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Nuba warn Kiir over possible SPLM disintegration


March 28, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — A leader from Nuba Mountains, who fought equally with Southerners during the two decades of civil war, has warned today in a stern statement of possible disintegration of the SPLM if it does not handle the current situation carefully.

"I have observed and saw that possibilities of SPLM disintegrating into smaller and weaker factions, like what happens in Darfur, are at the verge of coming into reality," said Yusuf Hassan, a leader of Miri section in Nuba Mountains in Khartoum.

"My observations are that SPLM will be disintegrating if Salva Kiir, the leader of the Movement, is not careful to address sensitive issues at the earliest possible time based on popular understanding and compromises;" he stressed.

He further stated loyalists and real war veterans will be getting disciplined and suspended from the party indefinitely by the same comrades with influence from group of interest and families. "They will finish themselves one by one through disagreements and dismissals hence leaving SPLM susceptible to weakness," he adds.

I am saying this because SPLM chairman in the Southern Kordofan State, Abdal Aziz Adam Al-Hilu, fired chunks of long and committed SPLM members recently on allegations that they are becoming dishonest and serving interest of the NCP without verifying it.

The traditional leader who spoke to Sudan Tribune from his residence in Khartoum expressed concern that SPLM loyalists were being disciplined and suspended from the party ahead of upcoming elections.

However, Yusuf did not reveal which loyalists were being targeted and dismissed indefinitely from Nuba reiterating that there are signs suggesting possible disintegration of the SPLM if immediate actions with precautions are not taken.

According to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the people of the Nuba Mountains do not have the right for a self-determination referendum as it is the case for southern Sudan and Abyei. The popular consultation allows them just to express a point of view that Khartoum is not forced to implement.

Nuba resentment of the SPLM is building, as many feel the Movement has "betrayed" them. Also the appointment of Abdel Aziz Hilu, a Massalit’s son from West Darfur, as deputy governor by Salva Kiir last year had been seen by many as another betrayal from the SPLM leadership.

Yusuf called on the Sudanese particularly Southerners not to be vindictive and emotional. Leadership and fight for any freedom is never free and hastily. It takes time, people and resources, he said appealing to Southerners to remain united and focus on federalism rather than division of the country into south and north.

Sudan is our country as the name defines and so does not see the reason for division, he said asking "to whom it will be left?"

As people go to elections, there will be more people discrediting other people. Those people should be exposed to elections so that those who are not required can be defeated and those that are required can continue to lead not divide, Hassan said.


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  • 29 March 2010 03:22, by Major Deng

    Dear SPLMers,

    The time is not far for our Lovely political party to be disintegrated! This Nubian’s politician is very correct on forseeing the possible colapse of SPLM. As south sudanese, I can put blame on President Mayardit for failing to remove all political viruses within our movement. Those of Riek Machar and Paulino Matip are making more harms that good. They should have been retired. I can now see the rebirth of SPLM-Bentiu, and SSIM.

    President Kiir needs to hurry up and rescue our movement from possible desintegration. He need to fired evil man by name Riek Machar and replace him with loyalists and nationalists such as Taban Deng Gai or Gabriel Changson. President Kiir need to understand that SPLM wouldn’t even move one foot as long as Devilist Riek Machar and his ex-wife are still existing in SPLM.

    Major Deng.

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    • 29 March 2010 03:47, by peter pal

      Stupid Minor

      Kiir will never out fire HE.Dr. Machar and new Governor Angelina. They are the core of the recent government. Go to hell.

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      • 29 March 2010 05:05, by Dinka Dominated SPLA

        Riek machar teny dogz and his ex_wife miss whor Angelina will contaminate our movement lat them go to hell no body give a fuck about them

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        • 29 March 2010 07:25, by Gatwech

          Dear readers,

          There are those who try always to divert the issue in the article and talk nonsense. In the article a sound minded person would not see what brings in Dr. Riek Machar and his beloved intelligent wife, next governor of Liech state (Unity state).

          Dinka Boy and Dinka Diminated SPLA should stop commenting like terrorists. Or could they be already members of Al-Qaeda calling for the death of others. I believe Abdallah Deng Nhial of Dr. Turabi Islamic party and Sheikh Biar, the chairman of the Islamic Movement in the South will not import Al-Qaeda to the South in general or to Bor town in particular. They should not make it a breeding ground for terrorists because Southerners who eradicate the root of terrorists from their family level. It will not be allowed to happen.

          As for the Nuban politician, yes, Garang signed the CPA without self-determination for the Nuba. The people of Nuba will only exercise the so-called popular consultation which nothing more than presentation of concerns within the united Sudan.

          I see the possible collapse of SPLM or rather re-incarnation of SPLM from a different prospective.

          1/ SPLM as such will not exist after 2011. The name itself will be changed because it will not continue to be relevant. It will be given a different name in the South.

          2/ In the North, there is possible of complete collapse of SPLM because it may be outlawed unless the South separates peacefully from the North. If the South will separate through some kind of violence, then the North will automatically label SPLM party as a rebellious party and ban it from operating in the North. Its current license will be confiscated.

          3/ The SPLM in the South may totally collapse as there is more likelihood that different political parties in the South may form a coalition party or unify their ranks and files under a different agreed name.

          4/ As for the South separating, there is nothing the Nuba can do about it. What they may do is to call for their self-determination to join the South after the South becomes independent. Darfur is now thinking of declaring the right of self-determination. Southern Blue Nile and the East may also follow suit.

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          • 29 March 2010 07:48, by Malakal


            As Nguundeeng and Wurnyang have prophesied, I could not agree with you enough, on your declaration that the name SPLM will be irrevelant after 2011. It takes a prematurely disturbed brain to predict the unpredictable, and thus, shall we wait from the words of our mentaly sick to probe the unthinkable. Good luck with your mission! The Americans went to moon? And therefore, we will have a Riak Machar Nuer Kingdom in the South Sudan. Good Luck!

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            • 29 March 2010 08:34, by Gatwech


              I did not talk about Riek Machar’s kingdom in the South. Please read my comments again. And stop putting words into people’s mouths, okay?

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              • 30 March 2010 02:49, by Malakal


                Crap! When was the last time you stop praising your idols?

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        • 29 March 2010 17:11, by mohammed ali


          This is a filthy language which should not appear on a public public forum.Angelina is quite rspectful women and a SUDANESE. I don’t think wise eldry Dinka,like your parente will be happy to hear you utter such alanguage.

          If you care at all about the south,the partenership of Salva and Machar is vital and indispensable for the unity and security of the south in particular and the whole of Sudan in general.It is very wise and indeed prudent that they are camaigning together and Salva always stressing that they are together and will remain united.Any break in this relationship is complete anarchy in the South.If you wish to see mass killing and rivers of blood wish for this bond to break.

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        • 29 March 2010 18:40, by Whortti Bor Manza

          Dinka Boy,

          Please kindly try to learn the ethics and basics of a civilized person. i think this website is for civilized guys. You better go to the cattle camp. If there are people on this plannet who wish evil things for the Dinka people, you are one of them. How do you correlate the opinion of a prominent Nuba SPLM expressing his own view and Dr. Rik machar and Hon. Madam Angelina Teny. You are really a mad fellow. Wait and see, the SPLM has neared its final end. The core issue is the SPLM not Dinkas. Try to differentiate between the SPLM and the Dinka tribe. This website should excommunicate you on the spot.

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    • 29 March 2010 04:15, by maumau

      Major Deng

      The point of alleged disintegration in the SPLM is not about Dr. Machar and deputy army chief of staff,Matip Nhial. Read it again and react maturely. Machar and Nhial are doing their best to serve the nation and protect the oil from being over-explored by the north. If you got problems with these two great men, take the to court in Sudan or hacque. MAUMAU.

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      • 29 March 2010 04:26, by pol d

        Peter Pal

        Not time for Nyagat Raik machar, to rule or all Nuer to rule

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        • 29 March 2010 04:43, by NYDG

          Dinkas are dreaming that they might fire Dr. Riek Machar. This nonsense behavior of Dinka Kiir firing fellow members for personal reasons will never affect the greater naath nation because we will fight back. It is not going to be easier to fire Ram Mi Raan like that. You better give advice to this military guy who does not understand party politics.

          SPLM has failed and collapsed long time ago. This is now the time to declare the failure as the Nuba guy said in his judgement. The naath will prevail and dumb asses Dinkas will fail. Stupid nyegat abel aliar need to step down and join his dumbme in Bor town. Stupid white hair old dumbme. Naath wayee.

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          • 29 March 2010 04:55, by Dinka Dominated SPLA

            ? Dear Mr. thieleing your nuer inherit genetic is not and will never lat you appreciated what the most powerful leader from DINKA achieve in their struggle that is your culture no doubt about that.

            to give you same little about self_ determined. that a gander was there before your wicked symbol of death have not event join the movement. that disqualify him to be the person you guys of gat wick tot yual you keep lie about him brought that self determine

            When the symbols of death Mr. Nassir gangster leader break away? He was demanding the south to surrender to bashir because he was being bribe to destroy the hop of Sudanese people.

            Mr evil wicked oaf doom symbol of death was also rely on idol such as ngundang and wurrnyang that disqualify him to be the person who claim the right of southerners

            Mr. Nyagat forms his Nassir gangster? All of them were nuer he direct them to kill rap adduct any DINKA BOR they get there and destroy their properties. do called that leader? no that is a big crime which is waiting for him to answer
            The answer to those mention is no and big no because him Mr. Gang leader was not the one you claim to bring south determination. if the self determination was not excepted by MR GARANG AND KIIR? There will be no south independent. Not reik as you said

            my friend thieleling south Sudan will be a better place without reik machar tiny we will called death for him if the GOD KNOW THAT HE DID WICKED THING WE WILL KILL HIM DEATH TO HIM

            Risk machar is going to frie after this election and we will see what will a happen.

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          • 29 March 2010 05:16, by BORAnyidi

            hi man
            The Article is not about Bor Community, if you did not read the article, please read it again before you post any comment on the wedsite. Your hatred against DinkaBor and Dinka in general would not help you achieved anything in your life. The Spla is not for Dinka only, it is for all southerners that love liberty, freedom in their life.

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          • 29 March 2010 05:23, by Dinka Boy

            NYDG ,

            We Dinka know that Nuer in general are food lovers and ;therefore,we will give you more food during the election and referendum interims so that we can clear Jallaba from our shoulders.

            Haaaaaaa, dear, i don,t think whether Nuer can do any single step of your wishes against greater Dinka. What did you guys do when your food lovers-Nuer join Khartoum and make acoalition forces with Arab? we still have kicked your assess and your greedy Naath begged us to come back to SPLM. Why do you guys accept the SPLM that you hate before. We are the men!
            We can created or destroyed any thing possible if others want it that way.

            My friend, that is a fact! that no Nuer will be in South Sudan if declear war against you food lovers. Check the slight revenge we did in Lou land, Ayod, Akobo, Nasir, and others. Asked you mothers and dad because you were in the hidding places when kicking your assesss. Sorry man, do talk for imposibiliteis in this soil.

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            • 29 March 2010 05:51, by wang

              We destroyed the Bor, burned into ashes, used thier men for labors worked (slaves) and fuckd their ladies like prostitudes and 1 year later 15% of their population died out. What you gonna do Dinka Boy. You Better forgot it

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              • 29 March 2010 07:01, by BORAnyidi

                Hi wang.

                I think you were not in South Sudan, if you were could know that there was no any of Bors work for Nuers Labors as "Slavers" only Nuers can work for Dinka. For Example, You look at you uncle Riek. He was working for Garang before and he is now for President Kiir, so is that not enought eveident to you..Second, when Nuers militias came to Greater Bor, it was not because they warriors, it was because our focusing on fighting for the cause of Liberty, freedom from Arabs made such happened in Bor. If you are real truly men try it now. There is no war we will concentrate on again like before, you will see the outcome. Dinkas have worked harder to free you collaborators from your friend Arabs. The DinkaBor And other DInkas would Rule you for ever because you can not bring anything to south Sudan, but destruction to our loving South Sudan.

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              • 29 March 2010 17:18, by mohammed ali


                WAW, You seem to be proud of that! Congratulations!!This very frightening! Celebrating death of innocent people, quite remarkable!

                Do still consider yourself human being?!To hell with the limited education you have got.

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          • 29 March 2010 06:44, by Malakal


            Because I live in the 15th century, I imagine from the words of my uncle Ngundeng, that pretty soon all Dinkas will be wiped out by the Greater Naath. There will be no Dinka at all, this South Sudan will be led by Riek Machar and his wife Angelina Machar, as they are the only chosen Nuers by prophet Nguundeng who made his revelation clear with 1991 move by Riak machar through the Greater magician Wurnyang. Do not listen to anybody who says Dinkas are anything other than what the Naath known them for, cowardice. Dinkas did not do anything for the South, it was Dr. Riak Machar who is to be credited for everything that the South is at this point. Hero/Idol Riak machar fought for 20 years, and within those years, he went to Bashir and signed the Khartoum Peace Agreement (but who did he leave behind in the South?) which is why the South is now allow to vote for the right to an independent country.

            Ngunndeeng Bong oyee, Wuryand Oyee, Naath Kingdom oyee! my insanity oyee!...

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          • 29 March 2010 07:44, by makungu1

            DEAR NYDG

            AS DINKA we would fight to the last drop of our blood
            subsequently we are able to rise and build this nation
            thank you

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          • 29 March 2010 11:32, by Gai Kuol Deng

            Even after we all have seen how ugly is disunity and tribalism to us when our enemies took that advantage in 1990s some few shallow minded fellows among us still talk in these terms.We claims to be mindful of our comon enemy,yet hate each other.Don’t you guys see the Isrealite they are just over four millions people we triple that number, but their unity makes all their enemies fear them.
            unless we begin to love each other, we can not form a meaningful country. We can’t defeat our enemies.Dr riak had repent and is now doing great jobs together with Salva let stop talking about his past, let look forewards to our future together united on a purpose"the independent of south sudan"
            The whole world is now starting to recognise that we ’re our own absticle to our victory through our disunity.
            May God help us from us.

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      • 29 March 2010 05:43, by Dinka Boy


        Do you think Riek Machar and Matip Nhial have protected oil to you? or to Arab North?. Wow! you might be another blind who prostituting himeself while knowing nothing in the South-North war. Good luck with your leaders.

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        • 29 March 2010 07:49, by Padiet Gagag

          Dinka Boy

          Maumau is clever man he knows those who protect the oil for south,every Body knows Dinka behavior as they are food lover and robbers.please Dinka don’t hat Nuer otherwise you will die with heartfailture because there is no way for you to say Nuer must leave south if you try you can leave south by one minutes.

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      • 29 March 2010 15:06, by LOVER OF ORGANISMS


        Surely after Dr. Garange, the direction of SPLM is unpredicted. Management is now based on money and how to take the little share from Khartoum to America or to acquire buildings from foreign countries and no penalties for those culprits at all.
        The disintegration is not far but has already started with the formation of SPLM-DC. With a system of governance where other people are above the law, such disintegration is welcome to rescue southerners from mistreatment by their own citizen. For decades, we had been blaming Arabs for mistreatment; but it can be seen that our problems are leadership and money.
        If the disintegration of the SPLM could be brought nearer and in deed it splits, then I would be the first person to put my teeth on my head.

        God bless you all and hope to meet the time southerners celebrate the rise and the fall of SPLM.
        Disintegration will never be a surprise, but it has reached the meniscus of its count down in the history of the country as one of the giant party that grew up very strongly but died with its leader.

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    • 29 March 2010 05:42, by wang

      Major Deng! I think you misunderstood what this artcle talking about. Anyway for your Dinkas (jaags) ideologies, there are no way in this world Kiir will ever try to fire Reik and the world’s strong man call Matip Nhial.

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    • 29 March 2010 07:14, by Padiet Gagag

      Major Deng
      Don’t blame Kirr for his failure to remove Machar and Matip in Goss even thought you were in his position you would fail to do it.Those people are the root of Goss they are also from Naath it may take time .those people are innocents people too, Jiang used to hate those who are doing good.Your mother’s x husban will not get that position at all.

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    • 29 March 2010 09:09, by Ahmed Chol

      Beware of Arabs among yourselves

      DINKA DOMINATED SPLA IS AN ARAB. Look at how divert every single issue all the time and insult Riek all the time.

      Look at how poor his English is. That is the type of the English used the Khartoum University Students. He is an Arab. He never appreciate anything. What a bastard.

      Ahmed Chol, the future commander of Anya-nya III

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      • 29 March 2010 17:25, by mohammed ali


        Don’t make Arabs your scape goat everytime, you will solve no problem by shying to face facts.

        If you use hate as your defensive weapon you will use in all directions and not only towards ARABS!

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    • 29 March 2010 15:04, by david kong paul


      I don’t want to blame you in here b/c your comment explained it very clearly to me that you have been not attentive to our national issues.
      What did Riek and Matip do to disintegrate SPLM? Tell me please! They are the ligaments holding your failing SPLM together.
      Off course SSIM and SPLM-Bentiu will emerge if you guys don’t advise you crazy and lazy president Kiir, and don’t even thinK this will be like SPLM-DC.

      That Nubian call Yusuf is far smarter than you b/c he knows where the problem lies with in SPLM, but you fool don’t even know, you are mixing things up. why you don’t want to tell your country men and women the truth so that mistakes are corrected.
      Look here, Kiir has failed to hold this histical party called SPLM together rather than dividing it further---that is an Arab tactic, divide and rule.

      Any Southern Sudanese who still insists that Kiir is a capable leader he is confused and finally will end up like up him while the century demands a higher degree of thinking. In which way Kiir has not failed us now? what are you really waiting for? untill you find yourself drinking you own urine and chewing dry grains under the trees and bushes like you ever did before?

      Please keep your head up so that you survive in this era and onward, every one has grown cunny.


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    • 29 March 2010 21:28, by billieth

      Major Deng

      You are one of the people in this forum who have nothing to offer but to always talk about tribalism and hatred. The leader of Nuba has stated the facts and whoever denies these facts is against the peace and prosperity of Southern Sudanese and marginalized Sudanese. I agree with you that there are’ viruses’ or some bad elements, that needs to be removed in order for us to reach our destiny. However, neither Dr. Reik nor Paulino Matip is among the elements you are alluded to. For instance, Dr. Machar disagreed with the idea that the independent candidates be dismissed from SPLM party. It is absurd to sack someone for correcting a system. Most of independent candidates have not only been loyalist to SPLA/SPLM since its creation in 1983 but also have contributed more than our president.

      If we talk logic, our president and cadres who work days and nights for embezzlement of GOSS fund should be removed. It makes no sense to blame others when you’re considerably failed to govern. If president Kiir implements you comment, therefore, disintegration is imminent.


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  • 29 March 2010 05:11, by Dinka Boy

    Dear brothers and sisters for Nuba,

    SPLM might have some possibilities of disintegration because we have some enemies within the Goss. We have traitors who are behind the progress of South Sudan ever since and these are the one that are feeding for the blood of of those whom they killed. I hope Nuba people knows that Abdel Aziz Hilu is adedicated man who can be governor because we saw his effort in the North-South struggle.

    Please brothers, you have your right in 2011 to choose between the North and South Government. We South need Nuba 100% to join the South because we want to created this country like the way we fought Jallaba.

    I know not all of Nuba fought the South,but we South respect the contribution of greater Nuba and maban in the war,and that can not make us united with the North because we both understand that North Sudan is completely deformed with their religious ideologies that they want to impose against people of Nuba and South,and other marginalized.

    Yes, we all witness that these Arab came as traders,but they have been manipulating the country for their own interest for decades in front of Southerners and the other marginalized people.

    We are very regreteful when we divide the country with traders,but i beleived that will contribute good than harms because we all have weak heart from South, Nuba, Darfur,and many more. Because of the above we have to divide Sudan because thing will be the same like before if we support the unity of Sudan.

    Please we have Blue Nile and Nuba mountain brothers and sisters to join the South per CPA because that will contribute more benefits than harms.

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  • 29 March 2010 05:26, by James John

    It’s true why always Dinka people are on the position why not other culture and other people???

    I think the next war will be about tribe? and the war will be by States.........let us see which States will win?

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    • 29 March 2010 06:44, by Angelo Ajiech Manyuat

      James, stop stigating or fuelling violence between tribes man. How about putting it this way, the next war will be between you and me. To tell you the truth, We Dinkas deserve every land in Southern Sudan because we lost more lives by fighting so hard with arabs in order to liberate your asses from Arabs rule. My poor slave, we Dinkas are about to forgive you (dors, Equatorian, curse Naath) but if you guys keep scratching our wounds then we’ll reverse our decision and invade all your territories. Why you never complain or talk about the land grabbed by your masters arab who control most part in the South after all these years if you’re brave tribes who can defense your own land. By the way, you are not Southerner anyway why meddling into our affair, but you are just Ugandan or Congolese who is just looking for foods and protection in our land.

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  • 29 March 2010 07:38, by Gatwech


    There are those who try always to divert the issue in the article and instead talk nonsense. In the article a sound minded person would not see the reason that brings in Dr. Riek Machar and his beloved intelligent wife, next governor of Liech state (Unity state), Angelina Teny.

    Dinka Boy and Dinka Diminated SPLA, if they really exist and are not ghosts, should stop commenting like terrorists.

    Or could they be already members of Al-Qaeda calling for the death of others as they always do on this website?

    I believe Abdallah Deng Nhial of Dr. Turabi’s Islamic party and Sheikh Biar, the chairman of the Islamic Movement in the South will not import Al-Qaeda to the South in general or to Bor town in particular. They should not make it a breeding ground for terrorists because Southerners will not tolerate it and will eradicate the root of this evil, terrorism, from their family level. It will not be allowed to happen.

    As for the Nuban politician, yes, Garang signed the CPA without self-determination for the Nuba. The people of Nuba will only exercise the so-called popular consultation which is nothing more than mere presentation of concerns within the united Sudan (North).

    I see the possible collapse of SPLM or rather re-incarnation of SPLM from a different prospective.

    1/ SPLM as such will not exist after 2011 independence of the South. The name itself will be changed because it will not continue to be relevant. It will be given a different name in the South since this current name, SPLM, will not make sense any more.

    2/ In the North, there is possibility of complete collapse of SPLM because it may be outlawed unless the South separates peacefully from the North. If the South will separate through some kind of violence, then the North will automatically label SPLM party as a rebellious party and ban it from operating in the North. Its current license will be confiscated.

    3/ The same thing will happen to the SPLA as an army. Its name will be changed to suit the name of the independent South. It could be changed to South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF) or South Sudan Armed Forces (SSAF). The name SPLA will have no meaning.

    4/ Nuba Mountain is free to decide to call for self-determination to either join the South or annex itself to Darfur, which is also considering the call for self-determination. Southern Blue Nile may call for self-determination to join the South. In the East, the same wind can blow there too.

    Yes, Sudan is destined for disintegration into separation countries while SPLM will collapse in the North and its name changed in the South.

    These are the realities we will soon see happening within the next one year.

    Stay well,

    Tut Gatwech

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  • 29 March 2010 07:43, by Dinka Boy

    Mr Malakal

    We Nuer are good for everything. Let me add something that we Naath believe in food and wurnyang.ngundeeng for centuries as our true god in our land.

    We make acoalition governmnet with Bashier in 1991 so that we can get our selve independent from Dinka who have been our presige leaders since the creation of Earth. After we make allaince with Arab governmnet, we agree with our respected president Bashier so that we can deployed our brave Nuer in the oil field in Bentiu to protect it from Dinka government who want to exploit our oil.

    We deployed Matip Nhial to protect our oil from Dinka SPLM because that is the only thing that we can lived with,no other that can help us in this soil.
    We Nuer have been living for stealing and raiding cattle from Dinka for centuries,and in fact if we felt like we have nothing to eat, we go and raid civilians and take their cattle for our living so that we can wait for our crops to grow in our Nuer land.

    Moreover, We Nuer value Arab more than the South because they have been giving as free food,and even they provide us free arms that can make us easy to go raiding and penetrate those Dinka who can resist our raiding. Yes, we Nuer knows that we can die but we value food than any thing and that is why we go raing the cattle because food is better than life.

    Indeed, because we Nuer have shallow mind that can compete with South Sudanese, the only thing that we can do is to be nagative always and complained when the food is ready because we Nuer have no capacity to lead at all because we are the curse comunity as predicted by Ngundeeng and wurnyang.

    Though we Nuer slaughtered Wurnyang when he gimmick as by giving as two identitical bulls, he kept one in the house and he led one bull killed and latter subsituted the dead with the alive bull and he said this bull is the bull that we killed before, as aresult, when we Nuer go to Dinka Bor land and every single dead Nuer will rose in his own house. In fact, because of the promise of Wurnyang, we just jump to the barrel of the guns and we all die while hopping that we will resurrect in our own house. None of us Nuer get up in houses therefore, we slaughtered Wurnyang and left with Ngundeeng.

    We Nuer are sure that our only and educated man- Riek Machar Durgon will be the president of South for 50 years so that he can make it like the way Dinka and Equatorians led in the country/Sudan.
    We believed in Ngundeeng as our only servior,and no more than that because he promise as to have aleader in the near future and he told us that we are the only people who will lead the South till death.

    Frankly, Dinka must know that we fight hard because of food and if they don,t provide us /Nuer enough food before April,then there will be no election as well as referendum because we desperately need somthing to eat.
    We Nuer are brave for the killing of innocents because those are the only people we can fight with. We Nuer knows that we are born empty and will die empty,but what can we do because our mind can not help us to undestand the positives of education. We are the curse community, we know about that but what can we do now.

    We Naath we die after the very best two Nuer leaders; Dr Riek Machar and Agenlina Teny because if they die no any other leader can lead the south.
    We hope we Naath want every one to be uncivilian than attending education because we need more young youth to do the raiding and give food to the old and weak individual. I regrete of being called Anuer because our mind is thick and dark and that is why we can not see the truth behind the eye level.
    Thanks Ngundeegng Oyeee, Nuer Oyeee.

    repondre message

    • 29 March 2010 15:26, by david kong paul

      Dinka Boy,

      I like you man, you always hit not more than one point...1991 coup against uncle Garang, that is all you know.

      Some quetsions for you brother:

      Who failed the 1972 peace agreement, and who is now failing the CPA? Is it not a Dinka leadersip?
      Who killed Nuer in Upper Nile in 1992, Is it not George Athor, A Dinka son?
      Who is Abdallah Deng in Khartoum and what is he doing? contesting as a candidate for a Jalaba party. Is he not a Dinka son?
      Who was Kerubino Kwanyan Bol, and what was he doing in Khartoum and how did he die?
      Who killed all patriotic Nuer SPLM military commanders, who could have been now one of the highest officers in SPLA rank, in Equatoria after the split in Itang? Are they not Dinkas?
      Who did not commit a mistake during the war in which brothers killed each other for various reasons?
      Are you telling me Garang him did not kill no one? if yes then you a liar.

      Man a lot of mistakes were committed by almost every citizen of Southerner Sudan. Don’t run back to RIEK AND MATIP every time you have a grudge on political debate with any of your website friends like Gatwech, Kim Deng, Thieleling and the like. Show some respect for big people.

      Hope you undersatnd me in here.


      repondre message

  • 29 March 2010 08:23, by Bialach

    Dear readers,

    If you read what Yusuf Hasan was saying carefully, he directs his advices to the SPLM chairman and he point it out clearly that, Kiir doesn’t handle contentious issues as a leader simply because he is serving Dinka interest.

    All these things which are happening and which will happen, Dr. Riek has told him but because he believe that decision made by Dr. Riek will serve South Sudanese interset therefore Dinka interest wil literally fail hence Kiir can not acknowledge or even appreciate. Besides, this guy ( Yusuf Hasan) has realized that South is going to separate and they( Nuba Mountain) are not in good term with north, why do we care and after all they are Muslim. Guys, those are just ways of creating mechanism to delay or prevent self-determination for South Sudanese.

    Mr. Yusuf Hasan, Sudan is not one, never, and it will never be one, this Dinka Boy and Gatwech can not get mary to northern Sudanese young girl. I hope without going further you will gather other evidences related to this. So, please mind your own business in Nuba Mountain.

    SPLA dominated by Dinka, Riek Machar was not only one in Politica Bureau which cause all these confusions. Besides, it was Kiir who appointed the Political Bureau members to serve family interest (Dinka). Let me tell you where the probem started, Kiir suppose to be the presidential candidate according to the CPA but because Kiir can not read and construe what law is all about, he refused to contest for presidency with Bashir and yet he blames other (NCP) that they violate CPA, haa haa haa haa haaa haa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, kiir really behave childish

    repondre message

  • 29 March 2010 08:51, by Peter DeMun

    Would you ignorant fools shut it. It’s getting a bit silly that we Southerners are always talking about each other rather than to each other!!

    repondre message

  • 29 March 2010 09:00, by Gatwech


    I know some of you will not believe these coming changes or political events. But take a deep breath, relax, think over it and see the inevitability:

    1/ The South will become independent by 2011 and hopefully under a new and competent visionary leadership.

    2/ The name of the new nation will have to be agreed upon. It may not necessarily be called Republic of South Sudan. A different name may be discussed in parliament and given.

    3/ A new flag will be designed for the new nation to suit its history, environment and struggles and what it aspires to be. Anya-nya I flag, particularly that buffalo picture in its center will more likely feature in the new flag. This current temporary SPLM flag (also used as GOSS flag) will not be any more for the independent government. It may continue as SPLM party flag if the party will not change it or be changed.

    4/ We will have a national anthem for the first time in the history of mankind since God created this region.

    5/ The name SPLM will be changed to suit the new situation. Or many parties including the SPLM will form a coalition party in the South and give it a new name.

    6/ SPLM as a political party is more likely to disappear in the North after independent of the South because the North will outlaw it and ban it from operating.

    7/ SPLA as the South Sudan army will have its name changed to something like South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF) or South Sudan Armed Forces (SSAF) or after whatever the name of the new nation will be.

    Folks, these are some of the inevitable political events or changes that are destined to happen soon in the next one year.

    Stay well,
    Tut Gatwech

    repondre message

    • 29 March 2010 10:11, by ZOOM PAKEER

      if you have mentally sick why not you stay and sleep in your bed
      and leave DR,Riek alone.

      repondre message

  • 29 March 2010 10:16, by Gai Kuol Deng

    You ’re right concerning a possible disintergration of SPLM because some guy up there at the top has made it as their own private company, this became an open secret during election candidates nomination. These guys throw away indviduals who were elected at the grassroot level and replace them with their friends.
    I don’t believe the chairman knew that this could have a nagative effect in party’s unity. Now am appealing to our chairman to reintate those cdes who are contesting as independent candidates back in to the movement.

    repondre message

  • 29 March 2010 10:33, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

    yes,Yusuf the civil war in sudan for two decades combined all parts of sudan especially those of southern sudan,those of Nuba mountains,those of blue Nile with non from Darfur.now,the people of southern sudan decided for their self determination,is a full right for them.we,the people of southern sudan will have our southern part of sudan as a separate nation from arab of north and one of the African nation.no matter we still have a relationship with our comrades from Nuba mountians and those from blue Nile.we dislike any unity with arab completely and for sure, we will have our southern sudan alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    repondre message

  • 29 March 2010 11:03, by Gatluak Latjor

    Well , Southern Sudan is not mother to every body and its separartion should means death to every one remaining in the north after separation. Those which want the south not to go a way because it resources are needed for the development of their regions are only dreaming. South and north are completely diferent entities as God made them.


    repondre message

  • 29 March 2010 12:38, by Marco Nyak


    i hate when political issues are directed towards tribalism, if we need to move on with our beloved southern Sudan, need to drop this tribalism

    repondre message

    • 29 March 2010 14:40, by Gai Kuol Deng



      repondre message

  • 29 March 2010 21:10, by Time1

    The best way forward for the SPLM is to really take out Abdel Aziz Hilu and put him in SPLM sector in Darfur, he was not the right person for south Kordofan from the begining, may be he can serve in northern Kordofan much better,the Nuba has sacrificed alot and they need ato see more Nubian leaders and Unity in the Nuba areas.

    repondre message

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