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Implications of Sharia Law for Sudan’s unity


By Zechariah Manyok Biar

November 16, 2009 — I promised readers of my articles two weeks ago that I would write series of articles, answering questions raised by the National Congress Party’s (NCP) reactions to South Sudan President Gen. Kiir’s advice to South Sudanese to vote for secession in 2011 in order to avoid being treated as second-class citizens in their own land. I promised the readers, then, that my next article would be about the implications of Sharia Law for the unity of Sudan. One of the readers sent me an e-mail from Khartoum, asking me not to write such an article because Sharia Law, to him, is not part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Unfortunately, Sharia Law is part of CPA.

One of the things discussed in Kenya during the CPA’s negotiations was the separation of religion from the government. Northerners adamantly refused to let go of religion from the government. So Sharia Law became the law for legislation in the North and other parts of Sudan that are part of the North, politically. South Sudan government chose popular consensus as the means for its legislative process. If you think that Sharia Law is not part of CPA, then let me quote where Sharia Law is in CPA.

Article 3.2.2 of CPA states, “Nationally enacted legislation having effect only in respect of the states outside Southern Sudan shall have as its source of legislation Sharia and the consensus of the people.”

For the government of South Sudan, Article 3.2.3 says, “Nationally enacted legislation applicable to the Southern States and/or the Southern Regioj^shalttiaye as its source of legislation popular consensus.”

Therefore, there is no doubt that CPA has Sharia Law in it. This is a threat to Sudan’s unity because it was the introduction of Sharia Law in Sudan, among other things, that resulted in the rebellion of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) on May 16, 1983. If the NCP was really serious about the unity of Sudan, then why did the NCP’s negotiators refuse to let Sharia Law go? How would a united Sudan have two laws as it is now between the North and the South? Is that also a problem of Gen. Kiir?

Religion, of course, is not a bad thing for any country to respect. A French political philosopher Tocqueville, who came to the United States in May, 1831 to study American prison system, observed three unique characteristics of American democracy that included local government, civil association, and the spirit of religion. Tocqueville believes that religion and democracy go hand in hand, especially when it comes to morality.

However, what Tocqueville admires in American religion is its suspicion of government and its strong desire for independence, which resulted in the separation of church and state in the USA. Tocqueville believes that free society rests on morality, and morality can be derived from religion. Religion, according to Tocqueville, is the only thing that can eliminate materialism and wrong self-interest. Americans have not achieved this standard, but they are conscious about it.

Sudanese religion, on the other hand, does not have a suspicion of government as well as a strong desire for independence. Religion, as all of us know, is not a bad thing. What is bad is how it is used. Italian political philosopher Machiavelli says that “the appearance of religion is good, while the actual practice of it is harmful.” Religion can be harmful, I would say, if it is used as the law of the government in order to silence those who do not agree with its practice. Religion and government would serve the nation better if they only hold each other accountable for how they treat people.

The problem with Sharia Law is that it uses the power of government in the name of God, giving people no voice in questioning the government’s shortcomings. Nobody can stand up against the holy laws of God, but people do stand up against the constitution of the nation that does not claim its powers from God. How will the people in South Sudan question Sharia Laws that claim divine legitimacy? Can that lead to united Sudan? How will we know that human interest is not manipulating God, instead of God motivating human interest? Have you seen where the problem is?

The NCP needs to understand that we in the South have questions that need to be answered, if Sudan is to remain united in 2011. The role of Sharia in our government is one of these questions. If Northerners are not ready to let Sharia Law go, then they should not blame Gen. Kiir for advising Southerners to vote for secession in 2011.

My next article will deal with Khartoum-based government’s interest in cheating, a thing that has become a great obstacle for mutual trust between Northerners and Southerners.

Zechariah Manyok Biar is a graduate student at Abilene Christian University, Texas, USA. He is pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and a Master of Science in Social Work, specializing in Administration and Planning. For comments, contact him at email: manyok34@gmail.com

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  • 17 November 2009 04:09, by Trueman


    Following the South-South dialogue currently taking place in Khartoum, the leader of SPLM-DC Dr Lam Akol was quoted by the media as saying that " Nuer political prostitution will not liberate southsudan". He made the remarks in his condemnation of the three Nuer leaders who defected recently from SPLM-DC to SPLM.

    The remark has sparked anger in khartoum from Nuer people there and it is reported that Lam left Khartoum for malakal on Monday.

    The Sudan security arrested 6 Nuer youngmen for going violent on the SPLM-DC chairman’s remark.

    More news will be availed when the south media report it.

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    • 17 November 2009 04:25, by Khent


      Shut your mouth you pathetic little child! DO NOT be such a COWARD.. if you have grievances with the Nuer community, confront them, DO NOT attempt to attack them by proxy!

      Your argument is immaterial and irrelevant to this news reporting. It is an example of a non-sequitur argument.

      Non-sequitur arguments are a form of distraction in which you substitute off-point generalities in hopes of denying specifics by changing the subject.

      To my fellow Dinka brothers: incessant, childish and hypocritical articles against our blood brothers-the Nuer.. are beyond insufferable and can NO longer be tolerated!

      STOP posting such venom, especially when it is irrelevant to the news report.

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      • 17 November 2009 05:02, by Gatwech

        Zechariah Manyok Biar,

        Shariah Law was blessed in the CPA to continue being applied in the North without any dateline. There is no reason to disturb the North about it. Separatist like its being applied in the rest of Sudan so that it is part of the issues that attract separation.

        So there is no any provision in the CPA that says the issue of Sharia law can be renegotiated. Take it or leave it!

        The only solution is for the South to vote itself out of this mess. Self-determination through the referendum is already the answer. I guess we should not disturb the North over Sharia law which was already conceded in the CPA. Any unity of the Sudan after 2011 referendum would be based on such a situation.

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    • 17 November 2009 04:26, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy


      How about dinkas business of selling kids, it is going to liberate South Sudan? don’t bring your rotten dreams on the media by accussing Akol for nothing.

      repondre message

      • 17 November 2009 05:29, by TUR-ANGON

        To infamous small illogic girl

        how about you equatorian selling your boys to murle, two of your kids were helped by dinka early this year. ain’t you appreciative????. for your information, equatoria is not a tribe so you pple are lost individuals, avoid collective names. it’s something dinkas and nuers hate.

        repondre message

      • 17 November 2009 05:38, by khamic Isaac

        Dear Logic, I think you know nothing about Lem Akol personal history since he joined the SPLA/SPLM in 1986. See how did he joined us, He was send by Khartoum to as their peace consultancy and high profile figure who will defeat the SPLA on the round table talked but when he found that SPLA will never be defeated he immediately joined the SPLA team where was sent to a Military training and graduated as captain and later promoted to the rank of high command in 1987 but in 1991 he force Dr Riek Machar to defect from SPLA and against them by saying Nuers are more likely to be victim in the SPLA BUT he advice his Shiluk Community not Riek movement because the war will be between the bigger communities.

        Due to his selfish smartness he immediately form a so called SPLM United also advice to his community not to joined him and said the fool joined but the fool people who had joined were not clever enough to analysled the route of Lem and his Vision.

        Moreover, between 1994-1995 he went back to Khartoum AND started calling Riek to come back and signed KPA BUT when Riek realised the game he immediately came back to the SPLA said I am being like a car which broken down been full to the town and Lem is a Trator and went further as saying the aim of Dr Lem is to destroyed the movement taking back the low self esteem people back to Khartoum.

        When the SPLA and NIF accept to sit on the table for peace talked and Lem realised that the SPLM WILL win what they were fighting for he immediately joined them as son of South and he was told by the late Great DR John if I forgive you then what ever you did will not forgive you and Dr John refer his statement to Bible as Jesus say there are many rooms of living in my father house but after the death of our belove leader Lem immediately get advantage in it and get the position of Sudan FM for the time in his life but he turn himself against his Southerners but SPLM was smart enough and immediately removed him from his position where he form a so-call SPLM-DC without clear vision and objectives and Lem still to be close friend to Basher everyday.

        Logic, do you think Akol can change anything while he too deform and addicted to arabs rule and slave

        Do not be low self esteem like him and even though you let your mother get marry to Dr Akol, he will immediately say your fussy is too lare enough and start fucking your mother anus rather than vigina and your mother will immediately super from unknow disease while you know the caused.

        May God bless your mother not to Accept Akol

        repondre message

        • 17 November 2009 06:00, by Gatwech

          Khamic Isaac,

          1991 historic move brought you the self-determination which is now your only hope. Instead of appreciating the great thinkers like Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol, you shamelessly accuse them of bringing you the right vision. You are biting the hand that feeds you my friend. Stop it. Without them you would have not come to where you are now closer to freedom of independence in 2011. May God bless the two great strategists!

          repondre message

          • 17 November 2009 06:31, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

            Khamokey Isaac

            You need to go back to school and start to learn again until you remmeber the whole alphabets, your grammer and sentences construction are mess like dumping area. Worldwide is no single dictionary with trator, if you can’t spell traitor, how would claim to judge the vision of Akol. Shame on you i feel sorry for exchamging words with uneducated monkey like u.

            repondre message

            • 17 November 2009 06:46, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

              Khamokey Isaac

              You need to go back to school and start to learn again until you remrmber the whole alphabets, your grammer and sentences construction are mess like dumping area. Worldwide there is no single dictionary with trator, if you can’t spell traitor, how would claim to judge the vision of Akol. Shame on you i feel sorry for exchamging words with uneducated monkey like u.

              repondre message

              • 17 November 2009 08:09, by dengdit

                GREAT THINKING & ANALYSIS,brother Manyok

                i don’t what says to these human beings,
                they always took the wrong ways or missed the exits
                if mother committed any crime, you must know and not repeated.
                he who fought his own brother for any reason, or lack concepts of being a leader, must be forgiven once.

                let not subotage the SPLM signitories for CPA, Garang says after he signed the peace NCP that this peace is not for me nor Omer, it for all of us.

                Dr. Riek knows where he went wrong and he admitted when he shake hands Dr.Garang in Nairobi 2001 when he was joining the SPLM.
                it is good to be more knowledgeable to just be tribes supporters.

                Lam is after leadership for his own interest notthing to do with Shilluk.

                back to the topic, I first agree with my who comment that we don’t need to disturb the Northers of changing any system, this means peace is not attractive, so we have to opt for separation to void sharia law.

                if south sudan become a separate nation, we’ll be free of political smugglers, i means those who are brief by arabs to come and disturb our government in south, and sharia laws must be dumn in the bin.

                am against friends who are anti- Dinkas, Nuer,shilluk or Equatoria.
                let stand as southern sudanese.
                God Bless our (foetus) South Sudan.

                your knowledge is so important if put into practice, but in a proper ways, use formal language than rather call ourselves monkeys, traitors,childishes, and so forth.

                just address the issues, i know few people spot onto politicians so that to confuse wise people to contribute to looming issue.

                so sorry if i disappoint anyone, but i konw why people addicted to drugs, alcohol or any thing, ’ frequent use’

                if you get use to abuse always, it will be hard for you to come back to normal, quit it now!!

                repondre message

              • 17 November 2009 10:04, by Aduol Liet


                This is not the first time for Lam Akol Ajawin to mentions such words about Neur movable. During his interview after leaving Khatroum government to join SPLA/SPLM before the signing peace agreement in Kenya, he told the interviewer and even some SPLA ranks saying, he will never never cooperate with Neur people in any more particular politicians of Neur. Lam Akol Ajawin had been experience during their collaboration time with another traitor Riak Machar Teny. Riak Machar instead of putting him as a vice chairman in their SPLM Nassir defaction then, he neglected Lam Akol Ajawin by appointed one man of his Neur Gabriel Tangieny as a deputy to him and that make Lam Akol Ajawin more and more disappointed to join Khatroum government at that time and yes, he is still doubting to any one from Neur since the nature of Neur was just destruction on leadership and rushing to do things too primitive ways.

                Lam Akol Ajawin knows from the beginning in Khatroum that, his second defaction will not going to attrach many people if Neur people are joining him again just like same storied in the past, but his forming SPLM DC was about to make another destruction in Southern Sudan. Lam Akol’s supporters are lacking some Ideas otherwise, they shouldn’t hate Dinka for no reason. Just to add a little thing because there is somthing missing to them here, I would like to outline his problems before he was not being fire from his Foreign Mininster. First of all Lam Akol Ajawin he was been observed by many Sudanese in all Regions in the Sudan and others nations during his Foreign Mininster.

                Basically, the people were viewing Lam Akol as a person who always out spoken too much against SPLM Party for example,he accused Salve Kiir for no reason and for that way people see him that, Lam Akol has put his own interest more than being a Sudanese Foreign Mininster and also he was denying this killing in Darfurian while the president Omar al Bashir had already accepted 9000 people death even though Omar al Bashir he was very skeptical for 300,000 people dies in genocide Darfurian, there was a sense to belief it that genocide is really happening in Darfurian people.

                Second to that, there were people from Neur in abroad at that time and they were looking to take Lam Akol Ajawin’s Foreign Mininster althought Luo/ Shilluk in general have miss it to understand that, there were many different situations for what let Lam Akol Ajawin lost his Foreign Mininster however, Lam Akol Ajawin himself failed it when jumping to attached Salve Kiir Manyardit and the whole SPLM Party which shown to us that, his collaboration with Hassan Omar al Bashir was real.

                The minds of those Neur who were looking for Lam Akol’s position at that time was something being confirmed that, some Neur politicians were having complains on Shilluk Tribe particular, because they were saying that, why this small Tribe in Upper Nile Regions are holding most powerful positions in GOSS than Neur majority one, but I know these Lam Akol’s supporters will not understand this true statement, because they do not real know what was going on before the Lam Akol was not been fire yet.

                In the end, I think the Trueman was right to mention what he knew and how doubtful of Lam Akol Ajawin it was. It is true that, Lam Akol Ajawin and even his son will not trust any one from Neur Tribe not only politician in Neur but their nature any one in Southern Sudan must understand fully. Personal, I blame only Nyagat Riak Machar Teny for the bad things he did and the bad name he had gave to Neur even the people of Neur will just be remember for bad things they did, because of SPLM Nassir but I was told that, if not Oyai Deng Ajak is commitment in the SPLA and Pagan Amum in the SPLM then, Shilluk Tribe would have shared bad history with Neur too, but all Shilluk should have thank these two men who have make their performance good.

                repondre message

          • 17 November 2009 10:00, by Khent


            Ah, the stubborn child is again reduced to historical revisionism, in record time, without even the pretence of pertinence.

            Your precious Riek did NOT bring us a thing! We alone negotiated and signed the CPA. You had NOTHING to do with it!

            Your blundering response is the result of pure vanity, prejudice and arrogance, which so thoroughly fails to alter, obscure or hide this reality.

            You’re just spinning in circles after yourself, as neurotic retards and diseased animals are prone to.

            Repetition for the child-mind:
            The war has left the country with three armies- an army of cripples, an army of mourners, and an army of usurpers. You reside within the camp of the army of usurpers.

            You take credit for a peace and its tenants, that you had nothing to with.

            You steal the legacies of others, because you are afraid of your own shadow, afraid that if you used a little common sense, you would have to admit that your inglorious collaboration with the enemy was wrong and injustifiable!


            It’s impossible to make an intelligent argument from a false premise, or to debunk a false argument by accepting its root premises.

            You have to destroy the root premises, to stop the poison that eschews from it.

            repondre message

    • 17 November 2009 20:01, by julius mowanga

      Mr; Manyok Biar (Zechariah)

      Due to all respect,do you konw what Islamic Sharia Laws stand for?Or Moses Law stand for?i doubt that,because both laws are sononymum,and varies only in the interpretation by their followers.

      Jesus Christ had ben prosecuted according to thr Roman Secular Law,while he was a Jew,and the Jews have their own Criminal Code"Law" same as Islamic Sharia.So the unjust that caused Jesusu-Christ his life was manmade,unjust and bias,used by the corrupt officials,who are clinking to their authorities and allocations.

      I am not a religious person,but i had a degree in Philosohpy as well as BSc in Medicine.I would like to correct your understanding of the Sharia Law for the benefit of the readers.

      Islamic Sharia Laws is consist of three major sects,First;the juridicial System,Second the Sumptuary System and the social system beside the moonteism doctrine of worshipping God.
      There is no any political venues as far as the Holly Book of Quran staes.Please check Chapter 5,verse 135,136 till i return to you with more,deep explaination.

      If you want to followup with,write to me personally,because religion is personal issue and private..


      repondre message

  • 17 November 2009 12:23, by Akol Liai Mager

    Dear Manyok,

    1. Adel Imam, an Egyptian commedian says; "Entry to a bathroom is not like its exiting" so, NIF leaders where thinking that, signing CPA that confirms two systems in one country to be followed by referendum whould be like "God gives and God takes."

    2. Yes, of course it is the NIF leaders’ problem, not General Kiir’s problem to answer one of your questions.

    The NIF Islamic agenda and its Principles are very clear, they are designed to either Islamise the South, or let it go. The comment below was made in Arabic by Omdurman’s resident Nour El-Deen Saiman Ahmed to Al-Ra’ay NIF Al-Attabani’s Newspaper with more evidences for NIF real intention.

    ??? ????? ?????? ???? - (???????) - 4/11/2009

    ???? ?????? ?????? ????????? ?? ??????? ( ??? ???? ?????? ???? ???? ??????? ????????? ?????? ?????? )

    repondre message

    • 17 November 2009 14:15, by Lokorai

      Mr. Gatwech, thanks for always being true to facts; Mr. Manyok didn’t err but had tried to mock the will of our people.

      Its not bad to defend Mr. Kiir, but must done reasonably.

      Mr. Zacharia, if you want to come public about anything touching the South, be specific and never strayed to matters that have already been settled, especially the very one that only awaits its time, something so dear.

      What a point of raising it anyway if you know the CPA had provided that the Sharia Law would be applied in the North and not in the South? Kiir moreover didn’t say something like Sharia in his statement.


      repondre message

      • 17 November 2009 19:47, by Manyok

        Brother Lokorai,

        What makes me laugh sometimes is that some of you do not get the content of the article before you comment. May be these articles are too sophisticated. Nothing in my article here defies the will of Southerners. Whenever you read the article, ask yourself this question: What question is the author trying to answer? That way, you will understand the article as a whole and not as a fragment.

        The question that my article is addressing is the question of how difficult it is for Sudan to be united under two different legislative systems. How does that defy the will of Southerners rather than a challenge to NCP’s political contradiction of trying to have the unity of Sudan and keep Sharia at the same time? Does that help a little bit?

        repondre message

        • 17 November 2009 23:18, by Wende Yongaptheeth

          Lam Akol Ajawin despises the Nuers.

          Dr. Lam A. Ajawin despises the Nuers to death because he know them in and out. He cheated and decieved Dr. Riek Machar to leave SPLM and he succeeded. When Riek realized the intention of the man, it was too late and Riek came back follow by Lam with their tails between their legs and surrendered miserably to John Garang. Garang covered their naked buttocks and appointed them to various positions. When Garang died and based on his appointment, Riek became the Vice President of South Sudan and Lam the foreign Minister. Lam wanted Machar to be a traitor with him and with in again. Riek refused to Lam’s nonsenses and remained with the SPLA/SPLA. Lam started to implaments his policies which caused him his post as foreign minister and ostracized him in the SPLM party far to the Islamized and Arabized Nubians tribes in the North(Ja’alyeen, Danaqla and Shaiguia)
          These three fully Arabized and Islamized Nubians tribes are the ones calling themselves pure arabs and dynasties of the Sudan.Lam ran to them in Khartoum and they are using him against the Nuer people in Uper Nile, Unity State and Jonglei to punish the Nuers and their history with the most indecent history and discredibility.

          Dr. Lam Akol is a very malicious, selfish, treacherous, jealous and untrustworthy man and he is supported by his clan in the Colo or Shilluk tribe and among these people are Isaiah Abraham, Big Logic Boy, Khent and many more recently graduated Drs from Kenya and many more whose name I will mention in my next posting.

          Lam has the most hate for Nuer people whom he sees are occupying a position next to the Dinkas and could succeed Dinkas in leadership. All Lam, Isaiah Abraham, Logic boy, Khent and other self-claims drug addict Drs wants is ugly historical state for the Nuers and eventual failure of Nuers as people. Nothing more and nothing less.

          The above mentioned people are known for the envy, jealousies, malicious, hatred and disloyalties.

          repondre message

          • 18 November 2009 03:38, by Khent

            Wende Yongaptheeth:

            Why mention me in your post? Where have I even alluded to being a supporter of Lam Akol, the traitor?

            Can you provide a quote of me saying such? If not, then isn’t your post a non-sequitur?

            repondre message

            • 18 November 2009 04:09, by DOOR


              If you are not a prostitute then your mum was possibly a prostitute and you inherit her manners.
              You are included in the above list because you argue without a limit.
              Your refute of mr trueman’s message about the statement Dr Lam made expose you as naive debator.
              The stupid words you use there defending Nuer indicate that either you inherit prostitution from your mum or you learn it.
              Please learn on how to debate and stop

              repondre message

              • 18 November 2009 04:57, by Khent


                Do you not see how disparaging our mothers with such expletive language is capable of putting us into disrepute? Observes may well falsely infer from your remarks, that we do not adhere to principles of respect for our elders!

                Every time you respond with your incoherent and childish insults... you deprive our people of RESPECT. Trueman’s references were extremely superficial and are irrelevant to the subject-matter.

                You’re terribly upset, and try as angry people do, to get other people just as upset as you obviously are.

                Anyway, your effort to taunt other posters isn’t working, and obviously isn’t making you feel any better.

                People have a choice of being objective, progressive and open-minded. But if you insist on making a fool of yourself again, I’ll not stop you.

                repondre message

  • 18 November 2009 06:34, by Gatwech

    Khent and the likes,

    You are self-defeated contradictory visionless disciples of the dark angel.

    You will always try to dodge the facts I have been presenting to you comment after comment. But you have surely failed and proven illogic. How come you don’t want to visit the ‘southsudannation.com’ website? Go and open the archive page, you will read the document entitled: “ CONFIDENTIAL REPORT ON THE Joint meeting of the SPLM/A leadership Council, General Military Command Council, Heads of Commissions, SPLM Secretariats, SPLM County Secretaries, Civil Society & Community Leaders.” This was produced in Rumbek in November 2004.

    You will see how Garang was exposed by his own officials. Lack of organization, lack of direction, lack of army, indiscipline in the SPLA, failure of chain of command, corruption, nepotism, etc, etc. were all the characteristics that befell his movement.

    All the things that led to the split of 1991 were echoed by the participants in the meeting. The leaders from all those institutions spoke out at last.

    Here below are some of the statements by some of the leaders. Read them and go to the full document to get more statements. You will read the confession by Gen. James Hoth Mai that there were no forces for SPLA. Malik Agar was even worried that the neutral body that will verify SPLA forces would soon find out after the peace agreement that there was no army.

    Khent this is why in the SPLA forces today, 55% of the whole forces are from Nuer. Most of them from Paulino Matip’s forces in addition to those that rejoined with Dr. Riek Machar and those that were with Cdr. James Hoth Mai, Cdr. John Kong Nyuon, etc. All have now made up the 55%.

    Please enjoy reading how Garang was exposed in that meeting/court case that fitted John Garang against Salva Kiir, which was fortunately mediated by Dr. Riek Machar. Read it also from the full text on ’southsudannation.com’.

    ........................................ CDr. Malik Agar: The current issue of the differences between the Chairman and his deputy is surprising in that I was aware of this even ten years ago. Whenever it is about to be addressed, each of them says there is ‘no problem’. The big problem is trust among yourselves. This needs to be rebuilt and you will be the ones to arrive at sound solutions to the existing problems.

    Comrade Chairman, as we enter the new era, we shall be competing with other parties. Let us start with the effective establishment of our structures and draw up our programmes. We need a system. I have worked as a Governor for ten (10) years; yet, I could have committed many mistakes during that time. Has the Chairman any day called me to tell me that I have made a mistake? There is no system here.

    The issue of reorganizing the army is a burning issue as most of the soldiers are now in an unorganized form and this will work against us. As monitors will verify, we don’t have the army. The distribution of powers is the vital issue to avoid future misunderstandings.

    .................................................. Cdr. James Wani Igga: I congratulate the Chairman for calling this important meeting. I also congratulate Cdr. Salva for having attended this meeting. This paves a way for a solution to our problems. I thank both of you for your patriotic stand since the beginning of the struggle – both of you have collectively worked to protect this movement from upheavals. I consider you as the central pillars of this Movement. Let me come to the main topics, which are the SPLM/A’s major problems. Solving a problem is like bringing pus out from somebody’s gull. Problem No. 1, we are not working as a team, which results in disgruntlement.

    No. 2, we have the structures formed in the 1994 Convention which were only the NEC & NLC, but by 1998, people became fed up of those structures. I appeal that we keep these structures but make necessary changes. I would like to underline something connected with structure. In 1998 we came out with a constitution named the SPLM constitution. This was not passed by the NLC because they were expecting a state constitution. But we had agreed to use that constitution, and there are structures there. In one of the L.C. meetings we had revised the constitution and even the manifesto. Up to now, we had passed four (4) documents. The SPLM constitution. The SPLM manifesto. The 3rd document is the SPLM policy on dialogue and it concerns how we go about South-South dialogue. Our main constraint in starting South-South dialogue is the lack of money. Documents No. 4, is the SPLM policy on the transformation of Sudan. All these documents are there ready. Comrade Chairman, our constraint i! n the political Affairs Commission is lack of facilities, but we have really tried our best. As for the army reorganization, if we become surprised by the signing of the peace deal, I think it will be difficult to regroup our army simply because we don’t have resources. Once peace is signed, there is going to be the establishment of standard national structures. Structures are our No. 2 problems, including the official management of office institutions.

    Cdr. Wani listed other problems: No. 3: The existence of a Kitchen Cabinet is deplorable and creates doubts and mistrust.

    No. 4: The geographical imbalances found in the movement. If this is not addressed, we will never be in harmony. No. 5: Poor chain of command. No. 6: Spread of rumours.

    Let’s come to the question of rumours. When rumours were developing I was in Nairobi and I went to Kampala. When I reached Kaya, I was being asked what had happened. I was then told that you are coming from Nairobi and that you met and decided to replace Cdr. Salva with Cdr. Nhial. I told that that this is just rumours and I believe that Cdr. Salva will not believe this. He will immediately throw it out the window.

    Problem 7: Lack of implementation of resolutions and the lack of a follow up body. Our resolutions always die on the paper. Problem 8: Corruption which remains rampant in the Movement. Corruption must be fought for example, some years back the Chairman in a meeting informed us that Cdr. Deng Alor brought some money from Nigeria, but how that money was spent had never been explained to us again. I ask the question where is the transparency and accountability we talked about?

    Problem 9: Lack of cooperation, accompanied by sabotage. Some work for the downfall of others without any accountability.

    Problem 10: Neglect of the army and its welfare. Problem 11: Absence of job description, which cause confusion. Problem 12: Nepotism. It should be fought.

    There are two examples to illustrate the issue of nepotism. One is the removal of Aleu Anyeny from his position and his replacement by the Chairman with an officer from his home village. Another is the appointment of Dr. Lual Deng as an advisor to the Chairman. We all heard this in a meeting in which the Chairman announced Lual’s appointment without any official procedures followed. When I talk about regional imbalances, all I need to say is that no Equatorian was even allowed to be a signatory of the six protocols. We are making history and this history should involve all the people of New Sudan. The protocols are only signed by individuals from Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile, Nuba Mountains and Funj!

    Problem 13: Neglect in the chain of command, which has led to indiscipline.

    ............................................... Cdr. James Hoth Mai: I greet the gathering. When the movement started you were seven (7) and now you are only two (2) – five died having problems with you (Dr. John). Why do you have problems with your colleagues? The leadership has disabled the movement, so why keep it? Why is there a GMC, because it has never met until now? There is no SPLA ready to fight, and for me there is no army to order. If I am ordered to arrest Cdr. Salva, I do not have an army to arrest anyone. Even the Chief of Staff cannot order me to do anything because there is no army. There is no chance to meet the C-in-C – it will take long time to meet him. This is not good, therefore a committee must be formed now to sort everything out.

    ............................................... Cdr. Oboto Mamur: Greetings. The Chairman always had problems with his colleagues. Now you are two (2) and you are turning against yourselves. Chairman you have been lying throughout since 1983. A Chairman should trust his deputies because there is a big problem here. I ask the Chairman whether he has mandated us to judge him? And if so, we will pass our judgment on him now. We don’t want to talk for the sake of talking. There must be a committee to follow up on all the resolutions agreed on here. And I add, the convention will not solve our problems.

    ........................................... Cdr. John Luke. I am happy that the rumours have been resolved. The rumours of the dismissal of Cdr. Salva has been on air for a long time. There were other rumours that Cdr. James Wani was going to be replaced by Cdr. Pagan. Some responsible people in the Leadership Council have been quoted as saying that Cdr. Salva, with support from Bona Malual, will make a coup. There has been a problem among members of Leadership Council who have been complaining a lot. There is no system, especially in the office of the Chairman, which is treated as a private entity. The office of a leader must be well organized and staffed properly to do its work.

    On the responsibility of leadership, Cdr. Dr. John should not be blamed alone because there are others. The dissolution of the Leadership Council will not mean that a normal system will be established. No proper changes will take place, even if the Leadership Council is dissolved. If Dr. Garang dissolves the Leadership Council, he will appoint the same people in the L.C. There is no need to make changes now until peace is signed. The formation process f or the government needs wide consultation; people should wait for a month until peace is signed.

    The Chairman is being accused for not implementing decisions. In the army, if you need structures, I see Cdr. Salva as a political figure; so a pure army officer should be appointed as Chief of Staff and Cdr. Salva should be given a Commission. This way, the army should be run by an army officer who is not a politician.

    Why is the leadership avoiding South-South dialogue? The Chairman refused to accept dialogue, but claims it after others implemented it. It was Cdr. Salva who supported the Wunlit Peace Conference – but the Chairman was against it. At the recent conference in Nairobi organized by the Kenyan Minister for Planning, the SPLM/A failed to attend because the Chairman had refused to let the SPLM attend. Cdr. James Wani is weak and the Chairman uses him to kill things related to South-South dialogue. The NLC is dead and I suggest that an emergency convention be organized immediately.

    Cdr. Mark Nyipouch: Cdr. Marc stated that the rumour that madam Nyandeng was arrested with 3.5 is libel and defamation. He continued to cite the case of General Lagu during the Regional Government. On the issue of Governor Deng Alor, Cdr. Marc said that Cdr. Deng collects money from abroad, banks it with the Chairman’s or his (Deng’s)bank account, and that is why Deng Alor was taken away from the region – just to do that. Something Nhial has failed to do but what Deng is able to do. Deng should either be a Governor of Bahr el Ghazal or be replaced.

    ........................................... Mr. Arthur Akuien Chol: I am being called the Finance Secretary but without any finance. I want to point out that the rumours have been destructive and that the leadership style encourages such rumours. I want to say that the Chairman does not delegate powers to his deputies. The Chairman is responsible for creating this crisis in the movement.

    On the structures, there are structures. But the Chairman after appointing someone to a position does not work with him, but he will appoint someone else to do the work, which is wrong. The Chairman creates all these problems within the system, and this is why he is being blamed. I also point out when a senior person tries to discipline a junior, the Chairman always fails to solve the problem among the staff and instead interferes. The leadership style of the Chairman’s work is bad and cannot be corrected. The Chairman has not been doing well in his job and he may be forced to leave his office before six years.

    ................................................ Dr. Justin Yac Arop: The Chairman is good for external contacts but within his own institutions he is not good. The Chairman is good in talking but poor in doing things. The Cdrs. Condemned him the day before and I quote Cdr. Salva who said that “Dr. John does not forget and does not forgive”, and who ever quarreled him ended up dead.

    Many people know the Chairman’s abilities and weaknesses for the last twenty-two years. The Chairman can impress people when he talks, but lacks action. The commanders the day before gave the Chairman grade F because he failed to adequately answer the issues raised by Cdr. Salva. The Chairman should not think that he is always right; rather he must admit his mistakes. The Chairman must work with a team and not be a leader of the NLC and Chairman of SPLM. Leadership must be collective.

    The officers the other day faced the Chairman with hard facts, but we have not been telling the Chairman the truth. We are also to blame. The Chairman should respond to issues of structures to avoid the recurrence of this problem. The Chairman can listen and write on issues, but he always discards them. The Chairman has been everything ever since the movement started. I call upon the Chairman to work with people and not alone. The Chairman should know that he has been wrong because some of the members have not been telling him the truth. Some leaders should be blamed for not doing their part, for many have not been doing things properly. I repeat what Cdr. Salva said that Dr. John does not forget and forgive. So I want to say that those without guns are vulnerable. The Cdrs. Are secure because they have guns to protect themselves from the Chairman, but I ask, who is going to protect those of us without guns?

    I call upon Dr. John to listen to all the demands and that he (the Chairman) should make changes and suitable structures. I also suggest that the Rumbek meeting should come up with resolutions that we support the finalization of the peace agreement now, all should be committed to the peace process.

    On the issue of dissolution of the leadership council, there is no difference so no changes are necessary. I urge the Chairman to work closely with his aids. We have sat here because we are part and parcel of the executive and leadership as well. Mr. Chairman, I urge you to treat us equally and remove doubts that there are people you prefer.

    .............................................. KHENT, IS THIS THE LEADER WHOSE ARAB-SPONSORED NEW SUDAN VISION TO KEEP SUDAN UNITED THAT YOU TRUSTED? You have failed answer my question. I will repeat it, whose vision are we now hoping for and commands support of the majority of our people of South Sudan? Is it not self-determination? Well, don’t forget that in 2002 Garang surrendered to self-determination and that marked his reunification with Riek Machar. And don’t forget that the reunification took place in a neutral venue in Nairobi, Kenya. It did not take place in Bor or Bentiu for one of them to claim having joined in his territory. It was a reunification based on self-determination vision. But with your thick brain, you will not get it as you clinge on jealousy!

    repondre message

    • 18 November 2009 06:49, by Gatwech

      Brother Zechariah Manyok Biar,

      I sometimes respect your arguments because you seem to be wiser than the likes of Khent, let alone his other back up lost lunatics. But your response to Lokorai left me with some reservations.

      You have missed the point my dear. What Lokorai was trying to explain to you was the irrelevance of your Sharia Law article at this point of time especially that it was already a resolved case by the CPA since 2005. It is no more an issue of attracting or unattracting unity of Sudan. You shouldn’t evaluate what to make unity attractive using the Sharia law now. You would have immediately write the article after the signing of the CPA protesting about the confirmation of Sharia law in the North. You should have five years ago pointed out that the CPA’s provision that allows teh existence of Sharia law would affect making unity attractive during the six years interim period.

      You said your article is sophisticated! Yes, it is in the sense that it is very irrelevant! It is very irrelevant for you to write about it at the end of the interim period. What I would have expected you to write about is lack of Northern contribution to development in the South. This was one of the core issue that should have made unity attractive during the interim period in adddition to democratic transformation. Since the North has failed to help in developing the South, then they have made unity unattractive.

      Sharia law should not be blamed for making unity unattractive. It was resolved by CPA to stay intact without any dateline. I thought you knew it since January 2005! Your article is irrelevant given the the fact that it was already resolved in the CPA. It was not to be revisited like development. Whether it was one of the factors that contributed to making unity unattractive people should not be bored by it now in 2009.

      repondre message

      • 18 November 2009 08:11, by Wende Yongaptheeth


        We are not interested in your make-up to call Rumbek’s minutes.

        We were responding to the article posted by Zacharia Manyok Biar and you as a dinosours scarificated old crocodile without lower teeth Nuer will never understand how we wants to be shout and specific to the point.

        You cannot introduce another topic amidst the discussion of another.Maybe it is the Nuers’ way of behaviors and actions.
        Who knows and who cares about Nuers anyway? they are as confused as ever and that is why the Nuers are called so. Nuers means confused.

        repondre message

    • 18 November 2009 11:47, by Khent


      Why would Dr. John Garang have to re-unite with Riek on the basis of self-determination in any prospective agreement in 2002.. when he had already guaranteed Self-Determination in December 1994?

      I sense a slow and obstinent wit, that cannot grasp the chronology of history and of events.

      By 2002 Riek had NO movement, that we were supposedly compelled to negotiate with! The government NO longer provided him access to supplies, ammunition or weapons- he was merely permitted to return by the virtue of our forgiveness.

      It appears that you can’t think logically.

      Although actually you can, but you just prefer to be dishonest.

      It’s amazing to witness the human mind in the process of confusing itself over something simple, via self inflicted misdirection, convolution and irrationalisation.

      Discussants: Notice how the frustrated babbling buffoon again fails to answer address this fact.

      Instead he predictably repeats his own stupid question which was already answered. Nor does he address the answer; he just repeats the question - like an stubborn child who refuses to accept any truth he doesn’t like.

      You have spent all your life lying and misinforming yourself, consequently you now find it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. This is what has become you.

      Again Gatwech, you are a poor debater and that is all you have shown us, thus far.

      repondre message

    • 18 November 2009 11:49, by Khent


      The Nuer have NOT eclipsed the original component of the SPLA. STOP distorting!

      You use statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts... For support rather than illumination.

      The assumption that an idea, once imagined, must exist as a physical reality, simply because it is imagined, is also form of ad nauseum fallacy.

      My line of questioning and dissecting has more to do with the work and mental effort required to read and understand a post, as opposed to flame-bait noisemaking on the internet, or making silly percentages to promote a tribal fantasy.

      Nasir was NOT an exemplary ’movement’!

      The disintegration of Nasir faction was precipitated by the desertions of its representatives and men, en masse.
      All cited serious shortcomings in the "movement" in their reasons for leaving: the concentration of power in the hands of Riek, the lack of democratic institutions, and the rising level of violence against civilians.

      It had been responsible for human rights abuses and had allowed the perpetrators of abuses to go unpunished. It had NOT introduced greater democracy in its own institutions, and had made little to NO progress in the creation of administrative institutions, beyond the appointment of a short-lived ’cabinet of ministers’.

      Before the Panyagore meeting, Joseph Oduho was embarrassing Nasir by his own objections to their authoritarian behaviour.

      In the end, a movement which proclaimed as its goals the achievement of greater democracy and the respect of human rights.. it failed miserably.

      repondre message

      • 19 November 2009 14:19, by Gatwech

        Khent and Likes,

        I know you are ashamed to read the Famous Rumbek Meeting of 2004 on archive page on Southsudannation.com which exposed late John Garang as incompetent and a traitor of the South. That was a vote of no confidence on him.

        You can run, Khent but you cannot hide. A blind man running can fall into a bottomless pit. A deaf who doesn’t hear can fall into a trap!

        Read this beautiful warning of Salva Kiir to John Garang in Rumbek, 2004. Read carefully the marked words:

        "Those who are misleading you (Garang) and giving you false security information about others will ’suffer’ with you together or ’leave’ with you. The government, which is going to be led by you must include all. Without unity, the agreement will be a source of our disunity. We are ’not’ organized in all aspects, and as such will be exploited by other political parties that are more organized. The ’lack’ in our structures and political guidance will lead us to a ’very serious’ political defeat."

        Khent if you have the guts read again and again that warning above by Salva Kiir. Did Garang listen to the warning? I also warn you the disciples of the dark angel to listen and not run blindly until you fall into the bottomless pit.

        repondre message

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