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24 southern Sudanese killed after fresh tribal violence in Jonglei


January 22, 2009 (JUBA) — About 24 people have been killed in tribal clashes in the troubled southern Sudanese state of Jonglei between armed members of Dinka and Nuer ethnic groups following an argument between two people.

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Destroyed huts are seen in the southern Sudanese village of Duk-Padiet, which suffered recent fighting, in southern Sudan Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009. (Timothy Mckulka-UNMIS)

The fighting broke out in the New Fangak area of Jonglei last Monday after a dispute between two Nuer everyone of them living in a different village populated by the two ethnic groups; the quarrel involved neighbors from both sides where nine people were killed.

However, the fighting erupted again when armed members of the Dinka Rut attacked a settlement of the Nuer Thiang on Thursday killing 15 people and wounded other 16, said SPLA spokesperson Major General Kuol Diem Kuol.

Kuol said that there are five missing people among the Nuer adding, they have no details about the casualties on the Dinka side.

Usually attacks between the different tribes in the largest state in southern Sudan are caused by dispute over water, pasturage and cattle rustling as well as revenge. But this time the violence originated by a personal quarrel between two people from the same tribe.

During 2009, some 2,500 people were killed and 350,000 displaced by the tribal fighting in the semi-autonomous region, a higher death toll than in the troubled western region of Darfur.

In his latest report to the UN Security Council released today, the Secretary General expressed concern over the tribal violence in southern Sudan, mainly in Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei States, as well as the triangle between Jonglei Central Equatoria and Lakes States.

The Juba government has launched a new campaign to disarm civilians in the region but the continual clashes show the need for more effective measures like roads construction and deployment of regular forces.


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  • 23 January 2010 04:33, by Kim Deng

    Coward Jaang/Slaves,

    You will never stop Mighty Nuer Warriors occupation.

    repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 04:45, by Jamjamez

      Kim Please you are not helping us in solving this problem, Do not blame, lets all together preach peace and bring the criminals to justice by law. Otherwis it will be a routinely vegenance.

      repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 05:26, by Dinka Dominated SPLA

      The gov of south sudan need to be realistic because death became non stop now days what is wrong with people killing each ather? how about solving thing in a peacefull manner than a blood ways why?

      repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 17:21, by MJriaksdca


        here in particular you are saying a good thing, but your important message does not go with your alias or nickname. You have a name which condone tribalism. Could you change it please? I encourage you to join those who are fight tribalism to disappear in southern Sudan.

        repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 05:32, by maumau

      Yet another sad news for us. Apply the rule of law to settle disputes instead of resorting to violent and killing. God, heal the wounded. MAUMAU

      repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 05:48, by Nuer and Equatoria Dominated SAF & Malitias


      I always like your comments bro. Let’s try to put an end to this problem of tribal violence, once and for all.

      I am studying the cause of fighting and will release my findings later during the day in press release.Let those SPLA, SPLA Dominated Dinkas and Dinka Boy attend the press meeting.

      repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 06:21, by Dinka Dominated SPLA

        You are abusing yourselfe anyagat reik machar had already denounce his celebration with SAF and polino matip nhial had also denial his militant ahhh coward nuer

        repondre message

        • 23 January 2010 15:02, by Nuer and Equatoria Dominated SAF & Malitias

          Dinka Dominated SPLA

          You have nothing to preach to me and you are nothing, just no different between you and those cattle keepers.

          What you know more than others is eating too much kuin term by kawach as "Deng are you there".

          repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 09:23, by Padiet Gagag

      This tribal conflict must note end uncivilize people who doesn,t carry about their life.Please your life is important then cattle.This villian GOSS is just enjoying the death of civilian,How ever,this CPA is collusion to this Robber Goss.

      Let us make a change to be like other people in the world please imitate them.
      Your life astonish other humanbeing,why don,t leave that behavior.

      repondre message

  • 23 January 2010 04:34, by Dinka Boy

    Two Nuer fight each other and they leave their fight instead and fight the other Dinka who have not involve in their fight, and eventually caused the death of 15 people and the other wounded. Wow! that is sad.

    repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 04:52, by junub

      Southern Sudanese need to give an end to these Nuer militia of Dinka’s servant Riek Machar, peace is needed to prevail. This nyagat attacking at Monyjang require all Jieng people to united and call this year, 2010, a year of answering to pro-Arab militia leaded by Riek Machar.

      These thugs Nuer traitors of Riek Machar will only resorted to dwell in peace only with others in South when they see Dinka and Southern Sudanese people in general are dreadfully fed up of their disturbing by taking back what they gave to others.

      repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 10:00, by Padiet Gagag


        Please coward Dinka and greedely people you must not defeate Nuer.
        Your greedly and ungodly act is conspicuous to all southernes.
        Nuer must defeate you even though your Dinka soldier killed civilian.

        When Nuer hear Jeang cometo attack them, they used to be glade even blind people they always cliam theymight go to fight.The word Jeang mean slave in thoknaath that is why Nuer donot consider Dinka are people who might defeate them.This canniball Kirr couldnot be a leader with out Machar, because he is his eye and mouth.Kirr ,s mouth was nug with dry gine.

        repondre message

  • 23 January 2010 04:37, by James John

    What is wrong with this people??? is not going to be easy for two tribes of stealing each other Cattle. Now I think people should start to see what life will be, instead of planning for development dinka killing them self.

    But least let them keep it there in there places.

    repondre message

  • 23 January 2010 04:43, by Jamjamez

    When will our people learn to solve disputes by words under laws and not always with fist or guns? This is crazy! I am very tired of this stupid acts. The goverment should severly punish all the wrong doers.

    On a serious note, the goverment should not always give dead ears to this routinely voilent. It has to be address or our poor people are to pay the consequences.Who do you think will opt for development in a zone-like Somalia? The goverment should take charge inorder to allow peace and then development. With all this killings, there is no body who will want to come overy and plant even a tree. Wake up people, Stop your 20th century mentallity of determining your manlihood by voilent.

    Stop Please! Stop Please!

    And for those of you who will commend base on tribal preferences, please stop your tribal ideaologies and lets together initiate peace among our people. Because if you also act like them, then there is no good for that and no change will come.
    Please stop!

    repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 05:33, by Kim Deng

      Coward Jaang/Slaves,

      In contrast, Nuer tribes sometimes combine forces in their raids/invasions on the coward Jaang/Slaves (and Anyuak). Lak, Thiang and Gaawar Nuer sometimes jointly participate in their raids/invasions against coward Jaang/Slaves in Jonglei, Lou Nuer and Gaawar Nuer alway the same strategy, Lou Nuer and E. Jikany Nuer combine their Warriors gainst Anyuak community whenever they want to so. Leek, Jagei, and W. Jikany combine in raids/invasions on Western coward Jaang/Slaves and the same to Bul, Dok and Nyuong Nuer.

      Nuer tribes also manifest a capacity to comprise internal differences and unite in the face of external aggression. Although feuds between the component sections of a tribe may be occured sometimes, these internal issues are discontinue when external enemies threatened.

      Nuer territorial expansion is primarily a consequence of Nue success in conducting annual cattle raids/invasions gainst coward Jaang/Slaves wet season communities that set the stage for eventual permanent occupation. Nuer Warriors superiority in carrying out such raids/invasions turn on their capacity to mobilize raiding parties that significantly outnumbered the defensive forces the coward Jaang/Slaves are capable of mustering.

      This same numerical advantage enable the Nuer to regularly turn back coward Jaang/Slaves raids with devastating losses. The coward Jaang/Slaves not only fail to unite on a scale comparable to that of the Mighty Nuer Warriors, but also fail to transcend their internal conflicts in the face of Nuer aggression. Rather than joining forces against this common enemy (Nuer), coward Jaang/Slaves fall upon neihboring groups that had been weakened by Mighty Nuer Warriors raids/invasions and deprive thm of their remaining cattle, undercutting their capacity ro regroup and resist further Nue incursion.

      It is always better to be killed in Warfield(s)and die as a Hero than to die like coward, according to Nuer Warriors believe. What matter is not to be killed or die, but the outcome of the war, the victory as far as Nuer Warriors concerned. Nuer resettlement/occupation has been unstopable since 1800s.

      repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 05:56, by Dinka Dominated SPLA

        kim deng people begin to ignore your ignoble attitude so whatever you said dosen’t bother anybody because you making fool of yourself dog

        repondre message

        • 23 January 2010 09:02, by samuel_kur@yahoo.ca

          Dear Southerners.

          Since each of both group are encouraging the death of your people, death will not end at all and no one will get any benefit except your enemy.

          Why you always forget that you are brothers, when the census of population was announced, every one was seemed unhappy with government of Khartoum cheated the census, how do every one think our population will be perfect since you still reducing the population. If civilian do not know are they doing, who will tell them their acts are not appropriate. In addition, government of south if it not concern let them give up for Khartoum government to take responsibility, for how long civilian are dieing randomly with out any action of government, that why i always crying for Dr. John Garang death if he was alive things could not go wrong like this, he would take any quick action and appropriate for all southerners, that is means no qualify man like Garang in the south all politicians are women, if i am wrong let them solve this problem now.


          repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 05:59, by Dinka Boy

        Kim Deng,

        Do you know why i always call you and likes primitives or born empty and will die empty?. If you don,t know then first ,it,s because Nuer in general do not know how to solve their own dispute. They have no leader that can solve the conflict through discussion. Moreover, according to my culture, aperson who run to get weapons during individual fight is term as coward though you mis used the term because of your choice of word" Coward".

        My friend, your alike are always spoiling Nuer in general because you guys don,t know any politics. How come you are now talking nonsense about Muonjang while your likes were the one being fuck up. You always talking about invasion/occupation, do you really know their meaning. You are born empty and you will die empty like other Nuer.
        Secondly, it seems now that you are always proud of raiding. Haaaa, check the whole world if there is single person who bcome proud of raiding. Raiding if you don,t know is the type of stealing method whereby you go and loot others properties. I think you might be athief where you are residing because you are prouding of stealing method"raiding".

        Check again in the world history who is proud of taking some one resources, perhaps thief will be abide by that system.

        I think you are among the primitive people who are among the stone age period.
        If you are not then there is no need you taking about raiding as agood thing other you are spoiling Nuer. I generalize Nuer in this context because no single nuer give you apiece of advise;maybe it the way you were born" born empty and will die empty".

        How come this stupid proud about raiding instead of him to condemn the fight that was caused by two nuer tribes which cause the death of more their number"two".
        Mr Kim Deng, your thinking capacity will always make you asecond citizens in the South no matter waht you think. Leadership is really faraway from your grand parents and your generations of this time. Perhaps, you guys need caoching or workship on how leaderships works other you are all rubbish in the South.

        I can not help you because adead human being can not be taught.
        Thanks primitives just go and feed your dead.

        repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 08:54, by Space

        Hi Kim

        No Nuer can even applaud your stupid argument on this site.What good will it bring if Dinka & Nuer continue fighting themselves! What good did it bring when fighting occurred in Duk-Padiet than misery and mourning. We should think like people who would turn this country around and like people of 21st century.That primitive thinking and idealogy must be abolished.

        repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 23:53, by Jerie

        Kim Deng,
        Are you trying to justify Nuer raids/invasions against the communities in their vicinity as an honest way of life? You said in a previous post that Nuer expansion must continue. Is that the way to peacefully coexist with other communities in Nuer terminology? You should not spread aggression!

        repondre message

      • 25 January 2010 18:42, by R. TOOL


        Dude you are full of crab ... Dinka/Nuer are the same sub human. Please go away and kill yourself... fool!.

        My country has puring million of money into southern sudan for what?. So the world can read these elementry articles. What a joke.. The arabs are enjoying your crab and they are laughing their asses off.

        You will see what is giong to happen to the south comes 2011 ... the arabs are going to be sitting on your home towns. sipping tea.... You all better get your shits together, and quit this nonese of who is who!.

        repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 06:22, by Gatwech

      Dinka Boy,

      So you are now happy because of 15 Nuer killed? What about when the Nuer killed more than 100 in Warrap recently were you also happy?

      That Abyei spokesman Kuol Deim Kuol doesn’t know how to report events responsibly. He thinks like if he is in Abyei.

      repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 08:40, by jack chuol

        What!!! liar Gatgech, Last time you denied it, that the cattle raiders from Unity State didn’t attacked Warrap, and you claim that the fighting was between Bol Madut and Tor Deng. Where did you get 100 killed by Nuer now.

        That is my problem with you ,I could have not joint this web,but I joint it because of you. I will not attempt to abuse your family even if all of them are liars yet I have no evident I am dealing with you foolish Gatgech. I WILL SHOW you to Southerners how foolish you are and how liar you are.

        Why you have different news everyday apart from the rest , like what you said today about Kuol Manyang which is baseless.

        Studip Friend don’t be a liar everyday, okay.

        Thank you

        repondre message

  • 23 January 2010 05:38, by Muorter Majok

    It seems like a lot of people here just jump on their tribal wagon and start accusing the other tribe with no merits.

    The Nuer and The Dinka are the same people as far as I am concerned, they look the same physically, share a lot of the same tradition, and even share the same land.

    Moreover, the Nuer and the Dinka languages are very similiar with a lot of the common words.

    And the sad reality is that they share the same mentality of act first, think second.

    You all need to sit back and hear the facts first before jumping to conclusions, otherwise you will be making a fool of yourself.

    repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 06:07, by jack chuol

      Muorter Majok and Deng Wel. thank you guys.

      You know what guys,some people in this web are not Southerners, they preach hate and when bad thing happened they disappear. they pure bullets all way from Biemnhom to militia.this is another way of killing rat,but God is there after 2011 everything gona be okay.

      repondre message

  • 23 January 2010 05:50, by Deng Wel Deng

    Let me sent my sincere condolences to the people of fangak that our thoughs are with you at this moment of griefs.It is pathetic when such lives are loose for no course, which always create a hoopholes on our side to the common enemy.Please the message is clear on both sides let insolates these criminals from our communities and will be safe.And if we keep on revenging than it will escalates further and it is not helping at all for people who support such barbaric acts.

    repondre message

  • 23 January 2010 06:07, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    Ladies and gentlemt if any of you is wise he/she should never comment on tribal basis of either encouraging the fight or making criticism on other side. This is what I always refer as South Sudan future is uncertain, the same to the hint of Dr Lam in his previous view. Jonglei is a bigotry state of frequent attack, people love to make revenge and purely having the attitude of bigots. The people in the particular state does not tolerate or forgive anyone which is very obvious to their aggressiveness. However we must not blame them for all the agony that had happened, although they did it, technically there is failure of preventing such tragic from GOSS.

    GOSS and its minsters has become my target in problems that would have had its solution before it erupt. This conspiracy is not big challenge if GOSS was capable to view it from different angles, distribution of police force within the inimical communities could be our highest priority of improving insecurity. Yesterday when I was on my way from Munuki I come across reports about minibus been ambush on its way from Yambio, leaving around 15 youths in pain. This is another issue of Insecurity facing us the concern citizens of South Sudan. I personally urge GOSS to ensure that our people across the ten states are safe from this brutal management. This is not about Nuer, Dinkas, Mundari, Equatorians or Madi. It is about safety and unity for southerns. Like I said South Sudan will divide right from states, GOSS to tribe due to the insecurity. Since Mundari has been disarm and their 600 weapons where taken now they are living in peace accept fear of being attack by neighbours which is unknown. To prevent further assault, GOSS must disarm those nuer and dinkas in their respective villages in order to maiantain unity and security. Time to embrace each other and bring division to an end.

    New Year Message continuous to inspire

    Time for tribalism has gone, its new year 2010 which is not a time to generalise tribe or community instead of one person. It is time to focus on the real issue far from tribal criticism, political party criticism, leaders criticism, and very far from abuses or insults. We should also debate far from abuses of any single commenter on ST forum, to myself I want to be a man of tolerance, peace, responsbility, respect, forgiveness, love, unity and courage . It is time to get serious and work for the betterment of my nation South Sudan Democratic Republic of Victoria, South Sudan should be call Victoria, because the long struggle is victory, CPA is victory, South Sudan liberation is victory, our insecurity will be a victory, election and referrendom are potential victories. South Sudan future source of hydro electricity power is White nile which has its source at Lake Victoria, unqestionable the name fits.

    I didn’t change myself because of pressure or whatsoever, it could be my 2010 resolution. Sometimes you don’t expect the public to pay their attention on you.Brave man conquers the fear like I did previously. However I come to realised that, I am not truly free if I am taking away and abusing someone else’s freedom of expression and speech, just as I am not free when my freedom is taken from me and been abused. This is why I finally come to reason that, me and the rest of concern Southerns will transformed South Sudan into a country that is not comfortable place for those who opposed to democracy, parliamentary law, parliamentary debate, independent and fair courts. For now lets start new year with fresh mind and positive ideas that will improvement the managment of South Sudan, childish comments must be ignored. Some individual comment aggressively when they are defeated in debate, this spirit must be abandon. We are here to play a game ie you get defeated or you defeat others defends on the article and the extend of your debate, but don’t insult people. This is my new year inspiring message to ST viewers, contributors, pseuds, readers and editor. Finally if you come across a mistake or opposing view, please address it with dignity.

    Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 06:49, by kumkan

      To all of you who would probable think that Dinka are better then any other tribes. You are fooling yourself for having such a believe. We are all Southerners and we’re pretty much aware of whose superiority is competences then whose. Chulok, Equatorial, Dance, Anuak, Murle and Nuer are the one who are capable of leading the nation better than Dinka. Equatorial and Nuer would think about other tribes and put theirs needs first before themselves. On the contrary, Dinka are well known for their greed. As some were suggesting earlier, We need to get the independent South Sudan and we will see who is doing what and I’m sure Dinka will be the last people on line to get any opening post because their greed has been known world wide. I’m done trusting Dinka period because trusting a Dinka is like putting your believe in Murle who seasonally makes peace with their neighbors and when they are about to leave by the end of the season then they started to kill their neighbors. That is just how a Dinka will do you people. Never bother to trust Dinka as your friend because flipping around is their ego.

      repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 06:58, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy


        Hey whoever you call yourself, I appreciate your view however we don’t have Equatorial in South Sudan. They are Equatorians, don’t translate the name into your own meaning. It sound unfamilar and very stranger to me as a son of Greater Equatoria States. It even sound like you are not talking about Sudanese of South Sudan.

        repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 07:04, by Dinka Boy


        Please i always warn Nuer that it is not a right thing to side yourself with greater Equatorians because they are hundreds time leaders than you Nuer. My friend, the only and the most primitive tribe in the South is "Nuer".
        Please stay away from really leaders and be your own because apig can not side with cow. You are apig in thinking period.
        Once again never ever sided with any other South tribes because you primitives stone age can not be welcome.

        repondre message

        • 23 January 2010 12:43, by Shadrack Nuer Machut

          Dear very foolish people who comment on supporting tribal conflicts. You are worse than the dead ones because you are adding fuel on the flame of fire. Why don,t you join fighting in the field rather than posting your stupid comment in this website? I wish, I were you. I would simultaneously be in the cattle camp to die like so called Nuer or Dinka whichever side I belong to.

          Shame on you all. You are the failures of life in this country. You better go back into your huts where you were once used to........ Any away I don,t blame you so much because it is like a new born puppy that tries to suck every by-passer of any kind. Did you come to literacy maternally or paternally? I don,t totally understand you. It is God to think of you.

          Shadrack Nuer Machut.
          see me;

          repondre message

          • 24 January 2010 17:17, by MJriaksdca

            DEAR MACHUT

            please hold on to your spirit of tribal condemnation. I am with you in this fight.


            repondre message

      • 23 January 2010 12:57, by Dinka Dominated SPLA


        repondre message

        • 23 January 2010 15:58, by Deng Francis

          Dear Mr. So called dinka dominated SPLA, Please you need to go back to school and study grammar then come back and comment decently as a learned person. We don’t entertain bullshits here. Who told you that dinka are the landlords of this country? is that information from your father or your lame duck president? who told you dinka as a single tribe in south sudan is the creator like GOd?? how many tribes are in southsudan at this movement?

          Stop being dogmatic and so naive that you can not see other tribes as important than dinka, perhaps more important than dinka. Can south sudan be called south sudan with only dinka alone without the existence of other tribes? In any country in the world where the incumbent president hails from, he or she cannot overlook other ethnic groups and say they are not important.

          Please if you are a learne person then i advise you to refraint from these unfounded and baseless claims that says’ dinkas are born to rule or lead and not to be ruled or led by others’ I wish i can lecture to you all these kinds of things in a leadership workshop!

          Please behave!!


          Deng Francis

          repondre message

  • 23 January 2010 06:18, by kuminyandi

    This nation called Southern Sudan is doomed.


    repondre message

  • 23 January 2010 13:43, by raanaguachraan

    hey kim deng, would you please exams your comments before posted to the publish website?

    secondly, it’s not all about Nuer and Dinka people, it’s all about business and it problems mis solving. first, understanding the behaviors of Nuer and then compared with others communities round Nuers communities.

    my personal advices to you is respect yourself and have loves for your neighborhood.
    otherwise acts and responded like a leader of changed, not bias and insults others communities by false ideologies of which you always acknowledge your own community as only good and clever than others communities.

    by Red Army, seed of southern Sudan.

    repondre message

    • 23 January 2010 16:36, by JOINET

      May deceased soul rest in peace.


      repondre message

  • 24 January 2010 21:49, by Pistoffyouth

    Fuck This I completely give up if this is what the country is gonna be like then I hope the whole country just get destroyed. Fighting among brothers what the fuck is wrong with you people I hope there will come a time where tribalism is dead forever FUCK SUDAN THE WHOLE COUNTRY AS A WHOLE

    repondre message

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