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Sudan’s SPLM calls new security law a ‘bad sign’


December 20, 2009 (KHARTOUM) – The former Southern rebel group blasted the passage of the National Security bill in the parliament today despite objections it raised along with other opposition parties on portions of the new law.

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Sudan national assembly

The Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) bloc voted against the bill today while other opposition parties’ representatives walked out in protest including the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the Eastern Front and the Beja conference.

The contentious point in the law revolved around the powers of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) in arrest, search, seizure and length of detention.

Opposition parties say that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) limited the NISS role in gathering and analyzing intelligence with executive powers assigned to law enforcement and judiciary.

However, the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) argues that the security organ will not be able to function efficiently without the power to arrest and detain suspects.

The official spokesperson of the SPLM-led government in Southern Sudan, Paul Mayom Akech, on Friday warned that the party would consider the possibility of withdrawing its component from NISS unless the controversial powers were removed from the national security organ.

"Will we continue to maintain our component in the national security?" he asked.

Some SPLM officials on Sunday, after the endorsement of the law by parliament in its controversial form, said the First Vice President of Sudan and the party’s chairperson, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, would not sign to the law in the Presidency.

The SPLM deputy Secretary General in the Northern sector Yasir Arman said the new law is a violation of the CPA and the constitution slamming the use of the NCP’s majority to endorse the bill in the national assembly.

Arman said that the arrests to opposition leaders in the past means that the April 2010 elections will be conducted “under the control of the NCP”.

The SPLM figure urged “democratic forces” in Sudan to continue their struggle to counter the security law adding that the NCP “must pay the price of these measures in the elections” adding that what happened today constitutes “a bad sign” for any fair and free elections.

He further said that the country is now effectively run under emergency law.

NCP official Ibrahim Ghandour defended the bill, saying the reduction in detention times marked a significant reform.

“We are living in a world where everybody is talking about terrorism. That is why we need a security authority with the powers of detention,” he told Reuters.

“How do you gather information without detaining a person?”

The SPLM and NCP have managed to resolve a number of long standing disputes on a number of laws particularly the referendum bill that have created a state of tension in the country. The SPLM along with Northern opposition parties have twice attempted to stage demonstrations this month that were curbed by Sudanese authorities.


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  • 21 December 2009 05:25, by Dinka Boy

    Dear Southerners,

    The NCP of Bashier must really knows that SPLM of today is not like Anyanya one of Joseph Lagu,Abel Alier ,and Gai tut.

    We can not tollerate the decessive behaviors again for this time dear Arab people. We are very much educated ,and we have the GOSS that can stop your aggression in the way that you guys want.

    Hahaha, Mr Bashier and those of alikes, SPLM is not sleeping. We can not allowed you guys to allowed the power of arrest, detain people during this time.

    This Arab are selfish people. In fact, they want to introduced this stystem so that they can arrest and detain our leaders or any politians in the South for their own interest. That can not happened in the South of today.

    Please i reject this quot."NCP argues that the security organ will not be able to function efficiently without the power to arrest and detain suspects".

    Dear Arab North, we are not forget that you guys killed all Sultan in the South and their leaders for long,but we can not allowed your ugly trick while we are alive in South.
    Power to arrest Suspect for what!.

    My friends-Arabs, this can not threat South at all of today for thier self-determination.

    Does NCP think that they will prevent South from self -detrmination? 100% no by law or militray.

    repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 05:39, by Gatwech

      Dear readers,

      The result of the security law in the parliament is what I have been predicting and arguing with some poor souls on this net. I told you guys that the NCP will NEVER give away the powers of national security.NCP is a power thirsty political party and the longest ruling party in the Sudan history.

      The SPLM was against the bill but yet the NCP went a head and passed it in the parliament. The NCP can pass any bill in the parliament without the SPLM and other opposition parties. This mistake to give NCP mechanical majority originated from the CPA itself. The CPA of Naivasha gave NCP that majority to bully other parties including the SPLM.

      Now with the new security law that still gives power to arrest, detain, search and seize property to the NISS, this means that those of Pagan Amum and Yasser Arman can be arrested again by the security organ if they attempt to stage demonstrations again. If you read the mentality of NCP, to them they would better let go South to be independent than to let go their power in the country. They want to continue ruling Sudan even after the South separated. And who cares! Let us get our South and leave those same old stupid guys in the North continue reaping the results of their misrule since 1956.

      Folks, forget about the reform law, let us just concentrate on referendum laws. We need independence in these remaining months and not to waste time with reform laws that will NEVER materialize. "North Sudan is too deformed to be reformed" as John Garang realized that in the last minute. And therefore we will NOT vote for unity as the second class citizens. We will do our own reforms in our independent South Sudan.

      SPLM should continue to maintain its partnership with NCP. The NCP is the party in power whether we like it or not. The NCP was the party that signed the CPA and therefore it is the party that will continue to implement it with the SPLM. We cannot divorce it now and marry UMMA party which has no power to implement the CPA and actually it is a party against the right of self-determination and its referendum. It is a dangerous party. SPLM should continue partnership with NCP until referendum is conducted.

      repondre message

      • 21 December 2009 05:47, by Dinka Boy

        Kim Deng,

        Please can you stop quoting Dr John Garang de Mabior because you seem manipulating them wrongly.

        repondre message

        • 21 December 2009 05:51, by Dinka Boy

          Mr Gatwech I mean.
          Stop using Dr Garang quots because you manipulate them.

          repondre message

          • 21 December 2009 06:24, by Gatmi raan

            Brothers, as we have said many tines before, we are not secessionists. And ’’ if anyody wants to separate even in the North, we will fight him because the Sudan must be one.’’ It should not be allowed to disintegrate or fragment itself. we still maintain this opinion.’’ words by Late John Garang ’’ in his Autobiography on page 137’ the title of his book is’’The call for Democracy in Sudan’

            repondre message

            • 21 December 2009 06:54, by Dinka Boy

              Gatmi Raan,

              I will not blame you because there is no single Nuer who can tell the truth.

              Their director is Ngundeeng Satan idol stick.
              Dr Garang de mabior will take thausands years for Nuer to understand because they see things through their forehead.
              I know leadership style is too sophisticated you your alikes.

              Dr John Garang stratgies to win the war and international views is complex in Nuer view. Sorry guys because you were born empty and you will guys will die empty.

              repondre message

              • 21 December 2009 07:30, by padiit gaga

                No one can give credit to slave(Dinka) for their greedy leardership and cowardness. Mr.Kirr doesnot used to go to Khartoum like Riek and Pagan.His job is to steal money put them in they pots and burried them in caves when people say what are these graves, he just says is Bor tombs who die with pioson. they eat chemicals they thought that is oil,while they are money.

                repondre message

                • 21 December 2009 08:31, by Tongthok

                  Mr. Padiit,

                  Did you just say dinka are coward slaves and praise Riek Machar? The ICC have not yet open the case about him but just wait he is a mong wanted man in war crimes against Bor people and he will soon face justice. You wanna a bet on it then, you will face justice as well. Khartoum is where he belong and we should send him there thousands times.

                  Lastly, I would like to advise you that you forgot the other name of dinka(MONYJANG)and the only people our current enemies respected are dinkas and we don’t give a damn about you traitors. You can go and come back under our leadership you want it or not. It don’t matter whether you united with arrows boys to attacked dinkas, we will kick your ass suckers but soon or latter most of you will try to take your movements to Dr.Congo and the international community will kick your ass as well. In dinka, we rules.


                  repondre message

              • 21 December 2009 10:04, by Gatloth Gai

                I can only blame your culture u.

                Dinka boy is not name,but it is crescript u that you are from Dinka.Why don`t u give your ful name on the web?

                Any way coward can not tell his name instead can use some bod`s name so that when any problem he could dodge.

                Speech from late Dr.Garang the only man for Dinka talks with tears one day:"A man born in the cowardised community what can i do when i am the only man in big cowardised tribe-Dinka" Said Garang himself.

                repondre message

          • 21 December 2009 12:53, by Comet Zone

            Dinka Boy

            Why are you on earth really so triblistic up to that extend, you hate any thing however good it is if its done or commented by our Nuer brothers what a hell are you on earth, why are you destroying the image of all the Dinka brothers? I’m requesting you to call yourself by your names rather than hiding and spoiling the name of all Dinkas. Why do you always have a negative altitude? Why are you forcing the Dinka tribe to be hated by all the other remaining Southern Sudanese tribes? Don’t create enmity to those Dinkas who are innocent and know the value of all the Southern Sudanese tribes. You are like your best kid friend the so called Logic boy people who behave like street boys.Dr John Garang was not like you guy

            repondre message

      • 21 December 2009 05:55, by Gatmi raan


        I couldn’t have said it. Leave Ncp and all the northern opposition parties alone. and lets get out here , with our liberty and Sovereinty intact or else we being drag into power struggle between these Northern parties. its none of our bussiness, as long as they leave the South alone period!!!

        repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 05:43, by Aduol Liet

      Omar Hassan Ahmad al Bashir and his Idiots so call National Congress Party.

      I already told Omar al Bashir to step down and to wait his indictment sincerely to answer it why that killing happen in his face unfortunately, both Idiots National Congress members and him they do not listen to me and many Sudanese people fortunately, I can tell when NDA,UMMP Party, Minni Former Rebel, SPLM and all others oppositions are fad up with the so call National Congress Party’s direction for Sudan nation and there is a judgement to say, the majority Sudanese people want government change right now.

      repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 08:06, by Antitribalism

      Brilliant message Dinka Boy, first time to read positive comment from you that represent southern Sudan interest and not advocating for tribes violence’s. Yes, what Osman Bin Laden of Sudan is doing is not good for free and fair election if there is creditability and transparency Government. It’s event flagrant violation of CPA that he had signed the testimony which was witness by countless officials around the world.
      Southern needs people that can stand up for south unity and advocated for peace not tribalism.
      Good to know that you are starting to think globally and not locally.

      repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 08:27, by Sala Gai

      My dear really Southern and

      non really Southern /Arab Southern

      It’s the time for you to play game for your future and children future, If you get any failure in these movement then nothing you can wait until this time better to run to Uganda or nor Kenya resident likely those of Eqautorian people.

      Coming to the ruling party SPLM, you should take care for all trick that NCP are using in these movement not be like before in 1972 agreeement


      Salah Gai

      A man far away from wrong doing

      repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 16:56, by Piny Amec Abethool-Jesus

      To The national Criminals Party(NCP)

      "What you don’t know is your enemy".

      The National Criminals Party (NCP) must remember that SPLM is the only Saviour of NCP, if NCP is not serious in implementing CPA, all the NCP members will pay the highest price because they have rejected democracy, freedom and prosperity.

      The National Criminals Party has signed its political death certificate from today. All the Sudanese people have known that the National criminals Party is the enemy of peace.

      I believe that everyday brings nearer Omaar Hosaan’s death.

      Piny Amec Abethool

      repondre message

  • 21 December 2009 05:53, by Daniel Khot Duoth

    Of course, we need to be careful on the new law in Sudanese government in North. The NCP party just want to amend a new law that will kill people later around the country. They are going to capture all the people who are going to protest against their government policy and arrest them by force. Therefore, nobody else will claim or complain about the new law. For that case, they will say that the new law has been implemented by all parties from both South and North. And everybody has already commented on the new law and signed by all parties. For instance, you southern have to look at it carefully with your own eyes and think about it before you guy put your pen on the paper in the capital city called Khartoum. Otherwise, you guy have to look for an alternative way to avoid signing the new law in Sudan. Anyway, the North section is going to create various ways to destroy the peace that has been signed between North and South plus Darfurian peace talk. Indeed, be carefully brothers and sisters from enemy. It is only remaining short period of time and will separate automatically from our enemy. By Daniel Khoat Duoth British Columbia Canada

    repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 09:04, by Sala Gai

      No,No Southern we should have to declare the really crush in these movement, Arab here and their friends are play a game which will head people to war.
      I think according to my behave we could have declare at this night not by tomorrow,

      Because who are Arab in heart will coordinate with them and tell the secret in the ground.

      repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 22:45, by The Best Generation

      Nice comment. Juz to advice that u should use another Name instead of the name of Daniel Khoat Duoth who is one of important men in the current National Electoral Commision here in the Sudan. If you defame him by any means he can sue u to court,

      repondre message

  • 21 December 2009 05:53, by James Okuk Solomon

    Which is the Priority to the Native CPA Partners (NCP and SPLM); Referendum for the People Southern Sudan or the Sudan National Security Act?

    It could be said that the referendum for the people of Southern Sudan is not a priority to the NCP neither is it for the SPLM unionists. It is the National Security Act which is their priority as it suits their power interest calculus in the united Sudan; be it Old Sudan of Islamism or New Sudan of Secularism.

    The NCP have proven many times to be smarter than the SPLM. They have often put the SPLM weak leaders on reactive side of Sudanese politics. What a pity to the so-called voluntary liberators of Southern Sudanese who thinks the end of bush struggle is spree of corruption and tribalism with impunity in the GoSS and other ten states of Southern Sudan!!!

    It is said that whoever gives you something even if it is yours, becomes your master directly or indirectly. The CPA gave the NCP powers to give SPLM and GOSS the share of oil money and government powers, and therefore, the NCP is the master of the SPLM, albeit. This is called inference of simple Aristotelian logic.

    Now the Southern Sudan Referendum Act has been inked on the paper, would it be honoured for it to see the bright light of its dawns; be it independence of South Sudan or continuity of unity with the unjust North!!! Would the referendum be a priority to the current contradictory SPLM leadership or they will continue to look after other confusions in the pretext of democratic transformation in the fragile country that they are dreaming to re-named “New Sudan” in accordance with the vision of late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, and as surrogated by his trained errand boys who are zigzagging the SPLM and SPLA and claiming it as their personal properties under the incompetent leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit who thinks that he could oppress any political party or community in the South in the name of liberation credit?

    I doubt whether it is yet uhuru (liberation) under the current situation in the South!!! And I doubt whether the South would be born as a non-failed state under Kiir’s leadership that is incapable of improvement with all the suitable opportunities availed since 2005. I prefer that new leadership comes in so that it could take the South safely to the promised destiny!!! May God hear my sincere prayers for better change in the South after 2010 elections?

    repondre message

  • 21 December 2009 05:54, by Kur

    This is another coup. What do people expect in a country ruled by criminals? The SPLM should immediately withdraw its members from this department of torture and killing. We fought against these wicked laws for many years, and it would be against our own principles to practice these draconian, primitive laws of fear, instituted to keep war criminals in power.


    repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 06:51, by pol d

      Failure,or damn Gatwech ,this is not Nuer Parliament neither
      NCP.This is Sudanese people right,so don’t say the shit NCP can pass the security law,without,or any law without opposition.Not true,all of you seen during kiirtoum
      demonstrations,all leaders around Sudan were arrest,
      such a things no one want to yes, in election for 2010,
      better not to go for election.

      SPLM we’re ready to supports you in the sack of Sudanese,

      repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 07:42, by William Okuch

      Dear readers,
      the CPA gives 75% of powers to SPLM in the South. 10% was allotted to the majority southern political parties and 15% for the NCP.
      Likewise, the CPA gives 75% of governmental powers to the NCP in the North, 10% for all northern opposition parties and 15% for SPLM.
      How do we interpretate the function of this given power percentage? Well, democratically, majority usually win. Beside, NCP and northern oppositions have not fought SPLM/A for democratic institutions, but SPLM did. As dictators rulers, the NCP can exploit its majority to pass laws that match its views. In my personal point of view, we should criticize percentages of power distribution stipulated in the CPA which gave rights to both NCP/SPLM to monopoly in south and north. So we should blame the signators to the CPA by being unfair.
      Let come to the SPLM/A which fought to establish new Sudan based on democracy, equality, transparancy, just and freedom. SPLM/A, a champion of these values has buried these qualities through the following acts it committed against the southern civilians and politicians.
      One: SPLM/A through order from Salva Kiir has banned southern political parties from operating in southern soils. Recently, Borni Malawal was prohibited from speaking to people from his own village. NCP has not prohibited Saddik al-Mahdi despite it is not a democratic advocate. What the so called SPLM/A is doing by rejecting the sons of the south is telling the majority of southerners go and become the NCP and idiot leaders of the SPLM/A do not predict a back fire of their inferior behaviors.
      Two: SPLM/A is killing other political members in the south. For example SPLM-DC member in Upper Nile and NCP female member Equatoria beside daily arrest and intimidations. In contrary, NCP has not kill any of the SPLM/A member in north with exception of detention of the so called SG of SPLM (Pagan Amum) and his assistant Yaser Arman for their illegal demonestration recently.
      Three: SPLM/A has fueled tribalism in south and take part in killing non-dinka tribe to implement Dinka policy of southsudannation by invading other tribal lands. The NCP has no agenda to encourage northern tribes to fight each other as SPLM/A does in the south.
      Four: SPLM/A has conveerted southern budget into private accounts of its officials rather than building of roads, hospitals and schools. We all know the CPA divides the Sudan wealth 50-50 for such services. But North is booming while south is falling.
      Now after all these despotism, tribalism, corruption, nepotism and extermination carry out against southerners by the so called SPLM/A, the leaders of SPLM/A are voicing against the NCP in the north.
      "Lord said, clear your own eyes so that you may be able to see the dirt in other person;s eyes".

      repondre message

      • 21 December 2009 09:10, by James Deng Dimo

        James Deng Dimo

        Iam very happy with SPLM of it being strong rejecting these kind of passing Security law. Dear my compatriode allow me to tell you that if our political party SPLM sign on this kind of law, than it will be disguest on election compigners, NCP will still continues make these coming election bottleneck.Lat otherwise this elections will later on inquire millitary power rather than political, we will not conduct free and faire elections.

        repondre message

        • 21 December 2009 09:56, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

          I do not see how south can get independence while Islamic
          government is in Khartuon. It needs to be dismantle before you just talk South in weakest tone. It needs Action by anymean. Who do anyone think going to operates in the north?
          No way out, wanted south Independence war, want unity war.
          Do nothing,find yourself in Slaves and slaughters to Black indigeneous

          Tone of Liberators

          Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

          repondre message

        • 21 December 2009 10:12, by telfajbago

          But the democratic forces of the north Sudan will not remain arm folded about these security laws, which means continuation of violence if South Sudan separated, which I doubt, as the NCP will not let it easily go. Therefore, stabilizing the country lie in uprooting (roots and branches) of Khartoum’s radical Islamists from political power, the source of all evils, or else, the country will return to worse than square one. However, the SPLM/A has to remain ever vigilance, maintaining better than before relations with the north political forces as the NCP is trying to outmaneuver them.

          repondre message

          • 21 December 2009 11:28, by mack waweru

            The passing of this particular bill by NCP through its mechanical majority can be considered in two perspectives.
            First, it indicates that NCP wants to cling to power which it seized in 1989, and this it can maintains through military coercion and intimidation to other political parties. This bill allows NCP to conslidates its dictatorship rule in the north, if not the whole country. This NIF+INQAZ= NCP, said in its manifesto that it took them fifty years to come to power and whoever wants to take it from, should do so by the barrel of gun as they did in 1989. They made it clear that they would leave power through death,straight away from office to grave. This position is clear to all northern family political parties which are responsible for injustices against marginalized Sudanese since independence.
            On the other hand, they are telling southern Sudanese [SPLM], this is a sign that we have given up south to you. Don’t disturb us by siding with the northern opposition parties. They are telling us that this is a guarantee that south will go in 2011 referendum because unity is a threat to us. So, NCP is pushing for separation of the south through its unwillingness to implement the core elements of the CPA and by passing bills unilaterally without considering its partner. All these violations on the part of NCP should not frustrate us, but inspire and give us justification to vote for scession in 2011. This bligerent move is not a blackmail to SPLM, but to citizens of the south which would be decisive factor in the refrendum.
            Therefore, there is no surprise in this.

            Regarding brothers who are engaged in abusive and couner abusive languages on this fora against their tribes and leaders, I quote President Obama’s phrase here, "You are on the wrong side of history". Was this your goal brothers when you went to school and gained this awesome knowlege you are wasting on issues which only creat antagonistism. Be factors of change to our people by enlightening them that tribalism is a cancer which they should get rid of instead of you promoting it. If educated people like you talk like this, what will the villager do then brothers?
            I beg you dear brothers to stop this language and write your comments as civilized persons. you are already civilized, but your arrogancy hatred is driving you in a wrong path. You should be in mind that whatever you write here is affecting people negatively.

            Stop this vicious language. Respect our tribes and leaders. I can’t say stop critizing leaders, but your freedom to criticize should be rational and balanced with some sort of logic in it.
            Your freedom to criticize is another’s freedom to demand respect from you.
            Those who attack our tribes like Dinka Boy, Mr. Famous_ Logic_Boy, Busta2, Gatmi Raan, Mathon de Bor, Oduko, etc should stop this and direct their comments towards themselves, for they are not representative of our tribes.

            Mack Awer

            repondre message

  • 21 December 2009 11:20, by jalabi

    What crazy people??!!!

    Do you (southerners) really care about laws in the north??!! you insisted on 50% +1% for separation and you are waiting eagerly to announce your new democratic, free of corruption, free of tribalism and angels state in the south then why do you waste your time fighting on an issue that you will soon leave behind!!!!

    Leave mondokoro alone and concentrate on building your state, we will be more than happy to acknowledge your new state as soon as you announce it but make no mistake we will expel all southerners from our country, we don’t want to see anyone in our country no matter vote for unity or separation, enough is enough.

    Jalabi (Abo Jalabia)

    repondre message

    • 21 December 2009 16:08, by Wende Yongaptheeth

      What is this all about?

      Whining, complaining and screaming would not change a thing, it may get you elected at you.

      repondre message

      • 21 December 2009 17:35, by maduel Anok

        To negotiate for the withdrawal of the imposed securitylaw in the Khartoum based parliament is the waste of scare resources and time. SPLM could consider to boycott the upcoming elections if the parliament could not reverse its policy of empowering Internal security agency upper handed.

        Maduel Anpk

        repondre message

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