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Protesters burn NCP office in Warrap


December 7, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — A crowd of protesters in support of arrested senior members of the SPLM in the Sudanese Capital Khartoum, entered NCP office in Tur-Alei County, Warrap State, burnt it down to ashes and beat officials to the street.

In Interview with Manut Riing, an NCP official who escaped narrowly to Abyei, said protesters came this afternoon with determination to kill and destroy properties of any individuals or group of people with political affiliation to the ruling national congress party in the area.

"Because we are known members of NCP, they came straight to our office chanting “Ocampo, Ocampo, where are you, take Bashir to Charles Taylor", he said

In Abyei, Zacharia Atem, Deputy Abyei local legislative council said his house is full with NCP colleagues escaping target from protesters in Twic.

It likes there was a fight in the area, because colleagues with me such as Manut Riing and Yol Kuol Abdullah, arrived exhausted, he said commenting that such acts shows lack of leadership ability within leadership spear heading nationwide demonstrations .

While declining to name specific party he accused of lack of leadership, he said SPLM being partner to NCP should have not accepted joining opposition political parties in the protest because it is part of the same government.

"There are better ways to settle such disputes not through violent demonstration," he adds. Marial Maker, a student at Rumbek Secondary School, also said NCP office has been partially burned.

They had wanted burn it down to ashes but state government was quick to deploy security forces to protect it from being destroyed urging protesters to vote out NCP from the leadership in the upcoming elections.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal says deployed police forces to guard NCP facilities from being targeted and provide security of the officials.

However, most of their officials are said to have gone hiding. I did not see any member of the NCP today at the football field and other common meeting places such as in playing clubs, said Akuei Deng in Aweil town.

In Fuloj, Melut County, Upper Nile State, SPLA forces are reported to have closed the airstrip for emergency.

However, county commissioner Thon Juac confirmed situation as normal and expressed his regret for arrest of the SPLM Secretary General with his Deputy Yasir Saeed Arman.


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  • 8 December 2009 03:26, by Dinka Boy

    NCP have violated CPA and their offices must be burn down to ash.
    This is apathetic.

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    • 8 December 2009 06:05, by Garang Arok

      Well done,NCP must pay the price.

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      • 8 December 2009 16:49, by Tony Komayiit

        Hi Garang Arok,

        You better shout your fucken mouth and watch us toward the Better SPLA/M in the name’s of anyanya!
        You will even paid us if you are not aware.

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  • 8 December 2009 03:32, by oshay

    What savagery. Typical.

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    • 8 December 2009 03:36, by The Living Witness

      Burn more houses and and NCP guys to asses intead of ashes! then later we advance to khartoum

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      • 8 December 2009 10:52, by Pengkimang Mr

        Its could be a very good job done by the protesters if they were burning down NCP offices in the North,more particularly Khartoum.In the South let us just torture the NCP supporters so that they leave South or join SPLM/other opposition parties other than burning down our own properties built by our own resources.If Southerners could turn their tribal clashes against NCP,that could be excellent job.

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    • 8 December 2009 05:38, by Malakal

      Punk Oshay

      proceed with your denounciation of the SPLM, but I will bet you clearly know where the boundaries lie when its comes to North-South borders. What you hear or may have seen is a train-rack that would be very foolish if attempted to be stop by anybody. It should be quite vivid to you insane morons now, that it would not matter how many of these weak-hearted self-annoyed leaders in the South you throw money at. The significance is that, the saga continues. Each time anything of that nature happened, the bar will be raise to an even higher level and that means crisis for your greedy Northern extremists and their stooges colloborators. We are inching into a third round stop being an egghead with 16th century views and judgements.

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  • 8 December 2009 03:34, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    This abuses of other political party activities in South Sudan is absolutely unacceptable.I have told you several times that politics and religion are individual choice and must be allow freely, Mr Kiir should reverse this unwanted orders of crooking down other parties in South. Even if South Sudan is heading for seperation, but political partties must not be interface with choice for separation. It was you who gave arab man the candidate, so what make you hungry about other political activities? Before we have red border between Sth and nth, what are you planning to do to other political party memebers in South?

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    • 8 December 2009 03:37, by The Living Witness

      Ur ass is shit and full ignorance

      repondre message

      • 8 December 2009 03:45, by Aturjok

        For this NIF turned NCP dieheart supporters, this is the price that come with dictatorship.

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      • 8 December 2009 03:53, by junub


        repondre message

        • 8 December 2009 04:23, by Dinka Boy

          I am also asking the same why not they burn down the NCP offices in Bor town.
          This must be clear it is the violation of CPA,and the begining of war.
          Does it mean that there is no NCP builiding in Bor Town and Juba. please burn them and arrest any NCP in the South.

          repondre message

        • 8 December 2009 04:29, by kuminyandi

          Hey Junub, The Bor people demonstrated yesterday, I mean the same day they got the news. so chil out, they have covered your back. Check with Philip Thon and you will find the news about the protesters in Bor Town.


          repondre message

          • 8 December 2009 04:54, by junub


            There wasn’t any news stating the protest in Bor by Bor people against the arresting of SPLM leaders and their fellow members in Khartoum, instead there was church prayer for peace. What a shame really to speak now that the home birth of SPLM/A had finally plugged their ears and stay in their houses when their protesting is needed. This is about history not excuses fellow. If we don’t join our hands togther with those in Lake and Warap state then shit it there is no room of excuses. I supposed someone might be scaring Bor people not to go out and protest. I don’t wants to suspect who that person might be now but believe me truth will be revealed about this shame we inflicted to ourselves.

            repondre message

            • 8 December 2009 05:44, by Malakal

              Kumdi and Junub

              Cut that and turn the other ways. What does it matter where the SPlM/A was born to you two. Kerubino fire the first shot and Garang and the rest of the boys took on the mission both from GREAT MONYJAANG. Come on boys, deplect these craps the other way round.

              repondre message

    • 8 December 2009 04:57, by Kur

      Mr. Logic,

      Are you stupid or what? The SG of the SPLM was illegally arrested by the NCP agents in Khartoum for expressing his right to talk. It is an insult to the people of South Sudan for their leaders to be arrested like street criminals. Pagan and Arman are not criminals. Bashir is.People are expressing their frustration with the regime that wants to silence political activities in the country through intimidation, and refusing to allow freedom to reign in the country. They need to be taught that we are not going to take anything lying down. Any terrorist provocation will be met with unshakable determination. So, please do not just be a flying object that does not know where it fall.


      repondre message

      • 8 December 2009 05:49, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

        NCP are people like SPLA not national assets. This is cowardice act of burning assets, You are so foolish if you keep encouraging the violences.

        repondre message

    • 8 December 2009 06:28, by mathem jech amer


      If you complain about the arrest of other political parties in the south, then are you happy with the arrest of SPLM members in the north?

      Please join your Bashir and complain to him. How much does NCP give you a month as a sabbotage, bribery, criminalty and interference salary?

      Jech Amer

      repondre message

  • 8 December 2009 03:45, by Deng

    Time for negotaition are over. they have touch the man of people and his people will not wait to see him missing among themselves. this is truely voilation of CPA. they have to release or we announce independent or burn those muque. Pagun Amum the true son of Southern Sudan cannot be held in closed door and his people to quite like sheep who is ram is arrested. the people of Southern Sudan can do anything anytime for these Arab jallaba (homeless) can see who are the truely indegenous people of sudan. time for negotiation are over. they can arrest this man for long. he is not arab like El tourabi whom you do arrest him everyday and also held him without charge. this is a man of which his brother are watching at him. Keep on, and you will how bad it will be.


    repondre message

    • 8 December 2009 04:25, by Aduol Liet

      Tur Deng Mawien.

      We do not need National Congress members in the State of Warrap period. Please tell those still loving Omar al Bashir to go to Khartoum or Omudrnman. These Dinka Twic of Bhar al Ghazal must learn from Kerubino Kuany Bol and they must not be fool by Boan Maual Madut again, enough is enough we don’t need Arab in Southern Sudan.

      repondre message

      • 8 December 2009 05:13, by junub

        Aduol LieT,

        At least the SPLM members in Warap protested against the injustice of arresting our SPLM leaders in Khartoum. Which is unlike the Bor if not the Jonglei, the birth home town of SPLM/A.

        repondre message

        • 8 December 2009 05:23, by Dinka Boy

          My advise to you is that don,t post the same comment over and over again it make your word mono.

          repondre message

      • 8 December 2009 15:27, by Rodolfo Riak

        So call Adoul Liet:

        Bona Malual never been with north against south. Check his political records first. Your hapharzard conclusion against Bona worth nothing here. Again Kerubino Kuany never fool anyone in the south leave alone his Twic community. We don’t know who was wrong during the liberation in the bush. When people kept silent about what was wrong in the bush you shouldn’t jump in again with your baseless judgemnets to condemn Kerubion or any other victim of the war to be wrong. We want to forget what happened in the bush for the sake of the unity. But if you keep dancing wrongly you are targeting your community. Twic community contributions is well known in south. If you want us to talk about your community, we have enough to say, otherwise shut your mouth and think about your personel life and leave your community alone. Next time come with your evidents about anyone you want to write against. We don’t need blanket accusations.

        repondre message

        • 9 December 2009 03:20, by Aduol Liet

          Rodolfo [Adolf Hitler]Riak Whatever your name is.

          Please go back to read what the Author mention on the above article. He said, in Abyei, Zacharia Atem Local deputy, quote his house was full with National Congress Members who were run a way or escaping during protesters event from Twic. Question Why those National Congress Members are more in Twic of Dinka Bhar al Ghazal than any others Locations within Warrap State.? Please answer correctly. Would you real denying the relationship between Boan Malual Madut and Omar al Bashir.? Be frank when answering questions please. Well, I am not against Kerubino Kuany Bol, just put in mind that, I am just telling people to remembered some events special in Gogrial Communities to be aware and for them they want to know their limites about those event, it some time come back to affect our civilians in they Communities and I do not want any politician within Warrap State to cause another disaster like what was happened in Kerubino Kuany Bol time and that is my point. The late SPLA warrior leader Kerubino Kuany Bol, he was my favor that, I can remember him for many years in my life, because I like him for many things I will not be able to mentions all, but look my point was about event which affected many Communities in Gogrial if you could real remembered all that event then, it will be great to thank you.

          You have state also about Boan Malual Madut’s records in political look, I would not lies to you, because I knew 90% about those Southern Sudanese politicians and theirs records too and I knew also about 85% history of Sudan therefore, don’t just be taking side to defend Boan Malual Madut that is no the case here. I am not liberty here to tell you everything you want to know about Boan Malual Madut, bu put in mine that, we Dinka people don’t like weakness leader to lead people that is our Dinka consideration in all Dinkas believes wherever the Dinka live from. I would like you to make your resarch in Sudan’s history and Dinkas politicians through Anya Nya One Movement and SPLA/SPLM Movement a part from the records that, I have it here apparently, you will find something mentioned that, who killed William Deng Nhial.? And who help Saqid al Mahdit for the killing William Deng Nhial.?

          To talk about Boan Malual Madut’s records in politically forces perhaps, he is educated for sure however, when you looks to his political moved in the past and now, you will be wonder about his records any way. I am not going to explain the bad things I knew for him in many ways, but there is a sense to make argument when he was been accused for being cooperated with Saqid al Mahdit that is one, second he seem to be a good friend with our late Dr, John Garang de Mabior later on, he appear dislik John Garang too much, third when Salve Kiir took leadership after when we have lost our great herose Dr, John Garang then, he started another argument with Salve Kiir Manyardit. Now when you are talking about his records I love that, but I thought you knew all these Boan Malual Madut and his political moved in Sudan’s history and Southern Sudan as a whole. The bottom line is that, we wants to challenge our own people rather than they should be facing difficulties from others in their future and this is why I am always intened to tell people not to be good with Arab people, but I would like to assure you that, if you are doing good for Southern Sudanese people like Salve Kiir and James Wangi and many others in Southern Sudan then, I will be with you in any zero hour to support you my friend and that is my message to you.

          Aduol Liet.

          repondre message

  • 8 December 2009 05:38, by thokpiny de Deng de Thokpiny

    it isn ow time for Southerners to united and get the shit out of khartoum

    repondre message

    • 8 December 2009 06:39, by BUSTA 2

      All Dinka will be soon delete in the North,

      The continuously burning of NCP office will force H.E to order his boys to delete whoever look like Dinka in the North.

      Before you start the war you are talking about brother, you better make sure that all the Dinkas in the North have been relocated in other place otherwise you will only carry ashy to South.

      Brother in Christ,

      Busta 2

      repondre message

      • 8 December 2009 06:43, by Malakal

        Who give a crap!

        repondre message

      • 8 December 2009 07:37, by Dinka Boy

        We don,t want to stay in North.

        repondre message

    • 8 December 2009 07:01, by abushook malakal

      It is time to show unity among the SPLM/A or across the worldwide. I know all state in the south went out for potested but Upper Nile will not do same because all Shilluk in Malakal are againist Dinkas stand with Mr. Generel Pagan Amum. Even most from shilluk are keeps staying that Mr. Amum has been given Dinka girl to work agaist Shilluk, which completely wrong someone can warried from any tribes in this world. But shilluk sometime, people act like the ungrow people. Anyway this community in Upper will not bring peace in Upper Nile. I heard some from shilluk are supporting NCP for arresting heros in the north, what a shame community among the southerner.

      repondre message

  • 8 December 2009 08:15, by Chuanga-enoor.

    i don’t know what to say i was very very happy please keep it up patriotic South Sudanese,if once could create super powers, i would increase you with powers to keep on cracking down all this islamist Ncp facillities.thank you very much

    repondre message

  • 8 December 2009 09:20, by Rodolfo Riak

    South Sudan Must Have Common Interest:

    Well done southerners, you shown your real Identification. There is nothing more than humiliting the top figure like SG for SPLM honorable Pagan Amum. We have to put our differencies aside at this critical time. At the time Pagan was in the police car Sadig and Margani were holding meeting with Bashir, something very funny. They were suppose to be with Pagan also, but their common interest as arabs let them focus at the next door with Bashir peacefully. What happened in Twic County in Warrap state will shut the mouth of those who like to accuse Bona Malual of buying Twic community to vote for unity. Everything is running amok now in the county against NCP. This mean Malual have nothing to do with buying people to vote for unity. We are all for separation. Let us all support SPLM regardless of your own feelings politically, tribe, region, clan etc... We southerners are very strongs, but we missed common interest when coming to our top issues for our people. Detention of important figures like Pagan will lead to the automatic declaration of southsudan independence very soon. NCP must stop coercion policy. If NCP mess up the things in the north with SPLM, let us mess them up also in the south.

    repondre message

  • 9 December 2009 11:21, by African-told boy

    Ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!GOD Please Help Sick NCP Reporters. Turalei Twic County Have NO Office of NCP even the tree in a side of Turalei for NCP is not there Please Mr. Manut Ring and YOL Kuol Abdellah if you have nothing to report please stay Away of Spoiling the Name of SPLM of Twic county and Twic Community as all if NCP give you Money incase to run illegal Activities in Twic County and you have eaten the Money Please, Please that is Not the way you can account to NCP that our Office is been bounded and destroyed in Turalei also Please Mr. Zachariah Atem NCP Man in Abyei if you are not Like Sick Group you sent to Twic Please Come to Twic with any members of NCP and international NGOs or one to wittiness to bounded Office in Turalei if NCP Paying you to Report Baseless information than you will not come to Twic County. my message to All Sudanese Community Please you have seen the Sick NCP is been defeated in the field of Politics in the South Sudan Trying to destroyed the CPA that Why is arresting the Political Officials members and reporting baseless information Please Stand with your movement and don’t get Sick like others.

    repondre message

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