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U.S. special envoy to skip El-Fasher’s international meeting on Darfur


July 3, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — The U.S. special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration will not be present at a meeting for international envoys that will be held in North Darfur’s capital city of El-Fasher, sources tell Sudan Tribune.

Scott Gration Among the attendees is the Chinese envoy to Africa Liu Guijin, Russian envoy to Sudan Mikhail Margelov, joint United Nations and African Union mediator Dijibril Bassole along with officials from the Arab League and Europe.

Sudan state media said that the purpose of the meeting is to review the security and humanitarian situation the war ravaged region and evaluate the progress of the political process that is currently underway in the Arab Gulf state of Doha.

Today the Chinese envoy urged all parties to Darfur conflict to negotiate a political solution saying that is the only way to resolve the seven years old crisis.

A source close to the meetings that start on Monday attributed Gration’s absence to "disagreements" between the head of the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) Ibrahim Gambari whose headquarters are in El-Fasher.

"Gration does not like the fact that Gambari wants to play a greater role in Darfur’s political process and feels that he is pulling the rug from under him" said the source who asked not to be named.

African diplomats privately say that there is a silent behind the scenes competition between the UN-AU joint mediator and the head of the AU High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) Thabo Mbeki. The latter, backed by the AU Commission chief Jean Ping, is reportedly trying to take over the Darfur dossier from Bassole.


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  • 5 July 2010 06:40, by Aduol Liet

    Chinese government and Russian government are they big suppliers weapons to Sudan government and the question is, what can these two nations will do while they forgotten the human rights law.? Could these two nations be blame for civilians innocents deying under the indictment friendship.?

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  • 5 July 2010 07:02, by DASODIKO

    Alas; people in dead bed, and instead of to think who will take them to hospital; they compete and dispute on who will burry them alives. What a shame! Gambari who sold innocent people of Mayanmar to their Junta is today repeating the game in Darfur. The objective of US Envoy to Sudan Gration to stick his nose on Darfur was just to stop what he believe that Darfur crisis internationally overshadows South Sudan independent. However; he forgot that people of South Sudan survived 23 years of all kinds of humilation without single person shed tears on them. The stage People of South Sudan have reached with inspiration from Late Hero Garang was %90 struggle and perseverence. They don’t need a person such as Gration who still beleive that NCP is so strong to threaten people of South Sudan and advising Kirr to forgive and forget! For me the absent of Gration was due to his failure in Sudan because of his great lack to understand the complication of Sudan problems unlike the US former envoy to Sudan Nigropond.
    On the otherhand, Russia and China the communist block first need to go to political school to read politcs. These two countries despite of the killing weapons weight they have ; but never contributed even to resolve their countries political problems. So how can they give what they don’t have it? Russa is looking market for his weapons and China is looking for both weapon market and Sudan mining resourses. Today I am a very old man but before I die I am also sure that the new generation of Darfur who grew up in refugees and IDPs camp will not allow anyone to mess up their just cause. The similar case will be in South of Sudan. The old new generation are different from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 5 July 2010 10:08, by James

      Dar Fur, is the first Islamic State in Central Africa.The war by quasi Arabs against the people of Dar Fur, is a war against all black muslims in our planet.All black muslim should join the people of Dar fur in their struggle for survival,we christains know that Islam has all along being used by Arabs for occupation,read in "FUTUHAT EL ISAMIA"Arabs expansion.

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      • 5 July 2010 12:11, by mohammed ali

        If anyone think it is about human rights and bla..bla... at least we can say he is naive! Gration is not coming because he wants to be the sole player and that is , understandably for the sake of his own country’s interest. They are competing only for their interest not ours, but we will maintain our interst , through their competetion and conflict of interest.

        The play ground of the competetion is North Sudan. Gration is sticking his nose to protect his ow country’s interst and not to remove any overshadowing over the independence of the south. He doesn’t care less!That is naive! and misunderstanding of how international politics and hypocricy works.They donnot want the south to secede so as to provide them with a leverage within the north.They have given their advice to all SPLA leaders and Pagan visit was to try to convience their policy makers that the the SPLA can manage their own state.The American Ambassedor in Ethiopia said it clearly..we donnot support secession , but we have to be ready for the consequencies.But they will not allow the south to stand on the way of their interests! If their interest is in the south they could have seperated it decades ago!There are seven Gold mining licenses issued for different internatational non-western companies, do you think the west wait watching because of a presumed "love story" They want to finish with South Sudan and Darfur to stop their nagging and come and pursue their interest among a very tough competetion !

        I donnot see that China has got any problem in their country, unless I believe in western media propoganda! But , I can see that America has got a huge problem, a crises, they owe China $ 2 trilions...TRILIONS, which make them the biggest indepted country in the world!

        Who is not looking for markets and mining resources? Is there anyone who is looking for a chriatable international policy?! The intelligent question should be why is this all competition in north Sudan? and how to maintain our soverignity and interest out of this competetion!There is no love story in international politics, morons and naive only believe in that!

        The new generations of Sudan will have a very rich, stable, secure and prosporous Sudan , they are more educated and have much more schools and universties than ever before.Those who are chasing the mirage of white man will chase it in vain!


        Arabs didn’t invade Africa,they didn’t invade Nigeria, Mali, Chad, Burkina Faso, Gunea,Tanzania, Ethiopia, Erteria, Niger, yet the majority is Muslims.The central Islamic states were built by Africans and destroyed by the Europeans, even the first Islamic state in Sudan was built by the Funj who are pure Africans.Africa was invaded, colonolised and enslaved by the Europeans.They came with their greed, segergation, apartheid and religion.They gave you European names but they never ever will treat you as equal.Arabs mixed with other human being and became part of the normal and natural texture of the human race.This was stopped by the white man invasion.It is not only AFRICA , it is all over the world! Does they Aborgini in Australia own their land and country?does the red Indian own their land and country? They were not invaded by the Arabs, neither do the Arab invaded south AFRICA or Rhodesia.You donnot need to read Futuhat AL ISLAM, Arabs didn’t set a foot in the South and they did not even invade north Sudan.The south was invaded by the British and not the Arabs!

        Donnot worry about muslims, we donnot have white or black muslim, we all stand infront of god as equal , we have no mosque for the white and and another for the black, it is in christianity where you find churches for white another for black.Read Malcom X, when he went to Makka and was astonished to see that all people of dffirent colours standing side by side on the holliest place on Earth!

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        • 5 July 2010 21:25, by Kon Paul Awenchol

          DEAR MAHOMMED the son of untrue god.
          discrimination,torture,rapping,marginalization,bureaucracy and random killing,is this human right that the government of Sudan play.it is very good that the American Envoy will quit out from the El-Fasher international meeting on Darfur.what great Negation of Negation that Darfur Khartoum persecutor will meet,I just can not understand what Darfur will and can be in volcanic which will erupt on the horizon. Gration, since you were send to be Sudan Envoy to monitor the political role of U.S administration or relation toward Sudan,you were not active in Sudan problem but now please followed the word of Hillary Clinton who said that he was made disappointed by U.S administration toward Sudan policy,Bashir has disobey the role of Law to hand over those who were charges by the ICC on Darfur crime.this act is not logic,but if you paid your policy according to U.S policy let Bashir be abide by the law.killing Fur people and UNAMID is enough let justice be assure in Sudan.Scart Gration Oyeeeeeeeee


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          • 5 July 2010 23:11, by mohammed ali


            I am not a son of any god true or true, am a son of a man!

            Discrimination, torure, rapping , marginalization, bureaucracy , random killing, this all is happening in the South and more ... unprecedented level of corrupion in the history of man kind where the ministry of finance could report that $ 2 billions are missing and " liberators" are arrested at international airports smuggling hundereds of millions of dollars in cash, while the marginalized people of the south are starving; isn’t this worst than genocide!

            Please donnot talk about Darfur, the situation in the south, according to the UN, is much worst!

            Gration is not working for the GOSS, he is working for his country. This international politics and not "love story".He is pursuing the interest of his own country, this whathe is paid for.He is accountable only to the American government and not to you!

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  • 5 July 2010 18:15, by telfajbago

    The compliances to Darfur genocide China and Russia are today in hurry backing the futile Doha talks thinking that by so doing they will easily burry their inhumane history in Darfur. The genocide survivors have absolute confidence in their just cause and that reactionary forces of evils would not prevail over innocent people of good will that is why today in their death camps with one voice saying No to Doha fuss backing the unanimous call of Darfurians of justice and security before any peace. There is no way that Chinese and Russian can be constructors and destroyers at the same time, can they? before few days the hard-liner arrogant Nafie Ali Nafie visited China crying for the Chinese to continue supplying Khartoum’s genocide machinery with more weapons ,if they wants to protect their interests in Sudan; and today Chinese are meeting in Al-Fasher to liquidate the cause of Darfur, what a shame. Chinese and Russia should first issue public apologia and pay for the destruction caused by their armaments before thinking to poke their noses in the Cause of Darfur. As for U.S presidential envoy Gration he turned every stone to achieve personal triumph at the expense of t dying and suffering people and it’s only after his project failed he was skipping the very meetings he did every thing to create. Thanks to the gallant efforts exerted by anti-Gration lobbyists in U.S that brought today’s skipping. Regarding Gambari and Bassole they are seeing their work in Darfur as heaven -sent opportunity that crossed their life time once therefore, they wants to enrich themselves as much as possible before the termination of their service in Darfur. The people on the ground are dying and they do not even condemn it verbally and in stead they are disputing who will take over to maximize his personal interest. Shame on them.

    repondre message

    • 5 July 2010 19:24, by mohammed ali

      telfajbago ,

      No doubt Darfur people are suffering and this should come to an end. Unfortunately there is more hunger in the oil rich south sudan where the UN estimated that almost 50% of the population are starving, more-over the death rate has surpassed that of Darfur.The CIA Director predicted that there might be more death and even geocide within south Sudan within the next five years.

      It is not Gambari or Bosoole who are enriching from the problems of Sudan, it is the hundreds of the so called humanterian organisation who are collectin millions in the name of Sudan and only few cents trickle down to the poor and needy.

      It is not China or Russia who are supplying the rebel with arms and it is not in their history that they occupied or colonolize another country.

      At the end of the day it is we, the Sudanese who are supposed our own problems

      repondre message

      • 5 July 2010 20:23, by telfajbago

        Mohammed Ali

        you can not deny the fact that it’s with Chinese and Russian military arsenals that the Sudanese Government committed it’s heinous crimes against their own innocent civilians and that is why your fugitive president El-Bashir was cornered in his rat hole-like palace making empty bravados that Doha talks which is engineered by non other than his supporters of genocide( Chinese, Russians and Qataris) will be last venue for the negotiation; whilst our souls Mohammed Ali will not be in rest until we see your master Bashir is jailed in the ICC. Mohammed Ali had it not being for this NGOs El-Bashir would have completed the genocide to the last man but thanks to these humanitarian organizations and human rights activists who knows full well how to lit a fire under the ass of your master El-Bashir and his regime. Your unfounded fears that they will be genocide in South Sudan reflects your deep-frustration that the rich nipples of the South will be history to the North that committed genocide by these resources, today we are supporting the secession of the South first to dry the north from the very resources it used to commit crimes with. Second; to put Jallaba into their size in Sudan by either accepting to stay as minority in Sudan or go to where they came from, but not being small gods to owners of the land

        repondre message

        • 5 July 2010 22:12, by mohammed ali

          telfajbago ,

          These are not my dreams, my dreams is that we all live in peace and prosperity, with or without unity!

          These we reported by the UN who 2 days had to evacuate it’s people from Bipor area, and that was also reported as coming the CIA, no jalabba was involved.Even if Basheer is arrested , this not going to change these facts.

          It is redicuolous that you say that you care about Darfur and you ignore your own people for whom you want to build a new independant state.May be the Chinese are supplying the Sudan with arms, it is in their interest; as it was in the interest of Americans to supply nNumeri to fight in the South when Garang was supported by Mangisto Hila Maryam, the Russians and the Cubians.It is politics and it is changinging!

          The ICC is a simillar game! But it is our people who are dying and it is we who are in conflict.NGO’s will not build peace for me, they will ignite fire only.Where are the NGO’s now the south and where is the aid the south is getting compared to what you were getting during the war?!Regardless of your cause of war, they were supporting you as long as you are going to advance their agenda!

          Now it is better to reast your soul by stopping the killing the poor southerners who are not fighting a war , in which you kill or get killed, against anyone.Rest your soul with their help by getting them food, health care and education.Their demands are very simple and easily achievable.They are dying now more than in Darfur and they feel more unsecured than the people in Darfur!

          Peace should be the name of the, hate will lead the way to war!

          repondre message

  • 5 July 2010 20:05, by DASODIKO

    Dear Mr. Mohamed Atta, sorry Mohamed Ali, I know that after you have lost South Sudan and now on brink of collapse to loose Darfur and other parts of Sudan that will include not only Hallaib but port Sudan as I was told by one of the Egyptian; now in NISS office you have decided to play good boys. The word WEEEEE, that you would much like to use it is OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, if you believe or not. Sudan will never be as it was in your hands 60 years ago. I wish if Chinese or Russian responded to my comment, whom you killed with their made weapons about three millions just only in South Sudan and an other million today in Darfur. South whom you have described them as Kufaars, have already have their choice, but people of Darfur whom you deemed Muslims but legalized their bloods because they are Africans to substitute them with Arabs; have already chozen to go back to the religion of their grandfather Moses Peace of Lord be with Him. They have started changing their names to African names, while those fled the killing to state of Israel and were highly welcomed as their lives are saved are now adopting Judaism, which is also a word of God. Therefore; give it five years time you will rage war again against the people of Darfur because people of Darfur have left Islam which on its name the genocide is committed on them. Please do not forget to invite Ben Ladin and Zawhiri in you coming holly war on people of Darfur.

    repondre message

    • 5 July 2010 21:46, by mohammed ali


      We are not worried to lose the south, if the south secede , it is good for you and more than happy for you.It is funny that you insist that we want to keep the south as our property.Your joy is not the south will be independant, your joy seems to be that you think that this will hurt us.Even it hurts us, is that all your aim in life? Well it doesn’t hurt us, we more than happy, and we will be more than happy if southerners live in peace and prosperity.

      You keep talking about NISS and that it is near St James roiund about.No, my dear , you are not in Khartoum and you have not seen Khartoum since the late 70th. This was Numeri’s NISS, when the HQ in that area of Khartoum east.The HQ is far away from that area, it is now south of the rail way road while St James is on the north side.More St James round is no longer existing and very few people Know about! So, please stop lying about being Khartoum.

      Of course Sudan will never like 60 years back, that confirms your long abscense from Khartoum is not like 5 years ago, it is change and the whole country is changing. I am afraid that thousands of southerners who went with their dreems and hopes are coming back to the north and millions are not willing to go to your paradise!

      Instead of spending all of your energy in hatred, come to Sudan and be helpful to it’s people .Make these changes positively in the South and we will wish luck.It is amazing that you spend all of your time in a hate campaign, not to achieve positive results but your dreem is to hurt us.It is rediculous, and you will not succede!Why do think you are going to make changes in the north, while you did NOTHING for the poor marginalized southerners, while up to now they have recieved more than $ 10 BILLIONS from the oil revenue, while 50% of the population are starving , for god sake is’t this worset than genocide ?!Forget about Darfur for if you accuse the NCP, THE spla is doing the same and even worst, southerners are not fighting a war against SPLA at least the NCP will say we are fighting a war!Humans are the same wether they are in the south, darfur or the north.If you really care and can make changes , do it for your people and forget about us; still there is time for hate!People are stuffing millions in their bags and you are still hallucinating about the jalabba!

      Neither the Chinese nor the Russians are coming for the sake of our black eyes! They are comining for their own interest! As long as there is mutual benefit and we could maintain our soverignity they are most welcome ! We donnot posses that stupid illusion to think that somebody is coming for a " love story" with us!

      I am talking to you about Sudan and donnot care about the morons you mentioned ,neither I am talking about religion, you believe in what you believe , but in this country we should live in peace and as equals.

      At the end of the day peace will prevail, with or without secession or unity, and the people of sudan will prevail! The hate voices of hate will stop one day!

      repondre message

      • 6 July 2010 07:39, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

        Scott Gration absence in the meeting should not be construed as his refusal to attend on groundless basis. I believe it is a signal that tells the world that let those who participated in the murder of the innocents in Darfur and their military benefactors find a solution to the havoc they created in the first place. Europeans are there to observe and steer the talks to a rightful place.

        repondre message

        • 6 July 2010 07:50, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

          Mohamed read the history of West Africa to find out that Arabs waged war in that part of Africa. No where in a non Arab land where Arabs or islam went there is peace. Look at Nigeria, Sudan, Phillipines, Chechnya, Bosnia, Indonesia, Thailand and many more to mention. Do not write of what you do not know mohamed Ali.

          repondre message

          • 6 July 2010 10:07, by DASODIKO

            Mohmed Ali your are deluting yourself not us, the new NISS office is opposite to old Sudan military court about two hundred meters from Saint James round about. Its very secret office no body know it only people like me who is designed to give a hard time. By the way all of NISS are from two tribes Jalleen and shaigiya and you are one of them. Those Darfurians who were in NISS when Khalil entered Khartoum, they were beaten like dogs. Please ask your boss Mohamed Ataa, if he is honest will tell you the truth. Haaaaaaaaaaaa,. Don’t think we are all fools! Secondly; North have been ruling Sudan for 60 year and they were not able to change even the rail way single line that was made by British; therefore it will be very cynic to accuse the gvernemnt of South Sudan who ruled only for five years time. Come to Juba and other twons and see what they did in five years time your greedy Jallabas were not able to make in 60 years of Sudan rule; what are you talking about?

            repondre message

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