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SPLA denies buying military aircrafts


By Ngor Arol Garang

August 22, 2010 (RENK) – South Sudan’s army dismissed on Sunday a report made by a Sudanese media agency claiming that it has bought heavy military machine guns and eleven aircrafts from a Russian arms dealer.

The pro-government Sudan Media Centre (SMC) reported that the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), which controls southern Sudan under a 2005 peace accord, has ordered eleven military aircrafts from Kazan Aircraft Production Association (KAPA).

Uganda and the USA are training pilots for the planes that will be received by the end of this month, the SMC report said.

Lieutenant General Kuol Deim Kuol, official spokesperson of the SPLA, strongly denied that they were in process of acquiring armed aircrafts in a phone interview with Sudan Tribune from the south’s capital Juba.

"We do not have such information. When we get our arms, we will make it public. We will make it known to the general public." Kuol said.

Colonel Malaak Ayuen Ajok, head of information and public relations department at the SPLA headquarters also denied knowledge of any arrangement to buy military aircraft from anywhere in the world.

"I am not aware of any military aircrafts said to have been bought the by SPLA because we do not have funds", said Colonel Ayuen.

The Colonel disputed the allegation that pilots were being trained in Uganda or any other east Africa countries.

"I am not also aware of the training of pilots in the countries you have mentioned", Colonel Ayuen said.

The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) described the report as another proof of SPLM’s breach of the 2005 peace agreement.

Qutbi Al-Mahdi the secretary for organizations at the NCP said that the ex-Southern rebel group must focus on other pressing issues such as food crisis and referendum rather than buying tanks and stockpiling arms. He further said that this demonstrates the "ill-intentions" of the SPLM through preparing for war.

In June 2008 Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly endorsed a SPLA White Paper on Defense stating that the armed forces should consist of "grounds force supported by air and riverine units".

At the time the Sudan Armed Forces reacted angrily stressing that SPLA is subject to numerous limitations per the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed in 2005.

In January the south is due to vote on self-determination as part of a peace deal between the SPLM – political wing of the SPLA – and the Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party.

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in 2005, provided for a six year interim period after, which the south would decide whether it wants to remain with the rest of Sudan or opt for secession.

Southern Sudan is widely expected to vote for separation.
Negotiations between the two partners of the peace deal, have to bring agreement on post referendum issues such as citizenship of southern Sudanese who live in the north, wealth (oil) sharing.

Preparations for conducting the referendum as well as agreeing what will happen in the eventuality of a unity or separation vote are well behind schedule.

Voter registration is yet to begin and demarcation of the contested north-south border - along which many of Sudan’s oil fields lie – still needs to be completed.

Several think-tank groups warned that North and South Sudan are discreetly engaging in an arms race as they get closer to referendum date. South Sudan warned that any delay in the key vote may lead to the outbreak of war between the two former rivals.


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  • 23 August 2010 07:14, by BUSTA 2

    SPLA are liars.

    Brother in Christ,

    Busta 2

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 07:29, by Grader

      Your hatred will lead to your doom

      Have you ever been properly taught at school?

      If yes; there is a saying that goes like this "what goes around comes around"

      The hatred you preach will come to hold you hostage

      repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 07:38, by makalier

      Busta 2
      So are the NCP too. SPLA were not born yesterday coward. They know exactly what the NCp is upto and the only way to equalized their tactic is to prepared for anything that may take place as they have been trying to scared the SPLA about the consequences of declaring south Sudan unilaterally without their concern.
      I am not sure about the fabrications of the news on the website,But I wish that it is true because that is what the NCP want and we in the SPLA should not be intimidated by bunch of looters when we voices our concerns for the benefit of our citizens.
      It is Sad to say this, but if the NCP try to manipulate the outcome of the referendum against the public interests. I swear to Nhialic(God) that we will not stand and watch without puching anyone who is behind it with anytools we have and will acquire during the remaining months. it is better for a man to be dead defending his right instead of being held hostage against his right( Dinka proverbs) we passed it down from generations to another without erasing it because it very noble part of our heritage.If anyone do not like it he or she should be honest with us and work hand in hand for the betterment of himself and others well. Therefore, we shall welcome that individual to be part of our extended family which is Sudan.

      repondre message

      • 24 August 2010 02:03, by maumau

        So what if SPLA bought military aircrafts. It now has the soverenity and it deserves it. MAUMAU

        repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 07:57, by thieleling

      Dear Readers,

      South sudan armed forces has every right to train, raise and heavily equip itself to defense the independence of its people from the North. The ONLY problem is that they didn’t do that soon enough because 90% of the funds were wasted on useless corruptions within south sudanese ruling elites.

      South Sudan Armed Forces should have been quietly equipping itself for the eminent war theatre approaching Referendum. This is the only surefire to have a successful exercise of the Referendum. The ONLY guarantee to successful CPA implementation is strong south sudan military.

      Highly intelligence, strategic thinkers should have known this right off the bat(2005). Countries like the U.S, Israel and Uganda would have quietly do their best to make sure south sudanese are efficiently equipped in the last six years.
      Instead; the south sudan leadership were simply busy with misplace priorities.

      Now, south sudan has to go to war with a weak military hardwares thanks to the clever-idiots who welded control and power of the funds for corruption in the last 5 years in the south. How sad!!

      repondre message

      • 23 August 2010 08:27, by Ahmed Chol

        There is nothing wrong with SPLA buying aircrafts. NCP has so many of them.

        Ahmed Chol, the future commander of Anya-nya III

        repondre message

    • 24 August 2010 10:56, by Arochthon


      it will not surprise any one in South Sudan that most of the commentators in this site are bribed, but remember the history will not forgive you.

      repondre message

    • 24 August 2010 13:23, by Shadrack Nuer Machut

      It’s out of the concern of anybody to rule SPLA for any decision made. To buy weapon is not a crime in Sudan because even the incumbent president is doing the same. That is why it is difficult to bring PEACE to an end in the largest region in AFRICA. I urge SPLA not to afraid so for whatever decision that comes across to judge.

      repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 07:16, by Matot de Akech Matot

    NCP party what do you thinks ? If SPLA got some funds like what you got they have right of buying such a heavy military machine guns but i thinks we have n’t . In fact any so what if we bought them ? Are you taking care of what we bought from the south ,leave SPLA alone . Thanks cdr Kuol Dim and Maleek Ayuen for denies this .
    SPLA/ SPLM shall be strong than ever and ever .
    May God blessing you all .

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 07:18, by Matot de Akech Matot

      What do you mean SPLA are liars Brust ? Why you saying that word’s to your peolpe brother ?

      repondre message

      • 23 August 2010 09:12, by Rambang

        He is not our brother. Just leave him and future will judge him. what kind of person would be happy to see his people helpless, when worst happened?

        repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 10:14, by Akuma

      What if SPLA bought their aircraft, what worry NCP over that development. when NCP 25 in 2009, Do NCP heard any speech from Government of Southern Sudan?

      It is ashameless to believe delusive ideas

      Dr. Akuka

      repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 11:01, by John Sebit

      You can not reject your mother or father because they are disable, this is the same here,we can not reject our movement SPLA because you failed what ever you though might have happened, SPLA adminstration is ofcourse failing in some forms yet we can not reject it.
      Therefore let’s not abuse our mother or father SPLA,
      SPLA failed me a lot, yet is my disable mother & father, I plus those who support it Oyee.
      SPLA has right to buy all form all millitary equipement if at all they have fund, let’s seperate from Arab & they wil see how our military will be well equipment.
      Shame on those black Arab in the South, please go to Khortuom where you will pray with your forehead down.
      Dig a hole with care because you never know whethere you or somebody else can fall in.

      repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 07:19, by DOOR

    Southsudan has the right to defend itself with all the necessary mean.If these allegation are true the question is so what?

    repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 07:21, by $iong mayom

    If the jalaba can have aircrafts , why can’t we??. The dictators in Khartoum are receiving arms from China so do they expect the Goss to sit back and watch the enemy stockpile weapons?, of course that won’t happen.We know exactly where fugitive Beshir intends to use these weapons from China. the GOSS cannot afford to let Jalaba extend the gap militarily. Jalaba brain is unpredictable, one movement he is acting as a friend and the next thing u know is Jalaba planning attacks. South Sudan has decoded the NCP puzzle. The future looks uncertain so we have to prepare and confront what ever Jalaba throws at us.

    repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 07:59, by DASODIKO

    By disseminating such news National Congress Party is preparing for war. at the mean time its a message also to keep the Governemnt of South Sudan busy on refuting such false news and forget about the referendum due to be held in coming six months time.

    However; I beleive that according to CPA the semi-autonomous South Sudan has rights to own weapons, and I think military aircrafts are weapons as they are owned by Sudan goverment who disrespected the CPA and kept on threatening the people of South Sudan by new wars. But This time I would like to tell the Khartoum Governemnt in North that the weapons people of South Sudan would fight with, will not be from China or Russia where you brought yours; but from other planet that are more leathal capable to get us in no time to Shandi and Wad Baaaa Naga.

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 08:06, by Truth_Seeker

      If you understand the tactics of Satan, it is easy to understand the Jallabas

      repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 22:42, by James Nyol

      Why should NCP care whetther SPLA buy arms or not? They should be happy that we are using our money to buy these arms if the reoprt is true because they Unity of Sudan for which there are longing for becomes a reality; and then they should have ready made availably military epuipments to defend the country.

      Why should the NIF care if they are not planning to destablish South Sudan militarily?

      The report is rublish and comrade Ayuen would have just mentioned the same.

      J. NYOL

      repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 08:19, by Machingela gai


    You have been buying aircrafts for bombing us and nothing wrong with it! And now you are spectulating this rumor through the fear that South sudan is likely to have its own militry air jets for the same purpose you have engaged in for three decades. What is wrong with that? Let us be power equal in the fight this time and see who is who in the arena then using war jets by yourself in a no win situation.

    Even though it is not true as you preach, you are the teachers of mankind’s sin in Sudan. You have been doing sinful things against South in Khartoum without gainsaying in any situation. You can pay us back what you owe us through doingwrong. We are for real tired of you. The coming war will be a war of tit for tat through air bombardment like you have been doing against us. Khartoum will have to smoke like Southern towns and villages, if that news is true. We are a nation builds on blood and millions lives lost on its rising, and we can therefore protect ourselves against any evil invader such as you.

    The message is one: choose equality for all or wrong practice for all with zero tolerance, and the same thing will be applied in such a manner fashion to you.

    What is wrong with our oil money if the owner uses it for the right deed instead of a wrong deed you use it for? The war you set up against us is a war you set up against your own.

    repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 08:43, by Rambang

    Even if the report is true, I don’t see the reason why NCP should complain. Sudan has been buying MiG-29 fighters from Russia and no one says anything. If SPLA don’t need the jets, why should SAF need them?

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 10:14, by james nyoma

      So What??????????

      By the end of this year we shall be preparing to bury the CPA. So thereafter January 9th, 2011 there will not be any document or agreement guarding our partnership with the north, so thereafter there will not be any commitements to anyone. The laws of the jungle will be the only laws applying - the strong will suppress the weak.

      So what is our stance???????

      We welcome the remorse and we wish it to be true. We are going to be a new nation and will therfore need our own defense. We kwon very well that after INDEPENDANCE our enemy will try to forcefully annex us like what North Yemen did to South Yemen. But let them be reminded that we will never surrender. We will bomb Sennar dam, Jebel Aulia dam and the dam of Morowe and then we leave them to fight with water.

      No comments.

      God bless us all.

      repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 10:11, by The Jungle fire

    Those northerners wanted south to be weak in military so that they crash them from A to Z. They should remember that we are in the 21st centuary. If SPLA bought aircraft so what? If they boom our capital, then we will even strike inside Kharthoum. Bothside will test how blood smell. in the previous days it was only us but now we will share the same consequence.

    repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 10:48, by Othogomoi

    Hey Busta
    whats wrong with you? r u one of those who betraying us(South Sudanese)
    we have all these weapons & the aircraft.this is for defends of S.Sudan.keep in mind that, this time we dont want to fight as rebels, but as a nation fights a nation .
    yes long live south Sudan.

    repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 12:19, by Kur William

    Busta 2 you are really snobs guy and you don,t understand an English at all what do you meant SPLA are liars while SPLA official spokeman has reported on the article that they don,t have such a move at the moment.

    SPLA oyee keep up our spirit is at the pitch we can do whatever we can to defend our soil from they foreginers or any one who trys to be the enemy of southern sudan at any time.Kur

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 13:12, by BUSTA 2

      SPLA has bought military aircrafts but second hand one that is the big problem than denying the fact!!!

      Brother in Christ,

      Busta 2

      repondre message

      • 24 August 2010 13:32, by emmanuel adol

        gun is a gun dog provide it fires so if you think they can not clear your asses in the north you just wait and see when you shall be begging south and darfur from finishing black arabs and their masters in north. we are ready this time everybody in the south has got the concept of being free .

        repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 13:34, by okucu pa lotinokwan

    NCP,you are forgetting the war head missile you bought from china which can fired 600 miles or more? Which no body do not want to preach on it,alway you are full of telling liars on the GOSS.
    Arabs this time whether means what? one can take gun to defend his land if you joke with the result of our referenda.South Sudan is already acountry they have the right to have every thing more bigger than what you are acusing them of.But yet this is not the time let no body panics in the north.
    If thing goes wrong Kartoum will experience the desert storm of Iraq this time.God Bless Sudan.


    repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 14:23, by Sudan virus

    This is a false allegation.

    The SPLM gets its money from the oil revenue which was said to have not been even released as stipulated in the CPA.
    Where,whereeee cannnnnnnny thethe eeeeeeeee Splm get such such huge moni for buying aircrapt?

    Stop laiying now NCP.

    Otherwise,the CPA permitted south Sudan autonomy under SPLM leadership to professionalized its southern arm the SPLA.If this is true ,then there is no need to talk about it.

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 14:50, by John M. Atem

      Folks, Iam always puzzled and more perplexed to rationally comprehend the reason why Jallaba Arabs are so scared to death when they hear the SPLM/A bought military weaopns? We want these scum of humanity Arabs to know that those weapons are for self-defend if indeed the SPLM bought those weapons.

      repondre message

  • 23 August 2010 21:14, by Richie

    So what? Even if it is true that SPLA bought arms, is that a crime? You know that we are going to separate from the goddamn Arabs who think everything belongs them in Sudan.

    Remember the old man who addressed people on SSTV two days ago? That South Sudan soil is ours (Southerners). Given to us (Southerners) by God. Only to see Arab take its resources to the north and give a piece of it to us. If you listened to his exact words, you will quietly leave southern Sudan and will never come back again. Whoever you are, please ceased from SS affairs.

    Let me try to quote what the old man said in my bad arabic and I don’t really care. He said, "Turab bita nina dee, Rabuna yau wodi le nina. Southern Sudan dee ma midan bita sakila. Bi silu resources bita nina dee le Khartoum ella biga bi tong’gou yella biga bi wodi ma wodi. Ajama salla Sitan ma bi jilan kalem dee sei?"

    Oh man, i cracked my ribs open, but this man told the truth and he really inspired me as a southerner.

    Listen to that old man again and again, it is quite eminent that we are going to separate. Therefore we have to be prepared as a sovereign nation in 2011.
    You get it BUSTA? Leave Southerners alone you godamned confuse God’s creature made without conscience.

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2010 22:36, by ojok s. ojok

      this shouldn’t be asurprise to NCP because SPLA/M is the government and have right to use any millitary hardware. please stop craying!

      repondre message

    • 26 August 2010 14:00, by mayom maboung marek

      and so what Arab people,

      repondre message

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