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Umma party election pullout deals another blow to vote credibility


April 7, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — Following over a week of discussions the largest opposition party in North Sudan took the highly unexpected move of boycotting elections at all levels including presidential, parliamentary and gubernatorial only a few days before the polls were due to open.

The Umma Party led by former prime minister Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi issued a statement late on Wednesday saying that the political bureau met over two days and afforded every member the opportunity to express their views on comprehensive/partial boycott of elections or participating.

"[The decision was taken to] boycott the ongoing elections at all levels due to non-response to the conditions of time extension to implement the remaining seven conditions and [we] announce [our] non-recognition of the results and the party leader has the right to exercise his functions in executing the decision in the manner that considers the supreme national interest" according to the statement read by Sara Nugd-Alla, a member of the Umma Party political bureau today.

Al-Mahdi will hold a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to explain the motives behind the decision, she said.

Last Friday, the party had submitted eight sets of demands to the National Election Committee (NEC) that have to be fulfilled in order for it to remain in the race. The Umma party wanted guarantees to ensuring the neutrality of the media and freedom of access to it by all political parties, government funding of election campaigning, prohibiting the use of government resources by any party, regulation and determining a specific ceiling for campaign financing and spending, recognizing that elections in Darfur region will be incomplete and creating a body to oversee the work of the NEC.

Furthermore, Al-Mahdi’s party demanded that the right of South Sudan to hold the 2011 referendum as planned should not be subject to negotiations or political maneuvering.

The party said that should the government agree to the aforementioned terms, the elections must be postponed till next May which is different from the original date proposed by opposition parties which falls in November.

The NEC was given until Tuesday to respond positively and Al-Mahdi have said this week that 90% of what they asked for was implemented leading most observers to believe that the party will lift its boycott. The electoral body rejected any postponement insisting that they will go as planned.

Al-Mahdi was the last democratically elected leader of Sudan in 1986 before being overthrown in 1989 by president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir’s and is one of the two main challengers in the presidential polls.

The favorite to threaten Bashir, Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) candidate Yasir Arman, withdrew last week citing major fraud and the continuing conflict in Darfur but suspicions arose that the ex-Southern rebel group took the decision under pressure from the NCP to withdraw Arman in return for facilitating South Sudan’s road to independence following the 2011 referendum in the semi-autonomous region.

The Umma party is joined in his position by the SPLM which yesterday announced a boycott in most of North Sudan, the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) and the breakaway Umma Reform and Renewal Party (URRP).

The opposition Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which pulled out of the presidential race last week after the first SPLM boycott, said late on Tuesday it had reversed its decision.

It decided to reinstate its presidential candidate Hatim al-Sir after appeals from supporters, party official Salah al-Basha told Reuters, without giving details.

The DUP has been holding talks with the ruling NCP in recent days and was a late member of a loose opposition coalition protesting against irregularities. Some commentators earlier saw it as a possible NCP ally in the poll.

Analysts say that Bashir is desperately seeking credible elections to fend of the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) last year for him over war crimes committed in Darfur. where 300,000 are believed to have perished since the conflict erupted in 2003.


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  • 8 April 2010 06:39, by Kim Deng


    The separatists in the South don’t care much about what the traditional political parties (UMMM, DUP, NDA...) say, but referendum for South Sudan.

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    • 8 April 2010 06:51, by Gatwech

      Dear readers,

      Opposition groups of hyena Sadiq al-Mahdi knew that they would lose the elections so they better boycott.

      SPLM knew that they would lose elections in the North so they withdraw Yasser Arman and boycott in the rest of northern 13 states.

      Now some politicians are mocking Yasser Arman by urging voters to waste their votes for illegal candidate. What a joke! Who will count votes for a ghost name?

      repondre message

      • 8 April 2010 07:00, by Gatwech

        Kim Deng,

        You are right. What we the true nationalists envision is to free our people and form their own independent country. It is not about cheap elections for eight months to referendum.

        The so-called lost boys of new sudan vision have realized their failure in the pursuit of these delusional dream of John Garang who could not even speak or write arabic to deal with the arab mentality. Bashir as the father of the CPA remains to be held responsible for the CPA he signed until referendum when the CPA shall expire.

        The last nail is put on the coffin of the new sudan sell-out vision when the communist unionist withdraw the northern SPLM from the elections. What we are now eagerly looking towards to is referendum and independence either with ballot or bullet.

        The gear is already set and it has no reverse whatsoever!!!

        repondre message

        • 8 April 2010 07:17, by Kim Deng


          You’re realy the son of the country (South Sudan), keep educate these confused coward Garang’s orphans until they come to their sense.



          repondre message

      • 8 April 2010 08:01, by kuminyandi


        Don’t cry and don’t create excuses. This is a good move by Umma party. As always, you are not going to understand, this move is bigger than you and your cliques. Called it whatever names you want, but your MASTER Albashir is not going to get legitimacy on account of Umma, SPLM Northern Sector, and Communist party. Your MASTER is still remain indicted even after winning this an already rigged election. You have not seen anything yet, your true nightmares has just started. Thanks


        repondre message

    • 8 April 2010 06:59, by thieleling

      Dear Sudanese,

      Al-Mahdi is simply being politically theatrical. He is NOT a better alternative to Al-Bashir. He pulled out in the last minute to send a political shockwave. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Whether with Al-Bashir or Al-mahdi on the helm of power in sudan, all the same, except Al-mahdi is a dirty old-man from sudan political old-school. No one is entitled to the leadership of sudan. This is not Mahdi TIME!! south sudan must be independence regardless of who is in power in the north.

      repondre message

      • 8 April 2010 07:12, by Gatwech


        Bravo brother for your sharp analysis. Let those slave hearted southerners cry for more Jallaba masters in power. As for us, Bashir is the father of CPA and should continue to shoulder the responsibility of implementing the referendum. We don’t need strangers in power in Khartoum who will deny knowing any thing about referendum like Sadiq al-Mahdi or changing it to confederation as Yasser Arman wants.

        repondre message

    • 8 April 2010 07:01, by Time1

      You are right UMMA part or communists have not support even if the elections were to be postpone and they are given more time in media as they claim, they will never win the elections, they are disorganised, their ideas does not appeal to public, they lack money and other resources, so it is better for them to pull out early to avoid embarassement if defeated.

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    • 8 April 2010 07:22, by Dinka Boy

      Do Nuer tribe in South Sudan knows politics? none Only food to eat and being bribe by Arab goverment. Nuer are primitives and the last people who have no educational background. Good luck!

      And that is why the called Dr John garang vision poor because they have further a anaysis in politics.
      Nuer are food lovers and they are born empty and they will die empty.

      repondre message

      • 8 April 2010 07:32, by Kim Deng

        Coward Jang/Slave (Dinka Boy),

        This is not about Nuer vs. Coward Jaang/Slaves, but separatists vs. unionsts in the country especially from South part of the country.

        Are you ready to read more about Mighty Nuer Warriors Occupation/Expansion?

        repondre message

      • 8 April 2010 11:01, by sunny

        Dinka (Slave)Boy

        who is a politician?

        1. Being a Kleptomaniac clench like Dinka under the leadership of mr.cowboy who stole money from Juba and transported it to Uganda in a coffin pretending it was a dead person taken to Uganda for burial.

        2.accepting bribery of billions pounds like John Garang who withdrew his force after nearly capturing Juba in 1994.

        3. Being a person like Dinka boy who is preaching hatred and tribalism in sudan tribune website.

        4.Believing in Yasir Arman and SadiQ almahdi who are for Unity of sudan.

        Sir Sunday.

        repondre message

        • 9 April 2010 05:30, by Ajawuk Juma

          To Mr Sunny,

          Do we young Southern Sudanese go to school to learns something or just go to there for funs? Can any Southerner with a good analsis read below quote from Mr Sunny comment.

          ’’accepting bribery of billions pounds like John Garang who withdrew his force after nearly capturing Juba in 1994’’

          correction: His force (Dr John Garang de Man) were nearly to captured Juba as you stated exactly but in 1992 not 1994. Because Dr. Riek Machar Teny who broke away from the SPLM/A and formed his tribal militants and stabbed the Movement which sabotageed the operation around Juba in 1992. So there was no any bribed at all.

          I doubt about this man!! Is he really Sudanese perhaps he is one of the young boys who was born at refugee camps in the neighboring countries.

          My advice to you Mr Sunny is to leave the freedom fighter alone and continue with your uneducated and childshly comment on this site.

          repondre message

    • 8 April 2010 17:06, by Joseph Makuer

      Dear All, Kim

      Now, the world has seen how shameful the election is. NCP has proved their fail toward the election process, this include the fail to show CPA attractive. I think Umma party made the right choice just like what SPLM has shown last week. SPLM will only make sure that the road to referendum is secure, and they don’t care about this shame election. This shame election was predicted here in US and want you guys to see it.


      repondre message

  • 8 April 2010 06:57, by Time1

    The big question people should ask themselves is, What type of change they are looking for and when do they want to achieve that change? because omer bashir is clearly going to win this election and he will remain there for another 5 years, the NCP will dominate both legislative and state assemblies and they will control the presidency, is that what northern opposiiton leaders want to happen for the next 5 years? The witdrawal will not affect the elections but will affect their own political activity and the way they want to reach to their objectives.

    It now looks like bashir will win in the north and Kiir will win int he south, referendum will happen in 2011 and then both leaders will remain in power for another 5 years after that.

    But in 5 years time i see change coming to Sudan, because this elections has tought everyone a big lesson and has opened peoples eyes and rise political awareness which was not previously available in the the country, I see a brighter future for Sudan in terms of democratic transformation in the next 5 years. south sudan is more likely to see swift democratic transfor mation compared to north due to the openess of the south to democratic ideas.

    As for now bashir will win in the north and Kirr in the south and continue their work to implement the CPA, other parties will onyl remain bystanders especially in the north, wether there is withdrawals or not, wether there is credibility talk or not.

    repondre message

    • 8 April 2010 07:24, by mohammed ali


      This is a theatrical retreat.In essence Alsadig wants to avoid a humulating defeat.He didn’t do anything in his youth, what do expect from him in his 8th decades!

      It is over for the "inherited" leadership! History must take it’s course.

      repondre message

  • 8 April 2010 07:20, by Dinka Boy

    Do Nuer tribe in South Sudan knows politics? none
    Only food to eat and being bribe by Arab goverment.
    Nuer are primitives and the last people who have no educational background. Good luck!

    repondre message

    • 8 April 2010 07:57, by Ajawuk Juma

      To Dinka Boy,

      It will be really good to related your comments to the article above and take a rest from our tribal debates.

      There is no point to generalise the whole Nuer tribe for one confussing element from Lou-Nuer who called himself Gatwech with his frustrated voice which is known by most Southerners.

      I know there is no way we help can this 37 years old man who always acted like 4 years old boy. He registered himself with more than one different names as you can read his above identical comments. But he failed to know that does matter how many times you commented with different names your messages of hatred will always tell who you are.

      Back to Dinka Boy: You have to know that there are some idiots in every community as well as the Dinka community you always proud of.

      Thank you.. By Ajawuk Juma, who is currently in Ramchiel city

      repondre message

  • 8 April 2010 08:50, by Duke of Moliville

    Dear comrades, we must genuinely examine and understand the dimensions of a democratization process in the Sudan along side the atrocities committed to humanity over the last fer decades.
    Any democratic transition in The Sudan will only accelerate in the coming few years after Bahsir is out of power. If not addicted to his presidential seat, then Bashir is certainly used to illegitimacy which unfortunately is not holding water in the 2st century politics which is no longer played in obscurity. But with all the strategies laid by these Mafias, it is even more clear that even if Yassir gets 90% of the votes in the race, he will not be declared a winner. Sounding like a paradox to the the lay man but to erase the ambiguity in the minds of the South Sudanese of any games played by the SPLM-NCP to pave the way for an independent South Sudan; The right to self determination of the South Sudanese is not subject to negotiations, any body which tries to subject it to any for of abrogation shall in return be served with what they deserve and it has already been strategiszed by the SPLM and that is brilliant.

    So i want to assure you that the withdrawal is entirely to deny Bashir legitimacy to power which by all means would tag even the South Sudanese to his victory.
    One final assurance is, Independence of the South is not some thing to be bought or begged from Bashir, at a point of decision, "he who refuses the votes of SELF DETERMINATION SHALL BY NO MEANS WALK OUT UN PUNISHED"

    we still got the guts, we shall fear no evil in the our quest for freedom. Our independence is just eight months away, and we are destined to reign in there with or without Bashir whether Banki Moon, Bashir or the AU likes it or not!!

    repondre message

  • 8 April 2010 09:29, by Africano

    Mr. Sadik Al-Mahdi was calculating his cards and he found he was not going to win in the elections he withdrew. In the first place, he did not like CPA and even he does not like southerners. For those who read his ten points document will know he mentioned on how to solve the southern problem. Some of those were like; settle northerners in the south in order to intermarry and Islamized southerners. Other option was to displaced southerners to the neighboring countries to settle with their African brothers such that the land becomes empty of negroes/slaves.

    Some of these SPLM supporters do not understand what Mr. Sadik was after. He wants to spoil the CPA such that we go back to square one. If he became president, he will never honor the referendum since he was not a party in the agreement. Those Dinka who support Mr. Sadik should know how killed Dinkas in Bor when he was pri-minister

    repondre message

  • 8 April 2010 09:50, by Akuma

    Bashir would be the winner of that Sudan national election because he capable in participating for election. All oppositions including SPLM are confused. How can you withdraw and your names are not been deleted from shortlisted lists. If the can be good leaders, they should make the election go on.

    Withdrawal from election will not be the solution to Sudan’s problems because Bashir can never learn his weaknesses. Take example from Zimbabwe election, what had happen, the incumbent Gabriel Robert Mugabe continue with the election.
    That will also going to happen in Sudan, since oppositions parties withdraw from election, then Bashir can be the winner.

    repondre message

    • 8 April 2010 14:43, by Kuany Dak

      Umma party election pullout is blow to credibility of this April election. Multiparties democratic process is worth for participation of sudanese parties and without intimidation as it is expected in this case.

      I applause those who support withdraw of this Umma party eventhough Umma and SPLM fear of defeat by incumbent president, Omer El bashir, who was indicted of war crime, crime against humanity and possibly including genocide against his own Muslim in the Darfur.
      In this case, SPLM northern sector withdraw f Yasser Arman is the strategic one. It is known recently that SPLM political bureau is dictating everything in the party process, they nominated Yasser Arman and Saliva Kiir in April, but now they vacillate in the strange situation that Arman is facing imminent defeat in the presidential race.
      People is writing here that there is power struggless within ex-rebel SPLM, it is mere lied and has no based to begin with. Saliva Kiir and Riek Machar is following decision of political bureau which is dominated by supporters of Yasser Arman and Pagan Amum.

      Two gentlemen aforementioned wish a vision of restoring new sudan that John Garang envision during the liberation struggles, but thing change as the man path away with such a vision. Vission of new sudan is an alien to Saliva Kiir that was the reason shy away from contesting presidency against incumbent Omer El bashir, but SPLM political bueau nominate Yasser Arman in defied of CPA potocols which mandate a chairperson of the party is the principle candidate in April 2010 election. Even Yasser and Amum has no clue of how to achieve such vision, however obsoletion of the vision is only way out in the court of contest because it involves election which Arman sees the plain level field is not match his credential to rule whole sudan as well, Saliva has already envision defeat in the presidency contest.

      If the SPLM withdraw in the presidential, parliamentary, and gubnernatorial election in the north, what is the future of SPLM northern sector? This is true that south sudan is going to vote in the referendum election in 8 months.
      Arman must think to form a new party with clear vision and abondon SPLM ideology completely because it will not help him in the north.

      nothing is free, stop if you’re thinking of free stuff your way.
      Thank you,
      Kuany Dak

      repondre message

  • 8 April 2010 14:10, by okucu pa lotinokwan

    Gatwech,Put into your mind that, the stoten election by the NCP ruling party,SPLM Party wil not waste time in it a cadidate like Yasir Said Arman has foreseen the future after the election,your uncle Omer Bashir 100% will fail this Election,if there is no stealing in it.

    repondre message

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