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Cattle raiders kill 17 people in S. Sudan’s Lakes State


By Manyang Mayom

April 21, 2010 (RUMBEK) – Seventeen (17) people were killed and several others are displaced by cattle raiders who attacked Yirol East County, in Lakes State, from neighboring Panyjar County of Unity state, according to a county official.

In a three-day attack the raiders took cattle and children.

Athian Majak Malou, Commissioner of Yirol East County of Lakes state said that "the problem recurrently is insecurity which has been imposed by Nuer people of Panyjar county of Unity state… this month alone three attacks occurred at various places comprised with Maniany cattle camp were four people were confirmed killed and Shambe cattle camp were two people were wounded and also attack at Billing village whereby 27 cows were taken away as well yesterday attack Nyluel killed five people and five more people wounded with over one thousand head of cattle taken by attackers".

Athiang affirmed that there are not enough police to protect civilians. He noted that youth herders in Lakes state are disarmed but those of Panyjar are not. "This is very serious situation and I appeal to government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) to intervene to help this situation – this inter-state needs GOSS to help plus United Nations to help through peace building and conflict resolution".

Without their cattle, children and elderly people are left hungry. Athian Majak appealed to the UN to deliver food to the county.

"Such situation cannot be allowed to prolong itself because we are all under this GOSS administration and this need full effort from two states as well GOSS and UN agency to help in peace building and conflict resolution", he said.

However, commissioner Athian added that “on Wednesday, 11 people were reported killed as well 7 children also abducted in Kolkuei cattle camp and over one thousand head of cattle were raids by Nuer native of Panyjar county of Unity state - The attack Adior and 7 children were abducted and this morning the attack Pagarou and raid Kolkuei cattle and now owners are pursuing them, there is fighting going on – you know that Dinka man cannot allow his cow to go with any man like that, those anger man are using their white arm”.

Majak affirmed that on April 19 there were 5 people killed, on April 20 there were seven children abducted and on April 21 there were 11 people were killed.

However, Lakes state caretaker Governor Telar Ring Deng, attempted to raise the issue of cattle raiding case to Southern Sudan Vice President Dr. Riak Machar Teny, but he was initially unable to reach him by phone.

Meanwhile, raiding resumed last week between Cueibet county of Lakes state and the neighboring Tonj East County of Warrap state. had resumed their cattle raiding last weeks ago. The raiders are from Gok youth of Cueibet and Luangjang youth of Tonj East. Tonj East County of Warrap were responding to a raid last week and now the two state governors of Warrap and Lakes are going to hold a rally in Cueibet County by Friday.


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  • 24 April 2010 02:44, by Dinka Boy

    Raiding cattle of innocent is a kind of stupidity.

    repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 02:47, by Ahmed Chol

      To Dinka Dominate SPLA(the Arab ), Kim Deng, Gatwech and Dinka Boy

      Conflict between the Dinka and the Nuer is not in the best interest of Southerners at this critical moment in the south. Riek and Kiir should intervene immediately.
      Revenge and counter-revenges between the two tribes will lead to an infinite loop of conflict. Such conflicts are immediately celebrated in Khartoum because they are viewed as a prelude to our demise.

      The most appropriate step to take is to bring back the looted cattle and children peacefully through the GOSS and convincing the Dinka not to revenge. I know some of us will view this as an illogical step but it will help us to keep our eyes on the ball. Think about referendum folks.

      Ahmed chol, the future commander of Anya-nya III , in case the South is forced to join the North

      repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 04:43, by Dengtaath

        Thanks Ahmed Chol, your strategy is well convincing, I have said it long time that Nuer and Dinka are capable to distroy South Sudan if people don’t see it carefully. Violence between Dinka and Nuer needs a good attention, those who are standing on supporting tribal hatred must refrain from it, this cattle raiding will one day resulting in to some thing difference some times. I think is good to convey the same eco as Amhed Chol is doing, people like Dinka dominated Spla, Dinka boy, Kim Deng, Spla, and so on, you need to think about the consequences of the tribal conflicts if persisted as it does.

        repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 18:07, by Malakal

        Ahmed Chol & Dengtaath,

        A misdiagnosing of a diesease could certainly lead to fault finding of its cure. The problem is not who say what about Dinka or Nuer, it is rather who germinated the seeds of that venomous plant. I am not sure how old you fellows are but recall the years before 1991 and reminisce the co-existence of these two tribe-back then I personnally think they both had a decent relationship.

        What I am bassically saying is that we need the right medicine to cure this illness. The medicine is in Juba (Riak Machar), he need to come to his own people of Bentiu look them in the eyes and be a man to tell them that Dinkas are not your enemies and nor are they cowards, but just peace loving humans. He need to tell his people that rustling other people cows is a dangereous way to live life. He also need to tell both Dinkas and Nuers that South Sudan is a pre-empty states without them and thier contribution to its liberation from the Arab North.

        Unfortunately fellows, Mr. Machar is an ambitious man and is thirsty for power. He would rather delude himself on thinking that he could capitalized on the actions of those who he himself misinformed, rather than condemning them as primitive and misguided as they truely are. Riak’s continuing pursuit of his dream to be a South Sudan leader is undermining the entire state’s affairs. I am very sure some of these independent candidates are Riak’s loyalists politically.

        repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 03:38, by Kim Deng

      Coward Jaang,

      The fact that the coward Jaang/Slaves typically withdraw from villages under attack without offering any concerted resistance tended to minimize the casualties resulting from Mighty Nuer Warriors invasions/raids. The number of coward Jaang/Slaves killed in the large-scale Nuer raids since 1800s has been surprsingly beyond imagination.

      In May 1953 alone, about 400 coward Jaang/Slaves lost their lives in the course of Mighty Nuer Warriors attacks on thirty villages. The Mighty Nuer Warriors returned to Nuerland with captives let alone cattle.

      The Mighty Nuer invasions/raids always result in capture of substantial numbers of young women and children plus countless cattle. Two Hundren captives were taken in March 1976 invasion/raid on the Western Luach and Sixty more a week later.
      Captives taken by the Nuer include boys, girls and young women of marriageable age.

      Many coward Jaang/Slaves come into Nuerland to escape hunger and the other attendant miseries to which they had been reduced by constant Nuer Warriors invasion that left them cattless. Coward Jaang/Slaves alliance with the Nuer had analogous effects. The alliance of a coward Jaang/Slaves tribal section with a segment of one Nuer tribe provide security against raids by other Nuer only for that particular coward Jaang/Slaves section, and only if the later lived among thei kin and affines. Moreover, the presence of such coward Jaang/Slaves elements within a Nuer tribe does not deter them from raiding other coward Jaang/Slaves (including, in some instances, other sections of the same coward Jaang/Slaves tribe).

      Since coward Jaang/Slaves refugees are often deprive of their cattle by members of other coward Jaang/Slaves tribe, they are not reluctant to urge their Nuer hosts to raid the latter. How many captives and cattle were taken by Mighty Nuer Warriors after they burned down Duk Padiet, Pinygoor, Kongoor, Twic East, Mading Bor and all the surrounding villages in 1991?

      repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 04:11, by ayuairech

        fucken kim Deng you pretend to be nuer when you are not, do you think you will feel good in the absent of both nuer and Dinka?.you need to refrain from instigating futher violent.

        repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 04:20, by Dinka Boy

        Kim Deng,

        I think you will also be happy.
        We burn down Ayod, Akobo, Nasir, Uror, Nyirol, and the entire Lou- Nuer, Gajaak, Gaweer from 1993-1994. Now are glad?

        repondre message

        • 24 April 2010 04:54, by Kim Deng

          Coward Jang,

          It is too late to rewrite the History. The Mighty Nuer Warriors History was written down by non-Sudanese unlike your own fake poor History.

          repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 15:03, by Julia Anok

        Stupid Kim Deng what kind of human being are you? Haven’t you learned how your evil talks on internet have lead your Lou Nuer to found their heads in ground zero in state of Jonglei or what? is stealing something that a person should be pround of or is it like that in Nuer culture? What a pathetic coward!i warn you to take off you mouth out of this issue and mine about starvation of your people in Lou Nuer land . i do blamed lakes state authorities who conducted disarment without proper protection to the local populations, otherwise nothing would have allow Panyiyar youths to raid Ciec cattles, as long as i realised on how they approach on whoever set foot in Ciec land nothing would have happened like that rethar than those cattles looter would have be chased back untill they reached theirs home of origin while running in parallel dirrection. I call upon Goss to take an action to apprehend those culprits to justice and return back the cattles to they rightfull owners.

        repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 02:46, by Ahmed Chol

    To Dinka Dominate SPLA(the Arab ), Kim Deng, Gatwech and Dinka Boy

    Conflict between the Dinka and the Nuer is not in the best interest of Southerners at this critical moment in the south. Riek and Kiir should intervene immediately.
    Revenge and counter-revenges between the two tribes will lead to an infinite loop of conflict. Such conflicts are immediately celebrated in Khartoum because they are viewed as a prelude to our demise.

    The most appropriate step to take is to bring back the looted cattle and children peacefully through the GOSS and convincing the Dinka not to revenge. I know some of us will view this as an illogical step but it will help us to keep our eyes on the ball. Think about referendum folks.

    Ahmed chol, the future commander of Anya-nya III, in case the South is forced to join the North

    repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 03:58, by maumau

      Ahmed Chol

      Tell them, keep telling them. You are good. Violece with violence plus hash language can not take us any where. MAUMAU

      repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 02:46, by Kim Deng

    Coward Jaang,

    When will you stand your ground as real men and confront the Mighty Nuer Warriors in warfields rather than always crying for help from sky or from South Sudan armed forces/SPLA?

    repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 02:53, by Dinka Boy

    Kim Deng,

    Cry for your lost candidate please in Unity State.
    Stealing method is not apride, it’s ashame.

    repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 03:54, by Kim Deng

      Coward Jang,

      Why crying for, don’t you know that Mr. Taban Deng Gai declared himself to be the "King" of Liech/Unity State since day one?
      Now, you’re invited to vow down with us before the King of Liech/Unity State, otherwise.

      repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 04:56, by Dengtaath

        Kim Deng, please for sake of our country can you reduce some of your hard words please? You sound educated please,think about the life of the innocents, forget about internet warlords.

        repondre message

        • 24 April 2010 05:20, by wang

          Shut uu Dengtaath! You are the ones of those who will never analyses about what Dinkas leaders are doing to our people.

          Leave Kim Deng alone.

          repondre message

          • 24 April 2010 07:08, by Dinka Boy


            It’s clear that you hate leaders and that is why you rebutal Dengtaath advise.
            Is that the way you will live in your State?

            repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 05:15, by wang

        Dears readers! this is the warming up warning and don’t cry yet this so call Jaags, there are more attacks to come. Nuers will destroy that fuckens fragile peaces between Nuers Vs Jaags.

        Mr.Athian Majak, calling GOSS every time somethings like that happnd in our community wouldn’t help your people. You lake State Dinkas should blame Kiir for those attacks not Nuers Youths.Keeping Taban Deng in that governorate position by force, will never works.

        repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 06:27, by Hardlinner

        mr Dengtaath.
        urge you to stop commeting on messages from savage Kim deng.
        this guy is no different from those muslims low IQ terrorists.

        what savage Kim Deng does not understand is the story of ’moch nhom’ of unity state at the hand of dinka of yirol.
        what those lazy nuer criminals (cattle restlers) do not understand is the value of independent south. if this criminals from unity state think that they are warriors enough, then let them wait for after independent south, and start their mad wars. if those nuers criminals does not understand the threat posed by those animal arabs wannabes, i would reassure them that , win of those animals arabs wannabes over southerners would be the greatest threat to lives of all southerners let alone the cattle that lazy nuer criminal are desperate of.

        i do not support any revenge from Dinka on nuers simply because, when they do so, they cattle they might loot may not be from their looters but may be from other peaceful, hardworking, innocent nuers who do not have any thing to do with looted cows from dinkas.

        as a civilized man, i would urge the peace love nuers to report those lazy criminal nuers to unity state authority to recover those looted cattles and return them to their rightful owners, as well as arresting those arabs agent criminals.

        the comment from Kim Deng should be leveled as looser comments.
        a convincing Winning of Taban Deng Gai in unity state as angried Kim deng to point of loosing his education standard to primitive behavious of using senseless comment on criminal elements.

        Kim Deng should know that we are not in dark ages where people survive on other people properties.
        you (Kim Deng) should know that cowboys in USA do not any more loot cattle from other people ranches(cattle camp). the same apply to south sudan.
        no dinka man is entitle to loot nuer or other tribes ’cattle and so do nuers and others.

        i wonder why you do/did go to school and yet you do not know sympathize with victim of cattle restlers, but rather support the action of attackers.
        so, Primitive Kim Deng, i beleive you will never learn the values of civilized person forever,sorry to tell you that.
        long live independent south.
        to hell with underminers of independent south.
        Hardliner is true south sudan partriot.

        repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 05:34, by Thonkiir

      Dear Akiim Deng,

      You are really crazy of crazies of the world you calling us coward while we were liberated you out from Arab. Who coward now if say reality between coward from main enemy and coward from brother? The answer is this children from the same father were not successful all. Some would be theives some be servant of others and some became leaders of the country, to me they Nuers are example of this proberb. This means Danka and Nuer were each other brother, here Dinkas become the leaders of the country whereas brother Nuers become they theives of the nation too, this why see Nuers want to destory whole South due to purpose of food only is it their job no one else can take.

      One more again you right because we Dinka or Jiëng were not born with act of stealing of other people things likes you do that why you wouldn’t feels guilty one day for wrong does all the times. Itsn’t our nature anyway even if you said cowards.

      Nice to hear if Dinka failed to learnt this culture of stealing, doesn’t matter we just left one year to go! Let finish an arab issues first then at the end must teach you leason you would never forget in your life. If we take assualt against you brother at Dinka all level from main four States of Warrap, Lakes Jonglei where would you go?

      repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 07:30, by marie

        GOSS should act to rescue the situation. In Juba and many other big towns in the South Sudan there are large concentrations of organized forces. Those forces should be dispatched to those areas with high insecurity to bring about some order. I have seen a big number of organized forces in Juba. Those forces need to be taken to all those places with the cattle issue.

        Cattle is just a curse in the South. People die looting them, they are of no economic values to country or the owners except marriage. I gave this suggestion before, that GOSS should purchase a gunship that would just destroy the perpetrators while on the mission. This would be the only solution to teach such savages a lesson, because all these talking just fall into deaf ears.

        I think it is time to shift to revere God instead of cattle. It is a pity in 21th first century that we still lead this live style of banditry.

        repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 08:59, by CatBlue

    My blame goes to GoSS, why not make disarmament uniform in all states of Southern Sudan? I will personally hold GoSS responsible for the death of these people. Some of these cattle raiders are even SPLA soldiers of Nuer tribe who sometime pass message to their brothers to come and raid cattle from the disarmed population of Lakes state whereas some of them hide in the bush to loot and steal cattle and take them to their home.

    repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 11:22, by mack waweru

      Lunatic Kim Deng and his uncles who send these forays of attacks to raid on Dinka areas have no interest of the South Sudan in their hearts. Their mindset is retarded and are stilling dwelling mentally in 18th century.
      Calling Jang as "cowards" is a cheap propaganda that uncivilized person, like Kim Deng and his likes can use to aggressively incite their ignorant and uncivilized moron cattle rustlers keep to looting and killing their neighbors. Why live on others’ sweat? Encourage your people to work hard to be self-reliance instead of stealing. Kim Deng, brother, you are tarnishing the Whole Nuer image and reputation by supporting these lazy theives as "mighty Nuer warriors". Mighty Nuer warriors we know in history were those who fought against the Turkish and British colonialisms and not stealing other people’s properties. Don’t steal in the name of Nuer community if your family members are the menance of these evil actions.
      Even Wang went far to call for the destruction of the CPA. What a weak heart guy you have? Do you really have relatives in south Sudan? The benefits of the CPA are now enjoyed by all, and for instance, you write on this "Sudan Tribune Website". Do you know why this website was launched? Have insight my lost people.
      Being in the West does not mean that you are no longer a southern Sudanese. You are there as a slave you don’t have stable homeland of origin. No one can respect you if your people back are savages. Use your knowledge people to chnage our back home for the better living and co-existent.If Jang are cowards as you say, that is because we look to the future of the whole south and not cattle raiding. We have the common enemy, and I think it’s the same position of the majority of Nuer people whom you are distorting their name here. If Kim Deng, Tut Gatwech and Wang are really Nuer, they cannot talk like this. Nuer people deserve credit and respect for their contribution to the struggle as well as other southern Sudanese. Nuer people have paid a great price during the war.

      I hope GoSS should do something asap to put an end to this situation so that our people in the whole south can live in peace as brothers. It’s a shame for us to fight ourselves after making peace with our bitter enemy.

      Mack Awer

      repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 17:31, by Takpiny

      Absolutely the GOSS must to blamed of it partially disarmament took place in lakes state and let unity state to keep firearm .after disarmament the government also failed to deploy army in the most needy areas to protect the disarmed counties from well armed Nuuer`s neighbouring counties and these are the consequences of that un studied disarmament conducted in lakes state by GOSS so far. the Nuer of Panyijar never claimed the victory over Yirol East county dating back decades when both side used to fight with white weapon also before disarmament Gelweng youth were ready to defending themselves .Any way no one believe in revenge on the dinka side ,only God will pay back Nuer `s crucial attitude against humanity.

      repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 21:04, by Julia Anok

        Why did the caretaker governor Telar Ring phone to Vice president Riak Machar instate of him to phone to governor Taban Deng of Unity state so that he can track down those culprits with the help of state’s police organ,or is it another mix of government’s system.What a waste of phone call!

        What this community need are the police forces to be deploy in the areas to let the security situation return to it normal sense, so that they can cultivate in theirs vast fertile land in the up coming rainy season instead of being force to Refugees Camp to rely on an expired food from UN.

        repondre message

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