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Sudan’s ruling NCP sends referendum bill back to parliament for reconsideration


December 23, 2009 (KHARTOUM) – The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) today made a highly unexpected move and agreed to demands by the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) on removing the amendments made to the controversial South Sudan referendum bill adopted by the National Assembly this week.

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Sudanese national assembly

On Tuesday the NCP legislators modified the bill after it was agreed on in the Council of Ministers and also in the Presidency. The approved bill cancelled an article stipulating that southerners who reside outside the region will have to register and vote only in South Sudan.

The chairman of referendum sub-committee Badriya Suleiman said this article violates the interim constitution particularly the article related to freedom of movement.

The move led the SPLM bloc and other Southern parties’ representatives at the parliament to walk out without voting on the draft bill. Despite that the ruling NCP utilized its simple majority in the parliament to pass it.

Salva Kiir, Sudan’s first vice president and the southern government’s leader said in a statement today that it is “inconceivable that the National Assembly can pass a bill in respect of Southern Sudan Referendum Law in the absence of Southern Sudanese themselves and without honoring the political agreement of the two parties”.

“This is risky and exposes our country to greater political danger for not honoring agreements” Kiir said.

The SPLM chairman called for not allowing the “spoilers of CPA” to “derail us from our focus on ensuring peace and stability in our country”.

“The members of the National Assembly were appointed in accordance with the provisions of the CPA and their primary focus should be to ensure the full implementation of the CPA”.

The NCP took a defiant stance on the matter saying that the bill would send to presidency for signature and enactment into law despite SPLM protests.

However, today a senior SPLM official announced that the Sudanese parliament will vote again on the bill.

“We [SPLM & NCP] agreed on the fact that the law on the referendum will be resubmitted to parliament on Monday to be adopted with the article that had been removed,” the SPLM Vice president Riek Machar said.

A political observer in Khartoum Sudan Tribune that the “extraordinary” change of heart by the NCP” is driven by the fear that the SPLM would join opposition ranks in an alliance against the ruling party.

The SPLM along with Northern opposition parties have twice attempted to stage demonstrations this month that were curbed by Sudanese authorities. The NCP slammed the demonstrations accusing its organizers of seeking to topple the government.

“The political isolation of the NCP makes it keen on keeping the SPLM happy and avoiding a confrontation that would make the scene appear like the NCP versus everyone else in the country”.

The Sudanese National Assembly also postponed its deliberations on the bills of the Act of the organization of the People’s Consultation for the Blue Nile and South Kordofan States, the Act on Referendum of Abyei and the Trade Unions Act till next week for further consultations.


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  • 24 December 2009 05:13, by Maroor Bai

    Our hero Salva Kiir has spoken very strongly and has shaken the NIF. Gatguath was right to that mentioned NIF only listen to pressure. Now they are sending the bill back to Parliament for correction. Great political fight on the SPLM side, Bravo!!! Big time, you are winning the hearts your people. Keep the flame banning until we all reach the promised land. Great work, President Mayardit!!

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    • 24 December 2009 05:33, by Dengtaath

      Jalaba always needs consistency, if SPLM does not maintain its position firmily in relation to this bill, there will be no worry from this greed party, they can get away with it.
      But I am certain that SPLM is stronger more than ever, the ball must keep roling and I am sure Jalaba will never score it only SPLM will.
      Cheers great people of South.
      Wish you a good christmas and happy new year.

      repondre message

    • 24 December 2009 05:48, by aguachkoch@yahoo.com

      Hey Guys, thumbs up to our leaders because we want the bullshit that was done early by these evils Arabs asses. They stand in right for position and that is what we want our leaders to do so. I can see Mr.logic Boy who always want to sell us out to Arabs is declining.Because he sees the chances of going back to arab land (Khartoum)are very thin. So Mr.Logic Boy, stop bickering.I know you very well man. I always don’t like the way you portray your people and defend mother fuckers Arabs without reflecting your logic magnitude to help your people. I don’t hate you man. But,I want you to stay away from Khartoum’s bullshit. Te kuch yin rot loi,ka yin guach. Aguachkoch kene.

      repondre message

  • 24 December 2009 05:26, by Dinka Boy

    Great Stand.
    That is how we sons of liberators behave and stand firm with our words.
    Thanks Salva Kiir for strong words that you told this NCP manipulators. Simply the manipulation of laws will make thing worse and it is risky indeed.

    repondre message

  • 24 December 2009 05:29, by babadit

    Stand where you are now for ever, we are strongly rallying behide you, call spade a spade, don’t fear the Dogs and the prisoners NCP or NIF.
    they are now shaken and terified for their action against southern sudanses for many decades now.
    we are no longer a distance from seperation, or independence for the south

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  • 24 December 2009 05:46, by Gatwech

    Dear readers,

    President Salva Kiir should move to Khartoum immediately, press the Presidency to put pressure on parliament to endorse the bill and the Presidency signs it immediately. He should even begin to consult with Bashir to form the commission for the referendum after signing it.

    I however commend Kiir and Machar for their statements in rejection of the bill. This is what the South has always expected from both of you to be active in your rightful contributions to these bills. The other day I blamed Kiir for staying away from Khartoum while the most important bill in the CPA was being passed. It was important for him to be there so that such a move could have been coordinated at the Presidency and the bill would have been sent back to the parliament right away instead of delaying it again until next Monday.

    I was happy with the reaction of Dr. Machar and Yasser Arman on the day the bill was endorsed with those bad amendments. I watched their press conference on Sudan national TV satellite channel in Khartoum where they both accused the National Congress Party of violating the agreement reached by the two parties on the referendum bill. Dr. Machar warned that the NCP had "Pierced the heart" of confidence between itself and the SPLM by that irresponsible act on South Sudan referendum bill.

    It is good that the NCP has understood the pressure (non violent one) and ready to send back the referendum bill to the parliament as it was previously agreed.

    Kiir’s recent statement is very encouraging and I would advise his advisors with him in Juba there to advise him to move to Khartoum immediately and add his contribution by pressing the Presidency on the issue. I even learn that President Bashir has travelled out of Sudan for three days. Kiir would have utilized the three days to act as President and summon some irresponsible NCP guys and give them some executive directives. He should join Dr. Machar in Khartoum NOW (TODAY) and wait there until Monday when the bill is passed. This doesn’t need a distance talks of thousands of kilometers between Juba and Khartoum, it needs a face to face talks where issues can be seriously discussed and resolved!!!

    I am very proud of the press conference the SPLM team conducted in Khartoum national TV. They were warned that they "PIERCED THE HEART" of the South by amending the referendum law. Let the peaceful, but reasonable pressure continue to bear on NCP.

    repondre message

    • 24 December 2009 06:16, by Kim Deng

      The arabized Nubian gov’t [NIF/NCP] must not mess up with referendum bill, otherwise the separatists will come to the last resort (D-day)unless and otherwise. Referendum bill is not like other bills and NIF must know very well its outcome if it try to trash it.

      repondre message

  • 24 December 2009 06:20, by Gatwech






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    • 24 December 2009 07:50, by mathem jech amer


      nobody is ready to receive you, WE don’t want a mess you and your master Tangigany caused to people of Upper Nile. Please remained there in Khartoum.

      repondre message

    • 24 December 2009 11:54, by Patrice Lumumba



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  • 24 December 2009 06:41, by Hillary B.M.L,M

    This is the first ever statement made by Mr.President Salver Kirr, i highly recognized.

    Thanks for your Statement but not the last.

    repondre message

    • 24 December 2009 07:16, by telfajbago

      The SPLM/A should not be delighted by this NCP’s tactical move to cool down the tense political climate as well as bow to U.S pressures, because the real intention of the NCP was revealed when the regime’s parliamentarian deputies cried loud that, the South will go if the referendum bill passed the way it presented to the parliament which let them remove a sensitive paragraph from it. Furthermore, the ill-intention which revealed in passing the bill, can easily be dishonored in the implementation process.

      repondre message

      • 24 December 2009 07:49, by manyok R

        All of your comments thus far have shown the spirit of unity and focus on the big picture in our nation critical movement. We must speak in one voice condemning our first enemy the NCP so that they know we are still strongly united to stand up against them.

        Only the one comment of those typical idiots who are delusional obsessed with the condemnation of Vice President Dr. Riek Marchar even when it is not call for is seemed to be off point in all comments. Just keep ignoring such foolish individual and focus on the topic of the NCP’s deceptive means.

        repondre message

        • 24 December 2009 08:52, by mohammed ali

          Well done ,this is very good.What has been agreed upon on should be implemented.If the Southerners wants to secede nobody should hinder them.It is their right and should be rspected.Personally, I donnot see the point of waiting untill 2011, as the South is de-facto now is a separate and independant state.

          The point that Southerners in the north should vote is a logical one.If I am a southerner I would like to listen to their voice, but this is up to southerners.Now the odd point is what is going to happen to them after separation!It is going to be very odd!

          repondre message

  • 24 December 2009 08:54, by Public Voice

    The Ruling Party (NCP)is used to abuse of power coz it hasn’t allowed any form of democracy since it went into power. It has been exercising so until SPLM became its partner. Now they are crumbling and terrified by not even the upcoming elections but by the referendum come 2011. They will have no-one on their side either from de north or the south. Their asses are as hot as if on fire. Please NCP do not start shivering. You are now harvesting the fruits of what you sowed.

    repondre message

    • 24 December 2009 10:38, by abuhanifa

      Madamme Budria should be a clever lawyer
      look at her poor defence:
      that by providing that" those eligible should only vote in southern sudan " is an infringment of the entrim constitution , a violation of the fundamental right of freedom of movement .

      Ok , Madamme : you intend to be a human right activist to defend the fundamental rights of southerners as sudanese citizens , what about the Security Act that yo have passed three days ago ? Is it not a svere violation of the most fundamental rights of the whole citizens of the sudan?
      Shame on you Madamme.

      repondre message

    • 24 December 2009 10:50, by abuhanifa

      Has madame budria read carefully the enterim constitution,2005 , and particularly the articles" 150 and 151" which prescribes the formation and and functions of the "Intelligence ".How can you hyde that tremendous violation of the constitution, and come out to defend the new illegal and unconstitutional baby?

      repondre message

      • 24 December 2009 12:13, by mohammed ali

        Can any one explain to me why there going to be registration and voting conters for the referendum in the north? I just find that funny!

        repondre message

        • 24 December 2009 14:49, by Time1

          Mohammed aliu, basically all southerners inside Sudan, in north or south are allowed to vote in the referendum, however those abroad will have to register and come and vote inside southsudan. there is an estimated 2million southerners in the north but the fake census put the number of southerners in the north to only 0.5 or half a million, so they are eligibale to vote in the referendum. what NCP did was to crap out those abroad from not voting at all, and they also cancelled the bill on the transitional area, this was a unilateral decision which is contrary to the CPA which requires the consultation and agreement of both parties on every important issue concening the agrement before it is signed or passed in parliament, NCP made a big mnistake by acting like it is alone and there is no CPA.

          repondre message

          • 24 December 2009 16:54, by mohammed ali

            So why there is registration and voting centers in the north?You mean by eligable that they go to the south to register and then go back to the north and then come again to vote!If it is so do you think it is logical!

            You said there 2 million in the north, so what are you going to do with them after separation? Are you going to call them back or should we deport them?

            repondre message

  • 24 December 2009 15:50, by manis

    This regime never give up playing its dirty games oneever find oportunity to do that and the SPLM never learn from the games of this NCP, after the domistrations of the Monday the NCP found its self politicaly isolated and popularly weaked so its worked hard to isolate SPLM from other oponant parties to weaken them.And successfuly did by promising SPLM to give all its deamands that NCP has been refused for four years to enable to pass its notorious security bill then replay the same old games.The SPLM must understand this regime well, the passing of bill is not enough becuase the NCP has more hiden games to play so inorder to acheave its gold, SPLM should stand with oposition parties.

    repondre message

  • 24 December 2009 20:34, by paul baak anyaar


    In my literature class, I learned legendary and mythical stories among other types. For some inexplicable reasons, I have a great deal of interest in these three. Perhaps it’s because these types of stories involve men and women of extraordinary powers and because their character traits closely reflect those of real beings. For instance, Lwanda Magere was a renowned legendary warrior among the early Abaluya of Kenya, Hercules, among the Greece, Bil Baak, (though said he was real) among the Dinka – just to cite a few. These were men who could send everyone on their clean heels just by their appearances. Built on horrific physiques, vested with terrifying energy, and well-versed with tactics of imminent wars , they were always up, to defend their people, land or property.

    However, legends rarely open their mouths to speak to anyone. They never sit down to discussion matters for a minute hence hardly do they plot violence against anyone. In short they are wronged more than they do. Their behavior bear much resemblance to that of a patriotic national soldier – yes our current comrades. But the difference cannot be the similarity, our real military giants insert themselves coherently into political niches – something uncommon with ancient ogres; they seldom held positions of leadership But our monsters sneakily or otherwise, emerge to posts of significant political power - mostly with their minds locked, mouth sealed, armed to the teeth and blind to the truth. These people sometimes happen to be our presidents, vice presidents, ministers, MPs, secretaries, speakers, political party chairpersons and so forth. I don’t suppose that these bunches of rulers are square pegs in round holes, but I would say, without fear of contradiction, that from these so-called cabinet ministers up to the highest post and down to the least significant post, most men and women are not as fit for the positions as they would have been at military barracks at our borders. Several things are at stake currently.

    A case in point is the current political situation. Surely, a leader trusted with lives of as many as South Sudanese or Northern Sudanese, for that matter, would not wake up – at this last minute - to delicate matters like referendum and security laws. Where were you? And what have you been doing and thinking about if not about national security and forthcoming decision to unite or separate North and South? It is extremely appalling to have slow and indecisive lawmakers in such crucial points. This is a straight strangulation of progress. Politics requires that you plan logically, argue rationally, and create hope relatively. Failure to explain a delicate matter would make me call you a political dwarf. And again, being economical with truth would make me call you another name.

    In conclusion, a good leader should always find a way
    at least once in a day, without having to sway,
    to plan ahead and keep laziness at bay;
    for that is what largely takes man astray,
    and imposes on him nominal and social decay.
    This is the one and perhaps also the only way,
    of keeping yourself constantly in the pay.

    repondre message

  • 25 December 2009 10:32, by Daniel DENG

    you have to undersabd .I know who you are ....don’t be forgey
    Kindest rgardss,

    repondre message

  • 25 December 2009 23:47, by Lok T Simon

    Feel Free and stand Firm Dearest,
    southern Sudanese who are witnessing the Southern Sudan Referendum Bill. Make no mistake to accept somethngs that you have not understood on behalf of Southrn Sudanese both at Home and Abroad. Both human being who had been created in southern Sudan and the Rights of the Soil of Sudan as whole are behind you.
    Make sure that when NCP member expose out any proposal about this Bill within the parliament, please reflect the history of an Anglo-Egyptain condominium constitutional, 1899. NCP adopted resolution of Twentieth Century of an Anglo-Egyptain to treat this event of Southern Sudan Referendum Bill if you can see and analyse properly, however don’t worry about that because by then it was a clever Egyptain colonizing Sudan though. Passing this southern Sudan referendum Bill won’t be ever like 1952, July when "Sentiment grew drawing inspiration from Egyptain nationalism", this is Suadn and Southern Sudan is within Sudan not an Anlo-Egyptain condominim consititutional of 1899 and so let NCP not does decision and forgets to treat Southern Sudan like that.
    Sudan isn’t be in chaotically like this if people of sudan learnt lessons from Anlo-Egyptain 1953 agreement. All of us know what happen to the situation of Sudan before independent. Let NCP not thinking that there will be a coup ln this referendum bill of Southern Sudan like the one of Novemeber 1958 when a supreme Council of the armed overthrew a Parliament Repblic which was achieved independenc of Sudan in 1975.In this situation there won’t be at all any chaos concerning power like those of revolutionary Commad Council (RCC) of 1964, 1969 and 1971 again in sudan. It is time now for Southern Sudan to relax and leave those days when Southern Sudan was suffering from escalating conflict between North sudan and South Sudan.
    So, leave no space for your rights dearest Southerners and fight for your rights politically, physically and emotionally.


    Lok T. Simon.

    repondre message

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