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Egypt invites Kiir, Bashir in a last ditch bid to preserve Sudan unity: report


February 28, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – Cairo will soon dispatch its foreign minister Ahmed Aboul-Gheit and intelligence chief Omer Suleiman to Khartoum extending invitation to president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir and his First Vice president Salva Kiir to visit, a newspaper reported today.

The Kuwaiti based Al-Jarida newspaper quoted multiples sources in both capitals as saying that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak will also pay a visit to Khartoum and South Sudan capital city of Juba following Bashir and Kiir’s travel to Cairo.

This will be Mubarak’s second visit to Juba since November 2008 when he became the first Egyptian president to do so since 1962.

The sources said that Cairo is doing a “last ditch” attempt to support Sudan which represents “a strategic backend”. Furthermore, the sources said that in this last year prior to 2011 referendum, Egypt is seeking to “build a consensus” between the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) on a number of issues primarily the country’s unity.

The move comes a week after Cairo hosted an NCP-SPLM summit in which proposals to postpone the April elections and the 2011 referendum were floated. Both sides failed to narrow differences particularly on the implementation of the Islamic Shari’a law.

The Sudanese Undersecretary of Foreign affairs Mutrif Sideeg and member of the NCP delegation said that this position is not negotiable.

“We will not abandon our Shari’a nor do we call on the others to accept what they do not accept. We accepted the principle that citizenship is the basis of rights and duties, and we have accepted the principle of unity in diversity, and therefore will not commit others to what we are committed to. We do not accept that the others void our personality, religion and identity under any circumstances,” he said.

Al-Jarida said that Cairo is concerned that the mounting tensions between the two peace partners will distract from efforts to build security, stability and unity.

Egypt has felt sidelined on the many peace initiatives related to its Southern neighbor, observers say and has failed to be effective in brokering agreements between Sudan’s rivals whether in North-South conflict or Darfur.

The Arab regional power is worried that it is losing leverage aimed at convincing the NCP and SPLM to work for unity and prevent South Sudan from seceding. It has inaugurated a number of development and education project in the last few years in an apparent bid to tempt South Sudanese into voting for unity.

Earlier this month, Mubarak delivered unprecedented remarks indicating that Cairo is expecting South Sudanese to pick independence in 2011 but called for a “peaceful” separation.

Mubarak has reportedly criticized Khartoum for lacking the will to preserve the unity and warning that there are regional powers wanting to fuel conflict in the area which he described as “vital to Egypt”.

The issue of South Sudan secession is sensitive one to Cairo largely due to its impact on the Nile water agreement and the possible reallocation of share with the new state even though legal experts say that the water agreements are still binding to the new state.

The Nile basin countries which have been fiercely pushing for amending the water agreements will hold a meeting in Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm Al-Sheik next week. Egypt and Sudan have veto right over any modification of the 1929 and 1959 agreements.

With almost 80 million people, Egypt’s water demand is projected to exceed its supply by 2017, according to a government reported published last month making the regional power more concerned than ever on maintaining the unity of Sudan.

Last year, sources at the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) told Sudan Tribune that Kiir cut short his visit to Egypt “after feeling uncomfortable with the level of pressure exerted by Egyptian officials on the issue of preserving Sudan’s unity”.


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  • 1 March 2010 06:11, by Dinka Boy

    I never see any democratic country governed by imposing the strict religious law the way NCP ruling party in the North always sing about, while they demand the unity of the entire Sudan. Sharia law is astrict religious law against christians.

    The world and Eygpt should not talk about unity while Sharia laws still exist because the laws was among the cause for the war in Sudan.
    We are waiting for any other side of coin in 2010,but 2011 is our major aim by peaceful means or any other alternatives.

    repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 06:20, by Hardlinner

      is mubarak confuse or what?. the idea of unity was killed off since 1972.
      eqypt should start bileteral aggreement with future south sudan or new state of Kush rather than wasting their time on dead policy of united sudan.

      repondre message

      • 1 March 2010 07:02, by Gatbentiu

        Egypt should not waste her time and resources for this useless meetings about the Unity of Sudan.Its actually non of her business.


        repondre message

      • 1 March 2010 08:00, by Angelo Nyang

        thank you brother we are not southerns of 72 because Egyptan are always thinking they are mart,but this time no way south sudan is going to get independent weather they need or not we don,t care so they are wonder about what going to happen in sudan but the wedding between Northern and Egyptan is going to be over after 2011

        repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 07:57, by choldit

      You what Dinka boy, the Egyptain are trying to confuse the whole situation. The Arab league tactice is a little bit wise than that of Egpt because the Arab League is trying to lure South Sudan into being an Arab state after it separate itself from North Sudan.

      But Egypt is creating an excuse or a situation that it will point to latter when the Nile Water issues come to reality. I even wonder how who told the reporter the the 1929 Nile Water Agreement between the golden boy (egypt and British) will dictate the would be South Sudan nation behaviour toward the use of Nile Water.

      Why should be symphyise with arrogant Egypt regarding the Nile water? Yes we will have deals with them for the sake of humanity but not because they did anything good for us in the past becaus what south sudanese remember Egypt for in the South-North war is its unshaked support to North Sudan. They should know "there is time for everything" as stated in Bible.

      Egypt should approach South Sudan honestly and apologyze for its past behaviour toward South Sudanese.

      repondre message

      • 1 March 2010 08:12, by Dinka Boy


        Haaaaa, you said" you what Dinka boy,-----".
        What do you mean with your statement?.
        It seems you are writing through your ngundeeng ideology.
        I don,t think you made an arguments at all because something is bothering your thought. You what Dinka Boy is not the great way to embarked sentence.

        repondre message

        • 1 March 2010 08:49, by choldit

          Dinka boy, I was trying to get ur attention. So, i mean to say "you know what". By the way, I am sorry to second your idea. There is nothing wrong with Ngundeng but there is no ideology of Ngundeng to follow though i wish there is.

          Thanks for your correction.

          repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 14:12, by Kuany Dak

      Dear all,

      Egyptian initiative that oppose IGAD peace proposal in 2005 had fail misserably and it is another attempt for Egyptian president Honsi Mubarak renegotiate thing that were CPA protocol, sudan national and referendum election. These are not negotiatable, because it is about people of sudan aspiration which is not related that Eygptian people. Our unity in Sudan should not be forced upon us by the foreign, but we deem it necessary. South Sudan people will be losers and they cannot accept whatever is setting back referendum. Saliva Kiir should not accept Eygptian invitation to where ever they want to negotiate this peace protocol.
      Nile water should share with Egypt based on the African proposal that ratified by all nile river countries. We have stake in the Nile water, but it is not our problem with Egypt that they will rule conscience then what we decide our live upon.
      Northern Sudan will not give up their dream of sharia law and we cannot aboundance quest of our freedom become a free nation. It is not acceptance and it is false if any leader in the south shall response to this call.

      Thank you,
      Kuany Dak

      repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 18:25, by kuur Deng

      This is so choatic,Mbarak must know that Sudan can never and ever be united even if god or Mohammed come back from heaven today he cann’t advice the southerners to unite this country. It was separated since in 2005 and it is independent state.Your sharia law is troublesome to the entire world not only south and how can we unite with terrorist, nonsense.

      repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 06:13, by Mathiang BT

    Kiir Should take care about these Arabs.

    repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 07:39, by Deng Akol Agut-tungdoun

      Hey Brothers,

      Kiir Mayardit is more than committed to the agree with which ever the Southerners like, he is here to service the people and to defend their interest.

      Those barking jalabas in Cairo shall keeps on barking and for sure will never ever stop us from doing all that we desire.

      Bashir and Lamakol are today here in Juba and they are just barking like their gods father Hosni Mubarak in the empty stadium! wow foolish jalabas with their dogs are soon loosing and shall end up in the hand of the ICC prosecutor. Lamakol to Cobber white house soon after his ugly campaign.

      Trust the news boys. I am now writing what I am seeing in Juba.

      Be blesed,

      Deng Akol Agut-tungduon, a man far away from tribalism and corruption.

      repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 06:14, by maumau

    What is wrong with these Arabs, why do they have to get concerned and force Sudan to go for unity which will lead to more bloodshade?. Please Arabs, keep off if unity of Sudan was your option. MAUMAU

    repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 06:15, by johnmaker

    There you go Junubin.Now we both can read and imagine the intention of this evil people called Egyptian.Now it will after us as southern to cut such a bulshit enforcement so called unity of sudan.Mr Maubarak you are wating your time.This southern are not southern of 1972 of Abiel Alier and Jesoph Lago.Our eyes are wide open,your eveil arabism have no room in south sudan.Stay away from us,otherewise you gonna doshed another bullet like you did in Addis Ababa.Thank.

    repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 06:16, by Wal P Muoranyar Biet

    Mr. Mubarak, if you really want to catch a fish, you must grabe near its neck. Grabbing it by its tail will never let you have it as part of your dinner. We have lost so many lives and have been badly marginalized in your backyard and you never consider our grievances. Separation now, separation now!

    Wal Muoranyar Biet

    repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 06:45, by Aduol Liet

    Salve Kiir Manyardit.

    Please you must knowing the business of Egyptian people toward Northern Sudan’s support. We Southern Sudanese people don’t like those Ideas from Hosni Mubarak and we hope you will not accepted any dirty fool made by Egyptian president Honsi Mubarak. Anyone from Southern Sudan should ask himself or herself about question, how many years did we lived united since the Sudan got independence in 1956.? We have been staying united for about 50 to 60 years, but these Arab killers are taking advantage on the Black African Tribes in Sudan and this is time for any none Arab in Sudan to deny unity with Arab people. We have been telling these stupidity Arab in Sudan for many years that, Sharia Law must not be apply to none Arab culture in Sudan, but still they don’t understand it and we don’t want them any more because we have losts million innocents people in Sudan and those lives losts have been blames to Islamic agendas. These Arab must rule themselves only North Sudan and those who have different cultures although some Black were being fool to make convert is okay but they must live esparately from them, Arab religion became a world’s problems and we have to make them isolate in this time. Egypt president must not be some body between Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan, he has to choose one Region to cooperate with it otherwise, we are not going to recognizing them in term of River Nile Watering every time they act like that, they should make consideration of Nile Watering relationship if not then, we will punishing them including Northern Sudan. Both Egypt and Northern Sudan are benefits from our Nile and we are going to cut it.

    repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 07:39, by Oduck Bol

    Well, president Mubarak,you want us to be united,but you do not talk about shiary-law which is a main tool that northerns kill southerns with.

    But above all, nothing, nothing,and nothing will keep us unit with northerns. first of all,let me mention few things that will not unit south and north. We have main defferent problem which is religion,but relgion would not been a problem if northern have not took it as weapons to fight southerns.Many countries on the world have defferent relgions in them.Foreinstance,India has over 100 defferents relgions and they are proud to be indians and united without discrminaton to each other.
    We southerns may meet with northerns in the heaven if there is heaven.

    We are ready to pay any price to separate from northerns who think always they are following the wards of God (Halla).

    repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 08:15, by Master

      Dont worry - Your looser president and corrupt SPLM are just waiting for the right price $$$$. Watch them, they will sell you out the minute they get enough money to retire and live in america/australia.

      repondre message

      • 1 March 2010 08:21, by Dinka Boy

        mr pretender (Master),

        Haaaaaaaaaa, mr pretender is here again.
        Kill yourself because of SPLM and your Dinka liberators.

        repondre message

        • 1 March 2010 10:42, by mohammed ali

          We in north Sudan ,DO NOT WANT UNITY,SECEDE NOW! repeat..WE DO NOT WANT UNITY..SECEDE NOW.You have an illusion that we want you,we don’t.Millions are living in the north and not the contrary!If you don’t want just leave us alone!It is as simple as that!

          repondre message

          • 2 March 2010 03:51, by Agutran

            Mohammad, you don’t need to cry, we know, we’ll secede, so take it easy.
            You make sure you save everything you looted in the South, if you waste it, you’ll be in pain at the time you are on your own.

            repondre message

      • 1 March 2010 14:09, by Sudani Logik

        Master (Oshay)

        No entity is more corrupt than the NCP in Sudan. They have already got Billions of dollars and own not villas, but entire estates in Malaysia and the Middle East. This does not mean there are no corrupt individuals in the SPLM but clean your back yard before making noise about the SPLM.

        repondre message

      • 2 March 2010 03:45, by Agutran

        Master, good luck with your wishful thinking, by the way where do you think the money you’re talking about come from?
        Isn’t it the money you draw in the South in form of oil revenue?
        Too bad, this is not 1960s and 70s when you hoodwink the South, this a different generation.
        You’ll just look unintelligent when think of tricks this time.
        Once again good luck.

        repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 10:44, by David_N

    I agree with Mubarak, "Peaceful SEPARATION by 2011", in Northern Sudan don’t needs NO Afro Ape!

    repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 13:15, by okucu pa lotinokwan

      Thank you, President Mubaraka for your invitation,Our Salva Kiir will attend your Call but south sudan will separate in 2011.Any question?

      repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 11:16, by joseph kuir

    I think Kiir will not wast his time rather than to do his compaigns ,this is delaying tactic to drive away atittude from plans ,but in case Kiir went ,he might not be determining the indepence of Southerrn Sudan alone ,

    Hosni Mubarak should allow Southern to have free vote for either Unity but prefer independence so that Egypt get enough water when crisis is over

    repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 12:22, by Gatluak Latjor


      The Arabs are just fooling themselves. What the Egyptians and their president shouild know is that the Nilots south of Khartoum can not be cheated by the Arabs. Also, we stopped going after our cows to really see this business between us and the Arabs. If Arabs do not do logical things this business will end up with Arabs in mess in Sudan. Sudan is African country with about 80% Africans.

      repondre message

      • 1 March 2010 18:20, by AAMA

        Correction, Sudan is 100% african, you just need to fix your understanding of what is african.

        repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 14:02, by Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus

      CPA will deliver her first baby in the next 9 months. That child will be called the Republic of New Sudan (RONS). RONS will save Sudan and the whole Africa. However, Egypt wants CPA partners to do abortion by all means. No way no way for abortion at such time as this.

      I declare that any abortion will lead to the death of Sudan. SPLM must say no for abortion. I know NCP/NIF is for abortion because she is used to abortions since 1972. How many peace agreements have NIFNCP aborted? Many!

      CPA2 between NCP and Darfur will deliver the Republic of Darfur (ROD), too. Egypt should know that 2011 referendum vehicle is over speeding therefore anyone who stands on the road will lose their interest forever in South. All countries which are against RONS must lose their interest forever in South Sudan. This should be put in the RONS new constitution so that any future president of RONS must follow it.

      Hosni Mubarak is against the will and freedom of Southerns so Jesus will deal with him accordingly before 2011. I believe 2011 is our year as southerns and demon possessed presidents such as Hosni and Omaar must give way to south or Jesus will deal with them accordingly.

      Egypt wants to assassinate Salva Kiir and Omaar Hosaan before 2011 referendum. I don’t care about Omaar Hosaan assassination, but i do care about Salva kiir. SPLM must learn how to say no to Egypt invitations for abortion of the CPA. We are not Palestinians that Egypt calls at night and during the day time and run to Hosni Mubarak as kids. Egypt can do her business on the Palestinians issues, but not on Sudanese issues. No for Egypt bullshit.

      SPLM must invite Israeli investors to invest in South Sudan but not Egyptians investors. Israeli should invest in RONS for the next 50 years and not the so Arab league or Egypt.

      Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus

      repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 14:49, by Time1

    It is very funny that so many people want to speak for south sudan and pretend by Using Sudanese names on websites, look only the southerners on the ground can make any changes, shouting on the websites will not help you.Because another person cannot speak for another if he is still alive, southerners will decide the referendum through the votes.

    repondre message

    • 1 March 2010 16:15, by sunny

      what is the role of Egypt in CPA? Egypt should not bark for no one will transgress the convention on the law of the sea that regulates the use of Nile water. stay at your boundary and leave sudan alone to do her affairs.

      repondre message

      • 1 March 2010 17:53, by Amokdu

        Sharia Laws are not our concern in the South, so the unity is not wanted any more with arabs and southerners are not going to be second class in their own land. Yes, for South Sudan Independent in 2011.

        repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 18:09, by Kur

    Egypt must stop its nonsense. The people of South Sudan cannot be told what to do with their future. We know what we are looking for, and so we do not want anybody disturbing us with rubbish ideas. It is therefore very important for Mr. Kiir to be careful when dealing with issues related to our freedom. We cannot accept unity with the North based on the interests of Egypt. Our interests must be the first thing to be considered by anyone talking to us. When we were dying during the war, who cared about us; except the blood of our heroes? We are tired of this Egyptian nonsense. It got to stop so that we can prepare for our future in peace of mind..


    repondre message

  • 1 March 2010 23:12, by Achuil Manyuat Tong

    The Egptian president should honestly begin negotiating with the south about the nile water .otherwise ,the business he is doing now will never yeild even a coil .we are not in 70th .there is no way we can except to live where sharia laws are imposed on every one even those who are not muslems.
    If he can talk about election well and good but beyond jan 9 2011 is a disaster should any radicle jump in with different programm other than referendum.
    if he has nothing to do he should go touring some of the beatiful beaches around the planet that will take him almost a year if at all he has nothing to do.

    repondre message

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