who invaded iraq and afghanistan and killed 1,7 million civilians..

          repondre message

          • 2 December 2012 13:51, by 4Justice

            Harry S. Truman. 33rd President of the US

            The Masonic Shriners wear a red hat known as a Fez named after a town in Morocco, where in 980 AD, 50,000 Christians, including women and children, were brutally murdered by the Muslims. As the streets ran red with the Christians blood from the massacre, the Muslims dipped
            their hats in that blood as a testimony to Allah. The red Fez symbolizes the slaughter of Christians in that town. The Masons still wear the red Fez adorned with the Islamic crescent symbol. Among the oaths of the Masonic Shriner organization is one that says, “...and may Allah the God of Arab, Muslim, and Mohammedan, the God of our fathers support me to the entire fulfillment of the same.

            Shriners are a pagan Islamic branch of masonry who have reached higher "levels" in Freemasonry. Islamic symbols, including of world conquest are everywhere in Shriner Temples. As a Mason goes through the 32 degrees of the Scottish rite, he ends up giving worship to every Egyptian pagan god, the gods of Persia, gods of India, Greek gods, Babylonian gods, and others. "The Deadly Deception", Page 76

            repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 12:17, by 4Justice


    These people are super ignorant don’t waste your time with them.

    Demon Talking out of Teenage Girl

    Pastor: Have you ever been to Hell?
    Demon: yes
    Pastor: Whats it like down there?
    Demon: Its so Dark its so Hot its so HOT its Burning up Down there people screaming people screaming! Everybody Screaming!
    Demon: DEVILS Down There! All of us are down there! SATAN! Hes down there! Hes...He Doesnt like it! Nobody likes it down there!ITS SO HOT! ITS SO HOT!! ITS SO HOOT!ITS SO HOOOOT! ITS SO HOT! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! IT HUURRTS!
    Demon: Everything it hurts! little things be crawling all over the place! it hurts! little bugs Everything!! Bugs all in you all over you! people screaming! Its just a HOT PLACE! EVERYTHING IS HOT! ITS HOT! ITS SO HOOT! OH WE’RE JUST BURNING! AND BURNING! AND BURNING AND BURNING!!
    Demon: (crying) I’ve been here so long! years! Thousands! Millions Years!! Years!! Why did I do it!? Why did I do it!? Why didn’t I just stay in Heaven? Why didnt I just stay with Jesus!!? OOOHHH!!! WHy didn’t I just Stay with Jesus!!? Whyyy!!? Why Did I believe Him!? Why Did I Believe Him!? OOHH!! OOHH! Why Did I Believe Him!?


    repondre message

    • 2 December 2012 12:22, by 4Justice

      Pastor: You should have never followed Satan.
      Pastor: You should have never listened to him. He is a Liar Isn’t He?
      Demon: YES!
      Pastor: And He Is Telling Lies TO People Now Isnt He?
      Demon: YES!
      Pastor: And they believed him.
      Pastor: Does he make you get in people?
      Demon: OOOH YES.....(Crying)
      Pastor: Maybe if you come out and treat people nice you might have another chance.
      Demon: OH! NO....NO!
      Demon: OOOH...No Its too late. Its so late. God is Not going to believe me. Hes not going to forgive me!
      Pastor: God is not Going to forgive you?
      Demon: NO HES NOT.
      Pastor: HM? You never asked for forgiveness.
      Pastor: I really feel sorry for you, but you have to go to hell there is nothing you can do about it.

      repondre message

      • 2 December 2012 12:24, by 4Justice

        Pastor: You were cast out before the earth then? you rebelled before God made people?
        Demon: (??) We were hugging together. Oh, Lucifer! He was such a nice angel and all of a sudden he just decided he wanted to be ruler!
        Pastor: Hm.
        Demon: And I thought he had a good chance of it! Don’t know why. I don’t know why!
        Demon: Why didn’t Jesus make him go and not all of us?
        Pastor: He made all of you go.
        Demon: He made all of us go. All of us had to go. Why Not just him? Why Not just him?
        Pastor: because you followed him, you shouldn’t have followed him.
        Demon: he was such a beautiful angel.
        Pastor: Satan was a Beautiful Angel?
        Demon: He was so Beautiful, I didn’t know!
        Demon: Oh! I didn’t know! Oh, I didn’t know.
        Demon: (Crying)
        Demon: Take me back...
        Pastor: Hm?
        Demon: Take me back to Jesus...
        Pastor: Well, I guess you’ll have to come out.
        Demon: Oh, I got to go. Oh, We almost had her, we almost had her. We almost had her that Night...before she got saved.
        GIRL: Coughing demon out.

        repondre message

        • 2 December 2012 14:43, by australian

          4 Justice: You say they are ignorant but I think it’s worse than that - they are malevolent liars who always come out with the same "facts". The "Latuka" talks like any Muslim does, blaming the SS for their own misfortune, pretending the violence of Muslim "extremists" has nothing to do with Islam, etc.
          Interesting about the Masons. Thanks.

          repondre message

          • 2 December 2012 15:14, by 4Justice


            I have noticed similar deceptive tactics all over the internet forums. They vehemently defend Islam then pretend they are Christians to try and create a false perception of a growing acceptance of Islamic doctrines among the wider christian community.

            repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 14:47, by australian

    The photo with this story shows four happy Muslims of the Takfir wal Hijira group. They "escaped" from jail, of course. They must have known in advance they would "escape", judging by their cheerfulness. (Islamic law: no penalty for killing non-Muslims.)

    repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 15:54, by panchol

    young Lotuko ,Alah Akaber! Alah Akaber! which religious denomination who usually say that when they kill enemy? did God say kill in his ten commandments? For us we Christian we do kill just for the political reasons as we took arms against oppressors in khartoum? When CPA. signed, the prisoners of war(Pow ) were released to Ruling party in khartoum, but they released nobody from the SPLA/M which

    repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 16:06, by panchol

    continue ...our prisoners of war were in the battle field? what does it indicates Mr. Young Lotuko? Did it mean junubean had the mentality of killing Pow?
    These Arab islamists use to pray may be ten twenty times a day to Christianity which is once a week? is that of extremely islamists a curse or a blessing? answer me Mr Young Lotuko!

    repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 20:20, by Kikiji longiro

    Dear All,
    I don,t know why all of you want to find out where problems come from.This world is made over fire that is why the people who are believing in fire are collecting themselves from seconds to minutes together to form a kingdom.Koran didn,t make extremist or bible itself made all it,s believers peace makers.When Jesus himself saw people during gathering felt unhappy in Jerusalem,he filled

    repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 20:32, by Kikiji longiro

    buckets with water & changed them to wine so that all can feel happy.The devil of peace is businesses.See where can the Sudanese extermist get these huge help without the present of the kingdoms businessses.
    see now day & night what are the Nuers & Dinkas doing in South Sudan.Is that what made our people to go to war? First corruptions,2ndly cattle raiddings & thirdly now checking for who is who

    repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 20:43, by Kikiji longiro

    If it,s not really businesses which dinka cares about nuer or which nuer cares about Dinkas.
    Hardshipnesses are not made from Koran or Bible.Why didn,t the christians use the principals of the old testmony if it,s religious that hunts themselves?
    Businesses controls the whole world but the rest are helping it by barkings.

    repondre message

  • 2 December 2012 20:43, by Kikiji longiro

    If it,s not really businesses which dinka cares about nuer or which nuer cares about Dinkas.
    Hardshipnesses are not made from Koran or Bible.Why didn,t the christians use the principals of the old testmony if it,s religious that hunts themselves?
    Businesses controls the whole world but the rest are helping it by barkings.

    repondre message

  • 3 December 2012 02:19, by Mayar

    if you read the Koran or the Bible and you thing everything that is written is right and fair, you are wrong.. both religious text are full of deception and dangerious to be taken likely. if you want to be a peacemaker, you will find those quotes in Koran and Bible. and if you want to be extremise, you will find back up in both books

    repondre message

  • 3 December 2012 03:55, by 4Justice

    Jesus is the prince of peace - Satan is the prince of this World/Darkness

    "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." —Isaiah 9:6

    "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." —Jeremiah 29:11

    the meanings of Prince, according to the original Greek (from the Strong’s Concordance):

    Prince; captain; chief; ruler; governor; keeper; principal; general; lord; leader; official; commander; head; overseer; Ruler of rulers.

    Peace, according to the Strong’s Concordance means:

    Peace; well; peaceably; welfare; prosperity; safe; health; peaceable; completeness; soundness; quiet; tranquility; contentment; friendship, and peace with God, especially in covenant relationship.

    "Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out."

    —John 12:31

    repondre message

    • 3 December 2012 04:04, by 4Justice

      Jesus is our well being, He is our place of safety, our tranquility. In the American Heritage Dictionary, the word "tranquility" leads to the word "serene". This is what "serene" means: Unaffected by disturbance; calm and unruffled. Once again, even in the greatest of storms, this Prince of Peace (Jesus) will keep us serene and in peace (again, "if" we will allow Him to do so)The choice is ours.

      repondre message

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