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Janjaweeds in US State Department


By Izzadine Abdul Rasoul

October 24, 2009 — It’s very shameful for the entire humanity to see people use the tragedies of the poor people around the world for personal interests. Most of the wars in the world erupt due to human greed which is not and will not be satisfied only when death seizes us. Unfortunately this good word “the humanity” that is always mentioned by the majority is only respected by only few handful minorities on this globe.

Two days ago I was chatting with a friend in Diaspora who asked me to send him my latest articles on Sudan. In fact I am very careless to keep my published articles. Thanks to Google without it all good human works would have been lost. So searching my name on Google search to find my latest articles requested by a friend, there suddenly appeared my name in new published article which I did not remember when I wrote it. When I opened the article, I found out that it was written by a lady named Amanda Daub who contacted me through the e-mail asking about the spokesperson of Darfur Refugees and IDPs Hussein Abu Sharati.

On her message she said that she got my mail address from Lydia Polgreen who works for New York Times Asia Bureau. Amanda Daub introduced herself as a human right activist who has a blog named right or wrong, and that she want to write about human right issues on Darfur. Therefore she asked me if I know Abu Sharati. My respond was very clear that he is known for me.

When the Government of Sudan attacked the Kalma IDPs camp last year where forty IDPs were brutally killed and hundreds injured, I contacted the Spokesperson of the IDPs and refugees Hussein Abu Sharati and he made an statement which was published on New York Times on 25 August 2008 with a head line: Dozens Are Killed in Raid on Darfur Camp. Not only that most of my fellow’s journalists in Sudan know him very well, and some in fact met him and some others did not.

I was very surprised to read Amanda Daub publishing all my conversations with her without asking me, not only this, but she twisted all my mails that I exchanged with. However, she did not write about things concerning human rights but about the Chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement /Army saying that Abdul Wahid Nur has created for himself un-existed spokesperson for the IDPs and refuges. She wrote different things out of what she asked me about on her e-mails. The publication ethics and the common sense is to ask a person if he agrees his answers on the mail to be published or not. Imagine! Amanda Daub the Human Rights activist did all this without my consent.

Amanda in the first place appeared to me as one of those journalists or human rights activists who was looking forward to meet people in Kalam to report for human rights violations even I provided her with some cell phone numbers I had. But I had no clue that she was working behind the scene to discredit Abdul wahid Nur the leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement.

On her article Amanda said “ And Alex de Waal explained that if Abu Sharati was truly elected by all the sheikhs of the camps, then "he would be a well-known figure and not mysterious at all," because "when visitors go to the camps or when a meeting is organized (e.g. to send a delegation to meet with Mbeki) these are the structures that are used, and they are all well-known and visible.

Also Amanda wrote , “The last was the AP story that first caught my attention on September 11, Darfur Refugee Says U.S. Envoy Unwelcome in Camps, by Sarah El Deeb for the Associated Press. I emailed all three bylined reporters, and asked if they could explain the mystery behind Mr. Sharati.

I hadn’t been able to find any non-journalists who believed Abu Sharati existed, and several of my contacts had suggested that he was the fictional creation of Abdel Wahid Al Nur, the rebel leader who heads one faction of the SLA, Amanda wrote.

I wonder why the contacts of Amanda did not include Sudanese journalists or well known International Journalist who still live in Sudan. Why the Egyptian lady Sara Aldeeb? I think it’s a lobby of Arabs in the white house supported by the US Special Envoy Scott Gration and other weak groups to resolve the problem of Darfur on Janjaweed ways. What she wrote is matching the campaigns of US Envoy Gartion to discredit Abdul Wahid Nur in compare with his many statements on Darfur where he always depicted Wahid as person obstructing his missions.

I linked the article of Amanda with the work of Afro- American lady I met who is named Kemy she claimed to be working for US Envoy Scott Gration. When I asked her what does she get from splitting Abdul Wahid instead of pressuring Khartoum to stop the killing? She said it’s a job that I earn money from it. So I believe Amanda Daub is also doing the same job of earning money, because what she is digging if the Spokesperson of Darfur IDPS Abu Sharati is a human or a spook has nothing to do with the work of human rights activists who are entirely concentrate their works on human right violations and abuses.

I am not here to praise Wahid but I would like to tell Gartion or anyone else that Wahid Nur is my colleague grown up together since the intermediate school. I know him very closely he is a man of his principles; he could not easily be shaken by envoys or even presidents. For sure; even if Gration through Amanda nullified the existence of Abu-Sharati or convinced him not to represent Darfur Refugees; all will go, and Abdul Wahid Nur will continue on his position asking for the security of his people on the first place.

In this case I %100 agree with Wahid, because I have my mother and her family in Zalingi IDPs camp who are displaced from their villages since 2002. Without guaranteeing the security for them they will all be killed like the rest of our families who have already lost their live by the Jnajaweeds, who are still occupying their lands. Moreover these refugees and IDPS are our families not the family of any dirty envoy who is seeking for personal success on the expense of the lives of our survived families.

Through human history the revolutions have no time frame. All these disappointments that is happening to people of Darfur had happened to people of South Africa, South Sudan. However, the perseverance and the wills of Mandela and Dr. John Garang were stronger than that of their enemies therefore they were victorious at the end.

Amanda quoted Alex De, Waal telling him the meaning of the Abu Sharati in Darfur. I would like to tell her that Alex de, Waal who claims to be expert on horn of Africa and married to Somali woman failed to diagnose the problems of his children Akins in Somalia that lasted for thirty years; so is he qualified even to talk about Darfur problems which is bigger than his mind? Alex De Waal is also known for Darfuris as a man who stood against the ICC to bring justice for the people of Darfur. He was among those organizations who sent memo to Luis Ocampo to deferral the warrant of arrest against his friend Bashir.

In addition to all of this mess, Alex De Waal was also the engineer of the dead Abuja peace agreement between the Government of Sudan and Darfur rebels. So Amanda who claimed as human rights activists should have concentrated on the wide spread human rights violation in Darfur rather than losing her time on asking De, Waal who lost compass to cancel out the existence of spokesperson for Darfur refugees and IDPs or otherwise she is paid for such a dirty work.

I hope the coming research for Ms Amanda Daub to be on who creates the videos broadcast at Aljazeera and attributed to Al-Qaida. Also she has such questions: is Aiman Al-Zawahiri real or fake? Does he exist in flesh and bones? Who met him and touched him?

The blog Right or Wrong created by Human right activist Amanda which is specialized on approving and disapproving the negatives, I also wish if she could approve or disapprove the existence of GOD or Jesus whom Millions of earth habitat are devoted worshipping, instead of concentrating on poor IDP like Abu Sharati who has just appeared in 6 years time when his families were killed raped displaced by the Arab Janjaweeds supported by Government in Khartoum.

Also I would like to remind Amanda that the person who claims to be a philosopher to approve or disapprove negative has to choose the odds.

At last I would like to share the following American Joke with Amanda. The American philosophy teacher asked the student; can we touch GOD? Can we see God? Can we listen to God? Can we speak to God? When the class kept silence the teacher said, ‘Then there is no god”.

One of the students raised his hand and stood up. Then he asked; can we see teachers mind? Can we touch teacher mind? When nobody answered, “Then has Got no mind” the student concluded.

At last not the least I would like to draw the attention of the readers that this article I wrote it as my personal capacity and has nothing to do with any group. It’s similar to the press released from American Embassy in Khartoum that the mediation of Scot Gration in Sudan is done as his personal capacity and has nothing to do with US Administration.

The author is the Managing Editor of Citizen Newspaper - Sudan. He can be reached at kargolu@yahoo.com

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  • 25 October 2009 07:17, by telfajbago

    A bid for supply

    Sudan Liberation Movement, Gration Faction ( SLM/GF) is looking for a qualified bidder to supply the following

    A. Seven Four wheel driver Land cruisers, Made in Japan.
    B. Five pieces of Thuraya cell phones preferably ASCOM brand.
    C. Five pieces of 45 mortar gun ( Doshka) Chinese made.
    D. Once piece of anti-aircraft gun Russian made
    E. 35 pieces of AK forty five rifles (Kalshinkovs) made in Iran.
    F. Twenty pieces of hand grenades.
    G. One hundred boxes of ammunitions from GIAD Military factory in Khartoum.
    H. Fifty turbans, preferred to be Libyan made.

    The last date for supplying these materials must not exceed thirty days before the beginning of Doha talks.


    The good suppliers are given glad tidings that the South Sudan bid where Kiir is told by Gration to forgive the former enemy to open new page will be announce very soon after completion of Darfur Gration Faction bid.
    For more information please visit, www.gration@split.gf

    repondre message

    • 25 October 2009 07:54, by DASODIKO

      All Africans regard people in west are angles. From the article of this man its clear that dirty people are everywhere , because human being are humans , however some are governed by rule of law.

      Now the question is what does this man Gration gets from the National Congress Party? All published articles about this man Gration indicate that there is a hidden agenda between him and NCP. It was not long ago when he told Kiir to forgive his enemy and open a new page also he was involved on creating lobby group for NCP in US Congress , and today he is working hard to split the Sudan Liberation Movement ,Abdel Wahid Nur. Many be the oil money works!

      Obama if he is serious to bring peace in Sudan either he leash his man from NCP temptations or sack him to bring someone else who has anti money immunity, or Sudan will get in to mess like Somalia with the blessings of America. America should know that in Africa you cannot tie a goat with a wolf.

      repondre message

      • 25 October 2009 14:21, by Akol Liai Mager

        What are you talking about? I think the White House government itself is being headed by Janjaweed!!!

        1. Conda Rice, the former US Secretary of State is to blame, Bush wanted to smoke out NIF’ government, but Conda said she do not want another Islamic Arab terrorist nation punished.

        2. NIF guys are very, very intelligence people, and I intentionally used the words "very intelligence". NIF sold some of its men to CIA, some are taken to Guatanomo and some are burried alive by F16 Jet Fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan, NIF did all that for sake of remaining in power in Sudan. Those who doubt this NIF Trade with Bush administration must search for Tharwat Gassim’s Arabic Commentaries for more information.

        3. Darfur Gration’s Faction (DGF) is real, exist and is even more dangerous than NIF itself.

        4. Conda promissed Darfurian women to assist in bringing their rapists to justice, but she did opposite.

        5. Gration got instructed by his bosses Obama and Biden to rescue NIF’ leaders from ICC, he just did that, and in addition he created himself a faction to participate in Genocide directly.

        6. Assisting a criminal is committing the crime.

        repondre message

        • 26 October 2009 04:00, by mohammed ali

          So many benifited from the plight of the poor Darfuri people.So many got asylem visas , scholarships, jobs without ever been to Darfur in their life.So many NGO’S GOT millions of dollars , in the name of Darfur , without a single penny reaching Darfur.

          Abdul Wahid himself is enjoying the good life in Paris for the last 5 years, without paying a single visit to Darfur!!
          What a freedom fighter!!!

          People and Darfur so called Arabs and non Arabs are all Sudanese and Africans, and they were living together for ages, and their problems has nothing to do with ethinicity and there is no difference between them inshape,colour and religion.Darfur is the only part of Sudanwhich is 100% muslim.Stop using these terms to aggravate the suffering of these poor .You are just using them to gain sympathy of the anti Arab quarters in the west.

          repondre message

  • 27 October 2009 09:40, by Duoth Nyagien

    Izzadine Abdul Rasoul

    You are a real pratriotic man, the man who really can care for his people, a man who can think for his nation, a man who can tell others about how he love his mother and father!!!!!!!!!!

    Izzadine Abdul Rasoul, I read your article with tear on my eyes/face, Izzadine Abdul Rasoul, you know whole world have one problem! the problem is love of interest like as you mention with this idiot call Gration, what is his interest with NCP? may be kawaja like this arab more than black, and if NOT what is interest of gration to tell Salva Kiir to forgave the former enemy of people of south Sudan? why may becuase this kawajas like arab more than African!!

    Izzadine Abdul Rasoul, keep this spirit love your nation more yourself, Izzadine Abdul Rasoul, time will come, history will tell who was behind all this mess!!

    Duoth Nyagein

    repondre message

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