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Chad president speaks against South Sudan secession


April 16, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — The Chadian president today joined a handful of his peers in warning against South Sudan becoming the newest state in the continent saying it will be "a disaster for Africa."

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Chadian President Idriss Deby (Reuters)

In January 2011 South Sudan is scheduled to hold its self determination referendum and decide whether they want to become an independent country or remain part of united Sudan. This right has been afforded per the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

However, over two decades of bitter civil war with the North have made the choice of secession the likely outcome of the referendum for the overwhelming majority of Southerners.

"We all have a north and south, part Muslim and part Christian. If we accept the disintegration of the Sudan, how to confront attempts to break the other?" Chad’s President Idriss Deby said in a magazine interview published Monday younger Africa.

"I say it loud, I’m against this referendum (separation) and against the possibility of division" he added. "Do you really think that the Khartoum government would agree easily on the loss of the south with its oil and minerals?"

Abound in Chad, like Sudan, ethnic and religious groups, which fought with each other bloody conflicts.

Many regional countries fear that Sudan’s division would encourage secessionist sentiments in their own homeland.

Last month leaders of the six-nation Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) east African body that met in Nairobi to assess the implementation of the CPA issued a statement to temper South Sudan’s rush to referendum saying that uncertainty in the oil rich nation posed a threat to their own economies and peace.

But Sudanese First Vice President and the president of South Sudan Salva Kiir responded by saying that he will not accept any compromise on the holding of the 2011 referendum.

“I ardently appeal to you all that the CPA is fully implemented and as per its timetable. I urge you all to recognize and respect the choice of the people of southern Sudan during the 2011 referendum," he said.

A surge of ethnic violence in South Sudan has resulted in the deaths of more than 2,500 people and forced 350,000 to flee their homes in 2009, according to a report issued by ten aid groups ahead of the referendum.

The clashes raised fears over the stability of a post-secession South left lingering resentments in a region already riven by traditional disputes over territory and cattle.

The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) have reiterated that the north will respect whatever choices made by Southerners but that they are hopeful for unity.


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  • 17 April 2010 07:21, by Gatwech

    To hell with you Idris Debby. What do you know about freedom. You are under Khartoum and will kick you out any time using your rebels.

    Please talk about freeing your siblings, the Darfurians, instead of talking nonesense about South Sudan you don’t know. Do you know where Juba is located? Shut up!

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    • 17 April 2010 07:27, by SPLA


      Believe it or not, Sudan is going to be one country forever. They way things are going right now in Sudan support the unity of the country. After the election, Bashir will used his power to do all he can do to make sure Sudan remains one country.


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      • 17 April 2010 07:51, by Gatwech

        SPLA (northerner),

        It is now clear that you are northerner pretending to be a southerner. Shut up and remain in your desert. Whether you are in Nuba or Blue Nile. Go to hell.

        Leave southerners alone you stupid intruder!!!

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        • 17 April 2010 08:12, by SPLA


          I am not a northerner, I am a pure southerner from Dinka. It is not my fault that the SPLM gave Bashir the presidency with the influence of the Traitor Machar. Call me whatever you want but the reality is that, Sudan will be one country coming January 9th 2011.

          Gatwech and his alike, You people lack the analytical skills to analysis the real situation in Sudan. You need to learn predictive analysis so that you can analysis and predict the political scope in Sudan. Bashir and his NCP will munipulate the referendum to favor the unity of Sudan. Let’s wait and see, January is not that far away.


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          • 17 April 2010 08:31, by Dengtaath

            SPLA, if you are not a northerner, I am convinced that you are the last fool on the earth. Go to hell with your Indriss Deby of Chad. Why the separation of Ethiopia did not cause disaster as he referred to Sudan South and North separation will become a disaster?
            SPLA, no body will listen to your fucken comments any more, you are a pure Northen Arab decent.

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          • 17 April 2010 17:41, by MJriaksdca

            MR. SPLA,

            You know how to analyze. What is wrong with your sentences I quoted below?

            "You people lack the analytical skills to analysis..."
            "You need to learn predictive analysis so that you can analysis..."

            Do you really know the different between verbs and nouns?

            You don’t say "to analysis" say to analyze.
            You also don’t say "can analysis", say can analyze.

            Do you get it?

            Otherwise guys continue to have a civil discussion on this web. Please, don’t be too tribalistic. That will be disasterous for our upcoming young nation.

            My general feeling is that South Sudan will go in 2011.

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            • 17 April 2010 20:50, by SPLA


              I didn’t claim that I am an English Genius. But I do have an analytical skills to analyze a big picture using predictive analysis which I learned in school. I am good at using statistical tools, mathematics and common sense to support of argument. Anyway, Analysis and Analyze are very close words which can be confused if one is not very careful.


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          • 17 April 2010 20:25, by Riangnom

            Idris idiot shut up and mind your own mess in Chad, we know that you are trying to please arab in Khartoum but you are lose silly.

            We the South will not and will never listen to any one’s self interset, just don’t bother you must see south seced regardless.

            To so- call SPLA please try not dress up in your identity be what you are.

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        • 17 April 2010 13:35, by kalkada


          Im not from south but Im 100% with South secession, but what I don’t like is for some Idiot Gatwech to insult others.you are mentally retarded out of touch.

          first of all nuba and blue nile are not desert idiot, take Geography class you Idiot.

          secondly I thought you are Ethiopian, what are you doing talking about Sudan. don’t forget that during the war all of you ran to Ethiopia and cliamed ethiopian citizenship,is it because of the oil????? you come back acting as sudanese.

          just call former Jahafer al nimer who sold you out to Ethiopia in exchange for Kassala, and all of you agreed, now you are back talking about Nuba and blue nile.

          don’t ever mess with other people you Idiot,retarded and better watch yourself............and your surroundings.

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          • 29 April 2010 11:55, by Sombiri

            Since then, the policy of the party, towards the South, has been to Islamize the people of Southern Sudan, to fit them into an Islamic Nation that they had always wanted and dreamt of creating. Although all the traditional parties in Northern Sudan have the strategy of promoting Islam in the Sudan, and to Islamize the South, only the National Islamic Front, or now the National Congress Party, believe in the ‘use of force approach’ to Islamize the South.
            The 21 year period of war in the South, witnessed the pouring into the South of jihad fighters from within Sudan and from Islamic countries. The Sudan Peoples Liberation Army/Movement was branded an anti-Islam movement. But the fact that there were Moslems in the Movement made it difficult to justify the claim. The leadership of the party ( National Congress ) did not believe in all Moslems, but only those of fundamentalist stock.
            However, the party leadership managed to solicit funds and arms from the Islamic countries in the name of transforming the Sudan into an Islamic nation, and to advance Islam in Africa. During the war period, the South witnessed the pouring in of Islamic NGOs and Institutions, to carry out Islamic activities in the South. Mr. Presidnet given all the above I Believe that if you are to be in the Sudan and given the color of your skin, don’t be surprised if you become a fourth class citizen in your own country. Please Mr. President dont’t ever appease your masters with the plebicite of South Sudan.

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      • 17 April 2010 08:28, by Deng Ateny Lueth

        guys don’t any of you ever response to this man calling himself gatwech, he is not really NUER, he is jalaba hiding in Nuer names. he used this name to writes those afterbirths statements so that rest of us will be resentful about Nuer and hold our brothers accountable. no we must be smarter than this bastard and a fool at the same time. we have defeated arabs and that is why they are using those ill tricksas their brothers in middle east are using. remember their militias used to called our names in 1980th the ambush,as the means to detect us and learned to encountered that tricks. so do it to this innocent duck.

        repondre message

        • 17 April 2010 08:40, by Dengtaath

          Ateny Makuey, you are also a confused individual under trees in South Sudan bushes. You failed to responded the poorly SPLA comment, instead you are talking nonse against Gatwech. Ok, let Gatwech be a Jalaba hiding under the Nuer name, what has the jalaba done wrong in response to SPLA comment about South Sudan referendum? You are the one hiding with Dinka name pretending to be a Dinka while you are not.
          How can you missed, that poor thinking of SPLA which Gatwech smartly respond to it.
          Go to hell too as your friend SPLA.

          repondre message

          • 17 April 2010 09:35, by Gatwech


            Thanks for rebuking those lost pretenders. They don’t even speak or write in Dinka. Let them translate what they have written in their comments if they are really true, if not lost northerners.

            I can write all my comments in Nuer and all the Nuer readers can understand that to prove to them. But can they translate their comments to Dinka? I doubt it.

            So they are northerners or sold out Dinka Ngok of Abyei whom Dr. Machar recently redeemed in the Hague.

            repondre message

            • 18 April 2010 01:52, by Dengtaath

              Thanks Gatwech for your appreciation, those semi illiterate pretenders are always making noise when they don’t even understand what they talking about.

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        • 17 April 2010 09:33, by david kong paul


          Who wants Unity? Jalaba or Junubi? Gatwech opposed Deby who discribed Southern Sudan Seccession as a disaster for Africa. What is wrong about his comment? This comment reflects the interest of all Southern Sudanese.


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      • 17 April 2010 09:10, by Bill Dhieu Manyang

        Dear all,

        It is sad that Idris Deby is becoming once again an Arab forgetting the situation his own sibling Darfurians are going through in the hand of the world’s leading brutal killer Bashir.

        He should only plays his outdated cards with Bashir but not tempering with right of self determination which the world over is aware of that Africa is going to recieve a new born country called Southern Sudan where he himself (Deby) would be granted a political asylum in 2012 planed coup against him.

        As a warning to all African leaders and the world at large, You have to be mindful of your own business leave Southerner to decide their destiny.

        We are now counting people on Bashir’s camp and we shall not miss referendum by bullet box if we miss it through ballot box.

        repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 20:23, by Agutran

        President Idriss Deby, keep your own house in order enough before you talk of someone else.

        If two decades of civil war in Sudan with over two million people dead is not a disaster for you, then the word disaster lost its meaning.

        For the clown wearing the name SPLA if you were not a shame to use your names in the north why not use one.

        You see how democratic you are when you already know Bashir will be president before the election is even over.

        The goal for united Sudan was for the north to make unity attractive, but it seems no sign of that so far, and that leave us withno shoice but go our way.

        Good luck with your uncle Bashir to make Sudan united Country.

        repondre message

      • 26 November 2012 17:41, by tumeanamis

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    • 17 April 2010 07:49, by makalier

      I agree with you Gatwich. what does Iridis know about Sudan in general not only south Sudan? The chandian afraid that rebel demand the same Freedom we southerners believe for longer period of time. To answer the other guy comment who Called himself SPLA. if he believe that things are not going in Sudan because of former FOes (NCP)? What prevented SPLA from giving ( NCP) conditions that If you really need Unity, then give us 50% of the paliamentary set and it should be signed into law without reveresed and if they will say? If they say no then it will show that ( NCp) just care about power if you had not recognized that before. However, If you favor the independent of South Sudan Please do not keep quite talk other citizens and give us the percentage of those who favor unity and I want you to give me the proper source or number to comfirmed because I am not in the country and I wish it happened as exepected and other other southerners as well. I always pray that we shall gain our independent state sooner.

      repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 07:55, by Deng Ateny Lueth

      To hell with idris debby, we will not be used as bait by your cousins in DARFUR. we will get independent south sudan, by means necessary, come what may. will fight any or every angel of evil deed whereever they are, whether internal or external. this forthcoming hours and days will be discribed as a matter of live and deaths. we will rather choose to be source of dry born in south sudan or braved our course beyond ill wishes by thugs idris. all south sudanese should rise now. let creat independent african can believ in.

      repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 08:11, by makalier

        Thank you mr. Deng Ateny Lueth. There has never been Freedom without struggle and we are on the process and i hope it will happen as others like you and I intended and hope for it and may God bless the hard work of our belove brothers and sisters who are orphans due to the struggle that took their fathers and mothers either directly orin directly. Our people who love to have their own destiny in any part of our country contributed and they are welcome in Southern sudan If they want too otherwise. We will not trade anything for freedom and the bloodshed that our people endured for several years with indirect threat of our indigenous cultures for no reasons.

        repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 08:08, by Deng Ateny Lueth

      haaaa, i call it afterthought statement by idris. chad was not party to sudan peace agreement. it was east african deal and their deal alone. it cost kenyan government time and hugh sum of money to broker the cpa. so let the dog bark but it wouldn’t scare out whatever the hell may be.

      repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 11:06, by D.B Lotongun

      After his recently conning,Idriss Deby,has forgotten what Bashir did to his country.The Arabs world/Arab’s leaders will continue to bark but no way,it will be the choice of Southers to be either the first class citizen or the second class in their own land.

      repondre message

    • 22 November 2012 17:59, by dadikalicool

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  • 17 April 2010 07:31, by murlescrewed


    Outright secession is unnecessary at this point. South has proven to the world that it’s not ready to be a functioning member of the international community. I hope the US and Egypt succeed in their conspiracy to keep Sudan united at all cost. Under Kiir and Traitor riek, South will be a disaster and another failed state. So far, it has not shown anything in terms of development. Heck, there are no tarmacked road in South. What did Kiir and traitor riek do with oil share monies?

    South should settle for a confederal arrangement where two parts of Sudan will enjoy equal powers. Presidency would rotate between the two sides. South will protect other marginalized groups in the country from being excluded from the power by the north. It would also be impossible to attempt a coup in Sudan because you would have win support from Northern officers and Southern officers. South would continue to use 100% of oil revenues for all oil found within South’s borders while North is paid for oil transit and expertise. Eventually, both parts could be reunited when people have gotten over the war memories. This is a win-win outcome for Sudan and the world.

    But we have separatists clamoring for a nationhood but have no idea what to do with it. This is a disaster.

    repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 07:55, by Gatwech

      Murlescrewed (northerner),

      It is now clear that you are northerner pretending to be a southerner. Shut up and remain in your desert. Whether you are in Nuba or Blue Nile. Go to hell.

      Leave southerners alone you stupid intruder!!!

      repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 08:01, by makalier

      Hello mr. murlescrew.
      I wish we do not have people like you on this website. It is because thi kind of language is the one that encourage our enemies to insist on blocking our pass everytime we want to by passed them. who care about US and Egypt? Both of this countries support khartoum government in the past. Therefore, we should not really on their support. Let just keep doing what we did during the struggle with better strategies. Why do you keep talking about Kiir and Riek? just leaders are just opportunities leaders for time being. After we get our own State, we as southerners will conduction our own independent and elect better leader who will apply his knowledge as people deserve. Remember that south sudan do not belong to Riek or Kiir. it belong to the citizens they represented.Any country in this universe started with problem because they were not acquianted proper form of governing. I adivce you to forget that way of thinking brother. support the wishes of the people and that the almigty father will help us achieving this goal we have been waiting and suffered through the process of any struggle.

      repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 08:49, by murlescrewed


        When you see a blind person walking towards the cliff and on the verge of making an ill-informed decision, will you continue on your way or go and tell them that there is a cliff and they should avoid that path? I am an educated Southerner who believes deeply that Sudan is a better country united. I serve in Juba under a classified role but do not think that secession is in the best interest of South. I also do not believe in current form of union either. There is a good middle ground that could be achieved easily.

        NCP could care less if South separates because it will ensure that their power is guaranteed for ever in North. Southerners are just running scared like a bunch of cowards instead of agitating for a greater Sudan under confederal arrangement. This is a sure way to abandon those regions that joined South in its struggle.

        repondre message

        • 17 April 2010 09:43, by Gatwech

          Murlescrewed (UMMA party dog),

          Only sell-out traitors like you in the North settle for middle grounds. Ours is a complete independence of the South.

          Go to hell with your treachery!

          repondre message

          • 17 April 2010 09:51, by murlescrewed

            Traitor and mentally unstable riek little househelp,

            Only those like you who don’t have confidence is themselves and their abilities to go toe-to-toe with North are eager to jump the boat and settle for a path of less resistance. NCP will not make it that easy and I am actually quite content with that prediction. It is better for a warring Sudan than have a stillborn country call South or whatever it is going to be called.

            I am 100% Southerner and from a prominent southern family. However, I am convinced that South’s destiny is tied to that of other marginalized groups and not with independence.

            repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 08:51, by Dengtaath

      Is good that we have known the Arab today in this discussion forum, Murlescrewed, you will never hide andy more

      repondre message

      • 18 April 2010 02:20, by visitor

        Murlescrewed makes many good points. As an outsider I can foresee many crippling problems for an independent south Sudan. Besides, Bashir will not let it happen if he can work out ways to prevent it. I am sure he has plans already. And what would become of the southerners in the north if the valuable south secedes? Would they be safe? I believe a middle way such as that proposed by Murlescrewed should be considered, if only as a temporary measure.
        I believe your main problem is with Islamization of south Sudan. Islamization brings ignorance and permanent second-class status for Africans in Sudan. I know it is easy for me to speak, outside Sudan, but you need to understand your history and be realistic. Muslims will NOT let go of a country they have once ruled. Even if you separate they will continue to cause trouble and destabilize the country. Do you think you can seal your borders? You will be in charge of the Nile with two powerful countries relying on its waters. What can you do? They will send immigrants, da’wa, and mischief and will control you by default. Murlescrewed can see this: I think he is trying to say that it is not enough to be patriotic and have pleasant dreams. You have to carefully weigh up the choices. There are forces much bigger than "the Sudanese government" which you have to be very clever about.

        repondre message

  • 17 April 2010 07:35, by Dinka Boy

    Hey President Idriss Deby,

    South Sudan fought the Khartoum government for decades and we did not asked your help at all. SPLM is ready for any aggression that NCP need to enforced to South Sudan.

    Yes, we fought each other and even during our liberation,you have heard that Bashier win the war since the formation of SPLM in 1983? none.

    Please stop shouting oud as you said because our problem in Sudan is not that simple and people like you mr president will not conceived it.

    We SPLA knows that there is war in oil and boundaries. You know that your country Chad sponsored Maralin( Darfurians) to have their base in the chad border at the time they frequently attack NBG during the war.

    Please stay away from us because we will deal with Bashier regime and that has been our promise long time ago.

    repondre message

  • 17 April 2010 07:36, by K Bambo

    Mr. Deby,

    Wait until you are kicked out by Bashir very soon. You are a dictator who does not want freedom in your own country. Your people are slaves in Sudan because you can not feed them.

    Also be reminded, when South gets its freedom, we will support all freedom fighters in Africa, including the ones in your own country, because we know what freedom means.


    repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 08:04, by Kim Deng


      You must be under the influence of substance at the time of airing out your doom-statement regarding North-South Sudan issues. You better focus on your own backyard before you shamelessly claim about Sudan separation.

      South Sudan must be a State of its own by all mean necessary without your support.

      repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 08:39, by wang

        President Idriss Deby is the madnes man and he doesn’t know what he talking about. When did you becomes Bashir friend Idriss? Look at yourself, you can’t even defence your owns backyard against Khartoum regime. Without Europeans Unoins helps, you wouldn’t even on that hot sit spoken against South Sudsn secession today. Go to hell Idriss.

        repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 08:16, by Deng Magot Riem

      What a joke!!!!!.

      President Idris Derby seems lacking something to say. 21 plus of war between North and the South have not been disasterous to Africa. How is it that succession of South Sudan; the new country to be would be a disaster to the Continent of Africa? Mr. Idris, there is no disaster that we have never seen. To us, it dosen’t matter what the consequences would be, succession is a must do.

      repondre message

  • 17 April 2010 08:09, by jalabi

    I think Chadian president is correct, his people in the south will ask for their own state having the fact that the oil in Chad also exists in the south and majority are christians, Nigeria has the exact issue like Sudan (copy & paste), oil in the south and majority are christians (in south Sudan majority none christians & none muslims but indigenous religion) and most of the oil exists also in the south (is it just coincident that the oil exists in the south in each one of this country???)

    Egypt also will face big problem when south Sudan separate, Ethiopia too, south Sudan separation will cause instability, turmoil and disturbance to the whole region and African Union will not allow this to happen.

    If the south separated in 2011 without solving the border issue, the oil, the water, the huge number of southerners who live in north and will never go to south, the Sudan debt (I believe the south should be responsible paying all the money because of the war they created) then the war will erupt immediately after separation.

    So what is the solution then? back to war again? of course not, let the referendum goes as schedule to be and after that the African Union can help a lot adjusting the referendum result making it infavor of unity.

    I think JUNOBEAN should accept the fact that their fate is to stay and stick with "mandokoro" in one state.

    Jalabi (Abo Jalabia)

    repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 08:48, by Dengtaath

      So what Jalabi, if those areas you mentioned including Chard do not treated their citizens equally, why do they wait, let them claim to stand on their feet. Sudan must be divided not only in to South and North, it must also be divided in to East and West mind you mr vulture.

      repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 09:23, by jalabi

        Mr. Dengtaath,

        South Sudan is not immune of being divided to many states (just tell me what link Dinka to Equotorians???? why should Equotorians ruled by Dinka and slaved by Dinka??!!!)

        If we allow south to go our neighbors will not.


        Jalabi (Abo Jalabia)

        repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 08:50, by CHOLTHEGREAT

      ’’Hopeless president as Idris and hopeless state like Chad under a dictatorship rule should stay its mouth away from South Sudan affairs’’ Idris is not a Sudanese why should he be against what he does not know anything about.
      I know it is NIF that married you recently, that is speaking in you. ’’ Let me ask you when did you become the NIF spokesperson???.
      People of this kind should be reminded that whether Khartoum likes it or not South Sudan must go or Africa loose Sudan on its map if South Sudan is not allowed to go.

      repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 13:47, by Wad Juba

      Hey you bastard! (Jalabi)

      Idriss and you plus Basher will not and cannot stop the people of south Sudan from secession if they choose to vote for it in 2011. We southerners have paid in tons of blood and will continue to shed or spill blood if anyone tries to stand in our path.

      We have seen it all, so a Idriss Deby or a Hosni Mubarak can yap and blubber their retarted sycho opinions as much as they please but it will not derail our train of freedom.

      As for you bastard, Nigeria is none of our business, the people of that nation can decide how to live their lives.

      Please better go and stroke a donkey’s or camel’s dick like you always do instead of opening your big mouth with your snuff rotten teeth and talking shit....you filty faggot.

      Anya Anya till my people are free 4va.............Period.

      Wad Juba (a.k.a) Ready4war.

      repondre message

    • 18 April 2010 05:50, by visitor

      Jalabi: Do you seriously believe the southern Sudanese started the war? So if, for instance, people from my country barged in and imposed new laws on yours and took your resources and killed people who got in the way, and you fought us, could it be said that you started a war? I mean, your Koranic way of thinking, that "disbelief is worse than slaughter" - do you really believe that?

      By the way, the southern Sudanese are entitled to think about what is best for THEM, not the people of Chad or Ethiopia.

      repondre message

  • 17 April 2010 08:42, by bior angeth

    Where were that Chad President when peace was signed in Nairobi? Why did he allow South Sudan given right to vote for seperation or unity? I think he has no right to block the right of South Sudan people to vote for seperation or unity. If he had to be against one of these, he would have rejected it before the peace was signed. Blocking the choice of people means someone is calling for something different. I request these people, do not push our people back to war.

    repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 09:51, by Samabo Tuolkuei

      Dear All,

      I am really very happy and thanking you the new generation of South Sudan Youth for your vigorousness to stand firm. Your contributions all contribute to a Strong Independent South Sudan, let’s remind you one thing, when the neighboring arabs countries sees the way and future of South Sudan. It give them fear of how a strong nation will it be and the threat to free the whole of Africa from indirect slavery that Arabs want to practice on african continent.

      It is they arabs that say that the dog bark and the camel is going, please give no heed to what the stooge President Idris say, let him free himself first from the rebels that threaten his government.

      An examples is this election guys, there has never been a peaceful elections in Sudan if not with the present of SPLM this time round/year. I wish and advise our citizen nationwide to continue demonstrate and show the world that South Sudanese are the only peace givers and keepers by finishing our election peacefully even at the time of announcement and be ready to accept any outcome.

      repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 10:27, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

        We do not beg to be what we want to be from any one in this planet. We decide for what we wantm and no one else. We have paid over two million lives for that and nothing can alter that. If Debby is reading this article let him no that the train for independence has started its journey and no one can change that except God. Debby should better sort out their problems than to poke his chadian nose in our affair.

        repondre message

        • 17 April 2010 10:55, by kumkan

          Our quest for refferandum has been high and we do not need examination from any one regarding what must do and what we should not do. Hell, to whose who opt for United South because my uncle and many cousin dead my future and their grand kid’s future, therefore, stand the hell out of our decision because you was there when Northern were kiling us. Northern have been killing us for many years, now it is our will do decide if we wants to be part of the United Sudan. I feel safe without any muslim around me because I hate their culture and including those nasty clothes they wore.....stupid Jalbiya or whatever you might call it......gentlemen more looking like famile.

          repondre message

          • 17 April 2010 11:02, by kumkan

            Our quest for referendum has been high and we do not need explaination from any one regarding what we should do and what no. Hell, to those who opt for United Sudan. My uncle and cousin dead to free us from harm and for my future and their grand kid’s future, therefore, stand the hell out of our decision you was there when Northern were killing us stupid president. Northern have been killing us for many years and now it is our will to decide whether we wants to be part of the United Sudan or be the only country without Muslim. I feel safe without any Muslim around me because I hate their culture and including those nasty clothes they wore.....stupid (...)

            repondre message

            • 17 April 2010 11:39, by yirolda

              If one got satisfied somewhere, He or she should carry him/herself to where he/she think is comfort for his/her live then wasting your energy talking about south-north issues. Chad is under Bashir control, they should handle themsevles well before talking about any thing. shame....shame.......shame on you wife of omar Hassen, lay the bed such that he............................you.

              repondre message

            • 17 April 2010 11:55, by Chuanga-enoor.

              The Arabized African called Idris Debii must short his ass out of the South Sudanese affairs, we did not called you when we were fighting this Arab, we must separate either by ballot or bullet boxes my friend. we did not forget our 2.5 millions live lost here in South Sudan because of our independent. we South Sudanese are not simple people to be influence by this bad cultured people Arab. We are the people of deep history which can not be kept underground by this Arabized Nubian in the north because of our religion.

              We are truely African that will resist Arab influence in Africa by imposing their stupid backward cultures, you see all Arabized African are creating problems here in Africa like Nigeria and Somalia. We South Sudanese must separate, i personally must separate and create my own country where i will be able to establish my non islamic documents,like nationality here in Sudan with bissim allah alrahman alrahim as the heading and is all written in Arabic and free passport without the exception of the country of Israel.

              repondre message

  • 17 April 2010 16:31, by Time1

    another big RUMOURS from sudan tribune, this website editor is getting very desperate to attract attention and customers really, GOSS should ignore such rumours on the internet, that is even if they ever consider it, if there is anything GOSS regional affairs or leadership will discuss it with our brothers in chad.

    repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 16:36, by Time1

      This rumours is very funny considering chad is a failed state itself, so how can it advise another state? sudan tribune is trying to make adris deby sound stupid to public, take a look inside chad irst before making such claims, we can consider such claims from south africa, US, kenya, nigeria,ghana, uganda, libya, zimbabwe and others, not from losers and prophets of doom.

      repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 18:23, by ethiopia

        Idres Deby

        You proved your stupidity and weakness to Africans and world at large by released this wrong statement .How comes Sudan to remains united? And South – north conflicts started in 1940,s up to date. Idres GOSS will supply Chad rebel to chase you out in the powers, if you like.

        repondre message

  • 17 April 2010 18:22, by Thyinka

    Sudan will never know peace unless it is separated. NCP can buy out the rest of the world to advocate for the Unity of the country but it is will not buy out Southern Sudanese and they are they one who have the last word on Unity or Separation of Sudan. it is impossible to keep in servitude people who are determined to be free.

    repondre message

    • 17 April 2010 18:43, by mack waweru


      This is a typical Muslims conspiracies against Black African Christians. If DEBY has Muslims in the north and Christians in the south of Chad, would that means his country would disintegrate? The issue is about south and north division, but about injustices Muslims do to Christians. If Chistians are mistreated in Chad as in Sudan, it’s their God given right to have their own state.
      It’s now clear that Deby has become a stooge in Bashir’s hand. We will fight whoever tries to temper with our rights. The God we worship and the faith we follow is truthfully rooted in our hearts and nothing would deter us to face up our enemies wherever they would originate.

      Mack Awer

      repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 22:57, by Kuany Dak

        What does he know about problem of sudan? Idris let him run his nose while he is trying to please, El Bashir to foregive him for support he gave to Darfur’s rebels. He knew now that El Bashir is winning election that is why he is attempting to reach out before hand.

        repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 23:23, by Time1

        mack waweru

        Sudans war is not between muslim an christians, we have christans and muslims in the south too, its about marginalization and government injustice, it is not religious issue even though some wanted to use religion to help their mission.

        repondre message

        • 18 April 2010 06:03, by visitor

          Time: What north Sudan did to the south was classic jihad. And what about the Muslims in the south? Did they become Muslim because Islam is so superior? Any other reasons? Perhaps a little bit of "pressure"?

          In every Muslim country in the world, Christians are "marginalized" (or simply killed or driven out.) Nothing to do with religion? Just coincidence?

          repondre message

        • 18 April 2010 17:50, by mack waweru

          What about the "Jehad" or holy war waged against the south since 1992-2004, brother Time 1?


          repondre message

  • 18 April 2010 03:03, by R. TOOL

    Dear South Sudan,

    Corruption by Deby:

    You should not trust any idiot like Deby .... South Sudan will be a free state comes 2011. South Sudan will be a better country than Chad ... period.

    In October 2006, Chad was placed at the top of the list of the world’s most corrupt nations by Forbes magazine for "what may turn out to be the single most piggish use of philanthropic funds". Proceeds from a project, funded in part by the World Bank, to build an oil pipeline through Chad and Cameroon were supposed to have been ring-fenced by Déby’s government to assist and feed "the desperately poor people of these nations". Instead, some $30 million was diverted to buy arms to keep in power the government of President Idriss Déby.[citation needed]

    repondre message

    • 18 April 2010 08:42, by pol d

      Stupid loser call himself Spla, he is from Shilluk Lam supporter.
      If you believe in unity of Sudan, with your husband Idriss Deby,you dead body.

      repondre message

  • 18 April 2010 15:32, by Abraham Chol Marial

    Dear President Idriss,
    This an internal affair of which you don,t need to raise you voice high as you did but i am to assured you that we southerners will never and never accept any manipulation in southern sudan refferrendum.You better shut up your fucken mouth,you did not settle any thing in your own country and you dnon,t know any thing regarding democracy,your rebels almost kicked you out and now you are trying to water your relationships with your mother husband Omer Albashier,so that you will be help my Khartoum to fightr against your rebels.
    May th God take your soul to hell.

    repondre message

  • 18 April 2010 21:14, by Peter Rhiak Daniel

    Chadian President Idriss should hold his tongue in Sudanese affairs since Bashire had attempted to remove from power without Southern Sudanese support. Where will he be if we remained united. South Sudan will separate wheter you like it or not Mr Idriss

    repondre message

    • 19 April 2010 10:15, by doot

      This some bullshit for chad president, to speak against south sudan secession.Haha ???? he is both contempt and ignorance.The question whether sudan should remain as one nation or divide has notthing do with him and his poor leadership. it is upto sudanese people and particular southerners to decide their own destiny. However, this decision doesnot require south sudanese to be become chadian or any other mean form of human in order to separate. To be separated , or not to be , is not a challenge question to us at the moment since we know out here. The really question is that would a southerners be able to enjoy the separation. yes they can, separation will keep us safe as forever. yes separation will provide our true i dentity. yes separation will protect our own values . yes separation will defend our freedom. yes separation will defend our interest. yes separation will protect our land and these the whole package we have been fought for two decade plus.

      The thing is that president Idris has insulted us and he should apologise out there.He really talked shit!!!. however, the whole message is that he should not worry about us instead he should worry our about his OWN chaotic country. He thinks that no one knows what happening in his country. we all know and that true

      repondre message

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