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South Sudan minister warns of war if referendum delayed


By Julius N. Uma

September 13, 2010 (JUBA) – A senior south Sudan official has warned citizens in the semi-autonomous region to brace themselves for all possibilities, including war, if the referendum on the region’s possible independence from the north does not go ahead as planned in January 2011.

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Michael Makuei Lueth – GOSS Minister of Parliamentary Affairs (ST)

The referendum on South Sudan’s self-determination is a key blank of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which in 2005 ended decades of civil war between the Arab-dominated north and the south where most people follow Christianity or traditional beliefs.

Southerners are due to go to the polls in January 2011 to choose between unity with the north or their own independent state. According to most analysts, southerners will certainly vote in favor of secession from the north.

Michael Makuei Lueth, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs at the Government of Southern Sudan [GoSS], yesterday told stakeholders attending a half-day referendum meeting that southerners want to see the referendum take place successfully.

However, he warned that if the exercise failed to take place, “southerners should prepare themselves for anything, including war.”

Makuei, who was flanked by his under-secretary Dr. Julia Duany Aker, emphasized the importance of civic education on the two referendum options, saying that voters need to be enlightened on the existing laws, citing the Referendum Act.

Enacted in December last year and consisting of nine chapters and 69 sections, the Referendum Act provides guidelines on how the referendum should be conducted and those who are eligible to vote.

The minister further disclosed that the much-awaited voters’ registration is likely to get underway next month. However, no specific date has been fixed so far.

The registration process, which was originally set to commence in July, has been reportedly delayed due to some irregularities cited in the voters’ registration forms.

According to Makuei, success in the referendum, either in favor of unity or secession, will be determined by 60 percent of valid votes counted. He also warned those with no intentions of voting in the referendum to abstain from registering.

“Many of you are very excited about the referendum and when registration begins, they will hurry and register. Those who think they will not be able to vote in next year’s referendum should not register,” Makuei said.

He further said that advocates involved in the referendum work should not be harassed by any party, warning that any form of interference in their work would be contrary to constitutional provisions.

“If you are an advocate for unity or separation, you need to go and talk to the people and persuade them on why they should buy your idea. No one has the right to harass you in your work,” Makuei said.

Sudan Tribune has learned that the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission (SSRC) is already in the process of establishing an information team committee to liaise with the media fraternity during pre and post-referendum period.

Similarly, the GoSS is reportedly in the process of setting up a security committee, comprising of trained personnel who will be required to observe standards of fairness and impartiality.

Southern Sudan Referendum Taskforce, another body setup by the GoSS, has already assumed its duties. Those include preparing people for the referendum, post-referendum arrangements as well as providing technical guidance to government ahead of 2011.


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  • 14 September 2010 03:48, by Jamjamez

    Mr. Minister! you should have explicitly said the word war, it could be used by those who needed an escape goat to start war or point fingers to Southern Sudan and displays the South as war mongers. I hope you are aware of the report last week by IHS Jane about Southern Sudan preparation for the war. Why do you think they don’t talk about it in the North, It is because they want first to spill the blame on our side. Be careful with what you say in the world of today, Plus most of you ministers will pack you bags and come to your houses in Uganda and Kenya where you have bought mansionette with the embezzled public funds from South sudan and leave the poor and the disable alone to be fried by the modern bombs from the North. If you mean war, you should be ready for it and not run anywhere.

    As Southerners, war is what we are aware of and cannot be preached to us. We want freedom and after all freedom is not absolutely free! we know there will be some sacrifices but we dont want the blame on our side. We should point the fingers North because all of us are working hard to let the world know what the North is all about.
    Mine is: lets play the real worldly political games for now however we must be aware not to hope for someone’s help this time. we should protect ourselves and we can not be told that. We all know.
    Thank you sir.

    repondre message

    • 14 September 2010 04:20, by doot

      Great minister ,

      I guest you are , politic is likelyhood of making anything happening , or stop anything happening.There is need for south sudanese to preparing for anything before referendum or after referendum. Things need to be talked publicly not privately . Talking about war is not a new thing in sudan and would never be a new thing in any way. In my own view talking about war at the moment is quite better than being submissive . For any nation to stand strong , must be ready for war anytime .

      This is a really world,No joke , we are dealing with realities

      repondre message

    • 14 September 2010 09:01, by Kur William

      JamJamz you have to make sure that we are too vicious to demonistrate whatever our content is nothings wrong with War to put it forward as last resort if we fail the first attampt.Go head Mr Makuei you are right and those who love South to be free from tyrancy are behind you to pay any prices that can cost us. Kur

      repondre message

      • 14 September 2010 15:41, by Ahmed Chol

        Unity is another civil war waiting for us
        With unity, we will live on our knees, with secession we may die but on our feet

        People be prepare for war if you want your independence. We should not just prepare to defend the south alone when we are attacked. We should be prepared to bring disaster to their uncles, nephews and mothers fathers. We will destroy Khartoum much more than the JEM did. Oil production will stop in the south. With unity, there will be Anya-nya III, if you can all see this coming in the next 15 years after 2011, then why should we allow ourselves to have another civil war. Lets finish the work all together now. The history of Sudan will be characterized by sporadic wars in the years to come if we allow ourselves to be fooled to accept unity.

        Ahmed Chol, the future commander of Anya-nya

        repondre message

      • 14 September 2010 21:09, by Wal P Muoranyar Biet

        You are absolutely right Mr. Makuei. We must be prepared for any possibilities.
        And to those who call him war mongerer, consider old men, women and children who were massacred by the Northerners, were they war mongerers? The war we must prepare our selve for is not war of choice, but necessity.

        Wal Peter Muoranyar

        repondre message

    • 15 September 2010 12:11, by Akok

      You Man!
      Ashame on you if you are advocating for unity.And i would like to inform you and your colleagues that even if you work day and night to make sure that the people of Southern Sudan vote for unity, you will never accomplish that mission till you die.Because there is no reason for unity after we have lost millions of Southerners during war.Do you think SPLA/M went to the bush demanding for unity?. I think you were outside Sudan otherwise, you would have not posed this message.

      repondre message

  • 14 September 2010 04:40, by Grader

    If the ALI KARTI, Sudanese foreign minister can threaten WAR then wats wrong with us doing the same?

    ALI KARTI was head of Popular defense Force in the 1990s; he knows what price they paid ... everywhere including kit, Jebeleen, Nimule and BUNA just to mention a few.

    Job well done Makuei

    repondre message

    • 14 September 2010 05:03, by Makeethy

      There was no war fought in Nimule. I guess you meant Ashwar.

      repondre message

      • 14 September 2010 15:46, by Ahmed Chol

        and if you want to be precise, there is no place called ASHWAR on the map of southern sudan. How far is your Ashwar from Nimule?

        repondre message

  • 14 September 2010 07:52, by telfajbago

    We have a saying that " a bite start from leaking " since the implementation of the CPA with Southern Sudanese masses fixed on exercising their legitimate right of self-determination, the National Congress Party had never stopped in supporting factionalism and its militias to raise havoc in the South and further threatening the SPLM/A with the consequences of declaring independence from the parliament of South Sudan. I believe that; the leaders of South Sudan should prepare their masses for the worse possible scenarios and that is the war with north in case referendum was denied or its result disputed, in order to a void shocking their masses with abruptly going back to war .Furthermore, in any war to be won the three triangles of the Army; the masses and the Government must work in a feast of harmony ,and if you do not prepare these in advance it would be difficult .So the minister is now doing what he suppose to be doing three years ago.

    repondre message

  • 14 September 2010 09:02, by Adam

    Dear Readers

    War is inevitable. In both cases we’re going to suffer and loose the promising chance of development. If people are forced by SPLA/M (Not SPLM/A) gangs and extremists/terrorists to vote for separation, a new era of bloodshed will begin. It is well-known that many people in the South are fed up with the tribal line and corruption of SPLA/M. War has already started in Unity and Jonglei states. Preparations are underway to strengthen the troops politically and logistically. The North, the UN, the US, the EU and the international community will not accept the separation results if the SPLA gangs do what they did in the last elections. This time many will observe the process of referendum. It is better that SPLM should control SPLA or otherwise we are in severe war when the thieves will fly to Kampala and Kenya and elsewhere leaving the poor people in the rural areas, villages and towns burn and starve to death.

    However, if the referendum is conducted in peaceful, free and democratic way and with the true participation of all political parties, Sultans, youth, community and spiritual leaders without terrorism, intimidation and intervention, then the North, the UN, the US, the EU and the international community will accept the result of the referendum. But this will not make the separatists happy. One can visualize the leaders of the new war emerging from animal dung. They will start killing tribesmen of Equatoria and Nilotic groups. This time, the war will be long and painful. The North will be united like never before and wont spare an effort to maintain the unity of Sudan by iron and fire. The international community will enjoy the beautiful war scenes on TV. The media will have a continuous hot news on destruction, famine and displacement. The region will be set in fire. Uganda will be taken by LRA – Kenya will be taken by Somalis and Qaida. Obama will be sorry to be an African.

    So in both cases the Southerners are going to suffer hard - harder this time by the stupid behavior of SPLA/M. The way out to this is to overthrow the current corrupted GoSS and hold the referendum in a better time and conditions with the support of the international community.

    Adam Milawaki, Kansas City

    repondre message

    • 14 September 2010 10:50, by Paul Ongee

      Ya Adam,

      I like your war of words. It’s good that you like to be free in western country more than in the Middle East. You’re now residing in the Superpower country not in one of the Middle Eastern technologically poorest countries. I would like to remind you that the Islamic mentality that you’re trying to brag about is purely based on religious bigotry. The same freedom and basic human rights that you got from Britain and Egypt in 1956 is already within sight. Southern Sudanese have every right to be free through referendum box or bullets. Outdated unity will probably be maintained in the Islamic Republic of North Sudan. Any attempt to make constitutional reform within the next three months will not make unity attractive to Southerners. South Sudan has already gone since 1947 only waiting to be placed on a world map after January 9, 2011. Believe me or not.

      repondre message

    • 14 September 2010 12:25, by Sunday Jial

      Dear Adam of Cansas City

      Woe to the Unionists for the blood of our mytyrs will haunt them.......................................................

      I partially agree with your first statement from the first paragraph that goes: "In both cases we are going to suffer and loose the promising chance of development". Yes, we are going to loose in both cases, and above all the booming development in North. South has no much to loose or worry about since it is lagging being in terms of development.

      I am speaking from within rather than giving verdicts from Cansas city. I know much about rapid development in the north and highest degree of undevelopment in the south. I witnessed political intriques of divide and rule tactics played by NCP during April elections.

      I believe in Dr. Garang’s statement that goes: "Sudan will never be the same again". Yes, it will be never be one country again after referendum. We are going to make a country that accepts constitutional secularization rather than islamization. A country that accepts multiculturalism diversification, a country where common man is be considered a cornerstone and a pillar of the nation rather than satan/slave, a country where intellectuals are given opportunities to work rather using them as watchmen.

      Adam, your thirst for unity is an empty barrel noise. I advise you to stop barking about unity but, run your private affairs to make life.

      South is already gone and no turning back forever and ever.

      Take care

      Sunday Jial

      repondre message

  • 14 September 2010 09:33, by Akuma

    Everything will be possible so long independent of Southern Sudan is in Southerners’ heart. there is no hindering for that anyway.

    But All Southerners need to be aware that their fellow partners are well organizes to your rights and they want to treat you a second class citizens in your ancestor land.

    Do everything in your capacity as someone who has right in your land.

    Dr. Akuma

    repondre message

    • 14 September 2010 17:14, by John M. Atem

      Dear readers,
      Iam happy that Goss Ministers are coming out to making it perfectly clear to North Sudan that the delayment of Referrendum will result in war.
      This is a very strong message in my opinion that we should continue to preach to all the people of Southern Sudan as we are approaching the defining moment in our country’s history.
      Recently, many people have been running around like chicken with its head cut off preaching their fatalistic ideology of Somalization of Southern Sudan should we break away from predominantly oppressive North Sudan.
      These fatalistic messages are nothing more than political smokescreen specifically designed to scare broad day light out of you, the people of Southern Sudan and to make us,the people of Southern Sudan look frigheningly stupid. So, let us not let ourselves to be wickedly fooled by scum of degenerated humanity Jallaba-Arabs.
      Dear Readers,
      Having paused alittle bite to carefully examine the history of contemporary Sudan, I have comprehensively concluded with out the shadow of the doubt that Sudan is a country aggravatingly destroyed by 50 years of primitive, backward, simple-minded, and regressing-thinking politics.
      Indeed, Victor Hugo once said," there is nothing more powerful in all this world than an idea whose time has come"
      Therefore, in this regard, the time has come for the people of Southern Sudan to move away from primitive, backward, and simple-minded politics of 50 years and build more prosperous, progressive and vibrant Southern Sudan nation-state based on our foundational Judaeo-Christian values and principles.
      May almighty God creator of heaven and Earth bless the long-suffering people of Southern Sudan and guided them into the promised land of freedom, liberty, respect for human dignity and social justice comes January,9, 2011.
      Thank you all very much. SPLA Oyee, New Sudan Oyee. Victory to our long-oppressed, abused and needlessly subjugated as second-class citizens in the upcoming Referrendum.

      repondre message

      • 15 September 2010 03:13, by John M. Atem

        Dear Readers,
        I am glad that the Government of Southern Sudan ministers are coming out to strongly warn the scum of degenerated thugs regime in Khartoum that they should not delay the Referendum.
        The failures of Khartoum government to conduct the upcoming Referendum on time could result in a destructive military confrontation.
        In fact, this is a message we should preach to our people of Southern Sudan so that our people are fully prepared to combat any eventualities.
        Recently, many people have been running around like chicken with its head cut off preaching their fatalistic ideology of Somalization of Southern Sudan should we choose to vote for an independent political state of Southern Sudan. Indeed, our people of Southern Sudan are fully prepared to combat any eventualities should they occur and are fully ready to eradicate them. So, let not lose our determined hope.
        Our people are more than ever before fully prepared to govern themselves.
        So, let not give the degenerated and natural-born fools in Khartoum another opportunity. We must be freed and the time for us to be freed is now and not later. We must not let the next generation of Southern Sudan go through another suffering.
        My dear people, we have given degenerated and thuggish Mafia-clique National Congress Party ample amount of time to do everything right and to make the unity attractive, but they have miserably failed to make the unity attractive. Therefore, the National Congress Party has nobody else to blame, but themselves.
        Finally and yet importantly, the late American President John F. Kennedy once said," Mankind must stop the war, or war will put an end to Mankind". Therefore, in this regard, I ardently urge the people of Southern Sudan to put an end to the war, or else the war will put an end to all of us. In the other words, We must learn to live together as brothers else we shall all perish as philistine fools.
        There is an old saying in English which goes," If you want peace, stop fighting"
        Indeed, My dear people we have had enough killings during the tedious liberation struggle and we must not afford ones.

        repondre message

  • 14 September 2010 21:05, by julius mowanga

    SPLM-PB has failed us to be a first class citizens of the Republic of Sudan when they heeded to the US Interference in our fulfillment of Dr. John Garang’s Vision of the New-Sudan to rule the whole country as one entity,when they withdrew from the election race in the Northern States and pulled the hopeful Presidential candidate Cdr. Yassir Arman.

    The CPA in its 7TH article has stipulated the possibility of amending its provisions by an elected parliament,which will definitely cancels all the controversial laws,especially the Islamic Sharia and the National Security’ law,...etc.We lost the golden opportunity to reform Sudan to be a democratic state with the upper hand in its ruling to the full right people,with leadership of South Sudanese people.

    The call for securing the timetable of the referendum is absurd because NCP’s main goal is to form an Islamic State in Northern Sudan,which is fully backed by USA A administration as we see the heavily involvement of the CIA in training the National Security apparatus in Khartoum,just to keep the NCP/NIF in power to fight the so called Islamic Terrorism.In the other hand USA insist in implementation of the last leg of CPA-the Referendum- to secure their exploitation of the South Sudan mineral resources and the Oil in particular.WE have to question the naivety of our leaders in SPLM/A about abandoning such tactic!!!

    This referendum has fundamental values democratically because SPLM/A is a totalitarian regime,barring all other political parties and activist to practice their legitimate political right,in organization and peaceful gatherings beside the rest political activities.The lack of democracy will label the referendum outcome with a lot of suspicions which will result in dividing our nation politically.There should be at least a fair and transparent encounter between SPLM and the rest of the political power that will nourish the democratic aspects of the ordinary citizens.SPLM/A is obliged due to the CPA to work for Unity option,not Secession,in away that makes every citizen of South Sudan what will impact his/her vote in this referendum.

    SPLM/A has dominated the media and blocked every other voices uttering concern of the real motive of the political cadres going against the freedom of speech,political organization and advocacy.SPLM acted as sole representative of the people of South Sudan without the public mandate,while the whole region is infested with various political parties and Militias.Many political figure has assorted to Khartoum based media outlets to vocal their concerns,which has protrated negatively in South Sudan and been labelled as a DESTRUCTIVE tool of NCP/NIF.The polical atmosphere is very gloomy due to such systematic harassment and intimidation by all GOSS-SPLM officials in their call upon the citizen to vote in a certain way that will ensure their grip of the power and wealth looting.

    South Sudan is a sovereign state since the incipient of the CPA in 2005,it is a matter of time to declare its political independence,but the ordinary people needs to be educated of how to practice democracy and accept their rival political views in order to live in a democratic society.

    Democratic advocacy is more important than urging people to actually participate in the referendum without foreseeing the impact of such practice in their political future.The April 2010 election was a very bad experience of how the ordinary people of South Sudan practicing their political freedom in the voting polls.

    This referendum should be a corner stone of teaching our people how to practice democracy without intimidation or harassment,inorder to build an enlighted society politically to govern themselves.Political parties,democratic pluralism is what needed prior to the declaration of our independence from the totalitarian regime in Khartoum,it takes all of us to advocate it and encounter any totalitarian tendency by SPLM/A or any other political party in South Sudan,for a better political future foe our coming generations.

    Long live our fallen heroes who fought for our political freedom and sovereignty.

    repondre message

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