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South Sudan welcomes killing of Osama bin laden


May 4, 2011 (ABYEI) - A senior member of the South Sudan’s ruling party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) on Wednesday welcomed the death of terrorist leader, Osama bin laden, Pakistan following a raid by the United States special forces.

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Colombian Hasmet Hichster Londono, an admirer of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden who has been personifying him for seven years, walks around the neigbourhood of Santa Fe in Bogota, Colombia, on May 4, 2011. (Getty)

"The killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is welcome news not only for the United States of America but for the rest of the world where human life is valued," said Lieutenant General Anthony Bol Madut, a former Warrap State Governor and a current senior security advisor in the ministry of internal affairs of the government of south Sudan.

"By social norms, it is usually unconventional to celebrate death but, Bin Laden’s role in global security, especially the famous September 11, 2001 attack, on New York and Washington are put in perspective. This is why it is understandable why most of the world is rejoicing the man’s death. Not because of any other reason. Nobody can celebrate death," said Madut in an interview with Sudan Tribune on Wednesday from the regional capital of Juba.

Madut who appears to be the first senior official of South Sudan’s ruling party to welcome the death of bin Laden said the 2,751 people killed in the attack on the World Trade Center in New York will never be forgotten.

An official in north Sudan’s ruling party the National Congress Party described bin Laden as a “holy fighter” on Monday after his death was announced by U.S. president Barak Obama.

The parliament speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir was quoted by state media as telling the NCP dominated national assembly as describing Bin Laden as a Mujahid (holy fighter) during the parliamentary session and was interrupted by MP’s who chanted "Martyr, Martyr". He described the U.S. war on terror as "genocide against Muslims".

South Sudan is due to split from North Sudan in July after a referendum vote earlier this year, agreed as part of a 2005 peace deal. The U.S. has indicated that it may removed Sudan from it list of states that sponsor terrorism after Khartoum recognized the result, paving the way for southern secession.

The U.S. has said the South Sudan will be exempt from the sanctions that North Sudan is subjected when it becomes independent on July 9. Khartoum hosted bin Laden from 1991-1996 before he relocated to Afghanistan from where he planned the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington.

Wol Mawien Jok, a visiting native of the oil-producing region of Abyei, who acquired American citizenship after resettling 1999 told Sudan Tribune: "The September 11 attack was not only a surprise attack to American people and government but to the whole world. So, in evoking the bitter memories of September 2001, we do not seek to renew the anguish incurred by bereaved families and other well wishers but merely to stress that the world does not need a recurrence of such monstrous excesses."

He warned while people in the United States and elsewhere may be jumping for joy at bin Laden’s killing, they should not forget the lingering threat posed by Al Qaeda and other champions of terrorism.

"The whole world should be more vigilant because the al Qaeda network has not died. It is only the leader who has died. So, although the scourge of terrorism has suffered a historic defeat, it does not mark the end of al Qaeda. The whole world should remain alert to the lurking menace posed by the terrorist group which may consider inflicting some revenge attacks," warned Jok.

The killing of the al Qaeda leader prompted the U.S. government to send out instructions to its embassies around the world to be on maximum alert, warning American nationals of the possibility of al Qaeda reprisal attacks for bin Laden’s death.

Miyen Alor Kuol, a senior member of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement from Abyei, adds that dead of the al Qaeda network means restoration of global and that American citizens and other western countries should not consider they were they only target of terrorism.

"The terrorists have given themselves a global mandate and it would be unwise for any country to consider Americans and other westerners as the only prime targets".

"Even here in Africa, there should be vigilance especially considering that people in countries like Kenya and Tanzania have in the past been victims of Bin Laden’s terror," said Kuol in an another interview with Sudan Tribune from Juba.

The official who was studying in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi explained that, in 1998, some 224 people, mostly Kenyans, were killed in the simultaneous bombings of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and in Tanzania’s main city Dar es Salaam.

"In Africa, he said, the terrorist groups, in 1998 bombed U.S. embassy killing some 224 innocent Kenyans and other nationalities if I can recall because I was in Nairobi when it occurred," he explained.

"A part from the regrettable loss of life, terrorism retards development because of its in-built destruction and because of the time and money spent tracking down suspects. In bin Laden’s case, he has been hunted for nearly 10 years".

"If this pursue were not there, the time, effort and money would have been channeled to development. Rather than resorting to violence whenever aggrieved about something, al Qaeda should give dialogue a chance. They will never regret it," said Kuol.


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  • 5 May 2011 07:16, by Niko

    It is to be expected from a corrupt militia organization that butchers its own people on a whole scale to welcome the death of another person.


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    • 5 May 2011 07:25, by Makuei

      Niko, Stop being a fool!!

      A killer’s death must be welcomed!
      because the lives of the ones he was preparing to kill have been saved!!

      Congrats to the S>S official.

      repondre message

      • 5 May 2011 16:50, by Paul Ongee

        The National Assembly Speaker, Ahmed Ibrahim Tahir describes Osama bin Laden as "a Mujahid (holy fighter)" and the US war on terror as "genocide against Muslims". Is Khartoum/NCP really fighting the war on terror alongside US and its allies or only wanting the US dollar to make the ends meet?

        That is why Pakistan was clueless about the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound. Western world has lost trust in many Muslim countries because of stereotyping the war only to get the western dollars & Euros to finance both their economic and terrorist activities.

        The war on terror is essentially waged to weed out the elements of Al Qaeda to make the world a better and safer place to live in although Al Qaeda kills indiscriminately simply because of religious bigotry. As the head of a snake is already chopped, the world needs only to watch out how the tail can strategically hit its chosen targets.

        Osama got five wives and over twenty children but will never even get another five in the Hell which Khartoum and its allies commend as Mujahid or holy fighter. Religion can only gain momentum, attract followers and be spread by ability to convince peacefully but not by violence and indiscriminate killings as Prophet Mohammed has started doing it the early days of his ministry in Medina, Mecca, Jeddah and other cities in and outside Saudi Arabia. Muslims should admit these historical facts rather than misrepresent their religious history that it’s a religion of peace, tolerance, dialogue and compromise.

        If Islam is really a religion of peace, tolerance, dialogue and compromise, why extremists and fundamentalists go to the West for better education or trade and later plan deadly attacks on the innocent non-Muslims and Muslims alike because of perceived benefits of freedom of assimilation versus religious bigotry? History has repeatedly proved that violence and death tolls are constantly rising with or without American or western presence in a Muslim territory.

        Unlike in the West where Muslim minarets are conspicuous in almost every western city where there are Muslim community. But you can’t find many Christian churches on the same scale. This indicates that Muslims are simply afraid to live together with non-Muslims in this politically pixilated world.

        The issue here is lack of freedom to openly associate with non-Muslims to a larger extent, lack of religious, personal, social and cultural tolerance; lack of religious, personal, social and cultural dialogue and compromise to be able to get along or marry each other freely without condition as the children of God or Allah. Let’s say if the world remains divided on the issue of religious and social integration, where will this extreme view really take the terrorists whether on short or long term? I think isolation or integration is based on positive religious and political attitude of the actors on domestic and international scale.

        Few Muslim countries struggle to trade and live peacefully with what they religiously called “infidels” (unbelievers) but majority still easily resort to violence when conviction fails to win the heart and mind of expected followers. It makes one wonder whether this religion (Islam) is cursed by God or not because failure to dialogue with oneself first to understand personal, religious, political, social and cultural freedom in a free world created by God for all free people to live free is often accompanied by violence. Are Muslim scholars failing to do their job to educate their people about refraining from violence or it’s a subjective passion? Why violence, on any scale, is associated with Islam more than Christianity? Why is the clash between western and eastern civilization? Somebody somewhere is not really religious, tolerant, political, peaceful or cultured.

        The Muslim world needs to learn how to dialogue, compromise and live peacefully with their fellow citizens of the free world in or outside their own countries. However, the struggle for freedom, whether personal or political, western or eastern will continue colliding in the space until the loser regrets.

        In Sudan, Khartoum under NCP is the likely loser. Never rule it out. It’s already too late for Khartoum to make radical U-turn transformationally. Thanks, South Sudan is already going out of this political mess generated by Khartoum over the past fifty years.

        Paul Ongee
        Khartoum Watch.

        repondre message

        • 5 May 2011 20:18, by Pal Ruei

          The death of Bin Laden is significantly important to USA and the rest of the world even Arab countries are happy for his death; many people had been died for terrorist action that planned by Osama Bin Laden. He was a danger species who launched a deadly attack against innocent people in USA and east Africa countries.

          Bin Laden had successfully built a terrorist network that is/ was responsible for fierce attack against many countries around the world, From 1991-1996, Bin Ladern lived in Sudan and trained Jihad( Allah Soldiers) against people of Southern Sudan; they had killed many southerners by the name of Allah. Bin Laden is not a friend of world he encouraged insurgency around world. In my opinion he deserved to die. The death of Bin Laden is a great goal; the whole world felt happy and they casted out their comments about his dead.

          repondre message

    • 5 May 2011 07:36, by amon


      SPLA has no history of mass killing of civilians like what your F*##@$$#cking regime in Khartoum is doing in Darfur. SPLA are liberators, NCP is a regime sponsor of terrorism.

      We have all right to celebrate the death of a BIG DEVIL like Bin Laden and the likes.

      repondre message

    • 5 May 2011 07:39, by Born to Achieve

      Dear readers,

      See now we have been created as a two differnt nation by God,because the we are praising the U.S for killing osama while khartoum as criticizing & U.S &discribing osama as a holy fighter.

      Wonders shall never end!

      In this case how does khartoum request from the U.S to remove him from the countries sponcering the terrorist?

      Think positive.

      repondre message

    • 5 May 2011 09:50, by Waucity

      I am so a shame of how unsmart these reporters are. Which Southern Sudan welcome death of Osama bin Laden? Yes,just like any society in the world a criminal must be punish but does this deserve a headline with Southern Sudan name in it? I think goverment need to study these reports before they are release...These reporters will invite us enemies for no reason!!!!!!..We are a country seeking recognition in july 9,2011 and some economical assistance don’t forget that...Thanks.

      repondre message

      • 5 May 2011 19:39, by ebonyebony

        A very wise comment! but u know..it is not the reporters ...it is some politicians in S. Sudan who do not play attention to the fact that S.Sudan needs to be ready for 7/9...some of them , instead of prepraring for this day, spend most time bullying NCP. I am sick of it

        repondre message

    • 5 May 2011 11:55, by Jada Lotole

      Lieutenant General Anthony Bol Madut, you are very right !
      BUT remember to clean your house before cleaning other people’s houses . Look at the way GoSS is ever failing to scrutinize the entry of aliens into South Sudan ! Do you really nkow how many Somalis are now in the Country ? do you nkow thier relationship with late Osama’s organisation ? Shame on you General ! Never until you scrutinise these Somalia terrorists , shall you be appreciated ! Get rid of all the crooks from South Sudan ! Remember again ! Osamasim flows compatibly and smoothly in the blood veins of the current Somalis in the South Sudan . And by the time you realise thier ugly activities, it will be too late !

      repondre message

  • 5 May 2011 07:35, by Catch 22

    Cheap publicity stunt, a me too attitude aimed at softening the Americans to dig deep in their pockets to release more dollars. South Sudan better keeps quiet and reserve its opinion for themselves, because our government lacks the capacity to the fight a sustained global terror network let alone a domestic one, less it brings vengeance of al qaeda on south Sudanese who already have had enough on their plates,the transitional constitution, athor, yau yau, Gadet etc.

    repondre message

  • 5 May 2011 08:19, by Manyang

    South sudan must put it house in order before commencing on global issues. The killing of Osama or Obama has nothing to do with us. Hundreds of innoccent south sudanese are dying on daily basis and GOSS is silent on all these merciless killings in our mid. Time for blaming people in the north is gone. GOSS must shoulder its current failures. The current GOSS leadership is a failure if not a curse.

    repondre message

    • 5 May 2011 12:29, by manyang

      even so you bring husband of your mother he be worst then currently, who is, it is you if you fail correct yourself don’t be always slave of Jalaba

      repondre message

  • 5 May 2011 19:16, by lakoda

    Thanks you SPLM leadership for welcoming the death of Osama bin laden specially mimister Lt general Anthony Bol madut. It is us we southerner can welcome his death next to USA because he contribute to killed non Muslim as i read from the arcle last time that he paid 300 Millions to Khartoum government to let omar Bishare buy weapon to killed us we non Muslim.
    may god rest is soul in hell.

    God is great.

    repondre message

  • 6 May 2011 15:31, by Emmanuel Ajang Solomon

    Thanks be to God, that Bin Ladin is dead before the Declaration of our new Nation, of which he one time wnted to wipe Us out in it.

    repondre message

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