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Taban Deng locally announced winner in Sudan’s Unity state


April 23, 2010 (BENTINU) – News just broke out from the local Radio FM station in Bentiu, that the incumbent governor Taban Deng Gai has been announced as winner by the head of the local electoral committee in Bentiu, before NEC committee carried out their verifications.

However, the Chairman of the National Elections Committee (NEC), Abel Alier has condemned the announcement as premature and was not coordinated with his head office in Khartoum.

Speaking on telephone from Khartoum, Abel Alier informed Angelina Teny that NEC did not announce the winner yet and was instead in the process of looking into the alleged inflating of figures in favor of Taban Deng by the electoral office in Bentiu before it could make the decision on who won the race.

The chairman of the local electoral committee in Bentiu, Michael Mayul, on Friday rushed to announced Taban the winner in a move seen as away to try to avoid the verification of figures by the NEC team in Khartoum.

The announcement prompted a peaceful protest by supporters of Angelina Teny resulting to three people killed and two more wounded when SPLA forces reportedly attacked the protesters. The situation has remained tense.

NEC office in Khartoum is to look into what caused the premature and uncoordinated announcement before the verification of results following the alleged inflating of figures by the electoral office in Bentiu.

Preliminary results had shown that Angelina Teny got more than 68,000 votes while Taban Deng got over 44,000.

The recently alleged inflated figures for Taban have more than tripled his previous votes counted by additional 56,000.

Angelina Teny had earlier warned that the electoral committee in Bentiu was under pressure by Taban Deng to inflate his votes figures and announce him the winner.

NEC head office in Khartoum is expected to release its official reaction to the “premature” announcement soon.


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  • 23 April 2010 19:08, by Rambang Deng

    That is how inferior slave Dinka with their incompetitive Kiir want. This Drunkard alcoholic primitive descendant of slave Kiir will tear apart this South Sudan. He have been trying this for a long time, but now it’s his day to go. The Nuers will not leave this to Taban and his ugly alcoholic slave boss in Juba.

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    • 23 April 2010 19:26, by Gatbentiu

      The Nec office in Bentiu must be closed until further notice from the HQs otherwise there will be more violent in the State.

      But the reporter should make sure that he reports exactly what happened.

      Three people killed,this is laying to the public.

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      • 23 April 2010 19:51, by belle gatlueng liah

        it is time to stop KIIR from using NUER as means of property. it is clear that KIIR is try very hard to keep his 2% share from UNITY STATE. but whoever should understand that as long as people are dying for you own interest and objective, your days are number as well.i believe that people of this region will never say die for their freedom and right. question, where is MATIP, RIEK, GATDET AND ALL REAL NUER IN THIS REGION. it is time for them to open their eyes clearly----- of what is going on in this strong region

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        • 23 April 2010 20:36, by Gatwech

          Taban Deng Gai should be taken to court for causing violence through unprocedural self-imposed declaration as winner.

          It is the NEC of Abel Alier to announce and besides Taban’s committee were under investigation. Then how come he rushed to declare himself using the so-called local chairman he bribed with 2% of oil money.

          Salvatore Kiir this time will be held responsible also for allowing his appointee governor to violate the electoral law and causing death.

          Taban Deng should be removed from being caretaker governor and that NEC office in Bentiu should be closed until further investigation and final verification of results after which the true winner can be declared.....

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          • 24 April 2010 10:13, by Machine

            Stop noise making madam Angelina and rather face the naked truth.The allegation coming from the NEC about irregularities cannot make you win against Deng period.

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        • 23 April 2010 22:50, by twins

          Why do we blame Kiir for what happen in Nuer? Nuer are smart, intelligent people who can’t be fooled by Kiir eventhough he is the president. I doubt it when people say Kiir is using Nuer. And if it’s true that Kiir is using Nuer, what are Nuer leaders’ roles in govn of Southern Sudan?

          Nuer may like to fight, but still smart just like any other tribes in Sudan; Kiir is not using Nuer, but Nuer are using themselves for whatever reason is.

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        • 23 April 2010 23:05, by duang marialdit

          DEAR ALL,


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        • 24 April 2010 06:53, by Madhod

          You are right Gatlueng Liah, I just don’t know where these leaders are? Can’t they wake up and do something?

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      • 24 April 2010 11:35, by Joseph Beckkacbaai

        It is not good to let our people die beacause of one person interest in Unity State.You Nuer people if Taban declared himself as winner an he did not win he will still go why are you killing yourself.

        Also Mayul the reporter is the one who made this killing happened in Unity State.We don,t want what happen in Bentiu to happen in other States in Southern Sudan.It seem that Taban is local person because he has been announced locally. Please, see the following figures who is the winner Angelina or Taban?

        Preliminary results had shown that Angelina Teny got more than 68,000 votes while Taban Deng got over 44,000.

        The recently alleged inflated figures for Taban have more than tripled his previous votes counted by additional 56,000.

        If you have question about this figures please contact NEC office in Bentiu to help.

        The man far away from politic

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    • 23 April 2010 19:32, by R. TOOL

      Mr. Rambang Deng,

      Name calling will get you no were ... how would you feel if someone call you inferior/idiot ?. You can do better than name calling. Mr. Deng you’re too emotional to think clearly. You do not need to be angry to write, using insults you accomplish nothing. Remember, what goes around comes around. Good luck in your political future.

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      • 23 April 2010 19:49, by kumkan

        These locally broadcaster leaders are those that Taban Deng bribes from head to their toes. So, we should not brother to listen to them because they are being pressurized by Mr. Taban in Bentiu and his father Salva Kirr in Juba.
        This is the kind of chaos that Taban Deng would like to see in Bentiu for the sake of leadership.

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    • 23 April 2010 19:34, by James Tut biel

      Taban has exactly bribbed the so-called president of South sudan Savatore Kiir or what he call himself. How can this happen after Angelina lead Taban with over 24,000 votes. I know very well that the NEC has increased Taban’s votes with over 10,000 votes to make over 50,000 votes but still angelina lead him, because officially Agelina got over 60,000 votes in all the official state results.

      This results came when the SPLA team came to Bentiu led by LT General Pieng Deng, Maboto Mamor and Gatduel Nyakuai claiming what they called a large raid of cattle from Dinka which i think include the cattles of the first two mentioned leaders by Nuer of Mayom and Payinjiar Counties.

      Now i would like to appreciate what the head of NEC said i.e Abel Alier, that the anouncement is not official and it is not from the NEC office. Let us first wait what will happen on Monday.

      I know What people need in Bentiu is another bloodshed like what hapenned in some years back and it will never happen as far as God Almighty is concern. these politics will end.

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      • 23 April 2010 19:47, by BUSTA 2

        Shame Southerners leaders!!!

        Thisis clearly showing SPL/A are not capable of ruling themselves as therefore, am calling H.E Bashir to help Southerners coz we need his help really!!

        Brother in Christ,

        Busta 2

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        • 24 April 2010 07:32, by Hardlinner

          Busta don’t draw your slave conclusion from what happened in Unity state.
          think of darfur, arabs themself just few days ago, and what happened from 1989 to 2002 under that criminal bashir you just trying to endorse.

          south sudan is far much better off as independent country than it is under criminal bashir.
          so Fuck off you arabs slave.

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      • 23 April 2010 19:51, by king

        There you go. Let the hell broke lose and anybody who responsible to mislead people to the wrong path will reap the ramifications of this chaos.

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        • 23 April 2010 19:59, by BUSTA 2

          The year of bloodshed in South!!!

          Cementary zone is going to be busy now from today on ward due to the killing of people so those will not die should get ready to bury their lovely one. May God rest those who are going to die in internal peace Amen!!!!!!!1

          Brother in Christ,

          Busta 2

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      • 24 April 2010 09:28, by Chakin Riek Rah

        You guy

        Do not depend on the speculations that have been circulating arounds and mentioned about Angelina being in the lead. I said before and i will say again Angelina was leading in unpopulated area around Paireng counties that was all. There was no reason she should win from the most populated areas. You guy don’t know that Angelina and Taban are closer relatives. I may not see any different between her’s adiministration and Taban’s administration. Why most of you are against Taban’s won, I don’t see any thing wrong with him being a governor of this great state of Unity.

        Yes I just got it now because many of you are Dr. Riek’s conjugates or supporters and if she won, her’s government may form from those conjugates around Dr. Riek. That is not how the thing work, we needed the Taban’s leaderships. He is strong and smart he will stand up firm defending the Unity State its citizens from potentials.

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    • 23 April 2010 20:13, by Malakal

      Rambang Deng,

      The entire world is ahead by a century, yet it looks like most of us are still at the earlier stages of evolution. What different will it make to you if Angelina Teny becomes the governor in the Unity? Insulting the President of the South is a primitive choice for you, especially someone who fought viciously for your liberation to grant you the freedom of speech you cheerish now. Kiir is not a slave, he is a completely fully developed humanbeing. Those who stabbed the SPLM/A at the back in 1991 are the slaves because their prematurity fail them to understand the greatness of fighting on behave of fellow humans (Southerners).

      Angelina is the wife of Riak Machar. Riak Machar is the reason why the entire Nuer community is still at risk, still davastated, and his doctrine are the cancer that will always hold down the Nuer from progressing to a new century. Angelina Teny is riding of the popularity of his husband Riak, of which many of her supporters are pro-Riak supporters of his1991 foolishness. Riak Machar is Nuer enemy not a visionary leaders as many of you morons like to stage him.

      All the guns Riak Machar brought with him to the Nuer land during his odds with the SPLM/A are still being used today by Nuer tribes on each other, and on other neigboring tribes. If that is why you eggheads anticipate the Teny family leadership in the Bentiu then, you are part of primtive delusional morons who will never wish for anything better for your fellow humans.

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      • 23 April 2010 21:19, by Gatwech


        The problem is some presidents do not behave or think like presidents at all. They just bear empty titles.

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        • 24 April 2010 00:57, by kuminyandi

          Where is The Real Dinka Boy today? I’m sure he’s very happy for this news. Dinak Boy, wherever you are, come out to celebrate the sweet victory of Comrade, Taban Deng Gai over his archrival Ms.(Beautiful)Angelina Teny. I have not seen your comment today, please come out and express yourself a little bit! Remember to help brother Tut Gatwech out a little, he is so down right now. I don’t want him to fall into a political depression because of his lost. Thanks.


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          • 24 April 2010 01:16, by Dinka Boy


            Thanks mr Kuminyandi for your great comments. No more to say,that is what i have been telling them.
            Haaaaaaaa, We said it many times that honorable governor Taban Deng Gai will win but they could not listen. I was just celebrating this great news and this is why i just read the comments of Gawech, Kim ,Rabang, Thieling,wang,and many.
            Great news, there is now way Deng can not win while agreat leader.
            Haaaaaaaa, i told Gatwech before. Now just go will the follow.

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            • 24 April 2010 01:56, by kuminyandi

              Dinka Boy,

              Yeah man!!! I try to ask Gatwech to congratulate Comrade Taban for his victory, but I have not heard from him ever since NEC declared Taban a winner. Anyway, let’s enjoy our times and celebrate. SPLA/SPLM oyeeeee, Taban oyeeeee, Unity State oyeeeee Thanks.


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    • 23 April 2010 21:41, by Apalangorok

      My Brothers and sisters please allow mr Taban Deng Gai to rule Unity State becuase he is real man who work behind no triblisum and will make Unity attractive for all. Do you want to show us that nobody can rule among the greatest Nuer accept the only family of Macher? Calm down and know that, Anjelina she will not change thing by night herself everything have to come depend on GOSS policy and if not you will all loss believe me. you done want to hate Hon Taban Deng Gai becuase of 2% I know he put all the street light and clean in water, Build New Bentiu and you done want why?
      I congrituate Hon Taban for winning the election, Maburuk al lek and all.


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    • 23 April 2010 23:53, by kuminyandi

      Breaking News,

      Shooting is taking place in Unity State. Two people reported dead and Four wounded. I’m really very sorry for the violence to plaque Unity State.


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    • 24 April 2010 04:04, by Deng Ateny Lueth

      HEY Brother, watch your mouth, we are all slaves in eyes of arabs and the rest of the world,and for that reason our two millions brothers and sisters sacrified their lives to free us from the york of slavry. to be respected by the world who sees no potential in us, but sub-human.so don’t victimize your brother. mr. Taban to me, is as important as mrs.Angelina Teny may be. each one of the two is aspiring to do just one thing and that is to watch over the harshy borders between us with untrusted north sudan. we don,t want arab to penetrate into south sudan as it did long ago. when it came from saudi arab through BEJA. and now their decendants became the blessed masters of our lands.

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    • 24 April 2010 07:02, by Joseph Makuer

      o all readers

      This was what I was talking about last time. Let be wise before making any comments. This website is spoiling us specially the southerners. The news last time where wrong that Angelina was leading Taban in the polls reporting by Sudan Tribune..... They also added that Taban is controlling NEC... which now turnout to be fault. Angelina and Taban are both southerners...


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    • 24 April 2010 14:31, by chuol abdalla

      my friend where were you during struggle?use the violence is you who will face the disadvantage of violence.
      Taban is a SPLA soldier Angelino is not. what do you thinks?

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    • 25 April 2010 08:26, by Thon

      By thon5.
      He! my dear break,break shut up your mouth on Dinkas Dinkas are not the political players of your unity state I think your stupidity comment does not reflect to the true democracy of south sudan state and does not hold the water Dinkas have their own states and they are true democratic people of south sudan we dinkas need to make sure that the objetives of the Splm have been attained rather than to add an insult to the senior political figures of the Goss you are eating humble pie and your shallow minded and wrong beliefs led to the Nasir faction in nintheen century hence creating many militias in your unity state upto now yet we dinkas feel pity on you to participate and ejoy the Cpa benefits in which you did not sweat you killed us with your old boss Arabs of Bashier and still stick your poor mind on us yet we have reconciled with you in Wunliet peace in 1990s
      whether you like or not Taban will be the next governor of unity state depend on choice made by the people of unity state not Kiir or any man from acertain state.

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  • 23 April 2010 20:09, by Controller

    Taban Deng Gai lost to Queen Angilena Teny already.
    Mr. Abel Alier is not stupid, he can not announced Taban Deng Gai who lost election to Angilena Teny.

    Thank you Mr. Abel Alier for condemning the propaganda declaration.

    We trust you that you will announce exactly who win the election.

    Remember Mr. Abel Alier making mistake in Unity State, will spread the violent in all ten states.

    You got be very carefull. Otherwise this Country gonna run red with blood if people are not pay attention to this election.


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    • 23 April 2010 20:44, by Kim Deng

      Mr. Slava Kiir,

      Your doom strategy to destroy Nuer with Nuer is working now in Nuer Genesis homeland (Liech/Unity State, but don’t forget that you will be caught by surprise when the the real confronation spreads out like a wild-fire beyond your imagination.

      This is the second time you want your partner, Mr. Taban to be the King of Nuer Genesis homeland, but this time a round, the King of the Jungle, Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip will never let it happen on his watch. The remaining few days are going to be worst unless Mr. Taban and his King, Slava Kiir reversed the gear, or else.

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    • 23 April 2010 21:06, by Afredo christiani

      Dear readers

      I agreed with malakal comments .Riak machar was a very big obstacles to the spla forces to defeat Khartoum regime during the war. Controller you will think one of the two, either to commit suicide or join NCP before independent of southern Sudan. Taban is winner in unity state go to hell. Some unity state citizens want to become second NCP in the south but it’s a dream in their mines. No Khartoum regime will assist you with Guns or weapons to fight spla forces again. You will be crash within few seconds wherever you are. Fools with railway lines on their heads. Uncivilized elements in the world

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      • 23 April 2010 21:25, by Gatwech


        Stop talking about the father of self-determination, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, who opened your eyes including late Garang. He has shown you the true path to lasting freedom and independence of the South. He has not gambled like your king Garang.

        Without him you would not talk of referendum to independence. You would not have signed the CPA. By now you would have been still loitering in refugee camps.

        Please stay away from Unity state or you are asking for unfavorable situation!

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        • 24 April 2010 00:57, by Dengcol malual


          first i don’t agree with annoucement and i don’t think Juba or Kiir has nothing to do with it. Also you forget that Kiir is waiting for the result in Khartuom and he should have to follow the law until he is announced as a winner. law doesn’t work on one side. Insulting him is not going to help you with anything or bloodshed you are preaching on the internet is not worth any single life of a human being unless you are a blood sucker who doesn’t care about life. what do you get from violence?

          However, Dr. Riek has nothing to do with CPA and if he does, then why he couldn’t signed the CPA under the SSIM/A? what happened with SSIM/A anyway? So Dr. Riek known that CPA wouldn’t work under his leadership right and that is why he let Dr. Garang lead the way right? or what can you say about it? what happened with the KPA anyway? nobody wouldn’t support Dr. Riek’s agenda because he is a worse leader who believed in witchcraft and married of whore. Good leaders don’t run around whore because they no consequeces and it is immoral and unethical. Angelina is smart and beautiful than Emma, the whore, but his worst leadership wouldn’t woke him up.

          He is a worst leader for example, UK MI and USA CIA told Dr. Riek not to touch any civilians properties or lives and they would support him to overthrew Dr. Garang, but he failed within two weeks. also he couldn’t maintained his supporters( Coup supporters) within the SPLA/M according to the CIA released papers Feb, 23, 2010.

          Dr. Riek engaged in many peace initiatives with the NIF and these initiatives are:
          The Frankfurt (Germany) Talks of January 25, 1992 no CPA
          Abuja peace Talks of May 15, 1992 no CPA
          Nairobi Peace Talks of June 17, 1993 no CPA
          IGADD mediated Peace Talks, January 6th 1994 and September 19, 1994 no CPA

          The above mentioned are examples that shown Dr. Riek has no contribution to the CPA.

          repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 00:21, by marie

      The ultimate power in these elections is the NEC. This has nothing to do with Salvar Kiir or Riak Machar. The people of unity state have spoken through the ballots. Since the ballots boxes are still in the state, NEC should just taken the boxes for recount in the prescence of the observers and the representatives of the parties concern. This is a simple issue that could be resolved easily. one plus one is two (1+1=2). Why all these name callings and revisiting the old wounds that has healed.

      The state that wants to spill war to the other states at this time will just find itself a victim. Peace that the people of Sudan has longed for has come, let us enjoy the dividend of the peace instead of all these narrow minded thinking, which will take us nowhere.

      The politicians would fight among themselves, at the end of the day, they would reconcile, but the souls lost in the fight would never be brought to live (a quote from one of the writers in the forum).

      Democracy, Equality, freedom and liberty are the cornerstones of a society. We should respect them and rule of law. The blame here first goes to the head of the state election commission. He is not mandated to announce the results of the elections, not even South Sudan high election commission, but NEC. This impunity by this fellow clearly manifested he does not even understand why he is there. He should be apprehended and jailed in accordance to the election rules from 6 months to 2 years for causing all these havocs.

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  • 23 April 2010 20:58, by DengDit Ayok

    What is happening in Unity state is not democracy, it is demo-crazy; and my personal view is this, citizens should not be victims of Taban’s demo-craziness in Unity state.

    Taban should accept the defeat, innocent souls should not be ruined for the sake of greed for power and wealth. If Brig. Taban Deng Gai is a true member of SPLM, he should leave the corridors of power in Unity for Mrs. Teny without causing further political turmoil in the oil-rich Unity state which is the granary of Southern Sudan.

    Chaos must be stopped before it is too late!!

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  • 23 April 2010 21:04, by babadit

    Look at how Dinkas want to fool others, how can you do such a crime by announcing that Taban Deng is the winner.
    that could be a violation of human and women rights and the laws must take it course to bring the culprets to books.

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    • 23 April 2010 21:14, by Afredo christiani

      Dogteeth and babadit

      Things fall a part .Taban is announced winner in unity state. Go to hell or commit suicide
      We don’t want traitors to lead southerners in this critical situation of independent, those who were obstacles to the movement during the war. Shut up with Islamic stamps on your buttocks.

      repondre message

      • 23 April 2010 21:37, by Gatwech

        Alfredo (aka Dinka Boy),

        Do you know who is going to reach independence and who will not?

        Are your leaders there in Juba pushing Taban Deng to cause problems in order to kill Nuer with Nuer on the rush to independence?

        No, forget it. John Garang thought he was rushing to rule in the South during interim period but he did not. Salvatore Kiir should pray that he does not use such beliefs to allow Taban to cause violence in Bentiu and hope to reach independence.

        God is watching!

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        • 23 April 2010 22:21, by Afredo christiani


          The announcements of Taban Deng Gai on local radio that he had won the election has thrown you in to absolute panic and turmoil .please calm and try again . Make small party to upgrade her moral and wait for next election in 2011. No any single bullet will be fire in the state .you‘re just terrorist people behind computer and beat drum of war in a far distance, coward’s .Iam in side unity state now celebrating and Eating Nyamchoma with soft drinks

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        • 24 April 2010 02:11, by MJriaksdca

          The premature announcement is indeed an indication of rigging. If NEC was to authorize all stations before announcement but violated by its Bentiu Branch, then there is no more rigging evidence than this. Taban must be disqualified and if possible, there is need for another election in Unity State.

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          • 24 April 2010 02:57, by Dinka Boy

            MJriaksdca ,

            Another election!

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      • 23 April 2010 21:55, by Kim Deng

        Coward Jaang,

        This is about who wins between the two cousins, Mr. Taban and Mrs. Nyajany, both from Western Jikany Nuer, it has nothing to do with Nuer Vs. coward Jaang/Slaves. Yeah, you’re always drink and dance when seeing South Sudan armed forces/SPLA killing the King of the Jungle, Nuer regardless of what the factor might be. You ought to know that, this game is about two partners, (Mr. Taban & Mr. Slava) against the intelligent, beautiful and politician lady, Mrs. Nyajany Teny who won elections with huge margin over Mr. Taban.

        repondre message

        • 24 April 2010 07:22, by Joseph Makuer

          To Kim + All

          you very stupids.... your name is NOT Kim Deng.. You are arab working for Criminal el Bashir.... Nuer and ("Jaang" Dinka) are great people of the southerners Sudan. I know you claim yourself to be Nuer but you are NOT a Nuer. If you have a problem with Dinka than you have problem with Nuer... otherwise you are an arab slave borrow to destroy the great relationship of this two great tribes of the southern Sudan. I want you to reveal yourself and say sorry to the Dinka and Nuer people... We are encouraging all southerners to be aware of this site... Anybody claim dinka or nuer names while they are NOT belong to any of them... Let NOT response to those who SAY NO to peace between Dinka and Nuer PLUS any other tribes within the southern Sudan.

          To all readers

          This was what I was talking about last time. Let be wise before making any comments. This website is spoiling us specially the southerners. The news last time where wrong that Angelina was leading Taban in the polls reporting by Sudan Tribune..... They also added that Taban is controlling NEC... which now turnout to be fault. Angelina and Taban are both southerners...


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      • 23 April 2010 21:57, by Aturjok

        The Nuers are destined to doom if they do not change their ways of engaging in business of life. Faulting others constantly for all your misfortunes won’t do any good to your community.


        repondre message

        • 23 April 2010 22:20, by Gatwech


          We have evidences that some ugly hands outside Nuer community are involved in this mess.

          They are going to regret it if the situation escalates. Just a warning.

          repondre message

          • 24 April 2010 00:28, by Aturjok


            Obviously, an entire community can’t be composed of idiots to have their affairs influenced by the outsiders as you alleged. Check yourselves before you made such bogus and unfounded claims. They are unwarranted!!!


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  • 23 April 2010 22:12, by Moses Deng Malual

    Dear brothers.
    Elections Commissions announces election of Taban Deng Gai as Governor of Unity State,Kibir as the Wali of North Darfur State and Mohamed Yousif as wali of Kassala.Just for your information to update your comments.(SUDAN TV NEWS AT 10:00PM)
    Dr.Moses Deng Malual

    repondre message

    • 23 April 2010 22:25, by Gatwech

      Dr. Moses Deng,

      You need to know the difference between official announcement and TV reader announcement.

      Yes, the five states from northern Sudan were announced by the NEC official, but that of Taban Deng Gai was announced by news reader alone. It was not in the list of announced states by the NEC official. This means that Taban Deng Gai sent the information to Sudan TV without the knowledge of NEC officials and therefore those of Sudan TV took the information directly from Taban Deng Gai. Don’t take any announcement as official. Sudan TV will apologize for announcing locally declared winner without the knowledge of the NEC.

      repondre message

      • 23 April 2010 23:43, by Moses Deng Malual

        Dear Tut Gatwech.
        I know the difference between official announcement(NEC) and TV reader announcement(NEWS).
        According to Sudan TV & SUNA Unity’s governor Taban Deng garnered 137,362 0f the votes against 63,561 for his main rival Angelina Teny.Please be specific & my comment to the above result will be soon.
        Dr.Moses Deng.

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  • 23 April 2010 22:29, by Gat nyaraan

    for very long time i was appreciating the patience of people of unity state(a game in which unity state people were lured to fight each other)with Taban Deng, for the squandering of state share of 2% of oil revenue, his reluctant to concede to Dr. Joseph Nguen Manytuil and handle the governorship to him, and the abuse of power he practices in unity state. Taban also as a known fact perfect the game of bribing to whoever oppose him or critise his ways.
    the premature announcement of Taban Deng as the winner by he chairman of the local electoral committee in Bentiu, Michael Mayul is the latest straw that can tip of violent in the state because people already are fed up with taban and three people have been killed already. those officials in Juba are playing the wrong game and if the violent spread in the state no one will be blame except those in juba because it is not a secret that Taban leans on Juba to whatever he intent to do such as rigging and inflating the results to unfathomable lengths example the claim that he his ahead of Angelina by more than 50,000votes. the preliminary results were clear, he was tailing angelina 24000 and besides the only county whose results were not announced was pariang .did pariang magically had all those 10% votes of all the other eight counties , no its crystal inflation.
    i just talked to one of my relatives from unity and he said that the situation is very tense because of that premature announcement in which case they didnt know that it was unofficial.

    repondre message

  • 23 April 2010 22:36, by Gatwech


    There is something very fishy about that rush hour announcement of Taban Deng Gai by that local committee.

    1/All election results in South Sudan particularly on governors are not officially announced by NEC. Why Unity state alone and why the rush for those who take the announcement as NEC’s official declaration? Why Unity state alone among the ten states?

    2/ NEC office there in Juba has no information at all about this new development. No copy was sent to them about Taban Deng winning in Unity state. They were just surprised by the news.

    3/ Abel Alier, the chairman of NEC headquarters in Khartoum is not aware of any state in South Sudan which candidate for governorship is announced yet. They are waiting to announce them next week.

    4/ Sudan TV got the information from Taban Deng Gai himself that he was declared the winner. No official NEC came to TV as they usually do, to announce the name of Taban Deng. The TV got information from the so-called winner begging the TV to announce him quickly.

    The whole process is unprocedural! NEC was studying the issue of irregularies and was going to conduct verification of figures when Taban Deng Gai stormed the office in Bentiu and forced the committee to announce him the winner. Pathetic.

    repondre message

    • 23 April 2010 23:33, by Kim Deng


      Mr. Taban Deng Gai declared himself to be the "King" of Liech/Unity State even if it means Blood and Iron. He has been using his power to eliminate those seem to be threat to his Thrown. Then, the burning question is how long Mr. Deng’s Kingdom will last and who else can smash that Kingdom if Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip and Gen. Tiger Peter Gatdet Yak fail to take action at this time?

      repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 02:26, by kuminyandi

        Kimberly Deng (aka Kim Deng),

        I think Gatwech is cheating on you with Angelina. You better dump him before he dumps you.

        And if you need a man! there’re alot of them out there waiting for you.

        For example, Taban can give you a little time for dating. Since you’re misrable lady, a hot steamy sex on the week end can relief your worries.

        I would like to date you, but unfortunately, I’m not available right now. Your friend Angelina already booked me, since her man is not doing anything romantically to her.

        Don’t worry soon I will dump her for you, so you can enjoy my 13 inches shaft, I can confidently fill and drill your tight Cunt and snatch it with my thromping manhood all day long & all night long too.

        Your body will not resist me because you will have experience of a life times. All you have to do is Just wait, Just Wait. Your time will come you "Bentiu Babe" Thanks


        repondre message

  • 23 April 2010 23:07, by Gatwech










    repondre message

    • 23 April 2010 23:39, by kuminyandi

      Gatwech(aka Oshay)

      With this latest comment, are you conceding for Taban as a Unity State’s Governer? Why don’t you say it clearly. Show your true characters and let people know that you’re conceding! Moreover, How is Angelina doing? Did she concede already?

      Truely speaking, Taban did not bribe anybody, nor did he buy votes from anybody. I told you three days ago as a breaking news, that Taban is leading Angelina by more than 6000 votes,but you guy did not believe me. You guys thought I was kidding! I was serious try to let you know the news, the real news, but you guys were arrogance and don’t like to listen to anybody.

      Well, now and as I told you before,Taban is declared a winner by NEC. What next for you guys? I hope everything will be OK. If you think about Gatwech, Taban is still one of you Son. I think he should appoint Angelina as his Lt,Governer so that they could build Unity State together. Thanks


      repondre message

  • 23 April 2010 23:53, by Chol Mading

    What a shocking news! Taban should understand that leadership is not about interest of individual but people who you are going to rule. This news will send shock waves all over the South and may even complicate CPA implementation. Many people from now on will see our government (GOSS) as incapable to rule and crimes will rise.

    If this happen now in Unity State, how about other states where independent candidates are leading? Kiir should safeguard the interest of Unity State which is total rejection of Taban. President Kiir must intervene and show strong leadership.

    I also think NEC will reverse this decision and put Angelina on top.

    repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 00:33, by kuminyandi

      Chol Mading,

      This is democratic process. Taban won by majority votes. Why the NEC would declare Angelina when she did not win?

      I know probably you read the misleading heading (title) of the story. Well, Sudan Tribune is pro Reik website, it always reports bias and negative news about Taban & SPLM/SPLA.

      Sudan Tribune obviously is spreading propagand on behalf of Angelina all these times. If you have time, visit others websites that reports about the South, you’ll see clear the bias in Sudan Tribune reporting.

      This Website called Sudan Tribune was founded by Reik’s idiologists who advocate Reik’s doctrine. They even sent email if you post comments critical to Reik and Angelina policy.

      I had many comments deleted by this website because I simply criticized Reik. I thinks this website is outhere to destroy Southern people by instigating and promoting hatred and tribalism. And this story is very evident for their instigations and conspiracy against Souther People.

      In order to safeguard our people, I think Sudan Tribune should be investigated by GoSS after the election. They need to answer some tough questions about being bias and negative towards some segments of our people. Thanks. (Probably they’ll delete this comment after posting)


      repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 03:05, by Beny de Piny

        To whoever want to intimidate Dinka, I just want to say that do not play with fire because we Dinka are aware of your wild behaviours. Just in eight years of struggle you started to change your minds by just thinking only of what to eat. No single mature minded man from Nuer did not betrayed the struggle including Taban, so bear in mind that Dinka of Unity alone has never surrendered to the intimidation of Riak, Matip and Taban who is now pretending to be the most loyal to the SPLA, I believe that is because of 2% otherwise he would have jiont his arab bilogical father in the North because for those who know him, he has never lead any battalion into a war zone, instead he was placed in a refugee camp (Itang) and later formed (SSIM) with Riek of which he became the governor of Unity in 1997, unfotunately he fought with Matip over the same oil money and went back to SPLA after knowing that no one apart from Dinka will give him much money and protection like now, so for those who are interesting in fighting Dinka I can say that you and your step father(arab) never defeated Dinka of Unity state forget about other Dinka in other states. Just because we know that you are a food lovers that is why Matip, Monytuil, Angelina, Riek and Taban are leading in command with out any position given to the other Dinka in Unity state and for that reason you may think that these positions were given to you because of wisdom and education !!no,just because you do create problems when hungry so for those of Gatwech or Gargoch please stop blaming Dinka for your mess because there is no thing lift which is not given to this brainless Nuer of Unity except wisdom which is a very special gift from God and because your physical apearance like human, all tribes of the Sudan pray alway to have wisdom which really missing from you Nuer of Bentiu. You have been given much time (2005-2011) to correct your behaviours and if it is not going to work then you might be ask to look for some countries to live in as refugees and I advise GoSS to start discussing this matter with the UNHCR before the date line.

        repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 01:35, by Dinka Boy

    Dear Southerners,

    Someone who make alot of noise is always aloser. I have said this many times that Mrs Angelina is always making loud speeches against honorable Taban Deng and that make me know that governor Taban is aclear winner than traitor family.

    repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 02:08, by MJriaksdca

    I cannot believe it, Taban owns the Nuers not Nuer owning him, eh!!!!!!!

    If it is true that Taban win, then the Dinka have won their rooting for Taban. Otherwise, more blood is going to be spilt in the coming days. Taban may not live in Bentiu as a Nuer this time, less he accepts democracy.

    repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 03:02, by Dinka Boy

      MJriaksdca ,

      What can you do now?
      Please stop connecting Dinka and your own hatred.
      Choose tween quite and killing of yourself.

      repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 02:36, by billieth

    It is absurd to say that Kiir is using nuer or trying to bring instability in Nuer area. Do we forget that the Vice-president is a Nuer and a son of Unity State? If the former is true, are you saying that Dr. Riek is dull and can easily be manipulated? I do completely disagree with this analysis. I think what is going on in the South Sudan is twofold:
    1) Our leaders are unskilled in running a government. Thus, passing blames with in tribal line will not solve our problems. Let’s be candid; for instance, our president is primitive or uneducated and he is now being confused by erudite individuals who have nothing to offer but to embezzle government fund. Besides, the vice-president is well-educated but is incapable to lead.
    2) Our leaders put their personal interest before the South. That means they struggle over the power and they forget that we are still in war with the North.

    Lastly but not the least, the problem in unity State is a nationwide problem. Look what is happening in the NBGS and WES. That is what I refer to as unskilled leadership. Friends, Nuer are smart enough and cannot be manipulated by Kiir to kill themselves; furthermore, if Kiir has no enough brain to lead the South does not mean that Dinka are incapable of leading.


    repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 06:52, by Gatwech


      You sound naive by denying external hands in this mess of Unity state.

      Kiir is the president who appointed Taban deng gai. He defended him when Taban lost to Dr. Joseph Nguen. He refused to remove Taban and replace him like other governors in replaced in Warrap and other states. So what do you call this?

      Now Taban is suspected to have bribed Salvatore Kiir, Abel Alier and chairman of local NEC in Bentiu to bless his forged figure which did not come from polling stations. It was just increased in front the computer without verification.

      Let me shock you my friend, if NEC could have verified the original results from the records of all the parties’ agents present at the stations and confirmed by the number of ballot papers, Taban’s declared result would be scalled down by 90,000 votes. Taban personally increased his 44,000 by additing 90,000 by just sitting in front of the computer and inflating them. Such 90,000 can NEVER be substantiated if verified with records and ballot boxes. They are just ghost figures.

      The 2% has spoken for Taban Deng Gai while the people have to wait for a real future leadership in the South to conduct a real election. We don’t expect a true democracy under this incompetent leadership of Salvatore Kiir and Abel Alier. They are just after 2%, period.

      repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 07:54, by kuminyandi

        Gatwech(aka Oshay)

        Be a realistic man! Where in the world somebody was going to inflate votes by 90,000 without any notice from authorities.

        Who told you that Mr. Taban set in front of the computer and increased his figures just simply like that? Did Angelina tell you that? Or is this one of rumors that Sudan Tribune circulate in the WEBSITE about Mr. Taban?

        You guys should admit the defeat that inflicted upon you by this gentleman called Taban.

        In real world, no siting governer would earned 44,000 votes in the whole State unless we live in unrealistic world such as yours. Stop your usual game of discrediting people, and give credit when is due.

        Angelina never came close to Taban in poll since the day one of election. She was leading only here on Sudan Tribune website contrary to real events in the ground.

        You guys need to blame Sudan Tribune because they are feeding you with wrong and misleading information about the election.


        repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 08:03, by billieth


        You have misquoted me my friend. I didn’t say that there is no external hand in the mess of Unity State. I said the problem facing Unity State is the nationwide problem. I meant the same mess you are referring to is happing in NBGS, WES to name a few. PB has imposed its power on Southerners and it has succeeded. If you had followed the election wherever you go in the South, you could have easily noticed that many people had been forced to vote for PB nominee; and whenever SPLM/SPLA learned that its candidate will not have enough vote to win, it adds fake ballots to the box. The Unity State had slow to implement the later, that’s why the count was fluctuated and the problem intensified.


        repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 06:48, by Madhod

    Dear fellow citizens, Taban Deng Gai may claims the win for now, but if Salva Kirr doesn’t step up to his obligation, the SPLM party is going to loose a good number of supporters in the next election. I predict that this is just the begin of the dispearance of the SPLM party. Taban rig the election, no doubt about that, but Salva support and ignore wills of the Unity State citizens, the SPLM party support it what Taban did, because he won’t violate the CPA without consultation of the SPLM. The good news is that this is just general election, and let deal with this issue of self determination first, and we will take care of this Taban’s arrogant later, when South Sudan is free from the north.

    repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 06:56, by Gatwech


      Thumbs up man! Nothing good can ever come from this incompetent leadership of Salvatore Kiir in the South and the incompetent NEC chairmanship of Abel Alier? Did you expect real democracy before the true blessed leadership comes up in 2011? No!!!

      repondre message

      • 24 April 2010 07:22, by kuminyandi

        Gatwech(aka Oshay)

        How come now Salva Kiir is YOUR incompetent leader, While two days ago he was YOUR visionary leader whom you called a wise leader and he knows what he’s doing when we criticized him? Shall I say "Bravo" to Kiir like what you always said?


        repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 07:01, by Joseph Makuer

    To all readers

    This was what I was talking about last time. Let be wise before making any comments. This website is spoiling us specially the southerners. The news last time where wrong that Angelina was leading Taban in the polls reporting by Sudan Tribune..... They also added that Taban is controlling NEC... which now turnout to be fault. Angelina and Taban are both southerners...


    repondre message

  • 24 April 2010 07:25, by Dinka Boy


    I have been telling you the truth,but you fail to understand. My friend, i though that you have killed yourself for good because of the news but if you are still talking garbage then you have to say thank you to homorable governor Taban Deng Gai for wining governorship in Unity State.

    I knew that you have very low intelligent quotient and that is why you said that Governor Taban forge the election by increasing his voting on the internet by typing in his own numbers. Haaa, is that reasoning o human being or little non-characters? indeed non-human because a reasonable can not attempt to say this false to the public.
    If you clever, then why/how/when/where did Taban Deng give away 2% oil revenue to Dinka?
    My friend, you are spoiling greater Naath and you will be like i don,t know because someone who make loud noise can not listened to.

    repondre message

    • 24 April 2010 07:59, by kuminyandi

      Dinka Boy,

      Bravo Man! I like your comment. Gatwech needs to know the facts not fictions. And thank you for let him know these facts so far.


      repondre message

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