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Mundari – Bor clashes kill scores, enter third day


October 4, 2009 (MAGALA, Central Equatoria) — Initial casualties of Mundari and Dinka Bor fierce clashes left scores of people dead on both sides and continue the third consecutive day of fighting, eyewitnesses told the Sudan Tribune today.

South Sudanese organized forces of 200 men composed of police, prison, wildlife soldiers and the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) are deployed early Sunday to quell the tension but with little success. Another force of military from Jonglei capital Bor also heads there to reinforce the overwhelm army from Juba.

Villages along Bor – Juba road affected by the clashes include Gemeza, Diar and Wuor-bar which cover a distance of about 30 miles. Tension remains high in Diar controlled by Mundari fighters and unidentified location near Wuor-bar under the control of Dinka Bor.

At least 30 people from both sides are now said to have died since Friday. Of the dead, Bor youths claim 8 people and 18 could, probably, be Mundari men, a source preferring anonymity said. A village known as Diar between Wuor-bar and Gemeza is substantially devastated, the source added.

Dominic Lado, the civil administrator of Gemeza Payam, Terekeke County, where Mundari hails in Central Equatoria State (CES), could not gather loses on Mundari side either.

When asked by a reporter moving with army on Sunday, Mr. Lado said he was still gathering more information from youth leaders.

The reporter saw two men dying after hearing bullet shots by the roadside when civilians exchanged fire without any mercy before disappearing into nearby bushes.

The tribal pastoralists feuding intensified on Friday after repetitive cattle theft on Dinka Bor camp in Wuor-bar led to death of 4 men; 2 on both sides.

The verge of cattle contest was exceeded when armed Mundari tribesmen ambushed a passengers’ bus from Bor to Juba killing 3 people and injured 9 others. Public transport between Bor – Juba is now shut.

On Saturday, Bor and Terekeke Counties leaders met in Juba to forge cessation of hostilities. The meeting yielded to sending of South Sudan armed forces only to be outnumbered by rustlers.

Many lives have been lost since January this year across Southern Sudan ahead of elections scheduled for April 2010 and a referendum for self determination a year after. Southern authorities have concurrently accused Khartoum of fuelling tribal contests to portray what the world could see as Juba inability to govern her people.


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  • 5 October 2009 05:38, by Salah

    This madness must stop immediately. The South will go nowhere but down the abyss without peace and stability. We need tranquility for development and prosperity. Look not at your differences but at what you have in common. You are wonderful people with history and civilization and you have a wonderful country that needs you to work together not apart. May God have mercy on those who died prematurely and may God give you the wisdom to love each other. Good luck to you all.

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    • 5 October 2009 05:42, by Jay

      For those who encourage this turmoil will soon have enough of it, no matter how secure their hideout is.

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      • 5 October 2009 07:04, by Sunlight

        No compromise with these Dinka Bor terrorists. Please Mundari go ahead to the final, the mission is not yet complete. These "Jungles" must know their true heights. All jenge must leave Equatoria immediately and head for his/her rubbish village; otherwise, this is just the beginning...

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        • 5 October 2009 09:20, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

          This is how the poor government of dinkas is working day and night to eliminate the Equatorians and Nuer in South, but this strongest tribes in World will never disappear otherwise the dinkas are the first to exit in South. My question is can anyone tell me the population of bor alone, this small and crap giraffes are the problems, teaching the rest of dinkes to misbehave, because they thought SPLA belong to them coward. I want the population of bor only not those of dinkas yoril, dinkas tonji, dinkas, rumbek, dinkas shit, dinkas crap, dinkas giraffes, dinkas wau or whatsoever, only bor before the reality can be lie to their face. Something has to be done in order to improve the situation under this dinkas man. Garang was a very educated man but he was killed like a chicken so now hat is hard about someone who doesn’t know how to flesh a toile, Mr Slave Kiir open your eyes as wide as you can. My condolences to the affect families of my lovely Mundari. Killing become our daily issue in South, from Equatoria to jungle, from jungle to Unity, from Unity to Upper all committed by dinkas and bor in particular.

          The emerged of my secret to South will be a happy time for Nuer and Equatoria but hell day for dinkas

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          • 5 October 2009 10:22, by mathem jech amer

            Dear Equat.

            My condolence goes to family members whose love ones were killed during Mundari & Bari fighting, just a few months ago.

            Jech Amer, concerned citizen.

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          • 5 October 2009 13:24, by Simon Puok Nyang Tutjiek

            Dinka Bor are claiming to be state to state fighting, their problem with Mundari has no connection with Nuer, do you people reason, Nuer have any relationship with Dinka.
            Dinka Bor have even closed the raod going to all Nuer counties and that is the reason Nuer want to clear one site of the state so that they will be the one controlling one site of the state later unless Governor Kuol is wise enough to tackle the relocation of the state capital.

            Puok Nyang Tutjiek

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          • 5 October 2009 18:00, by Akeckdier

            Mr,feak logic-boy.Why? didn’t the equatorians eleminate the Arab,when they were in equatoria.Why? Because of they were all coward. Imagine 20 years the arab were living in equatoria comfortably and what you have done is absolutly nothing and you want to talk killing the dinka.Mate have some shame.Let me tell you somethings, just think if all the dinka put all their energy togther to fight you, you will be defeat less than one months.But because when we were fighting the arbs our purpose is different our attention is different. We fight aganist the oppression of the arbs. And now look, what mundari people are doing its clear the work of husband arbs.Now they think they are men enough to fight and cause a disfunction to the area.Shame on equatoria shame on you.Sometimes I ask myself why God didn’t create Just one tribe in the south sudan.If he’s knows this could happen.You what i’m just thinking...People wants to talk crab about dinka all the time.I know the answer because they are just jealous and don’t have Patriotism.only if you are truely southern.

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          • 6 October 2009 04:16, by Jtomorrow

            dear logic boy,

            you are such an impacable creature that needs medical attendtion.

            Wonder how South Sudan would look like without the present of Dinka. It’s crystal clear that those who are preaching hatred on Dinka or on certain tribes have no vision in Sudan. Instead of bridging all tribes, you guys are tearing up the nation.....

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        • 5 October 2009 14:09, by Tony Komayiit

          Hi sunlight,

          Hell with you son of nyamnyam! try to read a map of south region and identify were Dinka are now camping if that is a matter of war, and ask your fucken mother whom Jieng are teaching them a lesson,mundari will be swept away tonight because all mundari youth have been overrun to a village called Diar were they are mourning with their mother .
          Ooh my dear,Dinka Bor will never retreat to these cockroaches theses time.(wuok lokot wuot amok)!
          Dinka Bor shall never give up to fight for their right by now,there is no jalaba were you will hide in juba.
          jieng will get you until you say yes (monyjang).

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          • 5 October 2009 21:26, by Uncle Talk

            HI Tony

            don’t bev so rude to your brother because he doesn’t know what he is saying, adress HIM politely and make understand the truth


            try hard with all your effort to be peace maker and preach it where ever you go.
            GOD BLESS YOU.

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          • 6 October 2009 00:52, by Arabkiller

            To Dears of Sudantribune, Commentators


            why Dinka-Bor having troubles with her neighbors all times? is that mean Dinka-Bor are troublemakers or they have bad neighbors? come to Mundari, they are neighbor with Atuot of Yirol and something like that never happened between them? why bor wants to have problem with every single tribes around them(Lou-Nuer, Murle, Mundari)? even during the war, Bor people were really having problem with Agaar people in 1990-97. the mouth bor have with not make them having friends around them.

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          • 6 October 2009 05:46, by liil


            Brother Tony,you have nothing to tell us about how Dinka are or where they are camping as you put it.Being majority without value is nothing of it shape and existence and untill you check yourselves and identify why being hated,there would be no peace between you and your neighbours in southern Sudan.

            It is matter of saying yes to people of south Sudan and you will be forgiven.You know why you are hated by your own fellows southerners and you need to correct yourselves instead.

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        • 5 October 2009 21:19, by Uncle Talk


          Sorry to upset you but the truth is, how old are you to think childishly like that. Actually not you to blame but where you grown is where you are cast.

          it is very important that someone like you should look for peaceful way of solving things than supporting fighting and you will not be invove dear, pity you.

          my option as a southerner in sense i don’t support any of the two is, let these two tribes solve their diferences amicably.



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  • 5 October 2009 05:42, by oshay

    Dinka Bor are always starting trouble with all non dinka, first it was the lou nuer now it’s the mundari people. my question is, what do you dinka want? why can’t you let people live in happiness and peace?

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    • 5 October 2009 06:22, by Malakal


      Read the article you insance gay muslim. This looks like a work of those who are brain-washed in to your extreme Religion, whose its founder Mohemmad was a gay-man.

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      • 5 October 2009 06:43, by monyjang chol

        surely, the dinka bor and dinka in general are sick of all attrocities commited to them by nuer/nyamnyam and equatorians when we were liberating this country but now we will repaiy them as we did to nuer in duk padiet as their dead are still feeding the vultures and hynas.remmember that the greater dinkas from bar el ghazal,ngok and greater bor or monyjang are almost mad to commit the genocide if these all these tinny communities stop ambushing the traders to juba.to hell with nuer and mundari.dinka oyeeeeee!!!!.

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        • 5 October 2009 08:37, by Rambang Deng


          Did you forget the fact that the Lou Nuers chased you away from Duk Padiet and burned it down to ground? What about the news that Dinka Bor in Panyagor, Pawell and Wanglei are fleeing because of the news Lou Nuer are on their way coming, is it not a sign of panic in Dinka Bor land?

          Oooooooooooooooop!! I forgot that you guys speak more loudly than you actually fight!!!

          repondre message

          • 5 October 2009 08:47, by Dinka Boy

            Dinkas are waiting u primitives like what they did in Duk Padiet when they killed your hyenas like flies.
            My freinds, this time will your case of the time when you were born if you come to the above mention great towns.
            Who tell you they are fleeing, they are there waitinf for your days. I tell you before that will be different story whenever u guys step in other there will be more than 300 nuer death.
            Liel muor Rabang Dang.

            repondre message

            • 6 October 2009 06:21, by liil

              Dinka Boy:

              It is liducrous to say your cowardic tribe Dinka were on standby to intercept the Nuer attack on their land.
              I never seen Bor doing that since their history has been released in southern Sudan instead they just cry like a beaten woman.Anyway,i personally don’t encourage such violence resulted in lost of innocent lives especially women and children.

              If those attacked were to be targeted on you Dinka men who always irritate the problems,it would have been better and no one could side you because you deserved to be treated in that way.Therefore,don’t encourage violence when you are not in a position to stand upto the last point of it.I mean when you are not ready to resist and repel an event.

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          • 5 October 2009 08:57, by maumau

            Rambang Deng, Monyjang and other internet war mongers,killing and burning down villages will not help us reap the dividen of CPA and that means our follen heros died for nothing. The fallen heros sacrificed their lives so that we feel the taste of being a citizen in our own country, but here some of you want to behave to the contrary. Let us point out errors, correct them and see how we can make our country suite the standard of the region. There are a lot of resources in our country but ignorant, hypocritesm, hooliganism etc make these resources go on waste. Hostility won`t help us. When hyenas and vultures feed on corpses of fellow South Sudanese, do you feel bood?.

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        • 6 October 2009 18:47, by Tuaks

          Lou Nuer sneaked and attack and runaway leaving number of dead savages in Duk,Poor Mundaris are paying the prices too.It is obvious that Dr Riek and his savages from Lou Nuer are behind that.
          Dr Riek is behind Mundari -Bor clashes, Bantiu,and what is currently going on in SPLA.

          repondre message

          • 7 October 2009 03:29, by liil


            Mr Tuaks,you don’t know what you talk about in regard to these frequent violence in southern Sudan.You don’t know even instigators except only Dr Riek Machar whom you blindly blame him without justification.You planted hatred against your own fellows sourtherners and yet you don’t want to regret and apologize to them. Then how do you expect them to silence without reaction to you? They have to respond to such situation either in peace or violence as you deserved and namely why these perpectual attack has taken place on your land and people.

            Dr Riek is innocent from those ethnic clahes in southern Sudan as you saw him critising even his own people Lou-Nuer attack on Aduk Padiat.Let your Dinka leaders shoulder the blame by themselves;for they were the ones dictate others and keep the powers within the circle of Dinka kingdom and this monopoly has prompted strong reaction from other ethnic groups in southern Sudan against Dinka. Correct yourselves and come up clean so that we should have common goal and clear vision to serve our country.

            repondre message

      • 5 October 2009 06:57, by Wise Man

        Dear Oshay,

        Would you be able to tell us your sunderstandings of the posted messages. Your responds always carry negative impacts on the South Sudan’s population. However, you need to be informed, go back and read the article of how Nuer-Dinka Bor fights started and the current fight between Mundari and Dinka Bor and tell us what you think. I mean the different between all these fights. This constant taking of innocent life away has taken much than natural death and must be stopped soon then later. Think twice, peopl!

        Power to the People. Power of the People.

        repondre message

      • 5 October 2009 11:32, by Ocambo

        what more do you dinga/jenge want???? you have a vast land and you spoiled it by your grazing. Now you thought you can simply push the equatoeians off their land? I think you are sick. After being defeated by the Nuer, you are suppose to embrace the equatorians as friends and neighbours. Now that you want another "nyigat" war with the equatorians, the peace loving people of the sudan, let us see where you will end.
        Your villages are ever in famine because you dont caltivate, only depending on food handout, now you want equatorians to be like you.

        To hell with you and the government you called yours. Equatorians will still be strong with or without Dinkas, especially the Bor dinkas.

        repondre message

    • 5 October 2009 06:39, by Joseph Lago

      oshay, what do you Arabs want from south sudan? you are problematic in what so ever, you are the main cause of all tribal conflicts that exist in our soil. you just want to destabilise our bloody rich south by using one tribe against another so that you can gain control over our resources for life.

      hell no!!, hell no oshit!!, things will get calm at some stages but south sudan will rise against you inhuman criminal. we need nothing from Arabs but i don’t actually know what do you always want from us. stop commencing on our issues because you are Arabs, the cause of our instability, demoralisation of our Sovereignty.

      get the fuck!! out of here and go wash your nasty criminal ass that never smell good for decades.

      repondre message

      • 5 October 2009 10:58, by Gatwech

        Joseph Lago,

        Be a reasonable Dinka man with that beautiful Equatorian name you borrowed from the former President of South Sudan regional governmet whose people you are now terrorizing in Nimule, EES. Do you mean the NCP’s Jellaba to the Bor-Dinka to let loose their cattle into the Mundari farms which started the recent fighting between the two communities?

        repondre message

        • 5 October 2009 18:14, by Ajawuk Juma

          To Gatwech/Thieleling/Kim Deang or whatever the name you like most,

          Your being anti-Dinka will not solve your problems brother. We are not going going anywhere!!!!. Take simple example you can not do anything good in Sudan without Dinka and Nuer leave alone Southern Sudan whereby you can not define it without mentioning Dinka and Nuer. So it better for you to choose other thing to do. If you are concern citizen of Southern Sudan like me then why don’t you join your brothers and sisters rather than being always on dark side of the history.

          Thank you

          May God bless S. Sudan and help us from this messes!

          repondre message

    • 5 October 2009 10:28, by mathem jech amer


      You are really one of the idiots who just comment without having general knowledge of the article and incident as well. Please read this statement from the reporter,

      "The tribal pastoralists feuding intensified on Friday after repetitive cattle theft on Dinka Bor camp in Wuor-bar led to death of 4 men; 2 on both sides.

      The verge of cattle contest was exceeded when armed Mundari tribesmen ambushed a passengers’ bus from Bor to Juba killing 3 people and injured 9 others. Public transport between Bor – Juba is now shut".

      So, in this statement, does imply that Bor Dinka could be blamed of starting fighting or vic visa?

      Criminals are being wanted including OSHAY.

      Jech Amer

      repondre message

    • 5 October 2009 21:30, by Uncle Talk

      I am sorry OSHAY

      don’t be so that, why do you like tribalism like you are trying hard for Sudan to go be to war. Pity for the poor and innocent who always bear the brunt of it.

      learn to love peace and preach in understandable way man


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  • 5 October 2009 06:40, by maumau

    Whereever there are Dinka Bor, there must be trouble. May almighty God receive the souls of those killed in eternal life and heal those who are injured in the barbaric fight. Check these youths from Dinka Bor community in Australia who behaved violently as if they were in Sudan where they do all their shits and end up coering them.They didn`t know that there are TV security cameras every where. all were arrested and charged.


    repondre message

    • 5 October 2009 06:49, by monyjang chol

      those thug wo you claim to be dinka bor in australia are nuer you idiot.don’t you remmember that one of them was killed in 2007 by kawajat.monyjang are law abidding people not like nuers who broke the first six commandment by cutting their head with six scars.

      repondre message

      • 5 October 2009 18:47, by Gatwech

        Why are Bor Dinka behaving like that in Australia while they don’t have a peaceful home in Sudan? I heard that they always go rampage and even cold bloodily murdered a Nuer boy in 2007. They also go drunk and take drugs that make most of them mad. Why is that? Where is Kuol Manyang to bring back his lost boys and girls before they are all taken to prisons by white people. It is a very sad situation!

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    • 5 October 2009 06:59, by Dinka Boy

      Dear brothers and sisters,

      The death of Southerners at this time is not worthy.
      My God bless the soul of the death.

      Anyway, people like primitives thieliny, Gatech, Kim Deng, Rabang Deng want killing of each other in SS.
      They thought Dinka don,t know how to fight,but they just adapt your behaviors of killing right now.
      I believed in retaliation,but not believed in the attacked.
      For sure Dinka used to ignore aggression by then,but now they will stire your mind until you guys get ill and learned.

      I believed in that attitudes and for sure we will respect each other very soon in the South.

      repondre message

      • 5 October 2009 08:47, by Rambang Deng

        Dinka Boy;

        It would be a good news if you guys could only make it to Yuai, Uror county in Lou Nuer land. The next thing the few survivors will see is Nimule. Wooooooow! I forgot that Mundari are in between to finish the job.

        GOOOOOOOOOOOOD and let us start rolling.

        repondre message

    • 5 October 2009 07:53, by Wal P Muoranyar Biet

      To Maumau,
      Hey man, the clips says that the gangs were Sudanese! And if Dinka Bor are Sudanese, then anyone else that is not a Bor need to get the fuck out of Sudan beginning with maumau of Kenya since Dinka Bor=Sudanese according to your intelligent.

      repondre message

  • 5 October 2009 07:25, by Dr. Chui

    Anyway Dinka boy

    that is not the case, leave them alone and lets focus on the resolution of this problem. 30 casualities is too within few days in addition to previous numbers.

    My people let be peace maker

    Dr. Chui

    repondre message

  • 5 October 2009 08:08, by Wal P Muoranyar Biet

    Dinka bad, Dinka good, Nuer bad, Nuer good, SPLM/A bad, GOSS corrupted, Salva Kiir is weak, why do ya angels write bad staffs on the this board then? All happening in Southern Sudan are difficulties every nation in growwing process face. Why ya folks reacting negatively towards this situation? How come no one every propose a solution to problems battering our people so that we can talk about instead of finger pointing. What will insulting do to you? Will that make you a champion? A hero? I don’t think so. It makes you dumb and dumb, and every more dumb. We all need to stand against any foreign and internal aggressions regardless of tribal back ground. It is time to say citizen of state instead of tribe X Y Z. It is time to ascend above tribal rim southern sudanese!

    repondre message

    • 5 October 2009 10:08, by Deng John Ajang

      It seems tribal segregation is the main objective of some people, since the day this special (WEB) was launched some people didn’t miss to negatively comment on segregation which is meaningless to the out side world. Please, don’t be experts of discrimination and you are the future leaders.

      If there is any jam in the New-Sudan or anywhere, write only your proposals on how the government should deal with that particular situation but not to take part in suporting blindly the event.

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    • 5 October 2009 12:25, by Pitia

      Great article, I wish every body read it

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  • 5 October 2009 11:04, by Gatwech

    Be reasonable with your arguments my cousins (Dinkas). Stop panicking and scapegoating! Do you mean the NCP’s Jellaba told the Bor-Dinka to let loose their cattle into the Mundari farms which started the recent fighting between the two communities?

    This tribal leadership of the incompetent Salvatore Kiir is a failed chieftancy. The real and true government will emerge someday.

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    • 5 October 2009 11:47, by Ajuscommando

      My advice to those who stated that Dinka Bor is problematic tribe, I can reject your statement because Mundari doesn’t have understanding like Lou-Nuer who always depending on stealing. It’s very clear as Mundari went to stolen Dinkas animals in cattle camp and killed two people but Dinka Bor Youths were defending themselves from looters of Mundari who depend on stealing like their friends from Nuer that why you have seen big Logic dog is Supporting Nuer because they are the birds of the same feathers.
      On other hand, Dinkas are not cowards’ people and the goodness of it, we know each others as some tribes fear fighting during liberation of South until the collaborated with Arabs while others ran to Uganda and leave the land to Arabs. It’s only website you found everybody as a fighter but during the struggling some people left Sudan with their parents to foreign countries because they fear Arabs while other remain.


      repondre message

      • 5 October 2009 12:29, by Pitia

        Please don’t rewrite the story. Bor started the fight don’t you get it? You are depending on the media but I am not.

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      • 6 October 2009 12:31, by Pitia

        ’It is true all vilages from Wanyang upto Gemeiza have been burnt down. There is no one now, only the men are just battling the dinka cattle keepers combined with spla. Can u imagine, spla were sent to quel the situation but they joined their fellow dinkas and fought against mundari civilians? dinka bor from bor town came on saturday and started burning village right from Gemeiza upto Pokhor. Mundari shot a vehicle in pokhor carrying bullets. So they seized the bullets and they really helped themselves alot as you know they lack bullets. Until yesterday night, they were still fighting.
        dinkas started with wanyang saying that they have to revenge since they are all mundari. I think it was a well planned battle against mundari. I have now seen wat goss and spla is.
        On Friday we went with the commissioner upto the village next to kworigic, but it was dangerous to continue as mundari had startyed shooting vehicles on the way. That same day, the fight in wanyang started in the presence of bor commissioner. He was in wanyang waiting for us to meet there to try to talk to the civilians. But we delayed till the fighting started and he took off.
        All our people from mangalla upto Gemeiza except the men are in Terkeka. They are now suffering from the hunger. the so called goss is not doing anything.
        There is no proper information about the casualties, but some people died.
        My brother, there is alot of injustice here’.

        This a realible source of information, can someone who resasons justify what Dinka bor is doing to Mundari? It is very saddening.

        repondre message

  • 5 October 2009 12:25, by Patriotic Bull

    To: Rambang,

    Be inform that nowhere in Nuer land where we get any resitance. we went to those areas which you mentioned Uror,Yuai,Nyiror,Langken,and other areas that I haven`t mentioned which resulted to surrendering of Dr Riek and Nyuon Bany to Khartoum.
    Therefore, entering your land is not difficult to Mongjang.

    repondre message

    • 5 October 2009 12:51, by Duoth Nyagien

      Really and When It happen? Jaang enter in Lankeen and Waat?, don’t tell me in 1992!!

      repondre message

      • 5 October 2009 14:44, by Janjawed Man

        Bravo Bravo Mundari fighters for the job welldone.These Dinka Bor are very stubborn and must be tame the way you guys did it otherwise they will grabbed your land as they did in Nimue,Lobone, to mention but a few. They have obsolutely degraded other Dinkas dignity by always making problems wherevere they are. Please continue with your operations otherwise you are seriously warned and cautioned not to invold or mention other Dinka communities names in this matter for will invite to your selfves more enemies who were not in a position to join the fight. For your necessary advises. By Janjawed.

        repondre message

  • 5 October 2009 14:35, by Critic_Ngueny

    Dear brothers and sisters from Dinka Bor as well as Dinka’s communities at large,

    I would like to inform you about one very important thing in our history which you all know,you have to take the word ’MUONY-JAANG’ into your consideration.Meaning that we are the only big fishes in Southern Sudan as well as Sudan at large.There are 575 tribes in Southern Sudan but Dinka is the only tribe respected in Northern Sudan.Do you thing that they would be happy about that?

    Anyway,whether they like it or not,we shall be ruling them ’kila saa’Dinkas were the first people to point fingers at Khartoum Government and are the ones who liberated those other barking dogs like Nuer and the whole of Equatoria.

    Dear barking dogs from Equatoria and Nuer community, bear in mind that a slave has no choice.You have to keep mum,otherwise some of you will curse the day they were born but I don,t like that to happen to you please,therefore,if the child cries for razer blade then you have to give it to him or her.

    MUONY-JAANG Juu and will be JUU.

    Critic_Ngueny from Bor town

    repondre message

  • 5 October 2009 14:36, by Critic_Ngueny

    Dear brothers and sisters from Dinka Bor as well as Dinka’s communities at large,

    I would like to inform you about one very important thing in our history which you all know,you have to take the word ’MUONY-JAANG’ into your consideration.Meaning that we are the only big fishes in Southern Sudan as well as Sudan at large.There are 575 tribes in Southern Sudan but Dinka is the only tribe respected in Northern Sudan.Do you thing that they would be happy about that?

    Anyway,whether they like it or not,we shall be ruling them ’kila saa’Dinkas were the first people to point fingers at Khartoum Government and are the ones who liberated those other barking dogs like Nuer and the whole of Equatoria.

    Dear barking dogs from Equatoria and Nuer community, bear in mind that a slave has no choice.You have to keep mum,otherwise some of you will curse the day they were born but I don,t like that to happen to you please,therefore,if the child cries for razer blade then you have to give it to him or her.

    MUONY-JAANG Juu and will be JUU.

    Critic_Ngueny from Bor town

    repondre message

    • 5 October 2009 18:46, by Gabriel Green

      Dinkas will help or intervene to help their brothers Dinka Nuer and Dinka Mondari who did not experience any war or fight during civil war of SPLM/SPLA but now they wants to practice against their brothers Dinka Bor

      repondre message

      • 5 October 2009 19:00, by Gatwech

        Gabriel Green,

        You said ’Dinka-Nuer?’. You mean Dinka is being assimilated into Nuer society like Lou-Nuer, Jikany-Nuer, Bul-Nuer, Dinka-Nuer, etc? That is a very good submission. You are my cousins and I would gladly receive you in the Greater Nuer society. Thank you, Gabriel Green. That is a very positive comment you have ever made. Keep the unity up as one!

        repondre message

        • 5 October 2009 19:47, by Gabriel Green


          Wonderful,that is what is known by World you are called Dinka Nuer.you are our real brothers who scaped from the cattle camp long time ago and then called him self nuer, meaning sturbon boy who always disagreas with brothers and cousins like us,the current president of the governmement of southern sudan is your true cousin because your grandfather migrated from the clan of kiir particularily,so its not good for you to talk about the dinkas since you are from them historically.

          repondre message

      • 5 October 2009 19:06, by black man world

        Southern Sudan is weak and doomed no matter which tribe rules, if the intelect are going to be the way i seen them on this web. Southern sudan is and can not rule them selve, why? They dont know how to solve their own problems, they hate each other then ARABS they were fighting, they love to distroy their own selve and celebrates, they are illitrates. Tell me how we going to rule our selve when we cant even define the word nationality. Please internet worriors, i dont see who no nutral commentators here they are all after thugs who commit their thuggish action in the jungles and we here fighting in the 1st world. We suppost to come with idea of how to solve it, but nope we a still ni99ers.

        repondre message

        • 5 October 2009 19:09, by black man world

          weak weak educators, that is all i can say. What shows to me that if you are maybe chosen a leader of SOUTH in feature how will you treat other tribes that you hate the most in this web? And that only shows the weakness of SOUTHERN SUDAN in the feature we are to DEFORM to REFORM with our stupid cultures.

          repondre message

    • 6 October 2009 14:01, by Pitia

      Hi, I do believe to some degree that there is much difference between the Dinka boardering us Mundari and the other Dinka. I have stayed with dinka of every part.

      I have learned a lot since then. The Dinka from south of Bor town are defaming the dinka name, this is true. I know it sounds contronting but that is facts.

      Dinka Bhar el ghazal,malakal and dinka from north and east bor town are reasonable and respectful people. Now how come the other dinka are so strange. I guess if this continue, it will be worth voting against independency becasue we the equatorian will find it hard to put up with dinka bor.

      Stay focus

      repondre message

  • 5 October 2009 19:56, by mohammed osman

    Let this black slaves kill eachother, we Arab do not care about savages dink bor mundar bari nuer or whatever let them kill eachother this foolish animals. We Arabs will remain their masters inshallah, unless they seperate now.

    repondre message

  • 5 October 2009 20:36, by Fortysix

    My condolences to the bereaved families. Let’s not justify killing. We must condemn the killings and ask God to forgive us for our sins! “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace...”- Romans 8:6-7

    repondre message

    • 5 October 2009 22:45, by maburuk

      Stupid Mundaries must finish unless they take refuge in Bari land. we don’t invite probs but practise the principle of’’eye for an eye’’.

      the other stupid fool who talk about Dinka fearing nuer,when did nuer become superior, when we chast riek and nyuon bany till they surrendered themselves to the prime enemy ’’jallaba’’.

      can you tell? whose power that expelt them from terrorising the south?

      sons of biches who like feeding from arabs remains. we don’t lower our dognity because of food.

      thes fake mundaries,’’nyagat minded’’ who also follow the traces of food like grazing animals.mundari surrenderd lately when they saw money coming from Juba.

      God almighty has not yet confirm nuer,mundari and murle as real humanbeing on earth. their behaviors dateback to stoneage.

      lets’ try to be arabs slaves and see who will be the slave in_charge? fuck all your dirty mothers.
      ask mundari whether it will not cause decades to replace those crazy ones that were laughtered by Bor youth.


      repondre message

  • 5 October 2009 22:44, by Time1

    It is already a known fact that the NCP is part of those involved in destabilising th south and to weaken its government, but can salva kirr and GOSS do something about it, untill when we will continue to point fingers at khartoum while here on the ground people are dying?

    Something has to be done from our side to secure the land properly using the appropriate security organs as in any stable country, now GOSS need to do more, focus on building our security organs capabilities so to be able to deal with this situations, government and law enforcement institutions in the south still require more attention, more capacity building and education on how to deal with such conflicts amongs tribes and threats from within and without.

    Kirr has to focus more on building a strong well equipt and properly balanced and neutral security and law enforcement sectors, beating around the bush with poor excuses is not going to help us all as southerners, This is the only way to stamp this tribal violence through empowering the security sector from central to all states, it should help to monitor the peace, carry investigations, check for illegal arms movements across the different states and through the border, and to crack down on suspected instigators of violence be them locals or foreigners. Meanwhile the government has to provide the services and other means for this cattle rustlers to be able to support themselves and turn away from violent ways to earn and make a living. I believe that GOSS has fallen short in terms of security, apart from security inside major towns, to government leaders, state houses and other top officials, there are some problems outside major towns and in the country side as a whole which has not been touched by the presents of GOSS institutions. There is a big security hole that needs to be filled in all this states using well trained professional and well equipt police, security and armed forces, otherwise we will continue to see more tribal fighting and more death in many areas to come.

    I agree with the president that militias and organised armed gangs are getting external support to cause violence but what are we in the south going to do now? sit there and keep crying? untill when?

    repondre message

    • 6 October 2009 03:18, by black man world

      This dumb thing is more then hate, even some of people just hate DINKA without connection of DINKA wow what a total disgrace, there will never be peace in SOUTHERN SUDAN i said never if not GOD from heaven coming down to confront them stupid people hating for no reason. I thing if we all hate ARABS like some hate DINKA today, there wont be ARABS in SUDAN and that is the fact. Typical ni99az are shooting each other day and night in AMERICA and leaving a white man who "SLAVE THEM" alone. This world is not meant for us, and it is a fact. We all ways have division in our selve for the competion of wars and who is on top but at the end we all crash down losing, tell me in which Country in AFRICA that is rule by AFRICANS that is peacefull for every citizen that live there? From ETHIOPIA, KENYA, UGANGA, and the list kept going none of this countries have the fully freedom for every tribe in it, there is always supreme tribe for example in Uganda, BANYAKOLA of Yori Museveni thing they are the rulers, in Ethiopia Meles and his tribe, Kukuyu in Kenya. Every were in African in the National goervement of Sudan is run by Omar tribe. No matter what we think AFRICA will never be peacefull, this is not inate hate but white man and ARABS them selves made a division among us so we can feel merserably. No matter who you are in AFRICA there is no fair Government, every tribe will feel merginalize by the ruling tribe no matter what, since no goverment is perfect our people dont understand they put it on tribal motivation with out hesitation. No matter what we dont understand what NATIONALITY is in Africa.

      repondre message

      • 6 October 2009 03:20, by black man world

        This are indeviduals not whole DINKA as it is quoted. So please stupid web worriors can you stop fueling their fire but start killing the fire then if will cool off.

        repondre message

        • 6 October 2009 04:02, by Time1

          black man world

          The unity of Africa will start here in Sudan, but we have a few problems which if our leaders get it right then it will triggger the overall process. We are still struggling to get alot of things correct but soon as we get it things will start to fall in place, the simple reality of excepting another country men as equal and as and African is a big problem, we always want everything for tribes or individuals and in the end they all come falling down, tell me how many dictators, oppressors and bad leaders in Africa have manage to live happily after since independence? There is none. But it is true that Africans themselves have contributed to the mesiry and backwardness of this continent for many years untill they all understand what NATIONALISM is then Africa will prosper like America, Europe and Asia.

          Let south sudan not give up, do not be frasturated or distructed, who said building a strong prosperous nation was easy? is took more than 200years for America to be a super power, south sudan is only 3 -4 years old and learning and finding its way through like a born baby that is growing slowly but surely, soon when it grows it will know alot and be able to do alot by itself, keep the focus and move towards the right direction away from the wrong directions.

          Some African leaders claim to be nationlists pan-Africanist and everything but only by word while their dids are opposite and contributing to the downfall of the continent. The coming next centuries belong to Africa but ourleaders need to be more than just visionaries to realize this.

          repondre message

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