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Sudan’s NCP approve partial removal of fuel subsidies


June 16, 2012 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s ruling party endorsed a number of drastic economic measures the government intends to enforce including the partial removal of oil subsidies which is seen as highly unpopular.

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Nafie Ali Nafie (SUNA)

The government was facing strong resistance from the parliament and some leading members in the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) who, since last January have been very hostile to scraping oil subsidies, saying it will bring protest and unrest throughout the country.

The deficit in the national budget reached some $2.4 billon and the government failed to find other resources to bridge this gap despite the support provided by some Arab countries.

"Removing fuel subsidies and increasing (fuel) prices are measures taken by a bankrupt state," said finance minister Ali Mahmoud this week, to illustrate the difficult situation of the country as the subsidies benefit mainly the lower class who have already been hit by the severe economic crisis.

The National Shura (consultation) Council of the ruling National Congress Party adopted, on Saturday, a series of measures proposed to overcome the current crisis after the loss of financial revenue of oil produced by the South Sudan.

These drastic measures include structural reform of the government in national and regional institutions, increase of national income, decrease of internal spending and reduction in the need for hard currency.

The move allows the government to propose concrete decisions to be discussed at the government cabinet, as some will require the vote of the national parliament.

The lifting of oil subsidies will be partial in a way that will not affect much of the lower class who already suffer from the inflation caused by the devaluation of the national currency.

Commenting on the decisions of the meeting, presidential assistant and NCP deputy chairman Nafie Ali Nafie stressed that the partial lifting of subsidies, which will be between 10% to 40%, means that the state will continue to subsidise commodities.

He also said his party has launched consultations with the allied political parties of the national government to reduce their participation at the national and regional levels.

Speaking about the probable political upheaval across the country as result of the removal of oil subsidies, Nafie said the opposition has been working to bring down the government and they think that these economic measures represent a golden opportunity for them.

"But their expectation will be disappointed," he said stressing his confidence that the austerity measures will strengthen the government.

However, in Khartoum, Sudanese police broke up a protest on Saturday evening against the cut of subsidies by hundreds of female students of Khartoum university. The anti riot force used tear gas and shots in the air to disperse protesters.

The opposition Umma National Party (NUP) also released a statement on Saturday opposed to scrapping oil subsidies and called on Sudanese to protest peacefully against these measures and to organise marches and sit-ins.

Yasir Arman secretary general of the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N) voiced his support earlier this week to a call by the opposition National Consensus Forces (NCF) to protest against the drastic economic plan saying it is directed against the poor majority of Sudanese people.

Arman called on the supporters of the SPLM-N and Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) to protest in order to overthrow the regime. He further urged the opposition forces to coordinate with them to topple the NCP’s regime and to establish a new and democratic Sudan.


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  • 17 June 2012 09:12, by Marolditapei

    Since South is building a new pipeline through Kenya or Ethiopia and Djibouti in the future, North Sudan pipeline is still valuable. North Sudan Pipeline can be used for transporting cow dungs since fertilizers are lacking in northern region. Good news!Right?

    repondre message

    • 17 June 2012 16:46, by sudani ana

      I like your idea about SS exporting cow dung. This could bring you revenue since you have nothing else to export.

      repondre message

  • 17 June 2012 09:23, by Michael Angelo

    To NCP,

    It’s time to reap what you sow. You fake arabs had been mistreating us and use our resources for your wealth while leaving us for nothing for years. Don’t cry or panic yet because the worse is about to start.

    repondre message

    • 17 June 2012 09:44, by Darkangel

      Arman is a parasite ! Using every opportunity. No one listens to you Zionist!

      As for you 2 lame southerners, the dung we can transport to you to shower with since all your cows are dying of hunger like your people. Dream about the pipeline project. Your government is still begging the North to cut the fees. It will still take 3-5 years idiots if anyone agrees to pay for it. Broke South Sudan

      repondre message

      • 17 June 2012 10:47, by LL Reuben


        You’re the parasite not Arman. He (Arman) want to liberate you from the vile criminals of the NIF who are using Islamic ideologists to deprive the right of most of your citizens. Wake up and see the real image!

        repondre message

      • 17 June 2012 19:58, by Logic


        Anyone who opposes your supremacist gov is a Zionist to you brainwashed fools.

        If one uses the logic of numbers, N.Sudan has more poor people who are dying unnecessarily because of bad governance.

        Everything starts with a dream, your attitude of condescending S.Sudanese is exactly why they chose separation you retard.

        repondre message

    • 17 June 2012 16:42, by sudani ana

      Southernors say sudan is nothing without the South Sudan resources, Sudan only benefited from SS oil since 1999, that’s only 13 years which is nothing. Sudan has carried the South on it’s back since 1956, that’s 43 years to 1999 without South contributing nothing except murderous rebels. So yes Sudan will be better, watch this space.

      repondre message

      • 17 June 2012 20:07, by Logic

        Fake Sudani

        Its like saying a body carries its torso, they were one country you fool. lolol, wow, dumb as well as racist.

        Racist bigots like you never like to admit the abundance of wealth the south gave the north, current state of N.Sudan is an obvious indicator, and it wasn’t just oil.

        Those rebels are no more murderous than your elitist Inghas regime.

        repondre message

        • 17 June 2012 22:43, by sudani ana

          Twisted logic
          Yes a body can carry a limp leg that’s slowing it down when in fact amputation is best all round. How dare you call me racist you idiot when you don’t even know me? Do you think everyone who supported separation of the south is racist? What does that make southernors?

          repondre message

  • 17 June 2012 10:42, by LL Reuben


    Oil will never flow through nothern pipes, with that being said we can still embark on other project to sustain mutual relationship with you. Like the ’Cow dung project’ Moraltapei is talking about. Your economy could be save with cow dung from the South. You need a fertizer to enrich your desert. Fair enought no calling people idiots unless you’ve mental issues.

    repondre message

    • 17 June 2012 13:59, by Darkangel

      Reuben spoken like a true SPLM insect. First you hungry undeveloped illiterate and uncivilized population that needs Kenyans and Ugandans to run their shops cant plant a single tree let along cultivate. We have plenty of land and billions of dollars of investment in them, unlike your swamps and population running around naked and showering in cow dung and urine.

      repondre message

    • 17 June 2012 14:00, by Reuben

      The money from fuel subsidies will not help that Country at all. They should give up to the demand of Siuth Sudan as the South Sudanese sanction is hitting hard.Imagine the fail to give in and South Sudan stands it ground what will happen. Imagine South Sudan finishes her alternative pipe line what will happen to North Sudan.North sudan economy will never stabilise unless the flow of petrol from

      repondre message

    • 17 June 2012 14:02, by Darkangel

      Second, Sudan doesnt need your oil. We are self sufficient at least, unlike the idiots that closed their fields and now dont even have electricity or fuel for their presidential house. YOU NEED the pipelines to export the oil because you have no other choice !! HEAR IT AGAIN ! NO CHOICE. WE WILL MILK YOU FOR EVERY PENNY OF OIL EXPORTED.

      repondre message

      • 17 June 2012 14:04, by Darkangel

        South Sudanese sanction - what sanctions you clown. Its South sudan now begging the North to pay small fee to export its oil. Sudan is saying NO. We will determine what price and when. Your fake and corrupt government can fool you about pipeline dreams, but everyone knows its impossible. Whos economy is crumbling ?? HAHAHA the IMF said your country will collapse in 2 months.

        repondre message

        • 17 June 2012 20:15, by Logic

          Its funny how you fool will quote a western org which you probably label as Zionist when it suits your argument.

          N.Sudan’s economy is in ruins (almost bankrupt), you can’t compare it to S.Sudan because it never had a developed economy to start with so the effects are less felt by S.Sudan.

          When are you bigots going to learn? lolol

          repondre message

  • 17 June 2012 14:03, by Reuben

    resums.That country is collapsing and it has never even taken a year.Where are the reserves that they kept for that Country. Sudan is 56 years old andit must have lots of money in the reserve.

    repondre message

    • 17 June 2012 14:08, by Darkangel

      Simple explanation. South Sudan has no source of income, no industry, no institutions. PLEASE SOMEONE give me 1 example of something South Sudan built in the last 7 years, with the billions of dollars. You have 75% of your population starving and no way out. IMF and world is telling you! Your a failed state. Stop talking about Sudan. It has institutions, banks, gold, oil, agriculture and an

      repondre message

      • 17 June 2012 14:12, by Darkangel

        educated population that can produce. It has factories producing cars, military, sugar, milk, bread, oils etc. We dont import 100% of what we need like South Sudan, and now has no money to import anything. Greece, Spain, Italy. They have collapsing economies borrowing 100Billion to survive. Im sorry we havent reached that level and cutting fuel subsidies is not the end of the world. Nigeria did it

        repondre message

        • 17 June 2012 14:51, by zulu

          What education are you talking about? The vast majority of Sudanese are educated on the Quran where the few are either elite educted privilaged ones or studied just eh basic education. Simple. Unlike our country, Sudan that has exited for over 50yrs is just collapsing and degenerating into more divisible state.
          You cannot export many things because of the US embargo.

          repondre message

          • 17 June 2012 16:13, by sudani ana

            Southernors say sudan is nothing without the South Sudan resources, Sudan only benefited from SS oil since 1999, that’s only 13 years which is nothing. Sudan has carried the South on it’s back since 1956, that’s 43 years to 1999 without South contributing nothing except murderous rebels. So yes Sudan will be better, watch this space.

            repondre message

            • 17 June 2012 16:22, by Reuben

              Sudani anna
              Before oil discoveries.Sudan used to take all taxation from South Sudan for building Khartoum.All the woods from South Sudan for building Khartoum. All the coffee from South Sudan to export to Arab Copuntries like Saudi Arabia for the benefit of North Sudan.All the Loans that Sudan gets in the name of South sudan remains to benefit North Sudan.All scholarships in the name of South

              repondre message

              • 17 June 2012 16:26, by Reuben

                benefits North Sudan.Sudan export beef hides and live cattles from South Sudan. Sudan was using the river Nile water for irrigation and South is not allowed to use.Sudan loated alot and South Sudan never get anything in return.

                repondre message

                • 17 June 2012 16:38, by Reuben

                  Will this government of Sudan really servive without South Oil.Imagine they will only save less than a billion from the fuel subsidies cut and the population of the country is over 35 million.War to be supported, american sanction, south Sudan sanction,pressure from Opposition, pressure from Hague.Pressure from UNSC This is a real hell.

                  repondre message

              • 17 June 2012 17:02, by sudani ana

                What taxation? What can you tax from cattle birders running around naked. Coffee we never exported coffee. If that’s true where’s your coffee now. Yes may be we took some timber, but wasted in excess of $100 a day fighting murderous rebels, so the South was nothing but a dead weight holding us back, until 1999. Frankly I think we are much better off now.

                repondre message

                • 17 June 2012 17:06, by sudani ana

                  That should read cattle herders.

                  repondre message

                  • 17 June 2012 17:14, by sudani ana

                    How could you say sudan benefited from South when Sudan was spending over $1 million dollars a day on fighting rebellion in the South. South was the only thing, the weakest link that was hindering Sudan development. So separation will actually strengthen Sudan in the long run. Watch this space.

                    repondre message

                    • 17 June 2012 18:57, by Reuben

                      Sudani anna
                      Once before the referundum of south Sudan, Sudan finance minister was saying that he was praying that Southerners could vote for unity because separation would affect Sudan badly economically.And indeed he was right why should the economy of Sudan sddenly suffer that much after separation while before separation the economy was florishing? Could you explain and what will help the it

                      repondre message

                      • 17 June 2012 19:04, by Reuben

                        it leap back to that of pre separation? You said sudan was using 1 million dollars eveyday during the Liberation War, yes that was true but that many was fron South Sudan Oil but of now sudan won’t afford that except hand outs from countries like Libya or gulf states who will get tired will afew months.The only solution with Sudan not to be a fail state as it is now is to make peace with SRF.This

                        repondre message

                        • 17 June 2012 19:08, by Reuben

                          This will result to peace in all corners of Sudan, lifting of US sanction,return of intellectual who ran away and with the bparder didpute solved no UNSC sanction.Those who fate is for Hague must peacefully give in.

                          repondre message

                          • 17 June 2012 22:58, by sudani ana


                            We know very well that us sanctions will never be lifted so we never include this in our calculations as long as US continues to be run by Zionist Jewish lobbyist groups. Which is ok because their loss is China and Russia’s gain.

                            repondre message

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