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Iran sorrowful for Sudan’s division


January 17, 2011 (TEHRAN) – Iran expressed sorrow for the partition of Sudan as it appears certain after a successful vote for the independence of Southern Sudan; while the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reiterated his support to Khartoum’s government.

"We will not be happy over the division of a large Islamic country... as Iran’s policy has been of preserving territorial integrity and unity of countries," said
foreign ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast in statements published on Sunday by the independent told Fars news agency.

"But if they eventually decide to divide Sudan, we will pursue balanced, respectful relations with regard to the policies that the new leaders in south Sudan will declare," he added.

International organizations and groups who monitored the conduct of the vote on self determination said the process was fair and credible paving the way for an international recognition of the 193 new state. Results from the different polling centers inside and outside the country show large support for the secession.

"Iran stands with the Sudanese government and nation forever," said the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejadon after a meeting with Sudanese minister of agriculture Abdel-Halim al-Mutafi in Tehran on Sunday.

Mahmoud said Iran and Sudan have common stances on major international issues and urged to strengthen bilateral relations in all fields.

Iran plans to construct an agro-industrial complex and produce wheat and sugar in Sudan.


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  • 18 January 2011 06:01, by DOOR

    Let them cry till they shed blood. We shouldn’t be friends with terrorists whose mission is to expand islam.
    Calling sudan a islamic state is one of the reasons why we choose independent.

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    • 18 January 2011 06:10, by Nhomlawda

      People of South Sudan have spoken and it is upto Iranians to recognize that choice as hinted by Arabs League. Iranians should respect rights for others as long as they want others to respect their rights.

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    • 18 January 2011 13:48, by okucu pa lotinokwan

      Iran sorrow for the division of Sudan means alot now.
      - All dirty plan for terrorist is finish, no way for them in the wrong planing they have God forbided,for the support terran has, to Khartoum is for their interest oherwise it will not help again or any more.
      - The new nation will be the base for any terrorist wrong planing for destorying others
      - GoSS should not host any Nation like Iran,Palestine,Syria,Iraq,Lebanon,somalia etc these few mentioned Nations are dirty people in making explosive.
      - Limitation in trade with Khartoum otherwise most of the traders coming from the north Sudan are all Military men whose their aims will be for destroying the new nation .


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    • 19 January 2011 05:24, by Matung Neng-neng

      There is no need for the Iranian to feel sorry, we can make it over again through military revelution reunited Sudan will come. faudelance had not been discover yet, the SPLA Rebel forced our civilian to vote for seperation compulserly. So, let Iranian think about this. Have Good day!

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  • 18 January 2011 06:02, by Abuoi Jook

    To Hamedinajad
    Hell with your illusion of Islamic State/country. Sudan is not an islamic country as you alleged, maybe Iran but not Sudan. You can call it Islamic country after we seceded and there will be no problem with that.
    remember a state can have a religion but religion can not have a state. so, can you deferentiate between the two now. Watch out!

    repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 06:06, by omoni Atari

    Mr.spokeman Ramin,
    You made a big mistake again by calling sudan islamic country. That is one reason why the country is divided into two.
    Iran and khartoum are in the same line in term of human abuses and both coutries are in the list of those sponoring terrorists around the globe.

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  • 18 January 2011 06:17, by Bol Deng

    Why do Arab nation cry like this? you should cry until your last tears of drop or other shiit on your pants.

    Why do you want South Sudanese while they are not your Arabs?
    Calling Sudan an Islamic country is the main problem why Sudan divide itself.

    It seems that devil insisted calling Sudan an Islamic country while forgeting that the weapons that he gave to Sudan during the war had caused division.

    repondre message

    • 18 January 2011 06:30, by Ito


      This is what we southerners have been telling you since 1955 that we need equal treatment and a country that is independent of theocratic tendency; but unfortunately governments like yours turn down your ears and instead support the North. Not because they are doing good things but strictly because they are arabs and muslims. Why cry now?

      They say "He who has truth and courage in his heart shall always win in the end" so south sudan will go no matter what. I am strongly calling on all my south sudanese brothers and sisters to wake up in the name of Unity to see what this stupid Jallaba or muslims are going or wants to do.

      Unity is what am calling for. We can never be strong minus unity. May God bless all.

      repondre message

      • 18 January 2011 06:34, by saban John


        I don’t like the way you are commenting. You seem to be against arabs or muslims. I know you are educated from the way you write but please don’t use your education to call for unity of no purpose. Just give me an explanation of why you want south sudanese to unite? Do you think arabs have problems with you? I support Iran, it has right to express its opinion about sudan. the unity that you should have call for is that of sudan people in general. But you are only calling south sudanese. I think you have grudges towards arabs and muslims. We will see in Sudan.


        repondre message

        • 18 January 2011 06:45, by Bol Deng

          Saban John,

          You are South Sudanese who have been under Jallaba for many years. Please stop pretending. lying is going to curse you to the grave. Mark my word, you are not Arab trust me. You are from Nyamnyam.

          repondre message

        • 18 January 2011 07:42, by Garajuuech

          Hello Arab helper,
          Let me ask you some questions Saban John.When you always share your ideas with educated southerners, are your comments you have posted based on truths in your heart,or you just want to confuse us spending time just to advice you more than a million times? Do you want to know what we think?If you are receiving huge amount of pay check, please we are not.Keep your money in your pocked and shut-up.I think you are merrieg to Arab lady.One day you will be Muslim if you are not carful enough as you act.

          repondre message

        • 18 January 2011 08:42, by Rev John Khamis Kamunde

          Please SATAN your name is not Saban,I told you to exposed your real name which is Satan.
          And for sure belive me,you will not continue witing and posting on this site if you continue with this habbit.Soon you will join the silent world.

          Back to the topic,my dear people of God:All the arabic counties are bitterly crying for the South Sudan.
          The question remained WHERE WERE THEY when all of them were just busy sending the armition and manpower to Khartoum regime.My self I saw the Iranians and Iraqies among the mujahidin in Juba,even Osama bin Laden was in Juba.
          If anyone wanted to deny this,he was in El-Sabah compound.

          Please let them cry,but the governemt of the republic of South Sudan has to be careful with opening its territory to the Arabic world.

          Rev Kamunde.

          repondre message

        • 18 January 2011 12:05, by Boldit

          To Manfucker Saban Bashir

          Saban Ali, I don’t know why you are still in this site, I thought you died. Your all comments in this website will kill you without anyone. You with your step father Omer al-Bashir will be in hot condition after South Sudan seceede from North. I don’t know whom do you gives thank in this site. It’s your Step father Bashir, Iran, or NCP? But we South Sudan we can gives that to Dr John Garang De Mabior and SPLA/SPLM and all our deceased and alive people. We are real South Sudanese not pretenders, anyway we can’t waste our time commenting on your fake comment. Saban don’t think South Sudan will join North like 1972 again. We are Africans newest country.

          Coming to the point all Arabs were base in Sudan but now it become very difficult for them to hide again in North Sudan. Because they bomb Isreal and themselves and they run to Sudan now South Sudan will watch them if they bomb a christains counrties like Isreal and come to North Sudan Then we will start bombing them too in Khartoum. Unless they will close bombing Isreal or any other countries. Saban join your parents Arabs and cry with them about referendum of South Sudan.

          repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 06:37, by A.k

    Hahahahahaha...Can’t believe my ears that Sudan is "A large islamic state". F%&K the Iranians.Go drown yourself’s in the Indian ocean. Can’t wait when Israel bombs start raining down on your asses.

    repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 07:38, by Nyieth-Aguthon

    Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

    Iranian ministry of foreign affairs position has betrayed its mission statement by calling Sudan a Islamic nation.
    Sudan is a secular country but those who puzzle religious and state affairs give that name a room.

    In case South Sudan become an independent country in the near future, Southerners would not be able to recognise Iran diplomatic tie because of their original’s position since war time. The country had been backing up Khartoum government against its rival (Juba government currently).

    Secondly, Iran is not a nation of any significance to South Sudan. The South has no any strategic interest there. The Islamic nation has committed all her national projects on Islamic instittutions and and other former developments. However, we are not Islamic or Christian country but a secular entity.

    repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 08:01, by Dansedit

    I fail to understand these Arabs countries,is because,it became their fashion of talking to press or what ? How can you call sudan Islamic country ! Are you really wise or just matter of saying to please the Isamic religion ! Really South Sudan achieved what they deserve so you can now continue call your North Islamic country,Otherwise Islam should wash out because we will not accept to be incoporate into this religion which lack some God Ideology .

    repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 08:24, by Stephen kuach

    That’s why we are departing away from these retarded people,if the Islamic world doesn’t recognized the land of Africa and the people within the land as Africans and persisting calling it an islamic country,then we have finally make up our minds by dividing up the land.Iran is one of the failed state among the Arabs countries and Ahmedinajad will soon be brought into justice along with his friend Omar.He used to supported the Khartoum regime with aurtilleries guns,antonovs,gunships.prays harder to your allah to inhibited your arrest warrant from the icc.

    repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 09:55, by Tambura

    Calling Sudan islamic State, You are right Ahmadinejadon Iran and Sudan have common stance on major international issues include supporting terrorist of Gaza Strip to kill Israelis.

    Next South Sudan president

    repondre message

    • 18 January 2011 13:17, by J G kuol

      Dear Tamboura
      I do really apologize to you for the other day when I threw
      some pucnhes on you ,thinking that you were playing tribe.
      I should’ve given you the benefit of the doubt.
      That was my mistake ,I did you rong,and I’m sorry for that.
      Have a great time... :)
      God bless my brother.

      repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 11:40, by Makuach Akot Ngongdit


    we South Sudanese care for no body if you are not aware, calling Sudan as an Islamic nation gives me in particular, a vision of rebelling again against Arabs. if it would happen once again for South Sudan to choose unity, I would have gone to seek for exile in the neighbouring countries for I am born un Arabs nor muslim.

    It is my pleasure this time to give my fellow South Sudanese what they did know all this time. fellow brothers in the South, this Iran is sheding tears on sudan division b’se the war he was providing weapons and jet fighters is now over. so Iran has lost the source of her income.

    if you don’t mind Iran, please bring those jet fighter planes. we will buy them from you instead of crying for no good reason on our mission for secession.

    shame on thugs of hyenas who had been feeding on South Sudan revenues for decades.

    No man should be the master on other man this time. shame on the tigers grambling on the carcas of small gazalle leaving the un powerful animals in pain.

    repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 13:27, by iHatejalaba

    Let them cry and wave bye bye to Southern Sudanese people we don’t Arab, Islam or Muslim this religious to be honest with Ahmadinejad makes me sick to the fullest.
    “Sudan is not an Islamic state”
    I rather worship a tree than to embarrass myself to be a Muslim. Now that south is breaking away your feeling sorry for the north because they no longer require your weapons meaning no more killing business. We in the south still have problems with each other after the secession can the Nuer and the Dinka stop their animalistic behaviors because that will generate an ethnic conflict. None of you is better than the other your reasoning capacity is the same worse than an animal so please stop the Riek Machar alligations. Just keep the animals in the farm. No cattle raid, No cattle politics go to school and learn about how you can treat your cows when they are sick.

    repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 13:43, by iHatejalaba

    Let them cry and wave bye bye to Southern Sudanese people we don’t want Arab, Islam or Muslim this religious to be honest with you Mr Ahmadinejad makes me sick to the fullest.
    “Sudan is not an Islamic state”

    I rather worship a tree than to embarrass myself to be a Muslim. Now that south is breaking away your feeling sorry for the north because they no longer require your weapons meaning no more killing business in the south. The Northern goverment is stupid they wasted billions of dollars to buy weapon but can’t afford to buy a new toilet at the Khartoum Internatioal airport.

    We in the south still have problems with each other after the secession can the Nuer and the Dinka stop their animalistic behaviors because that will generate an ethnic conflict. None of you is better than the other your reasoning capacity is the same worse than an animal so please stop the Riek Machar alligations. Just keep the animals in the farm. No cattle raid, No cattle politics go to school and learn about how you can treat your cows when they are sick.

    repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 21:59, by Marco A. Wek

    Yes that is why we want to go our way and leave your Muslim brothers mess up their part of Sudan terrorist.

    repondre message

  • 18 January 2011 22:23, by Peter Elia Kuzee

    Let you cry for south sudan,we don’t care.
    This is a new nation.Kill your muslim brothers.

    repondre message

  • 19 January 2011 00:10, by australian

    Muslims believe that when a place has been made Islamic, it is Islamic forever. In Islamic terms, when sharia law was declared by Nimeiri in all of Sudan, south Sudan became part of the indissoluble Muslim world. Just ask Hizb ut-Tahrir. They will NOT give up, but they will find ways other than fighting to take back "their" "sacred" land.
    As someone else said above, you can be sure that Muslim countries will send in their men disguised as traders to begin the process. Why will so many foreign Muslims be interested in south Sudan now? Be careful. It is almost impossible to tell if a Muslim is lying or not. Just ask yourselves: is this the only place they can make money?

    Wheat and sugar? Where? Where do they want to plant these things? North Sudan? Close to the border of southern Sudan?
    You have Islamic banks knocking on your door, and others oh-so-keen to "invest". Watch out!

    repondre message

    • 19 January 2011 01:15, by JAMES KUOI STEPHEN

      Iranian! Southern Sudan is seperated, formjat for your own,

      repondre message

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