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Militias attack two villages in North Darfur


November 25, 2009 (PARIS) — Pro-Sudanese government militias have attacked and looted two villages in North Darfur state, a rebel commander said today.

"The janjaweed, who came from Al-Maliha district, attacked the villages of Al-Harra and Jabel Issa on Wednesday," said Suleiman Marjan a leading rebel commander from the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid Al-Nur.

Speaking from North Darfur, Marjan said the militiamen, who used around 25 vehicles, beat the villagers and looted their money and properties.

He further said there was no single rebel in attacked locations. However he said the assailants captured 11 men from the two villages. He read the names of the detainees to the Sudan Tribune.

Marjan said the Janjanweed who carried out the attack are under the command of the commissioner of Al-Maliha district El-Tigani Abdellah Salih who had been one of the militia leaders that committed atrocities in Darfur in 2004-2005.

"Salih worked under the command of state minister for internal affairs at the time, Ahmed Mohamed Haroun who is wanted by the International Criminal Court," he said.


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  • 26 November 2009 07:07, by Time1

    Janjaweed is still alive and kicking, many people still do not know what is going on now in Darfur, the NCP is ressurecting it activites over there, the militas are back and more armed, you have all seen recent abductions of aid workers, if you want to find your adi work consult NCP, they know where they are. soon there iwll be a second round of Genocide in Darfur if international community does not stand up to NCP. About the Darfur rebels, it hink the Darfur people have lost hope in them, they are not fighters and are not fighting but just sleeping in hotels in outside countries and enjoying their money,t hey have forgotten to fight for Darfur problem. It has been almost a year no one hard a single gunshot from Darfur rebels, they will fall for NCP tricks soon if htey do not open their eyes and they willr egret it but will be too late, NCP is well organized and armed if they get the chance Darfur rebels will not make it anymore.

    Time for Darfur rebels to fight back against this attacks by government militas and the Arab army SAF.

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    • 26 November 2009 15:54, by Oduko

      The war is Sudanese culture so why calling for so called "internation comunity" ?? just lets deal with our shitt without any attempts western dogs

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  • 26 November 2009 07:18, by Demarjack

    Dear Durfur Comrades,

    Where are the UNAMID Peace-Keepers and the Former South African’s ex-President Group?????
    Very Big Shame for those who pretend to protect the Dafurians Citizen; why is it the same people with the same Religious Ideology kill each other.
    Therefore am applying to the international Human Right Groups to find means to eliminate those janjaweed of Khartoum militiamen because those of the South Africa Ex-President failed to tell the truth to the entire World Leaders.

    Long Live the People of Darfur and am praying that The Real Almighty God that Serve us from Khartoum Regime will one day serve you too from all janjaweed atrocity toward the black African Darfurians People.



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    • 26 November 2009 07:31, by Wende Yongaptheeth

      THe Ja’alyeen thugs called the Janjaweeds are still terrorizing the African Muslims in Darfur.

      The tribal chief, thief, wanted criminal thug is continuing to arm is Ja’alyeen tribe to terrorize the Darfuri people. Salah Gosh, Awad Ijaz, Nafie Ali Nafie and the criminal in tribal in chief Al Beshir are the ones terrorizing the Darfuri people.

      Communities that shelters criminals from the police are made up of criminals too. Because the Ja’alyeen community is made up of political thugs, state looters, thieves and hardened criminals, they would shelter wanted criminals at all costs since it is a Ja’alyeen tribal culture and tradition to commit crimes, they expect us not to blame them.

      We Sudanese society will hold the Ja’alyeen tribe accountable for crimes committed by their tribal thugs because the Ja’alyeen tribe shelter them as leaders.

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      • 26 November 2009 13:16, by mohammed ali

        This is just propoganda! how can they know who is leader of the attackers!.Ahmed Haroun and Eltigani Salih are pure Africans.

        There is nothing called the Janjaweed millitia.After the rebel started to attack the police and the millitary garrison in Darfur , they killed soldiers or policemen from that area .The policemen will be from the tribe of that area.Some civillians from that area will also get killed.The rebells and the agressive rebillionwas started by a single tribe!Consequently , the tribes been attacked formed thier own millitia to protect themselves.Some of these tribe are not Arabic, like the BERTI tribe, it is one of the biggest tribes in Darfur( the tribe of Kiber the governor of Darfur, and Ibrahim Suliman the national minster of defence)They support the government.

        We are all Africans and Darfur is the only place where it is 100% muslim.Darfur was one of the biggest Islamic Kingdoms in Africa.They have very good relationship with Arabs ,Sultan Suliman Solon is from Darfur ,but his roots are Arabic.Sultan Ali Dinar was one of the biggest donner to the charities in Mekkah.The arabs enterd Sudan from Moroco (almagrib al kabeer)through Darfur and not from Egypt!See the dress, the names (they use the word "wad" meaning son) the religous sect( Egypt is Shafee while sudan is Mlikee like Moroco) the Sofi sects in Sudan same as in Moroco,The music .Darfur was the real gate for the Arabs and Islam to Sudan.Most importantly they do not hate the Arabs as you do!They are very much proud of their religon.Quran schools are the biggest in the world and you can find hundreds of Darfurians who can recite the whole Quran , by heart, no simillar place like this in Sudan!Insulting Islam infront of any Darfurian is fatal!

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        • 26 November 2009 16:35, by Wende Yongaptheeth

          Mohamed Ali,

          Why Islamic World and Arab World have not condemned the genocide, massacres, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by your Ja’alyeen tribe against the people of Darfur yet?

          You are alleging that what is happening in Darfur is a tribal war, which tribe in Darfur has military uniforms, armored vehicles, tanks and air-forces?

          Are these not evidents that is the state of Sudan which privately owned by your Ja’alyeen thieves, thugs and tribal state looters which is committing these horendous crimes in Darfur.

          I do not accept public lying and misleading the public on well known facts. We knows it is part of Ja’alyeen tribe and has become a culture of the Ja’alyeen dominated system in Kharoum to lie, live by lying and deception.

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          • 26 November 2009 19:22, by Time1

            Wende Yongaptheeth

            You are right, Arabs will never stop killing African muslims, as we heard and seen it here many times they call Darfur people not real muslims because they say black muslims are inferior to other muslims of Arab origin, this is direct descrimination going on within Islam.

            This Arabs on camel backs or Janjaweed has to be stopped immediately.

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          • 26 November 2009 21:15, by mohammed ali

            Hi Wendi ,I can see that you are still after me ,even after you have defeated me.I admit,here is the white falg, you have won.Does that help? To be honest, NO.

            Wende, I am not a Jaleyee, and I would be proud if I am ,but not superior or inferior to any, just proud of what I am.Basically I do not care about which tribe I do belong to, neither do I care what tribe you are!

            I do not like the Arab League or the Islamic Organisation,they are not effective.I do not like even the UN , it is in the hands of big powers.

            Who said there is genocide in Darfur.The UN sent an investigating fact finding mission to Darfur. They came with the conclusion: THERE IS NO GENOCIDE IN DARFUR.

            Then ,who said? The American sent COLLIN POWELL .He visited Darfur ,and said that his lawyers tell him that THERE IS NO GENOCIDE IN DARFUR!Two weeks later,as if reveleation had descended to him from heaven in the congress said that there is genocide!According to Senator Danforth, this was done to please the christian right.The fact is that there is no genocide in darfur, and they know it; otherwise they would have applied the American laws against any country commiting such a henious crime!Perhaps you would like to answer WHEY THEY DID’T APPLY THEM?

            ((I do not accept public lying and misleading the public on well known facts))Neither do I. Tell me where are the facts, and I will be with you.Tell me who is lying to the public and misleading the public ,and I will be against him with you!

            ((We knows it is part of Ja’alyeen tribe and has become a culture of the Ja’alyeen dominated system in Kharoum to lie, live by lying and deception.))Who is jalyee in the govrnment? AL BASHEER: NOT JALEYEE, ALI OSMAN: NOT JALEYEE,ABDURAHEEM MOH. HUSSIEN(DEFENCE)NOT JALYEE,SALAH GOSH: NOT JALYEE, AWAD EL JAZ:NOT JALYEE,MOH. ATTA NOT JALYEEJ,MUSTAFA OSMAN : NOT JALEYEE. NAFI ALI :YES HE IS.ELZUBAIR MOH. EL HASSAN :YES HE IS,BAKRI HASSAN SALIH: NOT JALEYEE,.....Where is the dominance, here?

            Yoy want to tell me there is tribalism in the north, of course there is, but it is low profile.Unfortunately it was strengthened after Nivasha, and it will setell down after election, complete and full democrtisation of the system will abolish it completely in the north.It will take time to disappear in the South,with improvemrnt in the economy transport,education and most importantely the way educated people approach to the political system ,to refrain from profani and calls for hatred, it will recede .

            Corruption:There is corruption in the north,as long as there are humans and we will fight it the more we go towards democracy,we might never abolish it completely,but we can reduce it.But what is happening in the south is unprecidented, how can on earth that $ 2.7 dollars not to be accounted for?how on earth nobody has been apprehended or even asked about this huge amount of money?The previous commander-in-cheif of the army has been removed because he did not handed the soldiers their salaries! We re talking about "known facts" and if we do not admit them ,we will not rectify them.

            Afterall Wendi, we are not agains secession of the South,it is your choice and we are going to respect that very much!We are not going to fight any war in the south, but we will defend our country vrey strongly and very boldly!Whether it is good for the north or the south that is ad ifferent question!

            repondre message

            • 27 November 2009 03:36, by Wende Yongaptheeth

              Mohamed Ali,

              The answer to fundamental questions is not just big NO.
              No by itself without elaborating and high-lighting where the truth lies amounts to denial, ingenious, incredible and un-satisfactory answer.

              If you say there is no genocide in Darfur, then what was it and is it that is happening?

              International Criminal prosecutor Louis Encampo had reinstated the genocide charges on AL Beshir on top of these crimes that he is already inddicted such as crime against humanity, war crime and ethnic cleansing.

              You contradicts yourself alot and I have hard time reading your writing(no offend) because you seem to admit in thikering areas while purely saying not or no to the rests or areas that matters.
              If you says Al Beshir, Nafie Ali Nafie, Salah Gosh, Mustafa Ismail, Mohamed Atta, Ghazi Saladeen and all these you denied by just saying not are not Ja’alyeen, then what are they?

              You stated that you will respect the decision of Southerners to secede while at the same time stated that you will defend your country strongly and boldly. Whom are you going to defend yourself against and by what means since you stated that you are not going to war with the South?

              Mohamed Ali, if this is not a public pure lying and ingenious self-contradiction, then what is it?

              you alleged that you are above racism, tribalism without adding religious bigotry and extremism.I think you are a hate filled Jellaba Muslim religious bigot and extremist.
              I can tell you, I’m above all the evils that you mentioned including religious bigotry and extremism.

              repondre message

              • 27 November 2009 16:12, by mohammed ali

                Hi Wendi, the war in Darfur was started fiercely after the division of the NCP and Turabi went to form the Popular Congress Party, JEM is the millitary branch of Turabi’s party.They started all the atrocities.This group is formed mainly by some of the Zagawa tribe, but they do not represent Zagawa.They started attacking isolated millitary garrison in different parts of Darfur.Policemen and soldiers in these areas will usually be from the tribe residing that area.They don’t accept killing their people as an anti government action(mostly they do not care about politics or who is the ruler or president) and they do not understand pcp or what is JEM ,for them it is this particular tribe who killed their people!All this happened while the government was at the final stages of Nivasha and everyone was happy for the coming peace.The government started to attack the rebillions and that was very brutally(and I do not agree with that)Those people have never seen a fighter airoplane in their life, and they were really frightened and scared.Some tribes started to take advantage of the situation and settle old scores.Both sides has committed horandous attrocities.This was further aggeravited by France and Gadafi.Gadafi is the main supplier of arms to the rebells,including all their factions and they are more than 20!Gadafi is dreaming of annexing Darfur to Lybia,as MUSEVINI dreams of annexing part of the south as part of the Totsi Kingdom(you like it or not ,this true)Zionist organization infalamed the situation when the formed save-darfur and announced in the New Yourk Hollocaust museum that there is genocide in Darfur, and put pessure on the congress to declare this,though in less than 2weeks before ,Collin Powell declared from Darfur that there is no genocide! The want to use as acover to what they are doing in Palastine and was happening in Iraq.The plan was to split Darfur!but this is along story!

                I didn’tsay NAFI is not Jaleyee he is a big one.AL BASHEER Bederi Dahmshi his parents lived in Jaleyeen area.I am not sure about Al basheer himself , but I am sure that his brothers were born (Sarasir) in Algazira, where his extended family lives.Ali Osman is Shaygee ,but he lived all his life in Khartoum with his parents.Mustafa Osman Dongolawi, Abdul Rahim is Mahasi , Ghazi is from Egyptian and Turkish decendants.After all this is tribalism , definitely there is, but not significant,it was augumented after Nivasha and will continue to reced after we have full democracy.This why we want the election to take place!

                Yes we wiil respect whatever southerners choose, and I am sure about that more than 100%.We will defend ourself agains any power who tries to attack us.We are very rich country,beyond our imagination, everybody knows this fact ,except us the morons!.Unfortunately ,we do not know the value of our country!We will defend ourself against all our neighboures, I repeat all..Our "brothers" are taking advantage of our division and weaknees and they are now occupying part of our country!We will get , without any war,just like when you pull a thorn from your skin!We will defend you if you are separeted from the hyaena of east-Africa!We want the best possible relationship with the South if it ever chooses to seced!We are ready to extend all the possible help for the south ,even if it seceded and if they accept it!

                I am a very devoted (let us say I am trying to be) muslim, I am not extremists and I think they do harm Islam,and what they do is not Islamic.On top of that I am not a saint, I can’t be, I AM simple human and I have my sins!I would like to invite any person to understand Islam, and to be a muslim if he wishes.Forcing anyone to be muslim is prohibited strongly in Islam and can not happen,you can never get into the heart of anyone,this impossible!

                Now my turn to ask!((I think you are a hate filled Jellaba Muslim religious bigot and extremist. )) Why do you say so?

                ((I’m above all the evils that you mentioned including religious bigotry and extremism.))That is very good ,I am happy for you.Let us forget about Jalaaba,let us think about the south what is the difference between being dinka ,shuluk, neuer or whatever?Why should I support somebody from my tribe even if I know he is wrong? Why should I be against somebody from another tribe even if he is right?Do you like the tribal war on this web site with profound profani,and the most abusive names all based on tribal differences?Is it possible that we refrain from this?!

                repondre message

                • 28 November 2009 09:45, by Wende Yongaptheeth

                  Mohamed Ali,

                  I agreed with you on most points that you stated in your respond. This is more and much more answering to questions then the previous one. You continue to deny that Al beshir is not a Ja’alyeen and stated his Ja’alyeen sub tribe of Dahebshi as his tribe though. But that still satisfy the question I asked you. You attempted to allays that the war in Darfur was and is a tribal war between Zaghawas and other tribes and alleged the your government intervened or was to quell a rebellion. We all know what happened there because this is a public knowledge nothing secret about it. We know who did what and who is being punished for what?

                  You tried to justify yourself by alluding to the old pan arabists theorists that there are foreingers outside there who are more enemies against us then yourselves and went as far as calling East Africans hyenas which I do not aproved anyway. You as a Nubians Sudanese who is of a Bantu origin and Bantus are in East Africa. I interpreted as deep as how you hate yourselves in North Sudan and you wishes to run away from yourselves to chase others shadows.

                  You attempted to bumper-sticks my statements and I can assure you that I do not bumper-sticks, epitheths, mantras or put out dubious arguments to obsecure or medicre points.
                  I greed with you there is more profanity on this website and other websites too. There should be civility as well as honesty in debate.Denying one own background and history does not only harm oneselves but harmed others and makes one a danger to these who are around him. If American president Barack Hussein Obama were to deny that his father was not a Luo from Kenya and his father was an African Muslim whereas his mom was a German Christian, who will respect him?

                  Obama called himself a black man though he is half white and half black. Lets alone the fact that his father was an African Muslim and his mom an American German Christian. He is Christian and is proud of his background.

                  The same thing to me, I’m an African Christian not a European or American Christian.Okay I should leave it there so that you understand what I mean by multiplicity of human identity and you deny it all the time.
                  Do you belief like me that president Beshir has a case against him?

                  Where do you think he should answer to charges, at the arab league, AU or UN?

                  Do you think he should face the Sudanese justice system or the ICC?

                  Thanks Mohamed Ali and be proud of your origin, history and identity as a Bantu, Arabized Nubian Sudanese Muslim.

                  repondre message

                  • 28 November 2009 10:07, by Wende Yongaptheeth

                    Mohamed Ali,

                    Being a muslim is not synonimous to be an arab or being arabized too does not qualify ones to be arab too. It is like being a christian who is Anglocized or speaks English as the first language. It does not make ones caucasian or a white man because being an arab means pure ethnicity like being a white man. If ones has a grandma or grandpa who was the other from your claims ethnic group, then in actuality, you are the group that you attempt to run away from.

                    I was in Egypt the other day and I felt sympathetic to our self-claimed arabs from Sudan and how the Egyptians despises them. They would called them "ya samara ya shermus" which means prostitute niggers. One of my friends from North Sudan stated that he was an Arab and the Egyptian laughed at him and asked him if you are arab, then I will be a white man so that I leave the term arab with samaras from Sudan. I was so offended seriously and felt so sorry for my Northern friend. When the Egyptian asked me, I told him that I’m an African Sudanese and my religion do not matters. He told me that I respect you for being proud of who you are and works with all faiths, people and cultures from your status as an African regardless of being Muslim or Christian. He called me to a distant of five meters and whispered to me that you Southerners are our real heroes because you are honest to yourselves then the arabized nubians in the North who are running away from themselves to chase shadows of others. He said that Islam and Arabic are universal identities but being arab is specific not like Arabic and Islam.

                    That was an eye opening experience at Cairo.

                    repondre message

                    • 29 November 2009 14:31, by mohammed ali

                      Hi Wendi, I am sorry these people had remove my response to you ,don’t know why?

                      Anyway,I gree with you 100%.AM BLACK ,AM AFRICAN, and am very proud of that!Islam has nothing to do with race, and denounce racism very strongly!

                      Am awre of Egyptian disrespect to us.They benifit from our weakness and division and want us to remain weak.

                      I am against pan-Arab nationalism.

                      Am not aganist multiplicity of human identity, I call for it.This part of Islam.

                      Will give you my full response some other time!

                      repondre message

    • 26 November 2009 07:50, by James

      we could have overthown those terrorist if you (Darfurians)joined us during our struggle.instead, you were bussy bathing with the blood of your own African brothers (southern sudanese) in favor of arabs. now defence yourselves or die. you deserve any suffering from their hands (arabs).

      repondre message

      • 26 November 2009 07:56, by Aduol Liet

        Whether are U.N. Military in Sudan.?

        repondre message

  • 26 November 2009 09:09, by Akuma

    Whom to be blame in Darfur fighting.Whether Janjijeeew or Sudanese government. The pro-government militias are killing Furis and the International Criminal Court are just watching people of Darfur to kick off.

    Please let African Union leave Darfur because they are wasting UN logistics and resources more over they are doing nothing to help Furirs.

    Only God, will Darfur people to have peace than UNIMID forces.

    Dr. Akuma, Chicago USA

    repondre message

    • 27 November 2009 06:58, by Thon

      By thon5.
      the more the Janweed kill furs of darfur the more the Bashier is needed by the ICC of Hague.

      repondre message

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